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Was it really worth getting pushed out of hololive just so you could work with the yab club, kson?

At least it's not pink cat or the other hypocrite whore veibae.

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On chaturbate no less...

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Coco said she left cause of creative differences which is what bands say when they don't get along the freedom part is just a /vt/ meme made for shitposting like (you)
Essentially you are getting mad over words you put in her mouth

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never watched melody in my life why does her 2d look so plain couldnt she get one thats better?

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>another Holobrony cope and seethe thread

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They are playing eroge, so chaturbate is only option

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All vshitshow models are trash.

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What the FUCK is wrong with Chaturbate, prude?

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there's also plexstorm

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2 camwhores collabing lets go

Are they gonna be sticking their holes with this collab?

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Nonononono you can't criticize her you're CHINESE

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>Was it really worth getting pushed out of hololive just so you could work with the yab club, kson?
She chose this rather than staying in the company. That tells a lot.

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And yet their rigging is ten times better than Holoshit's kek

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she didn't leave because of creative differences, that was a cope. She left cause she wanted the zhangs to fuck off from Hololive but they're still there, so in the end she became a whore while zhangs still attack girls like FBK and Aqua. This has been the biggest failure in history

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They care about FBK and Aqua betraying them far more than Coco acknowledging Taiwan

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She knew that she could carry over most of her fans from Hololive, and wouldn't have to give Yagoo his cut. She didn't care about "creative freedom." She pretty much did what she wanted within Hololive.

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Any vtubers on there though?

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Touch grass, freak

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>she became a whore
Rumao rumao

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Not even. On Melody's schedule, it's reviewing nsfw fan art. And this somehow is worse then Hololive letting Korone almost fucking kill herself.

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Nice cope. FBK and Aqua are worse off than they've ever been and it's not because muh Chinks.

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>If you don't like Vshojo's way of doing things you're chinese
Nice try faggot
Not gonna slide

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So will this collab be something I can have a wank over or not?

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They're in every right to attack FBK and Aqua. Bitches dug their own graves by either collabing with males or ragequitting Apex like a bitch.

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The site is down right now , so I don't know.

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Did you think I said Wumao? Lurk more.

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>Was it really worth getting pushed out of hololive just so you could work with the yab club, kson?
Yes? Hololive is fucking awful for outside collabs. It's why I got tired of HoloEN; them just collabing with each other over and over again got boring as hell. Compare that to Selen, who meets new people every other week in her APEX streams.

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You can jerk it to anything if you believe in yourself, anon.

But probably not.

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>doesn't cover for Luna's surgeries
>let's Korone over work herself to the point of almost dying
>let Nene fucking collapse

Meanwhile Vshojo
>can stream and take breaks when ever

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Kson makes $140K-150K per month, doing what she wants, when she wants. Without anyone to sell her out to the Chinese Communist Party, or to tell her she can't play eroge or give people the finger. People like you.

Creative freedom is Kson being Kson. She didn't have that before. She's having fun, getting rich, and won't be stopped.

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Based Selenchad as always.

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>timelooping right after a thread with +400 posts dies

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Holobronies are too cucked to figure this out. Don't expect any reasoning from them. The fact that they defend their black shithole company is mind-boggling. Almost as if 2 nukes wasn't enough for the nip subhumans to be put into sense.

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>Last thread fell off the board
>Nooooo we need another, and repeat the same posts.

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it's gonna be kino

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Welcome to /vt/?

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Still a ho though

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Mald, brony. You and your ilk deserve this.

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posts on 4chan

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>>let's Korone over work herself to the point of almost dying
>>let Nene fucking collapse
And yet you people are the ones always telling concernfags that they're "worried over nothing", and acting like streaming for 12+ hours regularly won't ever lead to any health issues. This shit is YOUR fault.

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Cope brony. You need to be bullied routinely until you fags get GR15'd

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go back, faggot

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Holodrones can't be critical of Cover, cause they hold hostage their oshis. That is the logic of holobronnie mind.

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>getting rich
this is what angers the incels the most. next to the fact that they are incels.

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>touch grass
/qa/ thread, I see

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Yes? Everyone uses 4chan now. Get with the times, freak. Still won't stop me from calling out your incel tendencies.

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>actually seething
holobronies are so pathetic

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You replied to the wrong person, Selenchad. I also want Holobronies eradicated from this board.

>> No.12821064

Thanks for the heads up, I bet it's gonna be a blast.

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Holodrones are in defense mode, a former member reached 1mil, is going places, networking, doing something that is not achievable in hololive. It shows their oshis that there's possibility of stress free career outside hololive, and they fear that.

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Yeah plexstorm servers would literally explode if you tried to fit Mel and Kson's audience in there
There would be deaths

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kinda based ngl

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Blood and semen will spill...

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Hololive has grown increasingly bad for in-house interaction as well. Mori's last Minecraft endurance stream she actually stopped what she was doing to tell chat not to mention other streamers - because somebody mentioned Kronii's bunker. In Minecraft. There's no way that shit came from her - that's 100% some middle management dick-waving nonsense.

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Go back

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Or they have strict quotas and she's jelly for her collagues doing good.

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Don’t care, I’m an idol purist but out of hololive let her do whatever she wants

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Touch grass first.

