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Pomu is a short girl who is often mistaken for a middleschooler and was almost raped in japan

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Based japs

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hadrcore alan sex with pomu

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Every mentally ill woman was almost raped, in her own life narrative.

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Unhinged Pomu anti threads only make her more relatable

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wow shes just like me

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Pomu has a fat ass

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>alan sex
what the fuck did anon mean by this?

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Just like me!

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You've never been NTR'd by alan?

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I thought she looked like that lady from Poltergeist that says "Carol Anne, dont go into the light!"

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> Was almost raped in Japan
Just like any other girl who has ever been to Japan. Ask Kiara about it.

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Poor Pomu. She's cursed.

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Rapists really have the easiest time in Japan. The police don't do shit.

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Ririmu is 138cm and weighs in at 32kg

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i really like to rape. should i go to japan?

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what does NTR stand for?

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You only get a free rape pass if you're japanese.

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sounds racist

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Well she did say she needed a mana transfer.

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When did she say the second part?

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>almost raped
japs need to step up their game

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hololive reject?

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I love how Japan is simultaneously a police state where everyone gets arrested and incarcerated for the smallest crimes, and an unpoliced rapist haven in the eternally seething mind of an american brained politics cultist

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Don't use Suisei for your shitposts

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You sound like an AI that learned how to speak solely through buzzwords.

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You sound like somebody who got accurately called out

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This x1,000,000
"Almost raped" means "I need sympathy and a guy I didn't find attractive looked at me once"

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New Toyota (4)Runner
Alans a big fan of overlanding, and he'll take your oshi out with him if you aren't careful

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I'm not even American, anon. Stop embarassing yourself.

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With the passage of the government's new bill, all cars have to have built in alcohol detectors. With used cars exponentially increasing in price, it is projected that NTR owners will double, possibly quadruple the worth of their car as people seek to buy old used cars that lack alcohol detectors.

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That makes it worse. Stop letting Americans brainwash you with their retarded feminist bullshit

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I've seen this post before.

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Jesus Christ, what the fuck

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The buzzwords return, you begin projecting, and you're afraid of burger boogeymen? This keeps getting better and better.

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And the Japanese ignored her cries for help because she is gaijin

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I see Pomu everywhere here and she is not even that big on youtube subs compared to others, what gives?

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god damn that's so fucking hot

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Sounds like a good onahole

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Classic voodoo manipulation, nothing to worry about.

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By me

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>Pomu is a short girl who is often mistaken for a middleschooler

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Mr. Takeshi why did you try to rape Pomu?

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You put into the universe what you want for your oshi, anon

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>almost raped
No such thing. That's bullshit women make up on social media to get attention.

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>Pomu is a girl

Let me stop you there

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beta males are girls too

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This is getting hot

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Those aren't mutually exclusive.

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shes too girlbrained to be a tranny

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The fuck is up with so many people having rape experiences in Japan?

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A Don’t rock the boat culture and a Japanese superiority world view make it okay for actual schizos to act up in public with minimal punishment. Especially if they target non Japanese women.

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There's a lot of truth to this, although fear of being silently yet clearly ostracized acts as a bit of a deterrent.

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Suishit gets mogged by some gay bird

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It's not a higher rate at all, the willingness of women in Japan to walk outside their house at night should dictate some common sense in people that claims of "Japan's rape rates are through the roof!" are just false. My guess is it's tribalistic people who hate that weebs worship a society that demonstrates how safe a homogeneous society can be. Either way unless you compare Japan to Iceland or one of the Scandinavian countries, Japan is probably safe than anywhere else

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Some sort of hasbarat, likely from the Chinese since their tendency to hit and run or simply run over children got around.

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I feel like it's the same shit as everywhere else but people go around being more careless than usual when they go around asia until someone tells them they're being fucking retarded or suffer from an incident. Then they complain about the security. Just an >opinion though.

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>Hololive Reject Prime
Anon come on now.

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Pomu is literally an IRL loli baba. Holobronies can't compete with this.

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Pomu is ugly. She wishes that she was sexually harassed. Rosemi has been almost raped multiple times because she's such a hot piece of ass.

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Uooooooh. Pomu, please, I need a big sneed

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Okay Rose schizo.

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>hot piece of ass
yeah this is a shitpost

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i-it's the drawing's fault

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>was almost raped in japan
she probably deserved it to be franklin

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Imagine wanting to fuck Rosemi, a literal stick. At least Pomu has a fat ass.

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Sometime I wish hololiveEN takes Pomu, Elira and all of their friend so nijiEN can have a mixed gender wave of male and female and doesn't end up in such a boring state

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She has the most vocal schizo fans /here/

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People in Asia, except Japan, are learning languages to escape to the West.
Most of the Asians you see in real life are chinks, Southeast Asians and Koreans.
You almost never see Japanese.

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Is she actually tiny?
I can only remember one of her stories where some guy said she looked like a princess.

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Yeah, she seems to be short. She's talked on stream before how she has to use a stool at her computer desk because her legs can't reach the floor, and has to pull her car's seat all the way up so she can reach the pedals.

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She's probably 140-150cm

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IRL loli babas are gross.

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She said 4’10 on stream. So 147/148

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I don't know who to believe

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