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>VShojo was finally able to get the domain taken down again on October 20th
>Domain's total lifespan: less than one week
>No similar activity has observered before or since
>Our cybersecurity experts and law enforcement contacts unanimously agree that any form of taunting or bragging directed at threat actors is highly likely to inspire retaliatory attacks that otherwise would not have happened, and they also emphasize that excessive public disclosures could allow them to cover their tracks

Domain was only up for a week in October, taken down as soon as possible within a week's time and posed no further threat, had only two victims who Vshojo contacted; then this faggot comes and uploads a video up in November for views when there's no further risk of harm, instead actively harming the proceedings against the advice of the Police and Cybersecurity firms, purely for the clicks and savior complex. How do the faggots sucking Nux's dick earlier today feel now? Also fuck Nyanners and Vshojo, I don't watch western whores; but really, how retarded must you feel for sucking the jewish faggot Nux's cock?

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Based Nux

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based, fuck vshojo

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oh boy, here we go

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Forget all that, the most surprising part of the Nux video was when he said he got the private info of an OF account with the help of someone on the inside. There is someone inside the company who is giving away client info and in his own words it was "all too easy". Look at his video around 7:40 mark.

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Nux is lying chuuni faggot, he's always trying play off his fight against others as him being "le epic spy agent" who has connections everywhere and has dirt on everyone.

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Jesus christ, is this guy a literal manchild?

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I feel like OF would've gotten busted by now if this was true.

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It's nice when you hate all parties involved in a case of drama.

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For a board that marketed itself as VShojo's largest fanbase you fags turned on them the minute one of your little e-celebs said it was trendy to punk them live

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worst, he's a literal jew

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>For a board that marketed itself as VShojo's largest fanbase

Lol fuck vshojo and whores suck at being entertainers unless theyre doing porn

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>Look at his video
Post the part on streamable or something

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This is really the only place where VShojo has a vocal presence on the Internet. Very rarely do I see any real dissent towards it, only falseflagging.

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No one knew until now, i feel this is the bigger story here.

But couldn't OF be sued if it was true.

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You're in the wrong timeline.

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They all suck and have their careers irrevocably burned for this.

Now you're lying.

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>Very rarely do I see any real dissent towards it
Damn nigga I didn't know the blind could use 4chan

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Because the Ashton Kutcher in VTuber form Nux said it was OK to PUNK them like it's all just some ebin prank that means now you dislike VShojo because they were simply casualties.
Yeah, and who else made the 50 falseflag threads per hour? That's right, VShitshow faggots like you.

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VShojo's fanbase is mostly Discordfags and vtweeters

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>believing a jew

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This board mainly supports Western indie trash and menheras like Beatani above all but VShojo is a close second.

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wtf I love Sans Undertale now

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It's interesting seeing the two Nux defenders in the comments pretending like 100s of vtubers have been taken down by this one scam, proving they won't even read it.

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You are a genuine imbecile if you think this exists

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>kike weeb ends up being a fag and ruining things for everyone
history repeats itself

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i.e. people who flood the board every day and are taken seriously as the board's ethos.

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Never trust the Jew.

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Here's a hint for you, they're here right now and right now are denying their association to him. Or they're just crossboarding /qa/niggers latching onto him because they want to see this board seethe and they have no real interest in Chuubas anyways.

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Her seething is now justified

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Nux is a larger faggot than all of vshojo combined, the day a kike ESPECIALLY an anituber decided to join the vtuber sphere they automatically become everyone's most hated person (see why everyone hates Connor too)

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Only delusional nyannertards actually believe that they would get anywhere "investigating" some brazilian kids doxxing people who pretend to be anime characters on the internet

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Why did you conveniently skip the first 2 posts where she is attacking everyone that talks about it then suddenly makes it about herself and then shits on the 12 people that got swatted?

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>see why everyone hates Connor too
This board worships him though. No surprise they also worship Nux. People are mad /ic/ never happened so people are trying to shill their e-celebs here every day.

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This except without the /qa/ part and replace "this board seethe" and "no real interest in chuubas" with "vshitters seethe" and "no interest in vwhors".

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All I understand is Twitch tubers should be avoided at all costs.

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You are going to PMITA prison, doxx-chama

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poor nyan is such a victim :( she never did anything and everyone just hates her for no reason :(((

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You need to be 18 or older to post here, Fabinho.

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ok you are baiting

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>damage control
Oh yea... they are totally telling the truth after trying to brush this under the rug.

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>comments blocked
What are they afraid of? They are already getting shit on twitter

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Meidos spent all day deleting threads about this drama that were rightfully calling out vshojo for not doing anything to warn the indies about the phishing.
However this particular thread clearly made by some vshojo discord trannies (also known as "VShojo's cybersecurity team") is allowed to stay up.

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Shitposters shill Connor and Nux because /vt/ has a hateboner for anitubers. The different between the two though, is that there's actual TTfags, VShojofags and SEAniggers who actually like him while Nux is universally reviled for being a dramanigger, clout chaser and not even VShojofags like him

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this but unironically

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new rrat: nux is in cahoots with the doxxChads and he did this to save them

>> No.13483496

Wouldn't doubt it. The more drama there is the more content he can produce!

>> No.13483498

I thought that was strange as well. maybe he presented the evidence he had to try to convince OF to give him the information instead of letting the police handle it considering the legal trouble OF and porn sites in general get into currently

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>sorry you got doxxed bro lol it wasnt because of us

This is absolutely fucking pathetic

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Oh yea because we took down a fake website none of the other victims matter lmao fuck them am i right?

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Why should VShojo take the blame for unrelated situations?

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i believe it

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>the phishing has been going on for MONTHS
>uhhh it doesnt count! we only knew this for a week!
Its as if they want a lawsuit

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>wahhh think of the victims
why are you all such faggots
its your fault if you fall for a scam like this

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Hello Nyanners

>> No.13483802

He mentioned he has friends at OF and can get any info he wants, that shit is suspicious.

>> No.13483807

>were confirmed to be unrelated
By whom? Where is the evidence?

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both sides are retarded

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>There is someone inside the company who is giving away client info
Do you seriously believe this? This sounds like disinfo/misdirection, no fucking way this faggot has "insiders" anywhere and that kind of grandiose claim only makes him suspicious.
He's full of shit
>implying a literal nobody can contact a company and get private info on its clients for free

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Based on what I gathered from all this shitposts, Vshojo tried hiding the scam because it will look bad for them? Then Nuxfag made a video for clout. I see that both sides are in the wrong. Am I correct?