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Amazing how both posts mention absolutely nothing about JP and only EN as if Coco was an EN

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>idol purist
Codeword for incel with unbridled rage. You know damn well you didn't care about Kson when she was in the corporate world you dishonest freak

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We don't even know where to fucking begin with JP because there's just a mountain of yab. Also see>>12820830

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I've been watching Fubuki daily since 2018, as far as her channel success is concerned she's doing better than she ever has. The only negative right now to her channel is the same thing that has been impacting all of Hololive for over a year; CN spam bots. I have no idea what you could be referring to in her case.
I don't watch the maid though.

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Touch some real pussy not only trannies

>> No.12821413

I’m tired of Holobronies spamming threads, this is a nothing burger.
Can we get a Holobrony containment board?

>> No.12821433

Post proof pls

>> No.12821435

>doesn't interact with her fans
There you have it.

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Yeah you are right, I cared about Coco not about Kson, I don’t care what the vwhores want to do or are doing neither what Kson does in her free time but inside of hololive have some restrictions out in yourself

>> No.12821477 [DELETED] 

Global Rule for Holobronies when? /hl/ is necessary at this point. Fuck the tranny who ordered /qa/'s deletion btw I have a legitimate suggestion for the website.

>> No.12821486

/vt/ was the holobronie containment board

>> No.12821507

Who are you even trying to bait at this point

>> No.12821510

Kson WAS Coco. What does your Holobrony skull not get?

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> Yeah you are right, I cared about Coco not about Kson, I don’t care what the vwhores want to do or are doing neither what Kson does in her free time but inside of hololive have some restrictions out in yourself

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Explain how it's cover's fault the retarded dog almost worked herself to death. People said back then that she was going to destroy her health and they just called them concernfags. She didn't listen.

>> No.12821546

kson will show vagina???

>> No.12821548

Kson is just an adult women that streams for money and fun
Coco is the same women acting under hololive restrictions, those restrictions are what make those lewd moments good, if you are lewd 24/7 it’s not the same as being lewd a couple times per stream

>> No.12821555

And now it needs another one. Funny how they've not only shit up /jp/ but also /vt/, where on DAY 1 they complained about AO threads for no fucking reason.

>> No.12821565

I don't know what does that have to do with the statement
>Hololive is fucking awful for outside collabs
>Hololive has grown increasingly bad for in-house interaction as well.

>> No.12821588 [DELETED] 

And fuck your shitty cope. No one asked.

>> No.12821608 [DELETED] 

Lmao the only one coping is you, go back

>> No.12821632

Who fucking cares

>> No.12821657

>if you are lewd 24/7 it’s not the same as being lewd a couple times per stream
This is funny because she’s much less lewd now than when she was Coco but i guess I can’t expect people discussing a streamer to actually watch the people they’re talking about, it’s /vt/ after all.

>> No.12821670

She doesn't need to. She will masturbate and cum while Mel sweet talks her all while on her avatar. I suggest looking at Mel's recent chaturbate streams to see what it's like to hear a vtuber cum while her 2D figure twitches.

>> No.12821674

I want to see kson's ass again.

>> No.12821683

Korone almost fucking died, you screeching autist.

>> No.12821692 [DELETED] 

No one asked Holobrony
You don't belong here, Holobrony. Why don't you look in the mirror. This is a Virtual YouTuber board. Now get that through your thick weeaboo skull.

>> No.12821694 [DELETED] 

One of them literally sticks stuff in her vagina for some reason on stream

For money i guess, hello? You probably have the same level of intelligence as chris chan

>> No.12821708

Apparently you since I said to let her do whatever the fuck she wants and you started to complain

>> No.12821711

It was a great ass.

>> No.12821714

>>doesn't interact with her fans
>There you have it.
This is in reference to Aqua right? Because if you're making this claim for Fubuki you're fucking retarded.

>> No.12821725 [DELETED] 

>One of them literally sticks stuff in her vagina for some reason on stream
Who the fuck cares? This is why you need to touch grass, freak.

>> No.12821734

Let me guess, you only watched her last months

>> No.12821752

Yes. They both don't. Kson and all of VShojo do.

>> No.12821766

According to whom? Otakmori? Lmao
Imagine blindly trusting a random SEAnig translator over the person who made the statement herself

>> No.12821794

OtakMori knows more Japanese than (You), EOPfag

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Based listener-san, I kneel.

>> No.12821807

Shut up fag

>> No.12821817

Fucking Korone said so herself, you actual chimp.

>> No.12821826 [DELETED] 

I dont care and nobody does you massive autist

Still shes disgusting lol, no doubt in that, shes a subhuman, thats about it

No one literally cares, just pointing the obvious, which is why youre mad i guess? maybe you should touch grass

>> No.12821830

>using a Reddit link
Holobronies everyone.

>> No.12821850

Point me to the exact moment where Korone said she ALMOST DIED BECAUSE OF STREAMING
This is your claim, not mine.
Go ahead and post that otakmori clip so that I can laugh at your dumb ass even more

>> No.12821857

>seething at based OtakMori
Holobronies, this is your mindset. Now go back. Remember to screencap this as proof in future threads.

>> No.12821873

>Hololive is fucking awful for outside collabs.

Yup things changed. What happened?

>> No.12821892 [DELETED] 

Keep crying Trannie, your beard will keep your face dry

>> No.12821893 [DELETED] 

>Still shes disgusting lol, no doubt in that, shes a subhuman, thats about it
Obviously you do care, freak. Now touch grass already.

>> No.12821896

I came to that ass.

>> No.12821904

None of them have ever been lewd unless you think her shaving streams were meant to be lewd? All the things she did as Coco were for comedic purposes, completely different to say Marine who has hundreds of zatsudan hours talking about BL.
Kson is even less lewd, she doesn’t even talk about the eroi manga she likes anymore when she used to touch the subject at least once every 3 months or so as Coco.

