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What's the most cringe thing you've seen a vtuber do?

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Say "a"

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>made meme
>didn't exploit it by making constant references to it for cheap claps
>this is cringe
Why are you gay?

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say "pwease subscwibu"

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She said she loves me, ahah, what a loser, ahah

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I was in chibidoki's discord server cause i thought she was fun, she ended up being a bitch that defended people just to be the good one even when they're not right at all. The story:
>be me
>active on chibi's server cause there's cool people there
>she/her 2007 Twitter bio enters the chat (I'll call this person the retard from now on)
>start arguing about relationships
>the retard affirms that she can't feel love and can't fall in love or understand romantic relationships
>I ask "how can you be so sure you can't feel love when you're literally 14 years old?"
>retard starts crying in the chat and saying I'm an insensible piece of shit that doesn't understand her
>mods get mad at me because i made someone cry even though i was completely right
>i stop talking about it and just move on while the retard is arguing with mods
>everyone starts saying that chibi is ultra based and they start throwing shit at me
>the few people with brain cells agree with me and later on i leave the server.
I really thought she was based because she made funny jokes on steam, i got really disappointed.

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Basically any word coming out of Chloe's mouth. Particularly when she was in her "iyada iyada iyadaaaaaaaa" "waaaaah uuuuuuu" phase.

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Try to appeal to /vt/ and 4chan.

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kson's bare ass

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Any connor/TT collabs.

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Memes are cringe. Its the stupidest shit in hololive

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Painful to read.

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Gura interacting with the JPs

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Mori autistically blowing into a recorder for hours.

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Parfait is a cringe goldmine

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Good fucking god. I couldn't even make it through the whole thing.

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Here to post mandatory calli shitting on stream shitpost

>inb4 seen not heard retard

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Be mori calliope

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She's a virgin, so it's forgivable.
Yeah, yeah DYRBI?

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>sAy ArA aRa!!!!!!! sAy Hi HoNeY!!!!
I shoot hate faggots like this

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You sound young, so I'll help you out.
When women say they don't understand relationships / falling in love / they're asexual it means they're saying they're socially awkward hopeless virgins.

She was basically saying "I'm an autistic virgin loser and I hate myself" and you came in and started arguing with her about how that's impossible. Was she seeking attention? Yes. Did she want people to feel bad for her? Yes. But you should've just let her cry it out / groom her / I don't give a fuck. Instead, you came in and made her feel worse. I know all this sounds stupid, but we're talking about teenage girls here.

Women get by on social acceptance, so it sounds like this streamer was basically trying to reassure this girl that the way she was feeling is okay and she shouldn't feel too bad about it.

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Every calliope stream

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Mori Calliope shat herself live

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Post /here/

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>What's the most cringe thing you've seen a vtuber do?

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>groom her
Only based part of this post.

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She's filipino, it's her default setting

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cool story about how you were annoying in a chatroom, anon.

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This. Teenage girls do not operate on male logic which is why anon here who have never interacted with teenage girls think they are all working some kind of scam or stupid. The truth is yes they are all stupid and do not grow emotionally past their time as a teenager.

If you confront a girl directly they and as anon tend to do bluntly they will not be receptive to what you are saying. In fact you are probably causing more damage. Yes she is stupuid. Yes she probably has no idea what she is even talking about. But she is also craving attention and social acceptance something she is probably starved of in the real world. chibidoki was probably just trying to keep the peace as anyone who has ever been part of a community like that knows shit can get nasty and tribal REAL quick.

What I am alluding to anon is you had the chance to groom an autistic 14 year old and you blew it.

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Abloo bloo bloo

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holy shit anon. you're the cringe one here

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/vt/ is worthy of cringe, once you take a step back.

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That's based anon, don't let the simps tell you otherwise. You put that "hehe I'm so UNIQUE because I'm chuuni" in her place. She'll remember it and that one experience is more likely to fix her than all the coddling and enabling would. 14 year olds don't understand mature relationships. Groomers stay mad

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Okay... but how in the hell is S2 going to top this?