>> No.13483900

Getting mad at VShojo over that is like getting mad at Cover or Ichikara for not protecting the random indies Sio screwed over.

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Yes both sides are wrong but at least Nux tried to do something about it and warned people multiple times while Vshitshow just left indies to the doxfags to try and ignore it.

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the email had information that was only available from the official vshojo email and even had doxx info about the company
the website was the same domain as vshojo and even redirected to it (vshonen.com)

Nyaggers really should just fuck off from vtubing forever, people like you should never have been allowed access to the industry
Not gatekeeping vtubing harder was a mistake

>> No.13483945

Are you even able to read the OP or the twitter post? Or can Nux fags not even manage that?

>> No.13483973

They are literally lying you retard

>> No.13483995

hello anon

>> No.13484003

Vshojo's statement says that they warned some people privately (i.e., indies who submitted applications) but just never talked about it publicly
ya know, the way you do you when you're still investigating scammers who will otherwise cut and run when shit goes public

>> No.13484019

I really don't understand why Vshojo didn't warn the public about it. Do they value being seen as heroes more than protecting the well-being of their fans?

>> No.13484024

The Jew isn't the one lying, sure

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>> No.13484069

Who are those indies who got warned? Why did the others not get warned?

>> No.13484079

How do you even warn people privately? Do you DM every 2view indie that someone may contact them for an audition?

>> No.13484083



>> No.13484091

Nice getting shit slapped for defamation when?

>> No.13484103

>how retarded must you feel for sucking the jewish faggot Nux's cock?
Pretty retarded I would say.
There's a lot of comments praising him in his video.

>> No.13484107

But anon, we would have never reached numbers of this height without them and their kind!

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I don't care for him but holy shit this is based as fuck.

>> No.13484115

the only people that would need to know would be the people who applied, who VShojo would more likely email in order to give any perpetrators a false sense of security. If you didn't apply, you really wouldn't have any reason to fall for an email saying "HEY BUDDY, YOU GOT IN TO VSHOJO, YOUR AUDITION WAS GREAT!"

>> No.13484140

Gas this clout climber faggot.

>> No.13484187

and yet people still got doxxed? That's a pretty sus.

>> No.13484208

Why is this thread not being deleted like some of the previous ones were? Is it because it is trying to defend the vwhores? Curious.

>> No.13484211

I don't care who was right or wrong here. Fuck Nux, that brand of drama whoring and clout chasing gets under my skin.

>> No.13484212

Can you prove that Vshojo warned them? Can you provide a single piece of evidence that this """"""""""private email"""""""""""" was sent to potentially thousands of auditioners?

>> No.13484215

Vshojo couldn't be bothered to send an email telling their applicants they failed the audition and now your believing that they've contacted each and everyone of their fans to warn them about the ongoing doxxing when they could've released a PSA like every competent company would've done?

>> No.13484237

So they sent a email to every single 2view that applied and it somehow wasnt leaked....

>> No.13484247

Vshojo didn't contact people and ask them to audition anon, it was an open application. The people who got scammed received fake acceptance emails, so anyone who didn't apply would be pretty unlikely to take that bait.
I have no clue which indies they did or didn't contact, but it seems totally feasible that they sent an automated email to people who applied with some boilerplate language about being aware of fake acceptances.

>> No.13484250

Yeah. He's like the those drama channels but for anime.

>> No.13484292

How did the people doxxing know who auditioned?

>> No.13484311

mods are sleeping, there's a fucking conner thread in the catalog rn

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Consider the type of person nux is and this all makes sense

>> No.13484345

Why are you assuming they needed to?

>> No.13484348

He's surpassing Keemstar levels of dramafaggotry but that's what he craves. Attention. Ignore him and unsub him if you happen to be subbed.

>> No.13484358

Did you filter all mentions of Hololive and Nijisanji once while in a meth-induced haze and then forget about it?

>> No.13484359

They didn't, they just sent emails to as many random vtubers as they could and managed to land on a couple that did.

>> No.13484364

What he did is irrelevant here. The real problem is that VShojo didn't warn anyone. Anything else is just VShojo trying to shift blame. The idea that they were totally going to arrest some third worlders if it was not for this shit getting exposure is complete bullshit.

>> No.13484404

>people like you
go back to twitter

>> No.13484405 [DELETED] 

>that brand
Cool it with the antisemitism, king.

>> No.13484406

Can't imagine someone doi g this for the next Hololive EN auditions

>> No.13484412

>What he did is irrelevant here
Fuck off, Nux.

>> No.13484422

It's obvious that they have links inside. Vshojo really fucked this one up cause they didn't investigated their staffs and never considered it could've been an inside job.

>> No.13484444

They probably didn't know exactly who applied, that's why Nux receive one even though he didn't apply

>> No.13484451

Read >>13484003

>> No.13484456
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Say hi to nux, he's in this thread right now

>> No.13484469

Faggits like Keemstar are still around despite the hate, knowing that's the case this nigger is going to be around for a long time too unless he gets me too'd or someone exposes him for grooming

>> No.13484471

I mean, why would they need to publicly notify everyone about a site that was up for less than a week, especially when they were still investigating the perpetrators? It sounds like Nux conflated two different scams because he doesn't know shit.
They didn't, that's why the scammers sent fake "acceptance" emails to people who never applied and got caught so quickly.

>> No.13484478

Nux might be insufferable, but Vshojo is in the wrong here.

>> No.13484487

You didnt watch the video
He never got a email since he never applied, he got a tip from someone that applied to vshojo and did. Its how he got involved in the first place

>> No.13484502

Basically this >>13484345
They don't need to know if you auditioned, they just need to know if there's an audition. Then, all they need to do is send random messages to some 2-views and hope that some of them did an audition.

>> No.13484504

Answer the replies you got before linking me your post.

>> No.13484546


Why are you trusting shitcat that is a known liar full of bullshit about every single thing she spews out of her cunt? This has not been going on for a fucking week

>> No.13484550

Hi, Nyanners

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File: 1.72 MB, 220x220, 1606629924916.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So you're telling me Nux send himself a mail? Why would this false flagging, clout chasing doxxer do such a thing? Is that his alibi?

