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>literally-who Niji with less subs than even Lofi
>somehow gets more views than a Luna/Matuli collab
Umm, Holokeks? I thought you guys said we were on top?

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I believe she also had a lot of viewers during Uma Musume streams.

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Don't use my wife for your shitty console war.

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Never knew Holonigs were this tribalistic with each other, to the point of using Nijis to falseflag.
>literally who

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imagine not being mentally-ill and just enjoying both companies.

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>t. consolenigger

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>literally who

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I enjoy watching both

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Nice falseflagging nijinig

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If Lofi and Azki are considered literally-whos, then so is this chick

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>A literal who
This is your brain on console wars
Also nice chink gacha general tab open fag

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Don't use my screamer of a wife to falseflag, fag.

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really nigga?

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in case you don't know yet, they're planning to graduate soon anyway. it may be the best for them to gradually get away from the spotlight from now on

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>4hrs stream
>50k views total since yeterda

>2hr minecraft with luna
>63k since 1hour ago

What is the obsession of people with live views?

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Lofi is a debuff. Her model alone says she belongs in niji with the other lazy part-timers, Anya too.

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So.... Who has bigger tits?
Noel or Gundou?

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>implying Hololive has better models than Nijisanji
Look at this faggot.

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Fuck you, nui is great.

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Goddamn, I love her so much bros...

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Don't you fucking dare to use Nui to shitpost, she's a based RPG addict and horseracing fan.

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Is she as obese as she sounds or is she rail thin as Tamaki and Kanda implied? I have no clue but she said in a clip she was like an N-cup or something ridiculous.

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Gundou being flat and her insisting to have a ridiculous cup size is a running joke.

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>Gacha Impact tab
Opinions nulled and void.

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Fuck you anon. Nui should be everyone's goto jrpg playthrough channel

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>literally who
Maybe for you newfag.

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Fun to know nijifags are still mad about Luna.

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I love Lulu but god damn if I could have Nui as my wife I would live to make her happy.

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im glad luna was able to find a better workplace. She deserves it.

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Wait she left Hololive? Good for her.

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In design? It's not even close.

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Ten whole keks

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She now has friends man, she is really happy now.

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Sorry I don't know your literal who. There's too many vtubers out there.

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They do it in their own threads all the time too.

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Fuck you OP NUI is BASED.

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Why are nijiniggers like this?

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Too many anime whores with big boobs can't remember all

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The only correct way to numberfag. NOW DISCUSS. Noel or Nui?

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>trying to shit on nui
hey man, that's not cool

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This is niji new girl who only has 100k+ subs but has more views than holo with 500k+ subs
What happened?

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Another popular member just finished his stream and is interacting with her, so the viewers flocked to her stream. The numbers are normalizing now.

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Come on man, if you wanna a thread to talk about to Nui all you gotta do is just be honest about it.

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Model goes to Nui, no contest.
Roommate goes to Noel.

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What other RPGs you hope Nui would play lads?

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Xenogears... T_T

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I want her to try out an Atelier entry.

>> No.1551285

Ar Tonelico

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>literally-who Niji
>Nui Sociere
>'a literally who'

OP you are actually a faggot

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Nope, still 6k5+

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kill yourself consolefag

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Here's actually literally who >>1551024

>> No.1551338

Disco Elysium

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Either samefag or you're braindead ESL's, either way kys. If the latter, lurk 5 more years and take more english lessons before posting retards. Nice job outing yourself as holofags, clipniggers.

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You think he's joking but judging from the indie numbers most of the Niji livers pull, most nijifags don't watch/know Niji's outside of the 5 relevant ones.

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Good bait vyt sperg

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>Either samefag or you're braindead ESL's
Either you're samefagging or you're all braindead ESL's
>If the latter, lurk 5 more years
If the latter, THEN lurk for 5 more years
>and take more english lessons before posting retards.
and take more English lessons before posting, retards
>Nice job outing yourself as holofags, clipniggers.
Nice job outing yourself as a holofag, clipigger. / Nice job outing yourselves as holofags, clipniggers.

You're not even trying, Holonigger.

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>implying I don't specifically go for the less popular ones
They have more comfy chat

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What a loser's way of thinking.
It's like you're openly admitting that you're only in it for the chat, not the chuuba.

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You can't really interact with the vtuber if the chat is chaotic, fast, and full of rapid paypigs.