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I've not NOT had a girlfriend of some kind since I was like 8 years old. Can confirm that just about every teenage girl is stupid, worse than you're imagining - we're talking braindead retarded and operating on base programming like a fresh install of Windows without any drivers. There are some that progress past it and look back and hate themselves for how they were in high school though, those are the "girlboss" types that rake in money. 1 of my exes who I still check in with and my wife are both of that variety - they got a clue and are on near 6 figure a year salaries in their 20s and they look back at their high school years and want to kick their younger selves' asses.
All the rest of my exes are failures; on drugs, camgirls/strippers, generally failed at life. I even have one who lives in a trailer park with a guy that eats his own shit.
The reality is that the girls who get the dose of truth like what that anon did are the ones who snap out of their haze and actually take action in their lives instead of spending all their time being pickmes and hoping others coddle them through life (which rarely happens)

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Pipkin Pippa's entire existence

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Fuck Pippa, all my homies (I have none / I'm unpopular) hate Pippa

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Trying to act like they have a hard life

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That time Mio barfed during her 3d live. I actually had to turn off the stream for a minute because of the second hand embarrassment. I still love her though.

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Why does this wolf barf so much?

>> No.14656453

Serious answer, she apparently can't really stomach a strong wasabi flavour, which accounts for at least two on-stream vomits. The birthday live was a combination of nerves, physical activity, and eating cake before said activity.

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Disavow the Chad of VTubing

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Those are the same retards that made "a" a meme

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what what the the fuck fuck

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Weird. I get a boner everytime I hear it. I wish she would did it more

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My goodness man..

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That one Twitch Chuuba who accidentally revealed she had a boyfriend, confessed to it and then went on to double down on saying she didn't have a boyfriend on twitter

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>Come back after not streaming for months.
>Shill your merch agresively.
>Cry on stream just because.
>Have sex with smelly fat ojii-sans using the condoms you bought with your cucks' money.

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when Mio puked in the middle of her live on stage anniversary song, i dont even know what prompted it but it was hard to get though

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Use "cringe" as an adjective.

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You were arguing with a 14 year old anon.
I'm not saying you're not right, I'm just reminding you you did the equivalent of calling a toddler doodoohead and expect them to react maturely.

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they never do man..

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Vomit on stream

>> No.14663039

stream convinced me that man is the most patient being on earth

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so your evidence that women are retarded includes an anecdote of a man eating his own shit. I can see why you got kicked out of an anime sperg simp server.

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Based thirsty female

>> No.14663789

Anything that comes off Kiara's mouth

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I loved this stream when it happened. It made me laugh like crazy and then the clips made me laugh even more.

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That CocoxCali meme review. Somehow worse than CocoxMoona in Super Bunny Man.

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So basically CocoxSomeone is a recipe for cringekino?

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Every twitter post before she got permabanned

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Ame's britbong accent

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That time Ollie farted on stream and then tried to cover it up as just mouth sounds

>> No.14664168

Why is Beatani so based? Why do I love her so much?

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Pandering to Redditors

>> No.14664308

Or that time roboco farted during an ASMR stream

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>socially awkward hopeless virgins
You seem to forget anon is talking about a female.
This is a male only thing.

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Anything /u/ related really. Go be gay somewhere else.

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Anyone remember when Kiara collabed with Subaru and started crying when she saw a building made by Pekora?

Subaru did not know what was happening.
Got finger blasted while in a Collab

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Anything Coco ever did

>> No.14666073

You're quite sheltered

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She's just trying to be an anime girl harder than all the other girls and its working.

>> No.14666245

I will never stop loving that crack-cat Millie. She is a gem and fucks with everyone just because she knows she can

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Basically anything Season 1 Mori did

>> No.14666339

The shit Haato do

>> No.14666346

>Matsuri sperg out about haachama
>Matsuri lie about the hand
>that one commie metal singer

>> No.14668087

collabing with nijisanji indonesia and proceeds to confuse indonesia with india

>> No.14668175

i've not seen this myself but hearing about rushia's first interaction with mito is probably cringiest thing i've known a vtuber to do

>> No.14668436

Dont they informally refer to both as indo?

>> No.14669714

Listening to Baelz right now trying to talk someone out of killing themselves. Fucking lel.

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Nia may be cringe, but I love her

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Geez, most chuubas know not to actually consider those kinds of messages from chat.

>> No.14670758

I'll never understand why people gives attention to that kind of people.

>> No.14671201

holy fuck lol that's so awkward

>> No.14671315

Why are shippers like this

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she doesn't know when to stop

>> No.14671520

I stopped reading when I read "car cash." Jesus fucking Christ.