>> No.13484592

so the only shit they did was TRY to take down the domain but didnt warn anyone from those
>the toher attacks were unrelated to pishing and impersonation
what do you mean it stopped
the ony shit they needed to do was tell the people in public HEY WE ARE THE FOFCIAL VSHOJO THIS IS OUR OFFICIAL EMAIL. DONT ACCEPT ANYTHING ELSE

>> No.13484596

Did you understand what you've just read?

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If I had a pussy I'd be fingering it right now

>> No.13484599

someone probably has attempted to do this in the past with hololive/nijisanji auditions

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>Nux is the EN Sabaki
I've been saying this!

>> No.13484630

why are people capable of spam f5ing threads to read responses of other people who just read threads repeating them misinformation, but unable to take the time to actually just read the press release? if it was a video i could maybe understand, but it's literally like 2 minutes to read, basically the amount of time you have to refresh to have some other retard tell you something they pulled out of their ass

>> No.13484640

I put the blame on Vshojo not having a proper management in place. This shit wouldn't fly in an actual corp.

>> No.13484642

>I mean, why would they need to publicly notify everyone about a site that was up for less than a week,
How many times a year does discord have to tell people to stop clicking random links from people they don't know?

When your customer/employee base is retarded that's the kind of shit you have to do.

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Did you? I'm accusing him in a roundabout way

>> No.13484655

no dude trust me they sent a private email :) they are completely in the green now
what? you want me to prove that they sent the email to thousands of applicants? uhhh Nyanners said nux bad and she said we should hate him now so no proof

>> No.13484687

Its a press release anon. The amount of truth in that can only be measured by the involved parties.

>> No.13484697

why would I waste 120 seconds of my life on lies and a company lying to save face

>> No.13484702


>> No.13484714

And we won't know because they won't announce it and deal with it privately, just like VShojo planned to do it.

>> No.13484731

This is basically SOP for every existing corp there is. Even Google sends warning emails for ongoing breaches that didn't happen on their side. My bank also do this.

>> No.13484732

Most likely the went for 2 and 3views with connections to vshojo or who have said they're fans - people who MIGHT apply. Nux himself got one of those emails and has stated he didn't himself apply - now he's a notorious liar, but I doubt he applied for a few reasons.

>> No.13484735
File: 6 KB, 238x212, 1629653631483.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Clearly we must warn every single criminal organization of ongoing investigations. Fuck law enforcement

>> No.13484765

You didnt watch the video. He never got the email he got it forwarded from someone that did

>> No.13484779

It's strange because anyone doing any swatting having such insanely shitty opsec they'd register an OF using their RL info and follow their target before doing it is a hard pill to swallow. I thought that part sounded strange from the very beginning but assumed they were just cocky.

>> No.13484799

>muh investigation
This is not a highly secret drug rig anon. These are just some underaged teens baiting 2views for doxx info. Any investigation they say they do is just saving face right now.

>> No.13484805

Clearly we must let more women get raped when there is a rapist going around in the town instead of warning the population about it while also investigating on the side.

>> No.13484820

Were any other males targeted here. If not, chances are the people were specifically targeting women

>> No.13484826

>You didnt watch the video.
True, not a chance I'm giving that fucker a view.

>> No.13484828

That's because Vshojo doesn't really have a proper management so it's easy to falsify as them.

>> No.13484840

Thanks for confirming there are Vshojo paid shills posting here

>> No.13484881

I like mewtendoo so im team vshojo on this one

>> No.13484906

>i blindly shill for corporations without any context or information on the topic

>> No.13484909

It's better to catch the few criminals rather than protecting the public first.

>> No.13484927
File: 221 KB, 1079x1079, 1628782825454.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Corpo said they dindu nuffin
>I believe it

>> No.13484961


>> No.13484962

Nux can't even be honest in his video titles and you think he can be honest here?

>> No.13484973

Oh don't get me wrong, Vshojo are absoloutely partially in the wrong here too - not only did they allow that leech anywhere near them in the first place, but also there's no way they're being entirely honest with this press release.

>> No.13484974

but you believe the jew???

>> No.13484975

That's why Nux himself for an e-mail. The day the auditions opened he tweeted saying good luck to everyone who applied but that he wouldn't. They didn't do any background checking before trying to get him so it was public knowledge to most people that he didn't apply.

>> No.13484985

I didn't watch the Nux video.
I didn't read Nyanners's discord post.
I didn't read any of VShojo's posts.
I didn't read anyone's tweets.
I am siding against the pink cat.

>> No.13485008


>> No.13485036

I believe in Jesus and he was a jew.

>> No.13485049

>he seriously believes any "we didn't tell anyone about the scam because investigation!" rrats, even spun by vshitshow themselves
is this the IQ of the average vshitshow fan?
>giving gigacuck that much credit
don't use demon queen lulu for your faggotry.

>> No.13485053

retard drama man makes retard drama for retard dramawhores
people on the funny anime girl board suddenly become experts on busting crimes
it's literally nothing

>> No.13485074

Nux and Nyanners are both retarded in my eyes and it's amusing to see you retarded shills shit on each other. I'll go get the popcorn. Cheerio.

>> No.13485078

what the fuck are you talking about

>> No.13485084


>> No.13485095

law enforcement's purpose is to protect the public, you demented fetus.

>> No.13485100

this means no more Nux/vshojo collabs?

>> No.13485105

Vshojo's lack of proper management led to a cluster fuck of issues.

>> No.13485136

Vshojo doxxes all the people that auditioned for their shitty group. 12 of them get swatted
Full damage control mode to save face trying to shift the blame on everyone but themselves
They never warned ANYONE that there has been a security breach for months

>> No.13485145

hopefully it means the fag gets blacklisted from all vtuber collabs, that'd be the best outcome

>> No.13485190
File: 33 KB, 443x212, 1608590301760.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably. Mouse unfollowed him from Twitter after the video went live and tweeted something like "How do you tell someone you're disappointed in them?" before doing it. She followed it up with saying she loved Nyan.

>> No.13485214


This group has been harassing/trying to dox Vtubers for some time now, but posing at Vshojo to do so was new. You can literally look at the dates that the spoof site they used to fake a vshojo email was up to confirm this

>> No.13485216

In case you didn't notice, he's actually gathering all remotely notable indie vtubers in his group

>> No.13485223

anyone who claims to be friends with him is probably freaking out right now because now their relationship with VShojo is fucked if they continue to support him.

>> No.13485255

Apparently there's a dark cloud on the horizon:

>> No.13485265

I'm betting some of them are regretting their decision now if it does lead to a block. If I had the option to be in ironmouse's good graces or nux's, I'd pick mouse any day of the week.