>> No.12821927

Ah yes, how silly of me. Automatic Nerves Problems is only a thing made up by those schizzo translation trannies!

>> No.12821931

>hating OtakMori
>he posts a Reddit link to discredit him
Go back, Holobrony.

>> No.12821932

Hows it like that reddit has more merit than you

>> No.12821937

I am 100% convinced it's paid shills who make the creative freedom threads. The real question is why aren't any of the other people here who respond to this shit?

>> No.12821951

Yeah but she showed feet.

>> No.12821955

lol you're seething because OtakMori did a great job with that clip in perfect Japanese to English. YWNBJ btw :^)

>> No.12821982

>defending Reddit
Go back
>muh shills r making these threads discussing a legitimate problem with VTubers as Holobronies wonder why their best talent left them
Meds in the highest order

>> No.12821986

Nijisanji benefits greatly from hololive being shit on.Why wouldnt they? Shill threads are free to make and at worst they can bribe the mods to moderate the threads

>> No.12821997

I’m going to explain the difference a single fucking time
On one hand you have the moments when hololive is lewd, for example the recent event with Aki, Mel, and Choco in the hololive channel where they literally compete to see who makes the leaders noises
On the other hand you have vwhores talking about penis vagina birth control pee pee poo poo
The difference?
Fucking recognizing that is too much, keeping it as something outside of normal and trying to hold themselves
Something that the Vwhores don’t do and that is fine because they are fucking part of hololive as long as they stay mutually away

>> No.12822005

People actually get turned on by feet?

>> No.12822007


>> No.12822019

We get it, you white knight for Hololive.

>> No.12822038

plexstorm died dude
yes, several. 5 off the top of my head, 2 of which are from aco/trash/wherever the melverse porn threads migrated to

>> No.12822065

Gura does

>> No.12822092

Keep coping chumkeks, gura was never into feet.

>> No.12822094

Meanwhile Matsuri uses her hololive twitter account to like fanart where she gets raped and pee’d on.

>> No.12822152

>Meanwhile Matsuri uses her hololive twitter account to like fanart where she gets raped and pee’d on.
Based, what about the other 75 talents?

>> No.12822185

>that one doesn't count
>but that other one, now that is YABAI

>> No.12822198
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>the feet queen was never into feet

>> No.12822237

>kson thread has people defending otakmori, who also made terrible clips about coco's worst moments
Reminder that tatsunoko never existed in this board

>> No.12822316

>Meanwhile Matsuri uses her hololive twitter account to like fanart where she gets raped and pee’d on.
she isn't fake like the rest of hololive

>> No.12822338

Anon, you have to stop pretending every post you don’t like was made by a tastunoko, it makes you look retarded.

>> No.12822349

You have literally never watched a Fubuki stream and it shows.

>> No.12822393

They do, but for the most part they stick to coco-kson thread, strict discipline to ignore bait made this thread. Schizo can't get you from there so he strokes his cock here.

>> No.12822433

Anon I wasn't being ironic, there are no actual tatsunokos in here

>> No.12822444

This. I like Mr Koro too but she always ignored people who told her she streamed too much. It's nobodies fault but her own

>> No.12822452

Like >>12820829 said, you can fap to pretty much anything if you put your mind and your dick to it.

>> No.12822485

>A slut is doing slut things
This is news how? Why do you faggots make so many thread about her

>> No.12822511

Whats so bad about those twitch vtubers? Im not watching them 24/7 so I can't tell.

>> No.12822524

Damn, defending the most retarded clipfag channel out there, tribalfaggotry knows no bounds.

>> No.12822525

I’m sure there’s at least 1?

>> No.12822545
File: 123 KB, 1024x731, grimace.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That bitch worked with Vhookers too. The bride of Grimace can go fuck herself.

>> No.12822573

Nothing, they're just different tonally to VTubers run by big corps like Holo and Niji.

>> No.12822665

I mean those mentioned in OP specifically. About hypocrisy stuff

>> No.12822684

It's literally one of the things we knew she wanted to do.

So yes.

>> No.12822724

sorry, i think there's been a misunderstanding. this is the hololive board, and everyone else is a guest that we graciously allow in.

>> No.12822748
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I don't watch kson or vshojo but I think she's fucking based for collabing with whoever she wants to and it's great that she's free from Hololive's shitty shackles and able to make the content she desires, especially if it makes /vt/ seethe.

>> No.12822756

>hypocrite whore
Is being a "hypocrite" the worst you can come up with?
The way people accuse the pink cat of hypocrisy is a classic misuse of the term - it's as dumb as accusing someone in AA who refuses to drink with you of being a hypocrite because he used to drink all the time.
Not to mention hypocrisy isn't as bad thing people are making it to be. I'd prefer a hypocrite over many other things people do on daily basis and get scot free. People act towards something like jaywalking as if it was a murder case.

>> No.12822766

Vei talked about her vagina once and made a joke about it, got clipped and made holobronies obsessed with her.

Same as if someone clipped when Marine talking about men getting fingered in their dick holes and everyone acted as if that’s the only thing she talks about.

Basically you should ignore every post written by a holobrony, they’re retarded.

>> No.12822771

when does the stream start?

>> No.12822782

Tomorrow 7PM EST

>> No.12822804

All I know is Nyanners got popular for doing a loli song then banned loli stuff from her discord and Tumblr before she returned as a Vtuber or something. No idea what Vei did.