>> No.14671728

I came here to post this Ollie you big idiot everyone can tell what you did

>> No.14671870

But it is tho

>> No.14671975

chama did it as well and everybody loved it

>> No.14672015

when chammers barfs, she always deserves it

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Who's the cringe one? I thought Mito was an exceptionally good speaker.

>> No.14672313

Holy fuck why can't these people keep it in their pants? Doesn't Watame deal with shit like this too? Every obsessed chuuba-watching idiot has thought about killing himself, don't bring the rest of us down with you.

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>> No.14672586

Gotta pander to someone

>> No.14672593

Watame likes crying.

>> No.14672703

I'd pay thousands of dollars for Roboco to fart in my mouth

>> No.14672730

I closed the video, this is too much.

>> No.14672836

Four months is awful soon to have made someone your reason for not killing yourself. God damn

>> No.14672899

Rushia's first thing to think of when talking to Mito for the first time was to talk about how Mito's dox was pasted all over Mito's school.
Mito even immediately asked, why is that the first thing you mention?
Then she even goes on mute and is like, to mention that harassment in our first conversation...
To this day I always think of this when I see Rushia. I've seen autism happen when anxious girls talk for the first time but never something like bringing up someone's dox drama

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How else will they get their oshi to momentarily pay full attention to them and tell them to LIVE like she's your actual girlfriend and not just an actor with her own life and social circle outside of voicing an anime sheepgirl/ratgirl?

>> No.14674070

Poor Bae. I wish she would've told the guy to go to therapy. The guy is just codependant on a celebrity, which is never healthy

>> No.14674104


Nothing awkward about it. Viewer either expressed their true feelings or was trolling for a reaction. If it made you feel uncomfortable, it's probably because you have also had similar feelings in the past but have been unable to reach out to others.

>> No.14674194

It feels awkward because that is something you should tell someone in private, not monopolize time on a live-stream. Also no one who sends those messages ever takes into consideration the feelings of the vtuber or the chat. Talking about suicide can make other people stuck in depression feel worse, now imagine someone who has no idea who you are other than being an anime girl just put his life in your hands

>> No.14674269

where'd you get your degree in armchair psychology, autistchama?

>> No.14674340

You can always save a few bucks and wrap your mouth around an exhaust pipe

>> No.14674802

They were speaking English.

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>> No.14676275

>meme review
>any number of other things /vt/ liked from coco
coco herself was fine when she wasn't trying to be a highschool reject, if only she hadn't decided to quit. more of how she was during say, her short round of playing terraria would have been nice. just her enjoying herself instead of trying to be a meme.

>> No.14676553


>> No.14676790

Well, that's the thing, isn't it. She didn't have a problem doing game streams, but her real passion was always more typical YouTuber fare - memes, lovingly roasting her co-stars, and singing... badly.
Relaunching AsaCoco Live didn't work because editing those videos took the entire day and that cut into her streaming schedule. Singing was always something that came with a catch because music copyrights are a cast-iron bitch. And then the copyright shit hit Cover, they restricted what she was and wasn't allowed to feature on stream, and then all of her regular content was pretty much gone. All that was left at that point was to start checking items off her graduation bucketlist.

>> No.14676810

Lebbit meme reviews

>> No.14677377

It was really just that Calli is in fact an enormous dork who is much shier than people give her credit for. Coco did her typical thing of going at a collab with all her energy, and Calli really couldn't hold it together in the face of that. It was cringe, but not *funny* cringe - just painful to watch.

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Just like Miko

>> No.14677977

La+ reacting to Koyori ASMR.

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>this is what Spanish telenovela does to your brain

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>> No.14679688

Say "A" and all pedo lose their mind

>> No.14679822

Un chico se enamora de una chica.

Incapaz de confesar, un deus ex machina le regala el número de teléfono de la chica. Sin importarle el extraño código de área, él la llama de inmediato y se alegra al descubrir que ella también está enamorada de él.

Pero, al día siguiente, cuando le cuenta las confesiones del día anterior a la niña, ella solo lo mira con expresión perpleja. Después de investigar un poco, descubre que la chica a la que llamó no es la misma chica de la que se enamoró. De hecho, ella no existe en este universo en absoluto. Ella es la contraparte del universo alternativo de la niña, que se ha enamorado del propio AU del MC, quien también es felizmente inconsciente de su enamoramiento.