>> No.13485271

he literally called them the synagogue of satan

>> No.13485274

according to whom? whorecat? vshojos word has 0 value after they failed to warn anyone this that has been going on for months as you yourself just now confirmed and just in case you are going to try to weasel out of this by moving goalposts i'll put it in this post twice
>This group has been harassing/trying to dox Vtubers for some time now, but posing at Vshojo to do so was new.
>This group has been harassing/trying to dox Vtubers for some time now, but posing at Vshojo to do so was new.

>> No.13485307

>he doesnt know about Risu

>> No.13485308

Might be tricky if they've already signed contracts. Not gonna pretend I know how legit any of this is though.

>> No.13485311

Lol no. Read the US supreme court's stand on this. Public officials and authorities are not obliged to protect you, even the police are not mandated by the constitution to protect you from harm.

>> No.13485330

I'm sorry are you implying VShojo was supposed to know that a secret group was doxing and swatting vtubers and take action against them BEFORE they knew about it? Not that anon but you're sounding real fuckin stupid

>> No.13485349

the doxxer's main method was to throw out acceptance letters to vshojo potential applicants(spray and pray). vshojo knew people were being doxxed outside of the phishing site they took down, but still didn't give out public statement. how are they not in the wrong here?

>> No.13485383

>Vshojo is so incompetent that they didnt know someone was doxxing people auditioning for their group for months
>Vshojo knew about all this and kept it hidden from the public to save face and not hurt their image

Which one is it anon?

>> No.13485406


>> No.13485413

Are you so retarded as to not be able to read the picture? Fucking reread it faggot.

>> No.13485434

part of me sincerely doubts there's any real legal binding there

>> No.13485435

They weren't doing it for months. They did it for less than a week lol. They switched tactics to "fake vshojo acceptance" and were immediately struck down for it. They were presumably using different phishing tactics beforehand, and maybe after too.

>> No.13485445

>believes obvious lies.

>> No.13485450

Go watch the video then.

>> No.13485467

The thing is, through a combination of himself and his connections, Nux can actually reach a similar if not bigger audience than Vshojo, to the point that it would not be unreasonable to say that he can very much play kingmaker and decide who gets to be the next big vtuber.

>> No.13485474

Hisyojo wanted to deal with this silently but some victims won't stay silent

>> No.13485475

>believing Nux

>> No.13485480

Because uhhhhhh ignore all we did and look at the video this clout chaser made, he totally ruined the plan we were working on with the FBI to arrest these Nigerian kkds, we can't have done anything wrong if this guy made this video

>> No.13485482

heck yeah thats what the pink cat gets! thats for betraying us u frikking dumbo lets go nuxtako poggers

>> No.13485514

Vshojo is lying to save face you fucking braindead mongoloid
Nobody is going to believe that bullshit when they say this has been going on for a week
Nux fucking made a twitter post about this warning people MONTHS AGO and you STILL try to claim this bullshit that it was a week

Go fuck yourself you vshojo parasite
You faggots should never have been allowed in the vtuber industry

>> No.13485533

im not reading that crap OP. its incredibly long and for sure i also know that it is sure to be a bunch of retarded shit about some very gay crap. begone thot

>> No.13485564
File: 550 KB, 1700x2800, Vwhorejo weighs in on Nux shit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Funny how they post this after deleting this earlier post from their official twitter account.


>> No.13485567

So they had an investigation that has been going for months, but apparently despite the fact that they were "investigating" them they didn't realise that they started scamming people with their name and let them dox a few people?

>> No.13485573

Not really. Nux has an insane amount of pull on Youtube specifically, but he's a sub 1k streamer on Twitch. 300k Twitter followers is also a big number, but most 1k+ viewer twitch streamers regularly break 6 digits in Twitter followers.

>> No.13485605

you dumb nigger. people who were never phished from the site was being targeted as well. vshojo knew there was a spam campaign and said nothing about it. it was literally impossible for them to reach out to people who were scammed unless they knew who the doxxer emailed.

>> No.13485610

Hey man who broke the story?
Vshojo would have just let as many 2 views die as possible.

>> No.13485623

if this was deleted then yeah
they are bullshitting

>> No.13485625

It's less "who broke the story" and more "who exposed an ongoing investigation"

>> No.13485629

Why are burgers like this? just compare both statements and come to your own conclusions, dear god.

>> No.13485639

this post also says that making videos about it is a stupid idea, so what's your point? literally nothing here is different

>> No.13485662

Did you even read it? It says the exact same shit but the new one has significantly more detail because they were too subtle about how Nux fucked up in the original one. It hits literally all the exact same points but with more detail on the new one. People here really will just look at a big wall of text, assume it confirms their own beliefs, and move on.

>> No.13485667

Dont forget nyaggers bullshit response too which I'm sure is also deleted from the discord >>13482963
Story changes in all 3 "statements"

>> No.13485676

>Mousy choosing Nyanners
This will bite her in the ass. We know Nyanners only does what benefits her the most.

>> No.13485705

I'm sure a random anon on 4chan knows Nyanners better than a woman who's spent every day with her for a year and collabed a million times with her.

>> No.13485706

Vshojo really needs to establish a proper management over there.

>> No.13485707 [DELETED] 

Western vtuber drama is just so fucking boring compared to JP.

>Twitter vtubers bitching about lolis or other shit
>Vshitshow and doxxing

>> No.13485708

no it doesn't, just proves you didn't read any of them.

>> No.13485711

I still don't see how he fucks with their investigation, I assure you the 15 year old seanigs aren't buying a ticket to escape the country and the evidence they have supposedly gathered didn't spontaneously combust

>> No.13485719

"our pajeet cybersecurity company is looking into it" isn't an actual investigation anon

>> No.13485721

How is this moving the goalposts? In case you haven't noticed, most of their efforts up to this point were directed at the pink cat that y'all are also so obsessed with.
>according to whom? whorecat?
I really shouldn't spoonfeed someone who's too retarded to figure out how long a site has been up using publicly available information that my 15 year old cousin knows how to find, but go to https://lookup.icann.org/lookup and see what comes up when you type in vshojo.org.
Holy shit you are people stupid
Nux tweeted about this in October, the week that the site was up was in October
Nobody is saying that all of this started a week ago, just that the hackers were only able to use this tactic over the course of one week before Vshojo shut that shit down

>> No.13485739

Nobody takes this investigation meme seriously, no matter how many times you repeat it

>> No.13485754

no he didnt, unironically stop trolling, get off /pol/ and read the bible

>> No.13485764

Where in the reddit post does it say that nyanners and her entire family was doxxed and harassed for a year? Sounds to me like you are bullshitting here and that you didnt read anything yourself. How much is whorejo paying you?

