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Previous thread

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General numberfag sites

Hololive sites

Nijisanji sites


Full list at https://pastebin.com/CCfK7mVR

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Previous thread sure died quick. The preceding ones actually lasted longer by some odd miracle.

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Good showing by Botan

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Using some simple calculus, you can do a little math to figure out how viewers entering and leaving the stream correlates to live viewers. Anyone who's taken a calculus course knows about these rate-of-change problems. Like how quickly a basin of a certain shape fills up given a certain inflow, and outflow of water

One simple model is to assert that viewers leave the stream in a direct proportion to the number of people watching. This resolves to a nice curving line that comes to a plateau, and looks very much like the live viewer graphs. However, this pattern likely emerges on those graphs because youtube takes a long time to update and verify the number of live viewers, thus a long curving slope coming to a plateau.

In reality, it's probably a different model.
A) There is a certain baseline viewership for every stream. These are people who put the stream on their schedule and watch it all the way through. This is the solid core of your audience, it will never erode unless the streamer seriously scuffs their stream. The stream topic, and time of day, certainly affects this number.

B) On top of them, are iterant viewers who saw the video in their recommended, and clicked. These are either subscribers, or soft-subscribers (people who aren't actually subscribed but have your channel in their watch history). These viewers behave differently, and are constantly coming in-and-out of the stream, like a lake that is fed by one river, and drained by another. The maximum plateau of these viewers is is directly proportional to two factors: 1) Retention time. Which is the average time they stop by before leaving. 2) The rate of influx. This is probably a constant factor which depends on the time of day, it's the rate that people stumble across the stream.

Having a bigger subscriber base will thus increase your live viewership. But, surprisingly, viewer retention does the same thing. If you can get viewers to stick around for 2x as long, you will get 2x the live viewership....for iterant viewers at least.

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I think someone is bumping threads in the catalogue.
Also there's four global threads active right now

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getting big numbers with a random battle, now magine if the tournament was in YT instead of nico nico

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Subaru 30k get

>> No.13554734


Fubuki got her second shiny

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Are people still goin on about that VShojo drama? I want to check catalog, but I value my sanity more

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There is speculation that across the board Pokémon permissions were somehow obtained and that Fubuki (for instance) Pokémon past archives were restored.

It could signal a Pokémon renaissance among chuubas and a private championship if they’re inclined

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that and also they are trying to push the kson vshojo collab as some big yab that (you) should get up in arms about

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shes hunting them offstream right?

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>Russian on Aqua stream
Excuse me what? Since when?

Also, Aqua confirmed smell fetishist lol

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I can't believe she's beating migo in ccv i thought they would be atleast equal.

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yeah, before continuing with the story

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Subaru 31k get
Miko is still stalling at 27k

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Duck, I k-kneel!

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So both Shuba and Migoti are mogging tournament buffed Kuzuha? Is he really deserving of the title of heavenly king if he can't even beat a wannabe tomboy and a failed shrine maiden.

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Subaru will surpass Migo and become the 3rd strongest holo soon

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>mfw there are faggots here who think Gura should be one of the new Four Kings

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Well, if the players were atleast 10x better than whatever that battle was, it would do good.

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is this enough proof that subaru is stronger than miko?

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nico nico HATE

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>susan again

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in pokemon, yes

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>he doesn't know how tryhard some holos are

>> No.13555089

>posting a nep in 2021

>> No.13555112

She'd need to get better at holo's best buff game first.

>> No.13555145

This time slot is too stacked
There're like ... 4 other people playing Pokemon rn

>> No.13555163

Migo (with micomet buff) gets 20k

>> No.13555169

Did she pick the least popular title or what?

>> No.13555181

Anon who would watch sana when subaru and migo is playing the same game.

>> No.13555188

I mean there's still a general up on /vg/, it can't be that dead

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In other, less related news:

Kiara and Calli replied btw

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How long until we get Holos EV training? Who will be the most tryhard to build a meta party?

>> No.13555244

not over until it ends

>> No.13555256

Fubuki and aqua.

>> No.13555287

And can hold that amount for hours end.
Subaru would be like Gura who's just debuffed by minecraft due to being low-skill at it.

>> No.13555288

dunno about jps, but ina, kronii and sana definitely

>> No.13555291

I heard he was uploading shit on spotify.
Might be why, Holobass got hit for the same thing.

>> No.13555299

>Who will be the most tryhard to build a meta party?
almost all the holos in the nico nico tournament are pokemon tryhards

>> No.13555321

aqua would have to start playing it first

>> No.13555342

There should be a reason for it first. Otherwise even a numberfag like Pekora wouldn't take the effort to do so.

>> No.13555343

Mogged by a fucking duck and elite baby.

>> No.13555359

Maybe not naming your channel with "Holo" next time desu

>> No.13555369

Even Nenechi?

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>I heard he was uploading shit on spotify
Not to my knowledge.

I would say Cover, when negotiating right for covers, need to get rid of “illegal” versions of songs that infringe on the copyright of the labels they’re negotiating with.

>> No.13555430

Minecraft isn't the current meta

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Is his bloke was a class act to the end and got the recognition he deserves
>Holobass tho…

>> No.13555447

>Holobaby pokemon battle.

Migo is raising luna's number right now.

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Kneel before the 4th Heavenly King (True), Kuzukeks.

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>Valorant BTFO
I wonder if Nintendo would sponsor Hololive in the future for new games seeing how they got good numbers on all their games. If anything, Hololive is the best Japanese streamer group promoting non-competitive, family friendly games to the global/western audience.

>> No.13555649

If it involves non-Holos, no way.
Same shit with Minecraft JP which was basically a gathering of e-celebs.

>> No.13555673

Why would they when Niji has the greater reach in their target audience of JP normies? What kind of retard would market towards people who would already buy their products in the first place

>> No.13555675

Indeed. He knew when cover striked him it was for solid reasons, since they had left him alone for all this time, and took it like a champ.
Rip based archive bro, may your clipping endeavors do well. I wonder if any other music clipping channels (clipping unarchived stuff) are gonna get hit soon...