Hijinks sobrevienen cuando los dos llegan a un acuerdo para darse el uno al otro sus secretos más oscuros y privados con el fin de equipar al otro con las armas que necesitan para conquistar el corazón de su otro yo. Mientras los dos persiguen a sus respectivos seres queridos, se produce un DRAMA cuando comienzan a enamorarse el uno del otro y cuestionan la NATURALEZA del AMOR

>> No.14679861

This is why I stopped watching NijiEN
They try way too hard, you can tell they're insecure about not being Hololive

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>What's the most cringe thing you've seen a vtuber do?
here's one
>have first birthday stream
>ignorant of the fact that you're supposed to *advertise* your totsumachi stream
>a fucking hour of waiting for people to call
>story of how this happened to her as a kid
>Reine appears in chat and Ame begs her to phone in even though "uh, this is the first time we've talked isn't it?"
>punctuated with a painful performance of Shiny Smiley Story which was so bad that she was audibly on the brink of tears

>> No.14679920

I don't really think that they're insecure at all. Millie is just a troll and enjoys fucking with people.

>> No.14679929

thats not what happened you nigger
ina and gura called her, then Reine also called her out of pity

>> No.14679930

yes anon that is what cringing is, cringing is an empathic response to something one can relate themselves too.

>> No.14679941

I think that was the point that she stopped caring. I don't blame him. It was painful

>> No.14679956

verb [ I ]
UK /krJndʒ/ US /krJndʒ/

to suddenly move away from someone or something because you are frightened

to feel very embarrassed

you dont have to relate to that to feel embarrassed

>> No.14679961

All of them are trying way too hard these days. I see clips of them and they're all saying really retarded over the top shit for attention and it's cringe

>> No.14680001

>Look mom I posted the unfunny old greentext again!
- It was during night hours in moonland (so no Calli or Kiara who was still in JP at the time), and Ame doesn't speak a lick of nip so it would have been even worse to have JPHolos call in with awkward, broken english to talk to her
- Ame explicitly tells chat NOT to bother anyone (saviorfags were trying to say BRO LET'S GO BOTHER X AND Y TO COME CALL)
- ID2 had just debuted, so Reine calling in to someone she barely knew and was considerably higher up in the pecking order than her and helping with the participation gap (caused by factors above) was totally spur-of-the-moment, unprompted, and actually really fucking kino

>> No.14680037

this is why filipinos will always be fun to be with and to be friends with, and at times even to the point of cringe

>> No.14680078

whether or not you find something to be embarrassing requires self relation to determine anon

>> No.14680082

Her roomate talked about being desperate and how her she hasn't dated in years
she has been in a relationship

>> No.14680108

Reminds me of Twitch some times, any attention is good attention - pretty sad existence to bring home the bread imo

>> No.14680143
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>> No.14680568

>"doxxed myself"
>"you didn't hear that"
>proceeds to tweet about it with words like "operator of shirara had a yab and it's her life"
>gets mad at weeb for asking if she's in a relationship and how far he can push jokes before she considers them bad
>also flips blame on a retard by getting mad at him for say "eww mcdonalds" one time and hurting her feefees. Acting like if it were food she made when literally 99% of servers shit on each other over which fast food tastes less ass.
>keeps crying about fulltime streaming being hard when she should have made her own precautions
Like she brought all this upon herself honestly and just threw away so much by acting like the biggest schizo about it. My 3view oshi already surpassed her and she has a full-time job still, her BF drops by and no one cares(in a negative way), and desu also worse mic settings for her range at times.
Shame since she was nice to have in the background and talk about art to but she fumbled so freakin hard.

>> No.14680642

You should know by now clipfags are awful and are the worst way to judge the type of content a vtuber produces

>> No.14680692

>copy pasting dictionary definitions
holy mother of reddit

>> No.14680695

Coco and Calli's collab

>> No.14680823

The omega reveal, biggest, stupidest nothing burger around and no one liked him. Hopefully he gets a new operator that will at least stream some work or behind the scenes content or do anything of value for the girls.

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>> No.14681643 [DELETED] 

There's no point in picking droplets out of an ocean of piss. With that said, I've yet to see a vtuber who isn't cringe.