>> No.12822887


They're women who use the fact that they're women to sell themselves to desperate viewers and just constantly talk about sex related topics.
Most vtubers do this to a degree and it works but in the case of Shojo it's all they have.
Imagine if every day Gura released a short video of her going 'a." and that was all she ever did since debut. That's the depth of shojo creativity.

>> No.12822945

>A slut is doing slut things
playing an eroge game like:

>> No.12822994

Just fucking stop shitposting.
She didnt quit because of muh creatividad
She quit cause of chinks spamming her and her friends.

>> No.12823045

Not even good eroge even. I don't expect them to play Rance or Taimanin or any Eushully titles but only the FoTM or Western copycats like Huniepop or that Subverse game.

>> No.12823060
File: 53 KB, 1280x720, 1527369522707.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That doesn't mean they're bad, it just means they don't appeal to your tastes. You could make the same argument for any one-note vtuber, including many in Hololive and Nijisanji. Being focused on a single type of content isn't bad if it still gets audiences coming to see it.

>> No.12823300

By the time she decided to leave her channel was already unspammable. She left because with all the restrictions and whatnot she was simply starting to not find it fun anymore. She does actually have some sort of mystery projects going on that she believes she couldn't have done in Holo but that's beside the point, really.

>> No.12823566

This board is about vtubers not porn actresses like Kson

>> No.12823775

If only she can actually get in a Yakuza game...

>> No.12823776

They are actually gonna play MnF games

>> No.12823778

lots of people don't even know that the reason she left was primarily because she was a numberfag. She said that she left before she started to hate her peers, which was likely due to the fact that her stalled growth made her get more upset especially seeing other people starting to grow past her. At least now outside of hololive she doesn't have to compare herself to other holos anymore so she won't feel that way.

>> No.12823794

Based. Those are great for meme potential

>> No.12823849

>Is being a "hypocrite" the worst you can come up with?
When you’re a teenager, or an adult with very stunted development, being a “hypocrite” is about the worst thing you can be. Once you actually have a job, you stop sperging out over every tiny hypocrisy you see because that would, in fact, be hypocritical of you.

>> No.12823887

Then report it and move on. I wish you the best

>> No.12823923

if she actually did start doing JAV, she could've.

>> No.12823934

She started becoming a numberfag/envious because of getting chink'd and banishment room'd by management. Before that she was never a numberfag and even advised against it. Ask Watame.

>> No.12823942

Otakmori is pure trash, but it was a good translation this time. Seethe more faggot.

>> No.12824099

The numbers part you just made up yourself though. It was a more general issue of her not being able to utilize her niche anymore when early on she used to sing Hololive's praises for how it allowed all sorts of unique idols to do things their way.

>> No.12824149

She was never a numberfag, she has literally never gave a shit about numbers, the clip you’re talking about is about all her projects being shut down while other holos didn’t.
I repeat, she literally never cared about numbers, that’s why she reached 1 million subs as Coco without playing a single Nintendo game and barely playing Minecraft.
The only holo who played more debuff games than her is Korone.

>> No.12824361

tremendous cope
the worst Vshojo model is better than the best Holo one

>> No.12824389

Rance and Taimanin are both overrated

>> No.12824452

>as it really worth getting pushed out of hololive
she is literally in every daily "top 10 most SCed" list But now there is NP Covers cut.

>> No.12824581

She was a numberfag though, not a big one like that shitpost implies but a numberfag nonetheless like a lot of holos, she would just rather pander to reddit than touch a nintendo console

>> No.12824608
File: 97 KB, 327x435, 1605903479743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Once you actually have a job, you stop sperging out over every tiny hypocrisy you see because that would, in fact, be hypocritical of you.
Why would getting a job change your moral convictions? And why is it hypocritical to hate hypocrisy? I agree that you eventually learn to ignore hypocrisy because much of it is beyond your control, but that doesn't mean that you're okay with it.

Hypocrisy is about people acting illogically; therefore, only perfectly logical people would hate hypocrisy. It's a sign of intelligence, because it means you value facts, and don't just accept everything people tell you to do.

>> No.12824653

This is the most fedora tipping post I've seen on 4chan in years

>> No.12824663
File: 132 KB, 920x656, 1*mMvfij8E5yYkZ01T6KoILQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12824703

Dragon cucks literally can't defend this, "muh creative freedom" was just her wanting to collab with men and go on Chaturbate with an ethot.

>> No.12824748

>t. seething chaturbate roastie
Still mad people like Melody more than you huh?

>> No.12824918

Actually it wasn't her decision but old men from management made her do so. Turn out it's a lose-lose situation. The agency lost a big name, and she lost her job and friends. Chinks actually rejoice because of it. It's so fucked up.

>> No.12824919


She’s literally always been like this. Why are people surprised? I see a woman making bank playing video games, she’s winning.

>> No.12824942

>When you’re a teenager, or an adult with very stunted development, being a “hypocrite” is about the worst thing you can be

Pretty much, its like ruining your own image in front of the world, you are

>> No.12824947

everything you mentioned was shit.

>> No.12824990

So will Kson wear the vibrator that reacts to tips? if so her fans are really going to make it a show

>> No.12825031

I never liked Kson or Kiryu Coco, but stating my opinion will just make anon label me as Zhang.
She's normie-tier and her content is fucking boring, she's beautiful and that's why people follow her.

>> No.12825053

which is good
hoes, sluts and whores are inherently based, only virgins think otherwise

>> No.12825070

not gonna lie she's quite ugly

>> No.12825087

>She is now in the advertisement of popular Chinese app game; KNIVES OUT.