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valo is growing in japan kuzuha's viewers are just allergic

>> No.13555687

miko doubling luna's number from 3k to 6k

>> No.13555696

Sometimes I wonder why YouTube drops midgets on me like it knows I will click trough and be blown away. Enjoy suffering with me please.

>> No.13555745

I need to stop clicking reply buttons to post. I don't wanna install 4chanX just for that though...

>> No.13555822

nenechi, well, she tries her best

>> No.13555826

Your post doesn't make sense. Why would Nintendo market their game in their home country when the Japanese people are confirmed buyers of their products? Why would they even want to sponsor niji in the first place if you say they have a wider target audience of JP normies lol. What that anon meant if they could use Hololive to promote their games overseas.

>> No.13555913

Why is she getting chink spammed?

>> No.13555927

The problem here is the regional Nintendo office. NoA would never touch Vtubers because of the main hate on the staff to anime, even with Hololive's good track record. The Taiwan Incident also could be a problem, as Tencent sell the Switch on mainland China.
NoJ could do it for the japanese audience tho.

>> No.13555932

She's in the same company as Suzuka Stella, so I wouldn't necessarily call her a midget.

Megalight Productions is their company iirc.

>> No.13555973

Nah, to be fair for Sana, it's just packed time for Holo Pokemon right now. Even Mori only peaked at 6.8k and IRyS at 5.7k earlier (dropped to 3.6k now). JOPs will be watching Miko and Subaru, while it's only noon for both NA and EU. It'd have been the same if she picked Brilliant Diamond

>> No.13555981

>Megalight Productions
Give me a rundown, I've never heard of them until now and appearently it's a two man group with just those two people

>> No.13556002

Oh, they got posted here a while back.
How odd, to see the name pop up again

>> No.13556051

All I read from translate is the word 'Koeki', but I don't know what that means.

>> No.13556104

They should sponsor Maimoto then.

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File: 74 KB, 932x538, megalight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seems to be a new group. But they seem to be aiming for higher production values relative to their raised funding.

>> No.13556213

Midget numbers

>> No.13556278

I'm >>13555696. YouTube is cruel to me.

>> No.13556312

huh, how the hell did they get 1k viewers for a karaoke? Not even sony could get that for their chuuba's debuts, and they are sony.

>> No.13556399


>> No.13556418

Did you see the numbers drop after the egg gacha?

>> No.13556447

The existence of this thread is both sad, and worrying.

Instead of jerking yourself off to numbers, maybe you should watch what you enjoy, regardless of the numbers? Just a thought.

>> No.13556467

Stella as an indie used to pay for ads, and people here found out about her. Arguably she was one of the bigger indies until she got signed into a company.

Madoka most likely caught other people's interest because of her association with Stella.

>> No.13556486

It’s also actual Thanksgiving. I’m doing this between prepping for the mashed potatoes cause everyone else’s sucks compared to mine. But can’t just ignore your family for the whole day.

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File: 1.34 MB, 1330x902, 1634120100113.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No really I'm seriously asking, this girl is getting almost four to five times what sony's ace vtuber is getting, how the fuck is that possible?

>> No.13556505

>But can’t just ignore your family for the whole day.
Not with that attitude anon

>> No.13556517

>You should enjoy what you want regardless of numbers
>But I enjoy the numbers
>then you live a sad existence
Here's a thought, how about you fuck off if you don't want to talk about numbers in the first place

>> No.13556522

I enjoy numbers

>> No.13556537

you are being too cruel to me

>> No.13556557

Well, here's a though:
One day, your chuuba will have to graduate, or, in the case of indies, gone without a trace, if they can't sustain themselves with V-tubing. And to be able to sustain themselves with V-tubing, they need numbers

>> No.13556569

Wait, so do ads actually work? Didn't that one indie do an expose awhile back where she displayed she got almost negligible new viewers despite dropping a whole chunk of change on ads?

>> No.13556602

>They are all singing streams
Well there's your answer

>> No.13556630

On a less important news
Oyabun tmr

>> No.13556657

Of fucking course ads work. Why do you think advertising is a multi-BILLION dollar industry? The issue always is, you gotta have what people want once you've got eyes on you in order to stick the sale.

>> No.13556686

Anon, you have to be an actually interesting person or have talent above the grade to get people to click through to you. Of course ads work.

>> No.13556715

Depends I guess. I remember Laught Act used to pay for ads but they never got any retention because most of their Chuubas fucking suck.

Stella has fucking pipes. I still listen to her karaoke streams once in a while

>> No.13556725

Not him, but how is discussing numbers helping them?

>> No.13556726

who the fuck is de de mouse?

>> No.13556731

Yeah and they still were higher than >>13555576

>> No.13556785

It's pretty rare for Suisei to make a cover of popular song.

>> No.13556788

Yeah, I'm sure he can get 54k every time he plays a normal pokemon game without the mystery egg gimmick

>> No.13556793

>umm sweaty? this is worrying me. just a thot
good bait anon but make it less obvious next time by removing reddit speak

>> No.13556801

>t. Menhera
GTFO, and hope you get to live a better life than mine because you deserve nothing less than good things if you are a good person and a hug if you need it.

>> No.13556822

And yet he got six fucking yous so clearly it works
One day this thread will stop biting literally any low effort bait people throw their way. One day.

>> No.13556904

but it was all me

>> No.13556907

on unrelated news, #ホロライブ3期生1stライブ is trending Nº1 in my shithole southamerican country.

>> No.13556911

Bro, go outside. Get out of this retarded thread.
Watch what you enjoy, stop staring at the viewcount. It's fucking weird

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Kamito doing well today, especially since it isn't a collab
Linglan Lily did very well too

>> No.13556932

at this point I wouldn't be surprised if it starts trending in afganistan

>> No.13556983

Numberfag the numbers to Chima's cover

>> No.13557003

chilean bro, it is true your whole country got image banned?

>> No.13557019

Even Indies are inclining. On niji's side though...

>> No.13557024

i'm not chilean

>> No.13557077

>Cry Baby
It's more like Suisei does what she wants. If something that's popular does happen to catch her fancy she'll do it, sometimes it happens sooner rather than later.