>> No.13485767

They don't need to. If you don't have every single person involved identified and with charges to press against them then they can fucking get away. One hint that one of their own gets identified and they go underground, and erase their tracks. Become aware that authorities know about them, and they just stop doing illegal shit. Doxxing isn't illegal. Swatting is. Just never admit to what you're doing publicly and nobody can get you.

>> No.13485769

Why is Vshojo larping as NBI when they could've just contacted the relevant authorities here.

>> No.13485784

nyanners doxxing situation is completely different from the fake email situation.

>> No.13485788

this bait is easily dispelled by spending more than one minute in this place

>> No.13485795

there the fucking retard goes again

>> No.13485801

It's really fucking funny how incredibly braindead the average 4chan user is in terms of opsec in the year of our lord 2021. It's even better when people will brag about it how retarded they are

>> No.13485843

He hasn't put much effort into flexing his reach towards building streamers up, watch what will happen if he and his cohorts decide to all make YouTube accounts for themselves and lean on Nux to build that initial hype.

All they need is a catchy name and a steady supply of videos. And the sky is the limit if they really start cheesing the algorithm.

>> No.13485848

>We know Nyanners only does what benefits her the most.
And Nux doesn't?

>> No.13485850

>It is important to know that investigations involving online crime almost always take a very long time- a year at least. This is true even for cases like swatting where law enforcement is also a victim. So if your end goal is an arrest, you have to be quiet and wait so you don't tip off the attackers that you're pursuing them. While it can be counter-intuitive, this is the unanimous advice we received from both cybersecurity experts and law enforcement. Maintain a poker face outwardly, but document *everything*.
>While it can be counter-intuitive, this is the unanimous advice we received from both cybersecurity experts and law enforcement.

>> No.13485870

>This board worships him though

>> No.13485885

I'd take the lesser of two evils.

>> No.13485899


>> No.13485903

unlike the doxxer kek

>> No.13485908

He wouldn't have had to leech off Mel for a year if that were the case

>> No.13485910

>fuck up an ongoing investigation for clout
>loli bad
Damn it's like one of these is obvious but you're gonna pick the stupid one.

>> No.13485919

Not siding with pink cat and the corporation who let a bunch of indies get doxxed = you worship Nux

>> No.13485923

>implying women actually make friends with each other.

>> No.13485928

>Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. -Revelation 3:9
>I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. -Rev 2:9
Jesus' words to the churches in Asia Minor.

>> No.13485935

>muh investigation

>> No.13485961

>There's a child molester in the neighborhood
>"Let's not warn the public until we figure this out privately"
>Child molester molests more and more kids
>Guy tells public

This is how fucking retarded Nyanner is

>> No.13485964

So, the one that didn't just stab the corp they were leeching off for a year in the back?

>> No.13485970

They're bullshitting about the law enforcement part, the first thing they would have told them is to announce it to prevent more victims, but I totally believe the pajeets they hired told them to break japanese law

>> No.13485998

>quotes Revelations
>doesnt know what Revelations is
amazing job thiest-kun

>> No.13486000

Stop Nyanners, nobody believes this investigation shit, come up with a better story

>> No.13486001


>> No.13486025

>While it can be counter-intuitive, this is the unanimous advice we received from both cybersecurity experts and law enforcement.
It is counter-intuitive. And you believe Vshojo because of it? There exists policies from real authorities that runs in contrary to this.

>> No.13486029
File: 106 KB, 1358x141, Keeping silent and monitoring the situation guize.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


As you can see from the archive linked in the last post, the same url, and it's gone.

Pic related. They first claimed they had been silent in public and basically never gave anyone a heads up, now they're claiming that's not the case. Given how the earlier statements was deleted from twitter, I am assuming it's them covering their ass.

Not to mention a discrepancy between what Vwhorejo's "Cybersecurity expert" claims in terms of victim count, vs. what other people who were actually caught up in the doxing group's shit claim. At this point, I'm assuming Vwhorejo is simply covering it's own ass to save face.

>> No.13486040

Stopped reading right there.

>> No.13486049
File: 1.06 MB, 1045x1000, 1607706786296.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it." John 8:44
Jesus talking to the jews

>> No.13486072

Yeah bro just let more people get doxxed and scammed, totally worth it for catching 15 year olds that can't even be trialed

>> No.13486087

>quotes Revelations
>doesnt know what Revelations is
amazing job thies

>> No.13486093

both are backstabbers anon.

>> No.13486094

So the story so far:
>underage SEAnigs form a scam group and put up a phishing site to dox naive idiots
>they get a grand total of ONE (1) 2view chubah (who still streams regularly, so she clearly doesn't give a fuck about getting swatted, making her based as fuck)
>they also try to get some clout-chasing jew with a OC Donut Steel avatar
>jew goes "HOT SCOOP" and plays wannabe hero
>blows an "ongoing investigation™" wide open
>corpo had to begrudgingly thank the jew for his investigation and make some minor corrections on it
>schizo anime girl loses her shit over the entire thing and her whore friends side with her
>corpo backpeddals on their previous statement and pretty much blacklists the jew
Did I miss anything?

>> No.13486106

public silence means they weren't making giant tweets about it, not that they weren't privately messaging people affected.

>> No.13486108

they warned everyone who applied, they don't need to inform the public which would compromise the investigation. Based on a few 2view tweets apparently they actually did tweet it a month ago when the phishing was happening but deleted it later, I couldn't find any in the archives tho so I'm not sure

>> No.13486121

Can you prove they sent the warning?

>> No.13486150

They probably sent tons of phishing e-mails out. Do you know how few people fall for those? If they got 2 then they probably sent a thousand times that.

>> No.13486158

Can you prove they didn't?

>> No.13486165

you'd have to wait for the people affected that applied to VShojo to call them out if they didn't.

>> No.13486175

So we are doing this shit again? Are you going to provide evidence that they contacted thousands of people in private about this whole thing this time?