KEK wonder how that worked out

>> No.12825094

> Beautiful
Anon, look at pictures of her without makeup and come at me again. She’s not pretty, she’s smart. She knows exactly what simps want, and she provides it.

>> No.12825146

You are just jealous.
Yes she's a 10 in South East Asia everyone will fuck her if given the chance. But her stream are shit tier, people are simping because of her looks. She's not smart anon, her content is low IQ.

>> No.12825163

>You are just jealous

Shes really ugly man, idk what are your standards

>> No.12825167

I still think she decent looking even without makeup.

>> No.12825176

>if you are lewd 24/7 it’s not the same as being lewd a couple times per stream
that's the shittiest mental gymnastics ever

>> No.12825197

The only thing that makes her face not generic ugly chink student is makeup

Thats literally about if, if you think shes attractive you probably consider every girl you encounter to be hightly decent looking

>> No.12825209 [DELETED] 

Search "Pinay youtuber" on youtuber, that's what I call ugly.

>> No.12825258

You hate chinese, deal with it, every chinese looking face is ugly to you. Her look is fuckable, and man think with their dick. Maybe you are a femanon. Anything that lets you fap and not vomit is attractive in my brain.

>> No.12825332

>Anything that lets you fap and not vomit is attractive in my brain.
Thats because youre a subhuman

Im not saying i wouldnt fuck an ugly bitch, im just saying that kson is literally not attractive + shes disgusting

>> No.12825353

I cant blame her for doing that tho
All these crazy kronii fans keep spamming the fking lame ass bunker in chat almost every en server mc stream..its getting old and annoying at this point

>> No.12825362

If she is ugly for your "standards" I dont even want to know what passes for beautiful. Do they pass the elevator weight cap at least?

>> No.12825436

She is attractive, you are the subhuman who think with your racist brain and not your dick.

>> No.12825521

nothing really, it's just weaboos being mad as always
I was told they were the worst thing ever but when I actually watched them there was nothing offending about them, I even enjoyed some of them

>> No.12825530

man this is gonna be a lot of fun :D

>> No.12825548

As the other anon said, sex stuff isn't bad (unless you're a raging incel of course.) Plus, I can tell you're just a clipfag if you unironically think all they ever talk about is sex.

>> No.12825578

shut the fuck up puritytard, she isn't even disgusting in any way, what do you even mean?

>> No.12825584

>LITERALLY collabing on Chaturbate

You cannot make this shit up. I always called her gachikois tatsunocucks as a joke, but this is life imitating art at its finest.

>> No.12825625

Her solo content is quite boring as really excel in collab with others as you can you see from the Hololive days...
Her recent new model also didnt helped much to gain viewers as the hype gone down very quickly after few streams...

>> No.12825684

Vei openly shat on Cover on stream, plus talked about raunchy stuff which got clipped and consumed by angry, Holobrony clipfags.

>> No.12825771
File: 237 KB, 1024x756, 1547704408467.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The difference between Nijisanji and Hololive is that Hololive are pretty much forced to stay family friendly and not go into yabe territory. Whereas with Nijisanji, they don't have to act like family friendly idols to please virgins. (Which would explain why they're less popular and less views) They can actually just be themselves without worrying or caring about idolfags. That's why Nijisanji EN is more co-operative with Vshojo than with Hololive. This is likely why Kiara's collab with Pomu was cancelled. Because hypothetically if Finana or Pomu were to collab with Hololive EN, they'd be forced to not act like themselves.

>> No.12825786

a majority of corporate chubbas have a chat rule saying to not bring up others unless the chubba is talking about them.
its not a matter of jealousy or what ever rrat you wanna try to apply, its genuinely rude to bring up someone unrelated to the topic at hand.
its like going to a chief and talking about what other chiefs are doing for no reason.

>> No.12825864

don't lose your head. she's just going to play an eroge on melody's channel. you know twitch doesn't like that shit.

>> No.12825870

clipfag is a title reserved for people not watching actual chuubas not Vshoujos

>> No.12825901

Rome was not built in one day

>> No.12825948

There's a difference between not mentioning unrelated vtubers and your fucking coworkers/friends. Mentioning hololive members wasn't an issue few months back, something changed, probably schizophrenia of management worsened.

>> No.12826003

Anon, I hate to tell you this, but only like 5 roasties were mad at Melody on her debut, the vast majority of other camgirls either didn't care or supported her.
"Mel making the camwhores seethe" was always an incel fantasy that was never real.

>> No.12826045

>Anything that lets you fap and not vomit is attractive in my brain.

>> No.12826050

Cope incels and zhangs

>> No.12826051

I hate her new model. The badass delinquent look is so unbefitting of her. All I can remember is that story about the drunk old woman grabbing one of her tits and then talking about how she got her hair done that day. This was enough to scare her apparently along with Kanata struggling with the thought of calling the police on some lonely grandma. Real delinquent hours there.

>> No.12826084

>she isnt fake
>the girl that has a boyfriend
>tell her fans she has an intruder in her house just to not mention its his boyfriend
>not fake
holy cope

>> No.12826117

I like both Hololive and Vshojo! Niji is cool! They're all sweet and people who try to make it into a competition are literally fucking themselves over from their sheer desire to have everything be drama. Enjoy things, have fun, be happy. if you want to wallow in drama, go out and live your life instead of posting weird shit on 4channel.org!!!

>> No.12826139

yeah, sure thing Holobrony
don't you have some Cover dicks to suck?