>> No.13557085

oh my bad then, it was the first spic country where I found the sankisei live trending on twitter

>> No.13557086

Who's Kamito? Seriously is it indie's day today or something?

>> No.13557130

Last post about this midget: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiCKMyNuFYc
>song slaps
>likely stands no chance
This groups needs to get numbers...

>> No.13557169

He's the Ore in OreApo - he's usually seen with Hinano (VSpo) and Gil (twitch streamer).
Ex pro gamer and now a mostly apex player.
His usual numbers are 3-4k, pushing to about 6k if Hinano isn't streaming her perspective.

Which is what makes this stand out - it's just a solo stream for him.

>> No.13557187

ignore, it was trending for me, not the country

>> No.13557239

ah, a vspo+ vtuber, I see.

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File: 122 KB, 989x181, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is interesting Linglan Lily, one of the Taiwantubers who has taken off recently, collabing with Mochi Komame - a Japanese vtuber with a focus on Taiwan.
Together they beat Aqua.

Combined they have under 300k subs. It was pretty much 100% mandarin apart from the last song they were learning, so it just goes to show how strong the TW audience can be.

>> No.13557411

And a good original

>> No.13557449
File: 249 KB, 391x889, peko power.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Again, from last thread:
>Peko has a median so high she could, for the rest of november, have ten (10) streams with literal 2 viewers and still keep a median above 30k

I kneel profusely and deeply to the numbersrabbit

>> No.13557454

EN at least doesn't have spinoff permissions. IRys was talking about not being able to play Snap on stream

>> No.13557487

Still a long way for indies to fully a beat high tier holos. Aqua was just doing a zatsudan but she ended up earning $4k+ on it. A good try nevertheless, I hope one day Linglan collabs with a Holo because I liked her if you feel my love cover

>> No.13557542

What makes a debuff game a debuff game in the first place? Like king gets big number on apex but gets lesser number on something valorant.

>> No.13557587

The Yoiko Minecraft arc was great

>> No.13557605

Reminder that this is not your pet midget shilling thread

>> No.13557661

Indies show the most growth. They're more exciting.

>> No.13557681

Whether or not a chuuba's audience is receptive to a given game or not is what determines if a game is a buff or a debuff, anon. Hololive's overall audience doesn't like Apex, but will watch Minecraft stream #435672134 like it's some kind of religion.

>> No.13557708

Valorant is not a debuff for him, it just gets him his normal numbers without tournament

>> No.13557711

gira gira?

>> No.13557721

>it just gets him his normal numbers without tournament
but it was a tournament

>> No.13557726


>> No.13557803

valorant is a debuff, even customs/tourneys don't get him apex numbers if he's playing valo. 20k? that's just no buff apex for him.

>> No.13557805

does pandering to taiwan brought her hate from the other chinks?

>> No.13557811

Chima has a phony cover too. It's pretty fast. 6.6M in a few months.

>> No.13557813

Yeah good luck with that, ever since the taiwan yab cover has been extremely paranoid about anythying that can rile up the chinks, and I doubt Linglan would appreciate having to stick her foot in that bear trap either.

>> No.13557859

MH Rise - Massive fucking debuff for Gura, Neutral/Positive for the JPs that were good at the game.
jRPGS - Massive debuff in EN, neutral to solid buff games for JP, depending on which series/games

>> No.13557880

Day is done, nothing else to talk about.

Rushia still beats everyone in SC
Gura still beats everyone in Subs
Pekora still beats everyone in CCV

At least the midget league is exciting

>> No.13557939

If he only gets high numbers with apex, apex is a buff, not his normal numbers. Doesn't mean valorant is a debuff if it it's lower than apex

>> No.13557945

Towa, with a portion of subs that Ai has, already has more views on EYE...
Oyabun...Well, I guess this is the fate that awaits everyone, that one day your relevance fades away...

>> No.13557955

abit, but they are mostly negligible. Ever since Nga shut down their /pol/ equivalent it's gotten pretty difficult for vtuber little pinks to get enough people together to harrass vtubers. Pretty much all the chinks harrassing fubuki right now are the same ones harrassing coco back in the day and they can't really get any new people to get on board with them.

>> No.13558005

Call it how you see it, anon. It's dead subs.

>> No.13558030

If only upd8 wasn't run by such fucking retards...

>> No.13558070

>If he only gets high numbers with apex
exactly, IF. but he gets better numbers playing other things and doing zatsudan. so yeah, valorant is a debuff by comparison.

>> No.13558084

Ai has a subscriber graveyard

>> No.13558106

Cover is supposed to emulate idol groups... Don't there need to be more graduations? New blood is needed. Graduate Sora-Gen 2 and have it be known that 2022 is Gen 3's and Gamer's last year. I don't know how they'd get consent though.

>> No.13558250

Here comes the 3M!

>> No.13558280

Anon, please find better bait than pretending to be retarded. It's not funny when we have to pretend that you're seriously braindead and reply to make you see the light.

Take the (You) and leave.

>> No.13558287

>This does not slip!
>Slips back to 2.97m instead
That's the beauty of vtubers over normal idol groups, it isn't just a young woman's game.

>> No.13558353

It's not helping them but at least you can observe your oshi growth and decided whether you want to stay with her until the end but switch to new one since if she purposely kill her channel potential with stupid things (yab, hiatus, boring game, etc)

>> No.13558401
File: 866 KB, 1515x2683, 2021-11-25 top.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Here it goes
>58,395: Hololive (Hololive)
>31,700: Subaru (Hololive)
>28,573: Miko (Hololive)
>24,305: Suisei (Hololive)
>22,236: Kuzuha (Nijisanji)
>21,264: Shibuya Hal (merise)
>18,765: Subaru (Hololive)
>18,198: Shion (Hololive)
>16,421: Kanae (Nijisanji)
>15,866: Gatchaman (Indie)
>15,597: Towa (Hololive)
>13,987: Gura (Hololive)
>12,916: Botan (Hololive)
>10,589: Kanata (Hololive)
>10,225: Honma (Nijisanji)
>10,155: Hayato Kagami (Nijisanji)
>10,046: Baelz (Hololive)
>10,016: Linglan Lily (Cloud Horizon)

>> No.13558406

>>Slips back to 2.97m instead
No-no, anon. It's the famous anime backslide! She will then push hard to 3.5m!