>> No.14681874
File: 862 KB, 1022x1448, ffve9vh16cx51.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not wanting to fuck the guys who'll have sex with you for free is not the same as not having any women who're willing to fuck you without being paid to, all while having to live in fear of pimps, traditionally feminist men in her family, and the legal system in case she regrets her decision and decides too falsely accuse you of being a rapist (maybe with a false accusation of drugging her or getting her drunk thrown in to explain there not being a single mark on her). Or, you know, being lured to a location so her actual boyfriend and his friends can rob and/or murder you.

Being a man in a globohomo society is literally a death game, so when a jaded man meets a spoiled little shit crying about how hard life is because the basketball team is already drowning in pussy and doesn't need more, it's literally impossible to not verbally Jojo pose and dunk on that delusional fuckwit. Anon did nothing wrong. The vaginally endowed members of that discord were just so insanely privelege blind that they didn't even realize anon was speaking from the perspective of someone actually living in the real world.

>> No.14682631

> It's popular so it must be good

>> No.14682817

nijien debut
holoen 2 debut

>> No.14683419

Actually kind of endearing.
It shows these people aren't some infallible socialites - they indeed can sperg out like hell.
We've all done that sometime.

>> No.14683658

I don't think I've cringed harder at anything than drunk Millie

>> No.14683742

Just because you're desperate and hate yourself enough that you'd fuck any walking thing with a vagina doesn't mean other people don't have standards.

>> No.14684660

I feel so fucking bad for Watame. Like if you want to thank a streamer for helping you get through a hard time in your life, I'm sure they would appreciate hearing about it. These fucking spergs just can't leave details vague though. They feel some need to spell out the exact scenario and make the streamer feel worse for reading it.

>> No.14685248

Whenever Mori breathes

>> No.14685278

haachama schizoshit arc

>> No.14685283

She kind of stopped doing that now

>> No.14685321


>> No.14685373
File: 25 KB, 460x345, v4-460px-Run-up-a-Wall-and-Flip-Step-2-Version-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That much baby-fever
oh dear

>> No.14685425

Pekora's prison arc, I couldn't watch it till the end.

>> No.14685469

Pippa entertain rrats and doxxshit
Mocca's council-related twitter breakdown

>> No.14685488

Chibi sounds like a retard. Anyway, this is why you don't go on discord.

>> No.14685513
File: 73 KB, 1280x720, autismchama.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Didn't some (at least one) chuuba make a whole spiel a while ago about how uncomfortable they felt that they were being treated as a psychological counselor?
My hazy memory says it was Kiara but I might be incorrect
Streaming, or celebrity-ness in general, is just a different fucking world, man... I can't begin to process how I'd handle some nameless stranger saying I kept them from completing sudoku, without just being apathetic/harsh about it.

>> No.14685556

the most (only?) based thing shartemis ever did was tell a guy spamming about depression to fuck off and find a therapist

>> No.14685568

That was kino

>> No.14685596

Fuckups are endearing
Discussing someone being doxxed and harassed at school and basically pointing your viewerbase to go google Mito drama is so retarded I wonder if she did it on purpose sometimes.

>> No.14685642

This has to be bait.

>> No.14685668

Male brain moment

>> No.14685724
File: 538 KB, 1000x1000, 1626174478665.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy fucking cringe, and I watch haachama regulary

>> No.14686177

Basically, all those people were trying to groom the 14 year old and you were cockblocking them.

>> No.14686375 [SPOILER] 
File: 439 KB, 720x2292, 47615.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ollie farted during her stream and then made plane nosies to try to cover it up
That one indie that pretended to vist Italy but was in her home country
Everything hero hei/nux/anituber related
That whole clip war
Risu 1000 donation sounds
pikamee vshojo and indies collab
zentreya entire career
Watson's simp
Kiara x mori
Most indies existence pic related

>> No.14686428
File: 137 KB, 463x453, 1632494401718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14687156

The omega marshmallows
I always wonder why the lad can't just be a bit less chuuni..

>> No.14687275

Watson's simp? qrd?

>> No.14688218

Clip? I need to coom.