>> No.12826202

Fucking centrist cuck pick a side

>> No.12826211
File: 14 KB, 354x718, images.jpeg-5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Chaturbate collab
Moshi moshi, based department?
Graduating from Hololive was worth it

>> No.12826268
File: 396 KB, 1080x1080, Melody_Portrait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God I love Melody

>> No.12826288

to be fair anon hololive use to be able to do yabes no problem because they were a second rate nijisanji before 2020, it wasnt until the eops started flooding in that they had to tone down the yabes and be family friendly.
most eops got into hololive at first because they were the cool idols who didnt conform to the idol image eops had.
but the idol shit didnt matter that much until a lot purist started paying attention to them because they became the big idol related thing of 2020.
its still falls under off topic anon, also i dont think management gives a damn about what chats doing unless its the interactions with the chubba as they could easily time people out if they dont like the comments.
mori saying for chat to shut up about other chubbas was her managing her own chat by directly telling them to stop.

>> No.12826335

I'm going to watch it with my DICK

>> No.12826384

a victory for fun-havers
a defeat for /vt/ and china

>> No.12826542
File: 53 KB, 500x500, 1628611043047.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>women entertain your dick and make you cum
>get angry about it
This board is stupid.

>> No.12826697

How dare she make me cum my own semen! Unforgivable!

>> No.12826759
File: 1.27 MB, 1280x720, 1612197184555.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12826785


>> No.12826807
File: 670 KB, 600x540, 1634514659713.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no u

>> No.12827155

Did it happen yet?

>> No.12827274

no, it's tomorrow

>> No.12827384

Holomems can take a break whenever they want for however long they want. Haachama decided to fuck off indefinitely to do college and only came back because she felt like it.

It's not the company's fault that (most of) their members don't know how to take care of themselves properly.

Meanwhile, faggots complain when Mumei takes a break because she feels like it or Sana goes on hiatus because her boyfriend died or Gura doesn't stream enough or Ayame not giving a fuck about hololive.

>> No.12827429

Glad this whore is out of Hololive

>> No.12827465 [DELETED] 

Okay Zhangs I fucking kneel. I never thought I'd kneel to you, your commie bugman ways or your potato-nosed fuckwit of a president, but here we are. You were right all along. You win. I am now ashamed of ever defending this Vwhorejo-enabling parasite. Tell me how to mend my ways so I never make the same mistake again.

>> No.12827505

It's not even that interesting. Like, yea, it's tidy and functional but it's not meant to be a landmark. But these fucking kroniiggers act as if it's the pinnacle of architecture.

Even Kronii doesn't think it's a big deal

>> No.12827510
File: 223 KB, 1001x1001, 5bf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She won't be bald when she collabs with Kson, r-right?

>> No.12827566

no, the bald stream is just a charity incentive

>> No.12827606

>Mentioning hololive members wasn't an issue few months back, something changed, probably schizophrenia of management worsened.

It wasn't an issue a few months ago because it was still new a few months ago. The only schizos that got worse is chat

>> No.12827668

Thank you

>> No.12827700

down there

>> No.12828188
File: 2.54 MB, 320x520, 1608445834936.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Big same

>> No.12828306

based God I love Melody poster

>> No.12828469

The question is, i won't be able to catch it live, so where i can watch archive? Where it will be available?
I'm unfamiliar with Chaturbate.

>> No.12828562

She usually uploads the archive to pornhub later. Unless she's banned from pornhub again...

>> No.12828623

It's in the company's interest to take care of their talent. I think they're retarded.

>> No.12828630

She puts up the CB VoDs on OnlyFans (yes they still do porn) and Fansly

>> No.12828744

I mean I love the Holos but Cover sucks a lot of fat dick and VShojo is super horny anyway so it's not even that shocking

>> No.12828791

Will we get to see her new model's nude anime tiddies?
idk guys, it doesn't seem like a bad thing.

>> No.12828865

not anymore, she switched ot OF and Fansly after the Pornhub purge

>> No.12828954

Will there be scissoring?

>> No.12829002
File: 390 KB, 729x500, 1432938281383.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hololive went to shit. They are so fucking safe now they could very well join Nintendo.

>> No.12829107

>This is likely why Kiara's collab with Pomu was cancelled. Because hypothetically if Finana or Pomu were to collab with Hololive EN, they'd be forced to not act like themselves.

Which makes no sense whatsoever because Kiara swears like a sailor constantly and has the least amount of filters from Myth. I can't believe we got tricked into believing EN would start getting lots of cross-company collabs after Ina x Pika or Calli x Ironmouse only to suddenly stop. Fuck idolfaggotry.

>> No.12829202

>if you are lewd 24/7 it’s not the same as being lewd a couple times per stream

Thank you for letting us know you don't even watch Kson and have no fucking clue about what you're talking about.

>> No.12829213

Kson probably not. But Mel's Live2D does have a nude mode. https://twitter.com/OOCMelody/status/1452182397542445061

>> No.12829276

She was already playing a game about cocks while still employed at Cover, newfags.

>> No.12829328

Tits too small
Areolas too small
Nipples too small

>> No.12829385

based and red pilled

>> No.12829444

Go take your pancake nipple fetish to /d/

>> No.12829856

Remember that time one of Kanata's friends stole her money and she went on full panic mode on Twitter while Coco did nothing? And that was after they moved in together.

>> No.12829931

Big nipples are the good stuff. You're missing out brother.

>> No.12829956

I mean don't you think for a second that it was kinda weird that Nyanners was acting kinda... "off" during the collab with Kiara?