>> No.13558410

>it isn't just a young woman's game.
*SSRB nods in agreement*

>> No.13558433
File: 2.44 MB, 346x640, kizuna trying to reach 2.99M subs.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>webm related

>> No.13558460

>16,421: Kanae (Nijisanji)
don't let illegal view funneling anon(s) see this

>> No.13558471

Hot damn suba hit 30k? Did she reach a good battle or something while I wasn't looking?

>> No.13558483

Taiwan I kneel

>> No.13558502

1v1'd Miko

>> No.13558521
File: 272 KB, 801x398, image_2021-11-25_185742.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most likely won't reach it, since it's the definitive Phony cover by now and the Phony hype train has been winding down.

Hoping it will be more of a King situation, where Suisei posted very late but it had a few personal spins on it which made for a good, lasting track.

>> No.13558525

You know what, it's dead hours, so lets take a trip down memory lane and talk about the four kings and their fates. Beats doing timeloops.

Kizuna Ai: got fucked over by upd8, now barely hanging on to relevancy after wresting her company back under her control and pretty much coasting on her reputation of being the first vtuber.
Kaguya Luna: Got fucked over by Sony, redebuted as an indie utaite to massive success
Siro: Got fucked over by .live, transitioned to being a streaming chuuba. Probably the most successful transition from the 4kings era, but nowhere near the top like she was back in her heyday.
Virtual loli ojisan cat: Landed a sponsorship deal with Sega, then retired.
Mirai Akari: I actually don't know too much about what happened to her, I know she's still around but not much beyond that. Someone else fill in the details.

>> No.13558579


>> No.13558647

Hololive 11
Not Hololive 7

Hololive seeps the medals and the bronze queen, Miko, now has 7 bronze medals.

>> No.13558669

How long before another holo surpasses her?

>> No.13558706

Kuzuha's fans are just a boring as he is, he doesn't "deserve" shit. If he was good like his other holoniji sisters he'd EARN the respect and love needed for more views/subs/donations. Literally every other top holoniji member has something interesting they bring to the group and thus have been supported equally or greater than the amount of skill and entertainment they've put in.

Kuzuha is basically just a ghoul avatar which is why he ranks down with Ankimo who is just a bear.

If you're with Hololive or Nijisanji and fucking Suisei is doing better than you, you have majorly fucked up.

>> No.13558753

>Kaguya Luna
im pretty sure the utaite came before the vtuber

>> No.13558776

calli in two years if she keeps her growth

>> No.13558825

>outviewing Hardworking And Deserving Chuubas just by existing and having a plain looking avatar
based vampire

>> No.13558832

phony is too high for Suisei's voice so she must have her own personal spin like KING.

>> No.13558847

I thought Mirai akari got fucked by entum and turned her into a water biscuit stale vtuber compared to the Eileen era Mirai Akari which had their loreshit going on.

>> No.13558913

so basically all of them got fucked in some or other way

>> No.13558940

Well, other than the ojisan cat who retired before someone could fuck him over

>> No.13558986

It seems like for vtubers you either retire at the top of your game or you stay in the game long enough to get fucked over.

>> No.13559032

Well this other Taiwan Vtuber was in a CR Cup team with Matsuri recently

>> No.13559125

I don't think chinks give a shit about festival

>> No.13559166

>10,016: Linglan Lily (Cloud Horizon)
Is this her first appearance in the daily?
I remember the last 2-3 times she always got stuck around 8.5k so i don't know if she made it before.

>> No.13559180

>Mirai Akari
Didn't she have to get a new model because menhera artist or am I getting that wrong?

Also, was she the one that was owned by Square Enix until she ended up going indie or something? I know that her current company rebranded from the previous name after some... whatever...

>> No.13559198

Mirai Akari recently released an album.
Sold 1159 copies.

>> No.13559212

yep, unless my memory fails me, no cloud horizon vtuber has ever made it on the above 10k list

>> No.13559216

>Siro: Got fucked over by .live, transitioned to being a streaming chuuba. Probably the most successful transition from the 4kings era, but nowhere near the top like she was back in her heyday.
Wasn't this Sio's fault and not .Live's?

>> No.13559222

Another day, another holo win

>> No.13559265

Is that good or what? Bring more numbers for comparison please.

>> No.13559271

was it? I didn't follow the .live saga that closely, I only recall .live being one of the actual black companies of the vtubing industry along side brave

>> No.13559312

More like half, the sponsorship/idol reps ruined her upload schedule which stalled her growth which was a shit move by her management(and also why I think aqua just going full sponsorship/idol reps is a bad idea)

>> No.13559349
File: 324 KB, 1656x1889, 1615978992863.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Waiting for Oricon anon to update it with the newest Niji's cover album.

>> No.13559444
File: 890 KB, 1116x788, image_2021-11-25_191920.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...they loved her... she was top 5 vtubers.

Her Aimer cover especially was over 3 million views on bili a year ago, back when her biggest on YT was barely reaching 2 million

>> No.13559498

>That's the beauty of vtubers over normal idol groups, it isn't just a young woman's game.
In hololive's case you'll get 30 somethings that will completely understand that it will never get easier than.

Aqua isn't that big of a deal though. I mean it's a blow to have her turn into what she is but losing her doesn't affect much.

>> No.13559636

>i don't know if she made it before
She didn’t but she was talked before for almost making it

>> No.13559851

>Mirai Akari
She's basically the same as Kizuna Ai now but with worse numbers.
Streams rarely and doesn't really get views when she does. She just does music and takes part in a lot of Vtuber concerts and events thanks to her reputation.

>> No.13560028

So basically she is like other chuuba busy doing offline events? ( And then COVID...)

>> No.13560057

Decent oc

>> No.13560270

So, predictions for the last 5 days of November?