>> No.13486195

Vshojo talents really need to stop releasing conflicting statements cause it would only confuse the public. Is it time now for them to revamp their management because it seems to me it's no longer adequate?jvkwg

>> No.13486197

You are the one claiming that they sent the warning to thousands of people. Nobody posted it or even confirmed that they ever got a warning. Can you prove that they sent the warning? Its a simple yes or no question

>> No.13486222

Lmao this is the most retarded thing in this entire thread.
Please tell me you are making fun of corpo simps

>> No.13486224

Is Nux the western japanese keemstar now?

>> No.13486226
File: 768 KB, 662x812, Nene smug 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And we have no evidence they did this one way or the other, except for them claiming they have. And since they've already backpedaled from earlier claims, do we actually trust that they're telling the truth, or do we assume their word to be suspect at best?

>> No.13486231

with the amount of actual information available this is all one big "who do you wanna hate more" shit for boring losers
have sex(with many men(at once))

>> No.13486238

Can you prove that unicorns don't exist?

>> No.13486240

How would they know who to private message when the scammer didn't know who auditioned? This is why you're supposed to release a public statement

>> No.13486245

If you're still mad about tumblr drama from a decade ago I can't imagine life is worth living.

>> No.13486250

>no new ID
Why do you keep samefagging shill?

>> No.13486254

Please learn some of the very basics of the internet. Doing this is not some impossible task that would be difficult to pull off and a simple "don't tell anyone" would have sufficed to ensure it remained private. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mailing_list

>> No.13486259

>exact same shit
thats the problem. why did they keep quiet on it?
how would they know who was affected? did they have the doxxer's email list?

>> No.13486266 [DELETED] 
File: 6 KB, 238x235, 1631650831130.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thats a picture of nene

>> No.13486270

They would simply message the people they knew applied, since those are the only people that'd have any reason to fall for the scam.

>> No.13486273

This metaphor only works if you consider that the child molester can't be physically captured until you identify them and can just cut and run before starting over if they learn that you're onto them
swatting is really the only thing that these people have done that carries real penalties, so if they realize that authorities are onto them and abandon their various scams and accounts it's going to be impossible to do anything about any of this

>> No.13486291

everyone :)

>> No.13486300

Can you prove that they sent a warning to thousands of people that auditioned? Please answer the question

>> No.13486301

yes, and if he ever does a sabaki collab it will feed hungry /vt/sisters for weeks on end.

>> No.13486318

This is good NijiEN. They can finally overtake Vshojo and become the number 2 in the EN market.

Soon they will overtake Hololive as well.

>> No.13486340

That's hundreds or even thousands of people. But there is no word about this private contact from anyone other than VShojo's mouth.

>> No.13486356

Why would I be mad though? I'm just stating facts.

>> No.13486375

You'd only have to email the people who actually applied to VShojo. Anyone who didn't apply would have literally 0 reason to trust an email saying their application was accepted.

>> No.13486384

The number of applicants didn't even reach thousands. Stop spreading rrats. Vshojo was more than able to send warnings to all of them.

>> No.13486394

Yes and I'd appreciate it if you and >>13486226 would refrain from posting pics of my wife in a vshojo drama thread thanks.

>> No.13486411

Froot confirmed they had over 3 thousand applicants

>> No.13486413

that is a retarded analogy, try this
>retard breaks into school and smuggles drugs/guns in the school
>school informs the parents of all kids while investigating it
>one asshole parent posts it on twitter
>fucks up the investigation and kid escapes
>could've been caught if the one parent didn't expose

>> No.13486417

>put every applicant on a mailing list
>send one email
wow so difficult.

>> No.13486420

Dont make me laugh anon, even when you threaten people with legal action stuff still get leak daily, and they didnt even reply to people who dont pass i doubt that they were warning them

>> No.13486425
File: 46 KB, 512x512, 1637677308307.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>English Jap Keemstar

>> No.13486436

Can you prove that they sent the warning though? Please answer the question

And if you do provide evidence that the warning was sent, how did 12 people get doxxed? You will have to answer both of these questions now.

>> No.13486437

If so, why wouldn't they bother emailing me that I failed the audition even if it's such a simple thing? Do they really not care about their fans?

>> No.13486469

ironmouse has known nyanners for 1 year
4chan has known her for a decade

>> No.13486474

This isn't about it being hard or not dumbass, this is about the fact that you are claiming that they sent out a message to hundreds of vtubers but nobody who received it leaked or mentioned this message.

>> No.13486480

>how did 12 people get doxxed
Go ask the doxxers, retard. You're barking at the wrong tree.

>> No.13486490

>Niji prolly has permission to stream Elden Ring while Fromsoft gives the the big fat middle finger to Holo
>Once the game releases, Holo will miss out on a huge hypetrain and potential views/SC revenue
I can see that happening actually.

>> No.13486492
File: 759 KB, 718x718, anyapopcorn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>watching without a horse in the race

>> No.13486511

You'll be surprise, even big company still fall at this

>> No.13486514

I'm sorry I forgot 4chan regularly talks to Nyanners in private

>> No.13486519

Everyone respects Connor because he's Mousey's friend. If it wasn't for that, no one would even be talking about him.

>> No.13486520

Nice reading comprehension, dumbass.

>> No.13486522

If VShojo was lying about contacting people, then someone who was affected, that did apply, could easily just say "ummm no you didn't" and it'd be over, the fact that nobody is doing that proves it.

>> No.13486523
File: 62 KB, 210x201, Smug Vei.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll refrain from involving your wife, as she seems to be a very sweet pea.

Once again, we have two different claimed numbers of victims outta this. So either Vwhorejo is lying, they're utterly retarded and don't know that more people got caught up in that dragnet, or Nux is lying. Personally, I would assume it's the first two given how Vwhorejo has been acting up to this point.

>> No.13486536

Telling the parents is the informing the public part you mongoloid. If you're going to try and correct people don't be fucking stupid first.

>> No.13486545

that is assuming the fake acceptance email was only for the people that applied and not also some kind of fake scouting attempt.

>> No.13486546

>he would rather have drugged kids gunning up the school than to let one retard stop his smuggling
See how this logic fails most of the time

>> No.13486550

>risk being blacklisted as a 2 view
yea... sure buddy

>> No.13486573

I applied and I didn't receive any warning message.

>> No.13486582

Or, get this, there's more than one incident, which they pretty much state. The "Using VShojo to dox people" incident worked on 2 people. The others were other people that this same group got using other methods. Please understand that a group of serial harassers isn't going to try one thing, fail, and then throw in the towel after.

>> No.13486584

You'd get saviorfags because you're the little guy who was screwed over by a corporation.