>> No.12830155

Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well.

>> No.12830328


>> No.12830377

She was, but she's also not good with first-time collabs. The VOD of her first collab with Silver, Mouse, and Mel is on YT and she started crying after they left the voice call because she was trying so hard to stay confident during it. The Mori/Mouse collab isn't a good barometer either since Mouse didn't sleep for 2 days before the stream because she was so excited. Ollie/Mouse is probably the most natural that a Holo/VShojo collab has ever sounded

>> No.12830793
File: 190 KB, 463x453, 1617494343725.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mori's last Minecraft endurance stream she actually stopped what she was doing to tell chat not to mention other streamers - because somebody mentioned Kronii's bunker
This is such a gross and disingenuous representation of what happened that stream, even dumber to invoke Mori when she literally just had several in-house collabs and outsider collabs the past month
Niijiniggers make it painfully obvious when they're trying to push an agenda

>> No.12830860


>> No.12831035

>Otakmori is pure trash, but it was a good translation this time because allows me to push my narrtive
The absolute fucking state of nijiniggers, just when I think you can't any more pathetic you go and unironically praise otakamori

>> No.12831344

everybody were talking about this collab the whole day, that's just what they wanted, now this shit have been promoted to the entire board and other vt discussion websites

>> No.12831481

its more likely a false flagger or an idiot then a nijifag

>> No.12831597 [DELETED] 


Mel implied tonight they're not going to be playing a game? So i have no idea what they're actually doing

>> No.12832235

This ain’t an Artia thread, retard

>> No.12833105


>> No.12833180

Kson is not hololive.

>> No.12833296

Ksonbros and Vshojobros should have a gay orgy to own the Holobronies, haha

>> No.12833546

>And that was after they moved in together.
It was not. Both of you are misremembering your episodes but yours is something Kanata never even mentioned under the Kanata persona so it's extra silly.

>> No.12833719

Holohouse was already a thing August last year.

>> No.12833865

Coco was living there but Kanata wasn't yet.

>> No.12833955

The funniest thing is they think that clip is accurate. WebMD will tell you every symptom is cancer but that's not real either.

>> No.12833987

I keep telling you anons that dragon was better because she had limitations and had to get creative within those limitations.

>> No.12834004

Yeah, I misremember that part since she moved in late Aug. Still, point still stands that her supposed delinquent's avatar doesn't really fit her personality compared to the old ones.

>> No.12834014

>comparing a 30+ woman to Rome
the absolute state of pathetic e-thot watcher
>inb4 chink
not a chink, chinks can go extinct the next second and i wont care

>> No.12834119

The money was stolen by her IRL friend who was helping her move into the Holohouse. Coco did nothing about it publicly because Kanata never talked about it until a couple months ago when she mentioned that she got robbed once, and Kson pretends she doesn't know Kanata's roommate and lives alone.

>> No.12834248

You may not be a chink but you’re still a retard so it makes no difference

>> No.12834369

Mel is great and I know she wanted to collab with her back when she was Coco, glad she's doing it now. Wonder if we'll ever get a Kson/Mel/Pomu collab. That could be fun.

>> No.12834390

hell yeah man where we meetin

>> No.12834519

Yeah, I wouldn't know enough about current happenings in Hololive to make bait like that if I wanted to.
t. Nijifag

>> No.12834925
File: 130 KB, 854x480, 1630549192248.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Atlanta baby!

>> No.12835302

man, that reminds me how during the final month, there was nonstop damage control claiming it had nothing to do with the chinks harassing her and her friends.

>> No.12835494
File: 2.56 MB, 2500x3423, kneelchama.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12836379 [DELETED] 
File: 64 KB, 394x341, screenshot_2021-11-10_21 24 05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not going to hold it against anyone following after hololive but my opinion of her kind of went down the drain after graduation

>> No.12836459

How are we even supposed to find the link tomorrow? Not like they can post a porn link on YouTube, Twitch or social media.

>> No.12836477

The fact that you keep spamming that image when anyone watching the stream knows that it wasn’t intentional is really telling of how retarded you are, i’m sorry that your oshi is a failure but it’s not Coco’s fault.
Enjoy the ban

>> No.12836603

Based Dragoonposter

>> No.12836690
File: 1.43 MB, 1480x1383, 1635097291054.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1) hololive is a black company
2) kson went indie because she had the audience to back her up
3) yes she did go indie so she could collab with whoever she wanted rather than whoever was approved by management
4) also zhangs were spamming her
5) also probably since she was at the top of her popularity she wanted to fuck over the management that had been trying to fire her purely out of Japanese Boomer face saving regardless of the profitability hit their company took

>> No.12836842

>them just collabing with each other over and over again got boring
another reason why hololive is the WWE of vtubers

>> No.12836947

Nice. I wish Hololive's bath streams showed off some nude models.

>> No.12837241

As much as all of those is or isn't true, I think ultimately the most important of those is 2) and following from that, the decision is simple, because removing covercorp's cut on her income drastically improves it. Instead of it being:
>youtube cut 50% (eg make $1000, youtube take $500)
>cover cut 30% (that $500 becomes $350)
>tax cut 50% (that $350 becomes $175)
it becomes
>youtube cut ($500)
>tax cut ($250)
That's a 40% increase in the final profit. Now start adding zeros for long term income, and instead of making 175k from 1 million, she's making 250k from 1 million. Say she ends up generating $5 million gross income, she's made an additional $375,000 in NET revenue.