26th - Niji 3D debut (Low niji) / Possible pekora post-concert stream

>> No.13560288

>Niji 3D debut

>> No.13560433

Is the duck stronger than Miko now?

>> No.13560492

Yukishiro Mashiro, 129k subs. I won't put too much hope for her, the 3D wouldn't look good regardless.

>> No.13560521

Oh white Suisei.

>> No.13560566

Miko = Subaru. Subaru's problem is that she doesn't stream as often. Zatsudan + Jrpg on the weekend, and taking any stream at 8pm jst. Miko takes the 10pm jst usually while Pekora takes primetime. I won't be surprised she'll be taking one of the spots for Q4 for stream hatchet. The Korean twitchthots are underperforming.

>> No.13560693

>I won't be surprised she'll be taking one of the spots for Q4 for stream hatchet.
Yikes. Makes me wonder when the 3D woman will start feeling threatened by vtubers.

>> No.13560756

i think they only would if a EN made it to the list. They just think nips are weird in general

>> No.13560841

When did Pekora got 1M followers on Twitch?

>> No.13560897

maybe you meant twitter

>> No.13560940

wait, Twitch?
>usadapekora_hololive 156K followers
Oh, you meant Twitter.
I dunno, some time ago apparently, since Rushia and Aqua are at 1 million too now.
Marine and Pekora were tens of thousands ahead last i remember.

>> No.13560945

Oh yeah twitter kek

>> No.13561090

Random thing this twitter check linked me to
Marine posted basically the best portion of her Unison song/video on her twitter pinned post
>IT has 1.9M views
I think this part being available like this slowed down Unison's video views a lot. Just like how Gura's Reflect slowed down after the Topic version appeared.

>> No.13561156

>31k people between 4 Holo stream rn
>Miko holding 21k, after 6 hour

>> No.13561172

This chart is inaccurate. Mori's album has obviously sold more than this

>> No.13561223

It's Oricon list. Primarily JP buyers. Don't know bout Mori.

>> No.13561356

I checked the girl, saddummy, getting the 4th spot for female streamers in Q3. She doesn't even get good CCVs, she just streams 10+ hours everyday. Fuck man, hours streamed is a meme. If only there's a twitchtracker equivalent for Youtube.

>> No.13561370

>Only JP
Doesnt matter then. She'd wipe the floor with all of them combined any day of the week

>> No.13561393

Pekora most likely would do a zatsudan

>> No.13561608

Based on this chart, releasing an album as just a volcalist vtuber doesn't seem remotely worth it.

lossless albums sell for 40$ in JP, but even taking only those into account, the mid for this chart seems to be only 4000 units.
160.000$ lifetime sales, quite a bit going to the retailer and in taxes.
According to a lot of Holomen, making just 1 original song can cost over 10k$. The cost of 11 tracks for a full album could exceed all that album's income for the label.
I guess it depends how much of the production you do in house, how cheap you can make it for to turn a profit.

>> No.13561755

And that is why most of them are signed to a label.

>> No.13561757

at least Cover now has a budget to help the holos with their orisongs

>> No.13561759

>According to a lot of Holomen, making just 1 original song can cost over 10k$
would this cost include art and PV? because while music by itself already isn't cheap (especially depending on who you get to produce) that's also a fairly important distinction.

>> No.13561833

labels take a good chunk of your income

>> No.13561861


>> No.13561882

Kadokawa you fucking traitor

>> No.13561899

ID costs, so take that with a grain of salt as the costs in JP are no doubt much higher due to adjusted COL.

>> No.13561901

Mind you that Matsuri was the one who gave that $10k number. Suisei never said how much her songs cost, Watame said that one merch run could fully funded her album, and Moona said that it was way less than $10k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDzlayOiVro
Of course how much the song costs will depend on a lot of thing like who produce it, who write the lyrics, who make the animation, etc.
Yes but they paid for the song so you don't need to spend money to make it.
Holy shit Inori Minase

>> No.13561915

You don't eat the loss though. Yeah, the ceiling is much lower but the floor is much higher. Deron would have ate her ass if she wasn't signed to a record label.

>> No.13561926

Damn, Nachoneko is going places

>> No.13561935

Gura's original song was made by ID composer.

>> No.13561961

Not a real vtuber, just a corporate mascot with a big name seiyuu.

>> No.13561965

fuck inori, whyy. It's voiced by Rem. That combo is too deadly to keep alive.

>> No.13562021

Nintendo isn't responsible for Pokemon permissions. That's why they all can stream nintendo games but need TPC permissions for Pokemon.

>> No.13562024

It's working though as a corpo mascot piggybacking on Gura's mama design and top VA

>> No.13562088

>it's another episode of Big money VA on a vtuber project which will TOTALLY not can itself
Such many cases before, no reason to think this is going to be the same unless if the VA wants to sacrifice her career for fucking vtubing.

>> No.13562102

the problem with labels funding you is that you don't have the rights to use that song whenever you want

>> No.13562159

I just noticed that Prismatic Color and Reflexion are not available on Spotify. Why Anykara why?

>> No.13562202

sorry but kaigainiki dicks are too big for us

>> No.13562209

It's a cover album. Oh yeah, I realized It really is a cover album. They can't monetize it on digital platforms?

>> No.13562222

usually yes, they throw in at least a basic PV and illustration when talking about it. So this might be numbers for Singles, not random album tracks.
The high end ones with PV get closer to 100k$.

2k would be more reasonable, but that is from hiring people Indonesian, a lot cheaper rates than the JP.

>> No.13562257
File: 11 KB, 413x105, 879464.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>254k last seen on jp ranking
>5 hours jp trending
274k based on latest personalised trends

>> No.13562271

You can. Sora's cover album is on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/7dOjS2ivJtYEqtgPFz38CT

>> No.13562281

The rigger is even the same with Nacho

>> No.13562316

>The high end ones with PV get closer to 100k$.
I hope youre not referring to kanatas 1mil yen anonchama

>> No.13562349

You added an extra 0 there.

>> No.13562374

Matsuri says so in the video.
People were speculating at the time that she was talking about Aki's Shallys or Towa's Pallet and their animation.
The most expensive Hololive song (and MV) known so far would be Marine's Unison though, estimated at 60k$.

