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>his oshi isn't in a dangerously unhealthy co-dependent parasocial relationship with her fans

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>dangerously unhealthy

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Pic unrelated? I mean, compared to /our/ chuuba.

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parasocial relationships are great.
my dad keeps trying to set me up with an arranged marriage with this girl but i will never betray my love

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Just one of many


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She could get into trouble in the future if she keeps manipulating lonely men's feelings with her GFE.

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Go back to /pyon/ newfag

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That's what I'm referring to. Retard.

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neither of these prove that the relationship is unhealthy, only that the relationship exists and that she herself is unhealthy

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>he doesn't know

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I misread the title of the thread but let me do some mental gynmastics here to dig myself out. If you constantly have to worry about her health (just check her general, people crying about it non stop) on top of being stolen by other gachis or having an actual boyfriend irl, the relationship is definitely unhealthy.

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But have you considered the mental and physical benefits of her lengthy masturbation sessions as she gets off to imagining a miles long train being ran on her

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>Literally can't relate.

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She's working on it, give it another month or two

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Gura was on her way, but her family fucking rescued her by surprise-visiting her on Christmas eve. OH WELL. Back to just the normal level of parasocial she normally has.

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Rushia does it pretty well even though she has a bf

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Fandeads still salty about what chama said? Roru roru

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is this why Rushia is top supachatted chuuba for few years straight?
Her secret is that she is mentally unwell?

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Yes, and?

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Why do you want your oshi to be miserable?

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I betrayed my oshi for a girl who I thought was in one with her fanbase until I watched her more & heard her say some shit that led me to the realization that she lied as easily as she breathed. I realized I'm retarded for every betraying what I had for GFE.

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based snow elf appreciator

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Take the 2view indie pill, they all establish twisted relationships with their fans so they don't go insane from talking to themselves

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Any tips on actually finding women? I sorted by the ones with 0 viewers on twitch for a few hours a couple months back and all but 1 random Malaysian girl were either dudes, dudes with female models, or furries

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Not dangerously unhealthy but she is pretty close with us in a cute way

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Source for this rrat?

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You're right Satan. My oshi is in a healthy and wholesome co-dependent relationship with her fans and both sides genuinely reciprocate so it goes far beyond parasocial into the realm of actual social. Feels good man

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>were either dudes, dudes with female models, or furries

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Well there’s your problem

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How does this proof anything?

She could be just acting. I mean she CHOSE to be a GFE streamer and stuff like this are just a way to make it more "real"

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Twitter, at least that's how it works for JP. They all circlejerk follow each others.

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jokes on you nigger my oshi is mori

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mental illness

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>She could be just acting. I mean she CHOSE to be a GFE streamer
This is the oversimplification of a lifetime. Rushia did not start the way she is now in terms of her relationship with her fans. There are women who fake love for marriage, if you reject everything because the possibility of it being a lie exists, you end up never meaningfully connecting with anybody.

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