>> No.12837420
File: 250 KB, 1920x1080, epilate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They took this away.
They took swimsuits away.
They took miko's pantsu away.
They nerfed everyone's oppe.
They put Korone and Kanata is fucking spats!

Fuck you Susan!

>> No.12837450

Two camwhores go live on chaturbate and people lose their mids.

>> No.12837689

tf is (((youtube's))) problem?

>> No.12837716

they hated him for telling the truth

>> No.12837967

>meets new people every other week in her APEX streams.
anon i don't watch Holo EN either, but you watch fucking APEX, the problem is still in you nigger

>> No.12838652
File: 56 KB, 1094x1030, jptax.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Twitch takes 50% (unless you're contracted) and youtube takes 30%. Hololive cut is ultimately unsourced, and is much more likely to be negotiated streamer to streamer, rather than a flat % of all revenue. Because of the initial investment that larger companies need to make for talent startups, it's likely there's a contractual debt that expects a certain revenue, after which a profit is taken. Its seems pretty shitty, but most people in hololive probably make more with the branding+profit share, than they would indie. Not that I'm defending hololive, but your numbers are really wrong. Your jp tax is also retarded.

>> No.12839226

japan has more taxes than just income tax. they have a 10% GST for example.
I did confuse YT for having the same cut as twitch so the numbers are slightly different BUT the actual point, how much more she gets after leaving Cover is the same.
She makes about 42% more after leaving cover, assuming the basic 30% cover cut. Obviously we don't know what it actually is, but that's the baseline from what we do know.
Adjusting the YT cut to 30% to fix the numbers overall, means she roughly went from making $245 net profit for every $1000 generated, to making $350 for every $1000, an extra $105 per $1000 or extra $105,000 for every million she generates from now on.

>> No.12839295

I assumed the chaturbate part of the image was edited in until I actually checked her schedule holy shit LOL

>> No.12839483
File: 40 KB, 323x389, 1635299982371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw love Hololive
>love Kson
>love Vshojo
>even love Nijisanji
I don't give a shit about your drama, I just like to see vtubers enjoy themselves

>> No.12840080

You got your cuts mixed up, it's Youtube with the 30 and Cover at supposedly about half.

>> No.12841230

Kson virtual porn debut when?

>> No.12841814

Spats are hot tho

>> No.12841816
File: 766 KB, 1205x678, kizuna ai and nyanners concert 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based as fuck bro,
Take care of yourself.

>> No.12841923

I respect her for baiting this much coomers on Reddit and Twitter into believing she'll show her pussy tomorrow. They'll probably review some tame as fuck lewd art which would get you instaban from Twitch/yt because autism rules.

>> No.12842277

There is no meaningful difference between not having creative freedom and there being creative differences. Both mean you don't get to do whatever it is you want to do.

>> No.12842560

30% is not a "basic cut" that's probably 30% including an actual salary and other benefits

>> No.12842798

Does she going to show her tities?

>> No.12844999

Mel is better than kson

>> No.12845535

This is her life now. She belongs to the streets.

>> No.12845786

ah, ascended one.

>> No.12845916

The absolute state of Kson. The zhangs were right all along

>> No.12846602
File: 76 KB, 439x369, dgfgj3648.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you're a retarded faggot

>> No.12846751

Well, i hope you like your hololive infested with them.

>> No.12847439

u are retarded for thinking aqua doesnt interact with her fans.

>> No.12847759

Is this finally the day we see Kson's cunt

>> No.12848328

Anon are you fucking illiterate AND stupid?
I just said I don't watch her streams, I have no idea what she does or doesn't do. Read the thread before you look even more autistic.
The moron I replied to is completely full of shit regarding Aqua just as much as he is Fubuki, I'm sure, but I'm not just going to comment on something I know nothing about.

>> No.12848378

You can always rely on chicks to bump a Kson thread

>> No.12848516

He is just a zhang, not a holobronie.

>> No.12848560
File: 466 KB, 622x1280, A9D2C859-7C04-4AAC-9440-7DF5A35524CF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


でぶ助 = NakiriAyame

GaeJotMI = korean guy but now he changed his nickname "
鷄口牛後 "


NakiriAyame play with koreanguy
this korean guy posted everything he talked to NakiriAyame in korean community
He even bragged about having a voice chat with ger
He confirmed that it was Nakiri Ayame through voice chat.
he enjoyed a cozy date today, too. on the quiet
She doesn't know that he posted a private conversation with her on the korean community
I want her to know that the person she's dating is an ugly person.

If you ask me anuquestions, I'll tell you

>> No.12848641

This will be [your hololive oshi] in 1 year
>chaturbate streams with males
thanks for the SC cucks!

>> No.12848712

How does the Japs feel about it?

>> No.12848758

That's the best place for their first collab.

>> No.12848791

Westerners are not good with beauty and visual aesthetics

>> No.12848930

This is true

>> No.12849174

You will never be japanese

>> No.12849294

I fucking kneel

>> No.12849393 [SPOILER] 

Fuck you and fuck chinks

>> No.12849552

I've never superchatted before, but if I had to send one to Kson, it's be
>"How many black dicks did you suck by the time you hit 16?"
Because you know with the way she goes on about being from Atlanta and acting as "sassy" as she does, she had to have been blacked at some point.

>> No.12849822

Based UnityCHAD

>> No.12853475

wow bro ur so fuckin cool

>> No.12853560

Do you have a screenshot of this?

>> No.12854379

uhhh based?

>> No.12856049

YOU DON`T know that Hololives are just about of dumb girls controlled by a old man who get the most of the donations?

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