>> No.13486615

And dox yourself in the process ? Great thinking there buddy

>> No.13486621

What's the TL:DR of Nux specifically? I know there was some phishing that Vshojo was quiet about, but where does he fall in?

>> No.13486625

you think 2 views are that smart?

>> No.13486632

There's plenty of schizos who are vtubers that would love the opportunity to fuck with VShojo.

>> No.13486647

Did anyone attempt to scam you though?

>> No.13486657

>You are the one claiming that they sent the warning to thousands of people
I didn't claim that because I'm not that anon, but I really would like to see proof that they did or didn't send the emails. Yes, you were replying to someone else.

>> No.13486659 [DELETED] 
File: 104 KB, 1358x141, lying out their asses.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then why are they stating this has been going on for months. You cannot win shill, give up.

>> No.13486662

>fucks up the investigation and kid escapes
Tell you third world government to hire better police officers, seanigger lmao

>> No.13486666

Except the thing Nux talked about is the incident in question to begin with. So that legitimately a retarded point to make.

>> No.13486693

No, I didn't receive the scam email either

>> No.13486694

They are lying but ight.

>> No.13486723


>> No.13486726

Because the same people have been going after Nyanners specifically for way longer. Them targetting others by impersonating Vshojo was for one week last month.

>> No.13486766

So what is it then? Vshojo warned everyone that applied or vshojo somehow knew who the scammers were trying to scam and they specificically contacted them even though they could have been anyone that didn't even audition

>> No.13486769

Can you prove that I didn't rape your mother?

>> No.13486771
File: 1.11 MB, 1123x1296, 1596186853211.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

kek you dont even know the real reason she bailed on /a/ and went to tumblr do you
pic very related

>> No.13486774

Oh so they've been swatting vshojo for months? The story keeps shifting more and more with each post you make
That image is talking about swattings by the way, you did read it before you made your shill post right

>> No.13486795

I have no horse in this race, I was just curious.

>> No.13486834

Yes. Everything else in this board is a torrential downpour of /vt retards spouting views and nonsense that they don't even fully understand themselves.

>> No.13486840

I didn't read anything anons. Should I care about this?

>> No.13486841

AYAME RAPED NYANNERS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

>> No.13486859

Wasnt Nyanners always been harassed/doxxed because of 4chan for years or am I mistaken?

>> No.13486875
File: 246 KB, 463x453, 1620317062043.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13486877

Anon Nyanners getting doxxed was a big thing because it happened on stream. People spammed her chat with it. That was back in April. They were going after her since then, and "impersonating VShojo to get random people" wasn't something they did until October. The group can be swatting other people even if they did not successful swat Nyan

>> No.13486890

. Nothing has changed since then. She's still a lying sjw bitch and a grifter.

>> No.13486900

they must have backtraced the doxxer and found out you weren't hit with the scam. the top notch cyber security team they have should NOT be underestimated or questioned.

>> No.13486902

See >>13482963
Nyanners has been dealing with that shit for a year. The vshojo impersonation scam happened while they were already trying to deal with that shit.

>> No.13486904

no but it's a passably entertaining meltdown if you're bored

>> No.13486928

You don't need to. See >>13484985
There is always only one correct side on vshojo drama.

>> No.13486933

>4chan hates Nyanners because she's a phoneposter
damn you learn new things every day.

>> No.13486946
File: 964 KB, 4096x2304, Nyanners being a whore.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Truthfully? Not really.

But it's fun to watch. And shows that Cover is in good company for retarded Vtuber Talent Agencies.

She only started getting shit from this place proper when she decided to come crawling back after failing to become an anime dub actor with the Crunchyroll clique, cuz her 4chan past is an unforgivable sin to these people.

>> No.13486966

She got doxxed years ago, back when she had her old YT channel

>> No.13486984

Vshojo is like 3% of this board traffic and they are hated and reviled by 95% of that other 97%. They are only here on technicality, not because they are big players here.

This place was built for Hololive plain and simple, although these days NijiEN is also a big player. You see, that was accounted for in sharkmeido's planning last year - he knew the subject would get too broad/multipronged to really coexist on /jp/, as more separate generals were bound to pop up, and that is what happened, seeing as a bunch of small agencies and indies also thrive here.

>> No.13486989

Fuck, somebody should've told me this earlier. Phone posters deserve the rope.

>> No.13486995

You can even track it in her vods. After it happened she stopped having her stream chat display on screen in case it happened again and the stream it happened in is one of the few missing from her VODs channel.

>> No.13486997
File: 382 KB, 640x641, 1636101973768.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dangerously based

>> No.13487033

read the discord post and try again

>> No.13487056
File: 101 KB, 249x249, 1637728421958.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the top notch cyber security team they have should NOT be underestimated or questioned.

>> No.13487095

damn poor nyanners she is always getting bullied :((( why though she never did any wrong :((((

>> No.13487210

this but unironically

>> No.13487230


>> No.13487269
File: 186 KB, 1280x720, ANGERY NYANNERS.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am more wondering how she managed to push away her BF of more than half a decade, who stuck by her bullshit in the best and worst of her times. Then again, she keeps wandering around 4chan to get Anon's attention, so maybe she just enjoys making herself suffer.

>> No.13487342
File: 61 KB, 520x846, 1534060516424.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this a time loop? I swear I saw post about this like 4 months ago.

>> No.13487347

>BF of more than half a decade
it was only a couple years wasn't it? back in 2016-18

>> No.13487361

she has mentioned repeatedly that she has a humilliation fetish

>> No.13487382

Feels great to see vshojo simps and nux's dickriders tearing at each other's throats.
I sincerely hope that vwhores and nuxfaggot kill themselves so I can laugh at their retarded obnoxious fagbase's screeching some more.

>> No.13487471

I don't care for actual doxx but how do I know if 2view missing from Twitch wasn't a victim? Is there a way to confirm?

>> No.13487473

7 year itch maybe.

>> No.13487527

From what I remember, he was with her between 2013-2019 ish. Then again, I didn't know they broke up until some anon pointed it out while I was asking her I think why she was spending all this time trying to get Anon's attention when she could be hanging out with her BF.

I mean, if the con rumors from back in the day are to be believed....

Same. I just want Vwhorejo to be so thoroughly humiliated that they fuck off and stay on /trash/, or at least stay in their containment thread for their bullshit.