>> No.13562415

Sora is under a completely different label.
Not the same rules.

>> No.13562499
File: 785 KB, 1398x788, image_2021-11-25_205603.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

10.000.000Yen being 86.000$ and she said in the tens of millions.
That's with expensive MVs ofc and clearly no hard numbers.

>> No.13562505

I kneel

>> No.13562619

>mvs can cost up to one million dorar!
>did anyone`s you know cost that much?

>> No.13562862

254k isn't much.

>> No.13562872


>> No.13562894
File: 75 KB, 826x429, 798413.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

5 vs 150

>> No.13562949

damn, now imagine holofes

>> No.13562953

Koshien which was hours longer got 290k.

>> No.13563064

holo 3rd gen concert
>254k tweets
>5h trending
>58k public viewers
>5 members
>30 minutes free
>1h 40minutes paid
niji koshien
>290k tweets
>204k viewers
>150 members
>free viewing

>> No.13563206

I had a dream where Cover sold out it's merch and 40k tickets for the gen 3 concert. That's about $1.4m at $45 a pop.

>> No.13563295

we can at least assume that all the people with a gen 3 membersship paid for a ticket

>> No.13563298

Bloom and Holofest 2 had around 500k+ tweets

>> No.13563880
File: 98 KB, 823x428, hololive 2nd fes - beyond the stage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

damn I thought that was sarcasm

>> No.13563922


holy fuck 700k

>> No.13563939 [DELETED] 

>3 whole days

>> No.13564115

Still not enough to beat her oct-nov 2020 numbers. It's crazy how she was able to toe to toe with debut-buffed Gura back then.

>> No.13564939
File: 2.44 MB, 2023x1541, August 2021.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After the chartanon posted his data: >>13512796 >>13508815 and there was so much talk about tiers, I decided a tierlist makes for a perfect and credible visualization of data.
I used the tiers this anon posted >>13508138

I was going to make more, but realized that the list I was using lacked not only the sixth wave of NijiKR, but also the third wave of NijiEN, so I only made August (pic related) and September (without the new NijiKRs), since I decided nobody actually cares about the midgets despite making midgets potentially more visible was one of the aims of my whimsy. Not sure if these are of any use for anything other than shitposting, but I did end up using around three hours of my life looking up small Nijis on that wiki, so might as well post these.

>> No.13565009
File: 2.46 MB, 2023x1622, September 2021.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13565977 [DELETED] 
File: 66 KB, 214x118, mahiro.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any prediction for the Niji Mahiro 3D debut? I feel like it can go either a bit higher than Hajime or a bit lower. Her median/average this month is 387/381 and her zatsudan talking about the reveal got this...

>> No.13566314
File: 66 KB, 214x118, mahiro.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any prediction for Niji's Mahiro 3D debut? I feel like it can go either a bit higher than Hajime or a bit lower. Her median/average this month is 387/381 and her zatsudan talking about the reveal got this...

>> No.13566399

between 30k-35k, if there is a good holo collab it may slip

>> No.13566479


the pizza homo is now a honorary edengumi

>> No.13566482

Will the numbers for EN keep dropping off? It's amazing how JP is inclining while EN is declining

>> No.13566559

She doesn't have Holo viewers though.

>> No.13566598

anyone who replies to enschizo is as retarded as enschizo himself

>> No.13566600

should zuha be retarded enough to enter his 2nd valorant spam arc this december there won't be any nijis in SSS anymore... king...

>> No.13566619

He had a collab with Lain at his izakaya already, newfriend.

>> No.13566681

Crazy Raccoon cup is this Christmas so he will be forced to stream it if he joins.

>> No.13566732

As we've seen from other lower numbers debuts, the guests matter a lot in increasing viewers.
If Mayuzumi or Hoshikawa show up for a segment, it might get to 40k.
Otherwise, she's one of the livers i see the least of anywhere, despite being a regular streamer.
~30k maybe because her design is still good, plus it's a Friday.

>> No.13566810

Since when does she talk to those two?

>> No.13566867

oh yeah i forgot about that. based ojiji keeping kuzuha's head high enough above the water to still be shitposted about in this thread.

>> No.13566974

Oh yeah, she's been spamming collabs with Elu, Levi and Nagao Kei especially. If she does call ins, they'll definitely be there. 2 even have 3D models so they can appear on set.

>> No.13567143

Mahiro having a teasing relationship with Mayuzumi is almos the only thing i know about her.
Saw that there were quite a few collabs on her channel too.
She seems to only get together with HSKW every 2 months tho.

>> No.13567194

That clipper's poor English triggers me

>> No.13567453

To be fair, Day 2 mogged Day 1 easy on presentation, performance and songs. More easy to do reaction aside of "how cute!" or "My oshi is the best".
Holofes 3 could supass it easy.

>> No.13567615

that's why, he will collab with every member

>> No.13568163

Aqua must be happy

>> No.13568204
File: 594 KB, 777x882, AD19161C-1D2E-4851-8D4F-0ECBE104AE6D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Astel being Gwelu tier
Prince Astel, I kneel towards Your Highness!

>> No.13568231

Selen barely has 1k…

>> No.13568273

>Gura 2 hours earlier

>> No.13568418


>> No.13568578

I'm surprised nobody is calling this out for just how blatant it is.

>> No.13568629

>based ojiji keeping kuzuha's head high enough above the water to still be shitposted about in this thread.
Kuzuha joining merise when!?

>> No.13568842

I mean, it's not really surprising that a big company would try to emulate the biggest vtuber in the world by contracting her "mom".

>> No.13568896

Would people even watch that shit? I mean the scrims and tourney is on Christmas week. Normal people would celebrate it with their family. I doubt every participants would be present on the tourney day.

>> No.13568963

Honestly wasn't interested enough to finish the video.
It's whatever.