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Why not both? Otherwise you could just watch videos instead of livestreams. The smaller ones interact with chat without you having to superchat which is nice.

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You could have made a nice Nui thread instead of being a nigger.

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Literal whos who wont even reach bump limit doesn't deserve good threads.

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No anon. That doesn't work with Luna you faggot.
Do your reps or shut the fuck up.

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I'd rather we talk about vshojo than some literal who indie

>> No.1552052

Ogey esl-kun

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>if I post a FAGGO image and repeat what he says I win!!
You will always be a newfag in this website, unironic wapanese homosexual. Go back to your youtube clip general.

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Why would I do reps for a literal who?

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Adding to that, why do I even need reps to begin with? If she's such a big name, I should've seen her everywhere by now besides this place, but the only Holos I see anywhere else are the usual ones.

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Or shut the fuck up.
Nothing you can say will convince me that you have not at least seen a Luna thread up and are just feigning ignorance. It sounds like massive cope on your part.
Also your mentality of "If they aren't as big as Pekora then they're nobodies" is one of the last things I expect to hear from a Nijifag.

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Nijifags can't watch Luna because they don't actuay know Japanese. Their general is a barren wasteland, they just pretend to know what they're talking about based on things said by the 3 people who actually know rudementary Japanese.

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I usually hate big boobed chuubas but I will let this one pass

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Calm down. No need to be upset that no one knows your who vtuber.

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Genshin Impact tab, huh

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Then what's a "literal who" to you, you dumb nigger? Pekora's obviously not, while your literal who oshi only exists when either forcefully brought up just like the currently spamming Haatons and KFPs in this board or only used as a reaction image sparsely, since other, more visible options exist.
Face it, you babu, crippled-hand, autist-loving faggot, your pink monstrosity is chump change compared to the big leaguers of Hololive.

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i don't know why you're implying holoniggers know japanese, because they don't..

>> No.1552717

Unless they're clippers from SEA, in which westerners kneel to by default since they're the only ones who bother translating.

>> No.1553002

Two can play that game. Nobody cares or knows about your faggot rabbit, the only true holo is Gura since she has the most numbers and exposure.

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>> No.1553132

>shifting the goal post
Concessions accepted, Lunafaggot.

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>> No.1553492

>tfw she's actually one of the few Nip chuubas who actually put effort on their pronunciations
I love her so much, I can't...

>> No.1553518

Someone getting almost 5k playing ARK isn't likely to be a "who" ranks. I would guess he's one of the moderately successful ones?

>> No.1553528

traitor same shit with polka

>> No.1553547

Nijisanji keeps winning
Hololive keeps seething
simple as

>> No.1553580

Are you blind

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>> No.1553631

Niji is more popular in Japan. Simple as that. Also Matsuri and Luna don't have high viewership anyway.

Also Nui is a literal who. She is big in several ways.

>> No.1553645

Was meant to say she was not a literal who.

>> No.1553683

>>literally-who Niji
dont try to stir up antis for my comfy big titty witch you absolute nigger.

>> No.1553715

retard samefagging OP-chama...

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Lurk more

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Are you incapable of writing out your thoughts in a single post

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I know we're talking about Nui, but another booba is actually 70-80 hours into Xenogears right now!

She's up to #12 right now but hasn't added the videos to the playlist.

>> No.1556428

Nui is pretty great, but I can't get over how her background music has the same tune as Mario Land 2.

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Anon, the management of the previous Polka's company need to be shot and their bones delivered to Kizuna AI as compensation.

>> No.1557107

Fuck you Nui is well known and cute! CUTE!!!

>> No.1557130

I only know her because she shilled herself on Reddit

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>it's real
Manami... I love you...

>> No.1557191

>less subs
It's "fewer subs" anon. If something is quantifiable, use "fewer" instead of "less"

>> No.1558286

That's literally what OP is saying retard

>> No.1558354

The fact that you think that only 5 are relevant shows how much you know about Nijisanji, which is not much.

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I AM the OP you womb-brained street monkey. It's called agreeing with myself. Lurk 50 quintillion lightyears before posting, retard.

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kore wa beito desu

>> No.1562170


omfg, the newfags really invaded this board

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Are there any other chuubas like Nui? I only really watch streamers when they play story-focused games.

>> No.1562492

mostly are chinks trying to stir war between fanbases

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