>> No.14688275
File: 2.56 MB, 986x652, 34E43830-805A-4E38-A41D-762B4A3B54C2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haachama schizo arc
Matsuri roommate mental breakdown

That time when Mio vomit eating wasabi
Sasaki Saku rages
Roa the doxxer
Lulu yandere stares
Hololive China Backstory ( All the girls minus Yogiri) Yogiri Good, Pink Peach Bad
Ohhh the psychopath who was a vtuber and killed like 7 girls and the cucked boyfriend of one of them.

>> No.14688478

Mori pre-anniversary was the epitome of cringe. I remember people thinking she was actually high during her collab with Coco because of how unenthusiastic she was. She's getting better though.

>> No.14688484

My bad, the guy frequented a free 3D model social website be like.

>> No.14688683

Fuck you. Calli shitting on stream was the bravest thing any streamer or e-celeb has ever done, hands down. It's time to stop shaming people for obeying their basic bodily functions and embrace the common frailties of the human animal. We need to follow India's lead on this and move shitting out of the bathroom and into the streets.

>> No.14688930

haatofags consider this peak writing.

>> No.14688979

>Ohhh the psychopath who was a vtuber and killed like 7 girls and the cucked boyfriend of one of them.
What? Source?

>> No.14689008

Mori singing those songs about being a cuck and fighting cum monsters.

>> No.14689080

That was good

>> No.14689081

All of Omega's existance is pure cringe. Imagine debuting a gen, constraining them with your chuuni lore, making them act as characters that clash with their actual personalities, then stealing their thunder on debut day by making it himself debut as a surprise(the girls didn't even know about it)

Omega's mismanagement has been extremely detrimental to EN2 and it's pretty sad. They were much more hands free with Myth and it worked wonders. Now they have a chuuni idiot breathing down their necks, rejecting most of their projects, and making sure they don't go out of character or misrepresent his cringe lore project

>> No.14689196
File: 478 KB, 1280x1460, YHVH_SMTIVF_Official_Art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's kind of amazing how demiurgic Omega's character arc has been so far. He introduces himself as Omega Alpha, as in G-d or God, claims to be more than just a man and insists that he has power over the foundational forces of reality. And then gets owned

>> No.14689415

>That one indie that pretended to vist Italy but was in her home country
That was Gundou from Niji and what made it even more cringe is that she lashed out and banned anyone who joked about it.

>> No.14689495

I get the feeling he's talking about one of the interviews DWU did but I could be pulling shit out of my ass.

>> No.14689543

follow Iofi on Twitter, she's constantly complaining about shit and it's hard to watch

>> No.14689637

And I’ll do it again

>> No.14689639
File: 54 KB, 500x500, 838a71c8-c254-40dd-8760-e38535d623.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me
>ignore lorefagging in general
>especially ignore lorefagging during Council debut was busy with leaving my job and kinda fell outta watching chuubas during the month Council debuted
>now, months after the fact, watch a couple of them on occasion
Th-this isn't real, right? I know I'm basically asking to be spoonfed, but please don't tell me some troon infiltrated management and started cloutchasing even though [it] was supposed to be a quiet, stay-the-fuck-outta-the-spotlight gig, right?

>> No.14689751

I liked when she btfo that art thief who wan desperate for attention
"Nice piece! Since this is your art, you can send me the .psd file to verify right? You can, can't you?"

>> No.14689772

/vt/ exaggerates. After the last EN2 debuted he made a surprise twitter account and posted something about the EN2 debuts not being over. Then proceeded to loredump a bit and open marshmallows. I don’t keep up with omeagle so I can’t speak as to what influence he actually has in the grand scheme of things.

>> No.14690100

So typical troon behavior?

>> No.14690228

Yeah, basically what this anon said. We're just speculating here, but he seems to have grated on the talents quite a bit since he debuted. He comes across as a chuuni dork and is easy to poke fun at.

>> No.14690272

> アノン君、怒ってる?www

- ルイ

>> No.14690359

> this is what life is like in the Rothschild empire
thank god I don't live anywhere near that hellhole

>> No.14690442
File: 181 KB, 840x610, D1B635F3-C136-4336-A8FE-94D2F0BF5FB1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Takahiro Shiraishi, The 9 corpse case, The Twitter Killer.
Aka: HangingPro in Twitter and Vroid (Both accounts got banned)

The guy use emotional manipulation and use of Twitter Recommendation Algo for reaching the possible victims.
In this case the depressive girls, The case is well documented, his tweets are gold for studying the psychopath behavior online (for that reason got taken down).
Here a video:

>> No.14690465

Completely reasonable answers, thank you.