>> No.13569038

But there's a big difference between "pay the same artist to make a character in the same style" and "pay the same artist to draw a nearly identical character in every respect but with a white cat hoodie instead of a blue shark hoodie"

>> No.13569129

christmas is for couples in japan and most of the usual CR cup participants are autists or incels

>> No.13569155

It's just a LN ad, right? It's smart though to use live2d for ads because the artist is mama of the most subs vtubers

>> No.13570040 [DELETED] 

>Gura BTFO

>> No.13570237
File: 149 KB, 244x537, HoloID.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13570346

she won't be a vtuber anyway, she's using that model to promote some light novel

>> No.13570504


>> No.13570974
File: 233 KB, 1920x1080, 1635418755121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tfw playing buff game only to be beaten by watchalong..

>> No.13571189


She even put Cynthia in the title/thumbnail to give a extra boost because of the final battle and still wasn't enough

>> No.13571552

I doubt any nijis will join the next CR cup

>> No.13571718

i can think of some that will skip but what makes you think none of them will join?

>> No.13571853

overlaps with their mario kart tournament.

>> No.13572011

Which hasn't even been announced yet, and right now CR is recruiting team members. They can just opt out of Niji tournaments, Kanae did

>> No.13572044

>yesterday 4 voerlap oloEn streams on the night
>today afternoon 4 overlap HoloEN streams in the afternoon

Low numbers today again i suppose

>> No.13572084


>> No.13572086

why do you think they want to opt-out of niji tournaments over apex?

>> No.13572110

Any other NijiEN fan really disappointed with the gen3 concert's performance? Falling short of 60k shows a real decline. Enthusiasm for hololive as a whole is dropping, nijisanji showed a good month from events and made a boat load from collabs and concerts. Last week NijiEN showed they've grown at least 15% in 2 months.

>> No.13572113

wasn't kanae originally planning to skip the last CR cup until shibuhal invited him?

>> No.13572186

Kanae is menhera

>> No.13572272

i can fix him

>> No.13572304
File: 1.04 MB, 1280x2066, 34867721378236236.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyway, niji mario kart tournament, one of their big next winter events.
>2nd mario kart tournament Saturday 12/21/2019 qualifiers, Saturday 12/28/2019 finals
>3rd mario kart tournament Saturday 12/19/2020 qualifiers, Saturday 12/26/2020 finals
>4rd Mario kart tournament probably falls under 12/18/2021 qualifiers, 12/25/2021 finals

expect big numbers from nijisanji like July-August tier

>> No.13572406

study streams vs pokemon streams

>> No.13572461

Last one was announced December 1/2. There are some people on break for sickness/work so smaller numbers.

>> No.13572504

gonna be a massacre lol

>> No.13572527

this time slot is posion unless you made your fanbase on this timeslot like ina.
is worse since burgers are with family

>> No.13572641

Need a refresher. How big were last year's numbers?

>> No.13572659

Sana is officially now HoloID

>> No.13572669

Omega now you know when to reveal EN outfits

>> No.13572706

Enough to win a month and outnumber hololive in the daily top 10 rankings?

>> No.13572744
File: 879 KB, 2481x4096, sana10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

request denied, she beat ollie live in both numbers and pokeskill

>> No.13572751

she had 3k average.

>> No.13572752
File: 277 KB, 667x1757, 3846723852736.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>20/12/26 102,815 Nijisanji 3rd Mario kart tournament
kek meanwhile hololive christmas event... just a karaoke relay lmao

>> No.13572764

kek, it would be pekora outfit

>> No.13572804

more tourist that will end up watching hololive is always good, thanks nijisister

>> No.13572806


>> No.13572869

Finals are near Christmas. Depending on which Nijis participate in CR cup there can be some bronze/silver coming up, gold if somehow the stars align and a Niji wins, then Niji main channel gold for Mario Kart. So no, not daily

>> No.13573014

Both Suisei and Anya going to cover Phony
which will get more views guys? will it beat Chima cover?

>> No.13573037


>> No.13573118

>japanese study on afetrnoon thanksgiving
what shitty idea

>> No.13573159

whos chima?

>> No.13573223

bae doesnt even have 600 waiting on her stream and starts in a few minutes
is worse for her becasue she studies ADVANCE japanese so it will filter eops and jops already know she speaks good japanese.

>> No.13573308

Chima has a head start but Suisei is Suisei so honestly I don't know. It depends of how good is Suisei's cover in the end

>> No.13573320

this is a reschedule from a better time she had missed, if i remember it right

>> No.13573372

is a terrible reschedule then

>> No.13573440

The lack of major graduations all the time makes me wonder how much more lucrative the business is at the tippy top than we think. The turnover rate really is tiny and I'm sure the fame might be addictive for some.

>> No.13573531

for holo side the money is good and the fame even more so.
For niji even if you arent making money to survive is at least a decent side jig to get some extra cash.
However the meltdown of chihiro makes me wonder how much do their contracts keep changing.

>> No.13573534
File: 16 KB, 400x225, 1637649144585.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13573564

>the meltdown of chihiro
did something happened?

>> No.13573618

for some is they money and fame, for others is about meeting people and making friends, like Noel

>> No.13573692

i'm surprised ptsd shrimp hasn't been taken down. they have members unarchived clips on top of what hololive sings was doing.

>> No.13573697

Classic chi menhera outburts.
the idio let her irl sister make a twitter account called "chihiro sister".Magamenet forced her to tell her to close it.
she did a twitwcast or twitter space where she vent a little about management nothing really important there, to behonest she was dumb to let her sister do that.
she mentioned gen1 contract keep getting changed tough that was the only part tat picked my interest.

>> No.13573728

having hololive in his name made it worse for him, makes it look official

>> No.13573807

dosn't seem a rant about money, maybe about adding restrictions?

>> No.13573908

i mean yeah could be but wonder how much does that shit change even for old talents.
to vent about it doesnt seem to be in a good light but then again it is Chi so take it with a grain of salt.

>> No.13573961

Why is no one shitting on gura's number?

>> No.13574021

because that schizo is on global

>> No.13574034

is thanksgiving.
Every En is low as hell
not even Ina can get her 10k
selene is 1k
nina is sub 500

>> No.13574087

A candidate for 4 kings btw

>> No.13574116

Yeah, changing wave 1's to an aggravating extent doesn't seem to make sense. They should be made men, surely there isn't more to be extracted from them since they are what they are.