>> No.13487547

jewfaggot says 12 people got scammed, vshojos says it was 2 and they are accounted for, so if you don't trust them, go ask the jewfaggot if you oshi got kidnapped by nigerian organ traffickers

>> No.13487578

>Nyanners dox
>all her info is public and easily googleable and shes done face cam streams.

>> No.13487641

Nux is a nigger
Nyanners is a hypocrite retard
Anyone that watches Vshojo is a faggot
Simple As

>> No.13487653

Incorrect Vshojo says that the other 10 are "totally not related trust me bro"

>> No.13487655

>or at least stay in their containment thread
The ones making these threads are anti niggers

>> No.13487691

Not talking about these threads, random drama explosions always have multiple threads for a few days.

>> No.13487697

>Defending Nux
I don't even need to pay attention, all I know anitubers get the rope even if I have to side with Vshojo.

>> No.13487698

What about Kson Vshoujo collab and minecraft server?
How old is the fallout exactly? When did the 2views start to MIA due to doxx?

>> No.13487724

>always have multiple threads for a few days
Made by anti niggers

>> No.13487753

only a couple months but longer than vshojo is claiming.

>> No.13487891

I don't watch Kson but i'm pretty sure that stream was scheduled before all the retard drama blew up

>> No.13487950

>before all the retard drama blew up
Which one? There is some new retarded drama every week

>> No.13488269

Yeah but that's data harvesting. When did 2views actually realize they're being doxxed? Is there a universal timeline or it's different for each case?

>> No.13488270

>cybersecurity experts
pfffttt, that sounds funny
just bring reine pmc at this point

>> No.13488448

is that paintball? wtf are they doing?

>> No.13488473

I don't keep track of which nigger I just come to shitpost in these threads while everyone else jerks off their dick to the drama. Not like /vt/ has anything better to do than be dramafags and jump on whatever trainwreck they can find.

>> No.13488952


>> No.13489034

>muzzle flash
But why the fuck does he reload after every round?
>pfffttt, that sounds funny
Anon it doesn't take much, if you work with OWASP and automatic web security scanners for couple years, you can consider yourself one.

>> No.13489043

>First VShojo helped that fat bald fag groom and rape indies
>Now they helped some underage Sea monkies dox a bunch of indies
I think something is up guys

>> No.13489076

you cant rape someone in VR

>> No.13489077

Was it really rape if they did it for clout?

>> No.13489106

Bow down to pink cat or your oshi will be the next one on Mr 17.8% list

>> No.13489110

Thinning out potential competition?

>> No.13489159

>Arcadum raped girls over discord
If they think thats rape they deserve it

>> No.13489175

t. vshojo employee

>> No.13489283

fuck me I could've gotten paid for shitposting on 4chan all this time
where did I go wrong

>> No.13489308
File: 17 KB, 433x407, 1636669464859.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Clearly not if they got butthurt over her 'turning her back on them'. Think you know someone...

>> No.13489332

Why do I get the impression she's the type of person who holds grudges against people who she dislikes even a little

>> No.13489360

Because she's a woman. This is their natural state when their fathers don't paddle their canoes when they do snake shit like that.

>> No.13489512

Everyone hates Nux. You're the one out of the loop if you're not part of that

>> No.13489614

Connor is not an anituber and Nux used to be one

>> No.13489876

>Connor is not an anituber
Yea, she just hates on Hololive/Cover over and over again for seemingly no reason

>> No.13489925
File: 292 KB, 430x375, heart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not really. Nux is a painfully unfunny spastic and I'm glad he's getting hate. Everyone here supporting his clout chasing is just doing it to be edgy. That's literally all there is to it. No one *actually* believes he didn't fuck up, lmao. To get enjoyment out of this board, you have to ignore the bait.

>> No.13490053

>try to bait my friend into watching the Logan Paul suicide forest video
Oh fuck it was Melody wasn't it

>> No.13490209

Honestly I don't blame her. Dealing with half of you people on more than one occasion irl would drive me insane. Everyone's gonna feel entitled to her love bc she's an internet anime girl. Kinda wish for her family's sake she never dwelled on 4chan or even mentioned it. Any vtuber who does shoots themselves in the foot

>> No.13490287


>> No.13490398

>we have two different claimed numbers of victims outta this
Note how carefully they phrase this:
>The methods used to attack the other VTubers were confirmed to be unrelated to phishing and impersonating VShojo.
>other VTubers
So there are more than just 2
>were confirmed
By whom? How would they even know? Victims are not legally required to tell them what happened.

>> No.13490415

He isn’t a hateful dude either. He just gives shitty takes.

>> No.13490476

Nah it was Snuffy. She still doesn't like him thanks to it

>> No.13490540

Yeah, that's his whole thing. He was never a weeb until recently and is confused by anime tropes and give normie takes on stuff. That's the whole dynamic of the podcast he's on. He seems fine as a person but I can get how people find his shtick annoying.

>> No.13490774

mouse is a horrible judge of character

>> No.13490847

So did nux actually find this guy's info with data from an OF employee or is he making everything up?

>> No.13490872

she ditched nux over this shit lol

>> No.13490937

phishing with fucking nfts. but it was even worse than you think. imagine that weirdo fucker somehow succeeding in social engineering such dumbasses into giving them personal info via an nft scam.

>> No.13490965

That’s pretty true, even though he is familiar with common anime tropes because his two best friends are massive otaku, but he is just a massive jojofag

>> No.13490991

what the fuck does this even mean? why was she ever friendly with him in the first place?

>> No.13491076

Melody dragged her into his sex dungeon but then chad Connor grabbed his property out of that faggot’s grasp and lived happily ever after with his waifu

>> No.13491093

>itt they should just release a statement every time some vtuber in their group gets doxxed
not even holo does that shit

>> No.13491099

Bubble girl lonely, more news at 11

>> No.13491136

She unfollowed him on all social media

>> No.13491137

better ITT
>ITT: The same board that hated Nyanners' every time she drew a breath or said a word, suddenly all rally behind her, despite the "long hatred" they had for her

>> No.13491355

/vt/ BTFO as usual

>> No.13491511


>> No.13492183


>> No.13492253

God i hate that little faggot Cux so much and i don't even watch VShojews

>> No.13492460
File: 269 KB, 1024x1024, 1626058435239.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What a chad. If this make Vshojo burn itself down, I'm siding with the Nux.

>> No.13492930

>For a board that marketed itself as VShojo's largest fanbase


>> No.13493115

i never sub to jews

>> No.13493201

VShojo was a mistake

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