>> No.14690517

The worst part is, IT WORKED.
As painfully force and repulsively disingenuous as it was... The largest percentage of the community gravitated to her.
Never forget that the average person is absolutely retarded. All those things that make you go "that's stupid no one would ever fall for that" work every time

>> No.14690787

>small indie vtuber with viewer less than 50
>one of the mod says "this month I spend $xx on donation for you and now I'm poor" on chat
>vtuber keep apologizing to that mod on one minute full

>> No.14691036

A lot of moments from Coco's meme reviews. Primarily the entirety of the Calli one, but also every time she showed a meme with Aloe in it.

>> No.14691043

Explain to me how Chloe is disingenuous

>> No.14691107

You fucking retards sometimes make me regret learning english

>> No.14691294

Guy was giving watson supers and basically asking her to be with him it was cringe I think it was around 1k he spent idk. Everytime there's a super thread it gets brought up
This video but his Supa was removed
But found a archive on reddit

>> No.14691313
File: 343 KB, 1000x1000, Akai_Haato_-_Portrait_02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14691387

oooh should they not talk about menstruation? ooooh should they hide it? act like it's taboo? should man hide getting morning wood or something like that too? that we have no control over but it's still a major part of our life? jesus christ

>> No.14691524

The whole gen is.

>> No.14692107

well it's fucking gross anon
do you walk around with a megaphone yelling about how "MY ASS IS BLEEDING" all day

>> No.14692197

That's a little different. Menstruation happens regularly and is something most women have to deal with. Not really as gross as your bloody ass

>> No.14692237

wait... you mean they don't look like that IRL?

>> No.14692427

This is amazing, I wonder if that Indonesian guy speaks better than Jap than English

>> No.14692501

It's still gross and just too much information. Humans also shit, piss, cum, and vomit but I don't want to hear about that.

>> No.14692540


>> No.14692553

Again, not really the same things as menstruation. You'll get over it someday if you don't want to stay single

>> No.14692716

Wrong, it's a pretty geniune gen in general aside from Chloe.

>> No.14692822

Why are western women so disgusting?


>> No.14693114
File: 90 KB, 238x276, 1498052725918.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>oooh should they not talk about menstruation? ooooh should they hide it? act like it's taboo?

>> No.14693204


>> No.14693207

>should they not talk about menstruation
>should man hide getting morning wood or something like that too?
Part of being a normal functioning person is knowing when it is and when it isnt acceptable to say or talk about certain things.

>> No.14693229

>I don't like it so it must be bad

>> No.14693901

Dunno. Ask Kagura Mea.

>> No.14694178

>Never forget that the average person is absolutely retarded

>> No.14694315

Look at this simp. Dont let women psy-ops you with that shit. Everytime a woman says "A real man would..." all it is is lobbying to make things better for their group.
If only 50% of women had periods, you know damn well the ones who didnt would make fun of the ones who did.
Periods are gross, they arnt somehow more noble than shitting just because women are trying to feel more comfortable about it.

>> No.14694468

Reminder that Nova is Elira.

>> No.14694552

Dude if it was the same discussion but with males talking about their dick being hard the morning, that would be as disgusting as this one.
Who the hell go on tweeter to say "heyy everyone, my shit was liquid this morning, what do you think about it ??".

>> No.14694675

Just about everything involving body fluids is gross, and there's a good reason for it.
Body fluids are a major vector of infection/disease and we recognized that even before we understood, scientifically, what was actually going on.
I don't generally talk about taking a piss on a whim, either, certainly not in mixed company

>> No.14694731

>If only 50% of women had periods, you know damn well the ones who didnt would make fun of the ones who did.
Absolutely airtight argument, anon; have a wonderful day.

>> No.14695057

you're retarded with arguing with a 14 year old girl, and two they went against you because they were in the process of grooming her

>> No.14695490

Sana taking a month off because of a dead dog and then telling antis to shut the fuck up despite nearly crying in an early stream because of her low numbers

>> No.14695686

Is there anything source that he was a vtuber?