>> No.13574159

Their contract keeps changing?
That sounds interesting.

>> No.13574278

Maybe I'm misunderstanding but isn't changing an ongoing contract illegal?

>> No.13574382

If both parties agree you can always change a contract

>> No.13574392

nah, it can legally be changed as along as both parties agree
in this case if you dont agree you probably just get fired since you are contractor. So rooms for negotiation are small.

>> No.13574505

Someone like Chihiro should have some leverage. Mito and her ilk should be untouchable, the pr hit would be back breaking. I just can't see why nijisanji would do anything like that unless there is some new liability they need to account for.

>> No.13574546

Oh yeah, I forgot that Nijis female talents that aren't Mito or Lize are expandable...

>> No.13574560
File: 19 KB, 853x175, 1637884875471.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

watchu think? holofes?

>> No.13574584

Maybe for once the reasons are obvious? Thanksgiving+earlier than schedule. Hell you can literally see every other EN's numbers suffer live right now.

>> No.13574601

fuck holofes, give me gen 6

>> No.13574664

If Niji was able to tank Gibara and Lulu graduating in the same year than they're not gonna flinch if chi decided to hold out. She'd just get bombarded by even more antis if she tried air out any dirty laundry.

>> No.13574670

I don't know how to feel about Holofes, without a crowd it didn't feel the same. If there are still restrictions for it it's gonna suck.

>> No.13574680

>they sould be untouchable
they are women. Negotiating isnt one of their fortes

>> No.13574722

last year was all streamed so it wont be that different

>> No.13574744

I don't know about Lize but I trust Mito wouldn't be a push over and knows her worth.

>> No.13574750

Surely this time it'll be Pekora's new outfit haha

>> No.13574763

they never announce outfits like this

>> No.13574773

you give te girls interenet persona too much credit.

>> No.13574800
File: 12 KB, 227x222, peko87.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if pekora demands it, they will

>> No.13574837

why are you like this?

>> No.13574911

My memory is kinda fuzzy but does anyone remember how they announced Gen 6 debuts?

>> No.13574945

>>13574911 (me)
I meant Gen 5. Dammit.

>> No.13574951

time travelerchaama?

>> No.13574967

Just a random twitter drop.

>> No.13574993

Lize studied law IIRC so she wouldn't be a pushover either, I don't know if she's bar certified but she's spoken about it on stream before. Not that that guarantees she's a good negotiator business-wise but she should be able to at least stand her ground.

>> No.13575075
File: 636 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211125-171818_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>we're adding a menhera clause, please stop attracting hate
That's my headcanon anyways

Great catchall btw

>> No.13575120

>If Niji was able to tank Gibara and Lulu graduating in the same year
I don't think Niji tanked the hit of losing Lulu and Gibara very well. Their female number went down. I can't even imagine the shitstorm and bad PR if Chihiro does hold out on her contract.

>> No.13575191

wait, no tweet about it? just a yt message?

>> No.13575238

I think they really want the live audience back so they can experience this kind of vibe again.
This was Sora three years ago performing in front of a live audience. As you can tell, the atmosphere is way better. I'm willing to bet they can fill out a 20k seat venue.

>> No.13575247
File: 309 KB, 1451x2048, 1606943217272.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a phoneposter
Also, I wouldn't be surprised if they unironically are accounting for her being a bullseye for antis on her contract, though I don't think it's the probability of it is high.

>> No.13575316

>please stop being hated or you're fired

>> No.13575350

Yeah full crowd without restrictions an entire different experience, it feels so bad when there's a crowd and they can't react, even worse than no crowd at all imo.

>> No.13575362

Is really weird, isn't it? Not even a Tweet on any account so I think HoloJP will have a short video channel or something like the brakets for the Pokemon tournament or just more ERROR/HoloAlt stuff.
I can't see them announce new costume, new gen or something major like that because is not their MO.

>> No.13575486

they literally announced gen 5 with a random tweet

>> No.13575613

That's why I said is not their MO. At least they put it on twitter or put a stream with some holos doing stuff and then announce something we already know/expected.
They put the "wait for the annoucement" on fucking Youtube community. Is not normal.

>> No.13575647

>bad PR
Like half of the Nijisanji fans already hate her anyway and the other half love APEX more than they care for her.

>> No.13575650

finally holo kr is coming!

>> No.13575656

Who knows.
It wasn't until IRyS that Hololive started hyping up their new debuts with random video drops.

>> No.13575682

what do you want them to do, tweet the announcement of an announcement?

>> No.13575716

she just needs to say "fuck nijisanji I'm out" and the rats will be unstoppable

>> No.13575815

I dont take HoloEN here because they do stuff like you described but this is the main HoloJP channel. Is different. They even continue with the "Best of the Week" posts after years of doing so.
They do that with the streams before big annoucements, yeah.
I just dont expect anything major from this.

>> No.13575826

For better or worse anycolor really cares rrats and whatever schizo ahot some hikki NEET cooks up.

>> No.13575840

>star concert at the end of dec
>sora and aqua concert in jan
>aqua nissin concert in feb
I don't think it's holofes 3. they're probably waiting for the covid restriction to get lifted so that they have live audience. it's either gen 6, new outfits for gen 1, or new year stream annoucement.

>> No.13575869

This has gotta be Gen 6, especially since it's a video announcement.
>Can't be 3d or new outfit since those usually are revealed via tweets, or by the talents themselves
>Can't be about their other projects since they'd have prefaced it as such.
>I also doubt that it's a collab since they never tease stuff like that let alone make a video announcement for it.

>> No.13575877

Jp6 is the lore gen

>> No.13575884

I want to believe, let me believe

>> No.13575925

>half of the Nijisanji fans
think about it from an outsider's point of view. if it doesn't get resolved cleanly, it's gonna be a PR nightmare. the last thing niji wants is more bad PR

>> No.13575978

Fucking kill me

>> No.13576025

I hope they keep this lore stuff to ENs, no one in JP gives a shit and things work better that way

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