>> No.14695705 [SPOILER] 
File: 326 KB, 2560x1707, Prescription-Drug-scaled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Source: Pic related

>> No.14695841


>> No.14695849

>Just allow attention whores to continue to be attention whores even though we freely acknowledge that whoring yourself out for attention is stupid, reprehensible, and basically subhuman

Not that guy, but none of you are going to get a better class of woman in society until you stop validating their desire to whore themselves.

>> No.14695877

Haruka having no social sense and keep bringing up Pomu's operation

Zentreya's existence

>> No.14696158

>Calli's debut scuff
>Haruka-Pomu incident
>Pomu yelling "MY VAGINA"
>Any crying on stream (Kiara, Watame, etc.)
>Haachama KFC ASMR
>Western vtuber drama (Vshojo as a whole, Chibidoki, other 2view whores)

>> No.14696217

got a link?

>> No.14696259

>Pomu yelling "MY VAGINA"
this is the cringe thread not the based thread

>> No.14696467
File: 132 KB, 480x270, 1624412299570.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My wife has a sensitive stomach.

>> No.14696489

The 3rd one is the 3d one.

>> No.14696607

I like how everyone knows Mio will throw up and they just keep feeding her spicy shit

>> No.14696767

chibidoki is a fucking communist there's nothing based about her

>> No.14696774

That first one is my favourite because Okayu has Mio get up close to the mic as they all know what's going to happen.

>> No.14696881
File: 328 KB, 591x486, ina.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Didn't some (at least one) chuuba make a whole spiel a while ago about how uncomfortable they felt that they were being treated as a psychological counselor?

>> No.14696890

>>Pomu yelling "MY VAGINA"

what is it with Nijisani and having playground sex humor? It's so fucking obnoxious. It's like watching a god damn middle schooler who just learned what a vagina is.

>> No.14696952

>It's like watching a god damn middle schooler who just learned what a vagina is
What makes it worse in pomu's case is that she wasn't like this for the first few months after debut, but now she's gone face first into being exactly what you're talking about.

>> No.14696980

I cant bring myself to click on this

>> No.14696989

The date with Ghost Rider was pretty based cringe though

>> No.14697203

Bad influence from the other members or there's something else at play here?

>> No.14697210


>> No.14697240

Not the one who asked but I know it wasn't that he was talking about. It was during a super chat reading where someone did the usual 'you saved me from wanting to kill myself' and they basically straight up said 'Do not put this emotional baggage on me' or something to that effect.

>> No.14697438
File: 130 KB, 2535x750, schiz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I AM the one who asked, and unironically you are incorrect, the stream/timestamp he replied with was exactly the one I was thinking about. Although I will admit, I am curious to know what other times chuubas have told schizos to medicate.

>> No.14697558

But didn't this happen in the first few months? She hasn't said something like that in the past 3 months or whatever.

>> No.14697572

Sounds incredibly based.

>> No.14697674

I'm Filipino and even I cringed.

>> No.14697717

Menstruation happens and mentioning it is okay, it's the swapping pads thing that's gross.

>> No.14697836

>that screenshot
is this what /wvt/ is like?

>> No.14697953

>enjoys fucking with people

>> No.14697996

That's not the point anon it's okay to talk about such things but saying you want to eat someone's else blood it weird

>> No.14698212

This is pathetic

>> No.14698320
File: 1001 KB, 1228x1023, coco gun 1638907275697.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

200/10 CRINGE




>> No.14698487



I may be knowledgeable in S&M but that was just fucking intolerable, jeebus kherist... not even cringe itself is enough to describe it.. just mute audio or exit stream

>> No.14698523

That's based, her fans are the cringe ones.

>> No.14698664

it was Ina iirc

>> No.14699212

> If only 50% of women had periods, you know damn well the ones who didnt would make fun of the ones who did.
Was pondering on whether or not to white knight about this issue, but this is a surprisingly interesting argument.

>> No.14699410

God what a faggot

>> No.14699432
File: 77 KB, 1200x630, CC22E9C2-2AA4-43A5-B87E-02E335A29E03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Vroid activities
>3D Avatar Profile Pic
> And the app he was using at the time was Reality App.

>… I’m too busy to search that rabbit hole


>> No.14699496

Haachama's KFC asmr is based you faggot

>> No.14699784

I don't know why some of these niji people talked about my third world shithole of a country but I am happy about it and this stray cat has my seal of approval.

>> No.14700506

any Mori stream
she's just cringe gallore

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