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>I want the concernfag audience

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POMU IS GOING TO DIE. I'm subscribing.

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Lol is this the bitch Nijiniggers have been shilling nonstop? Really?

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Why are Niji EN such numbers midgets?

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You must be retarded if you think nijifags are the ones making these threads

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>wave 4 sooner than you think

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Cope, it's beyond obvious that you fags are attempting to astroturf by spamming threads

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Kek that’s literally a clip from her channel you retard

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If you are a streamer then you are by default a numberfag otherwise you wouldnt be streaming

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It's a clipfag channel

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do you have brain damage?

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wtf. yeah I fell off an atv and ran into a tree when I was a kid. How did you know?

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Literally wtf are you talking about

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Must..... Save.....

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Not anymore, they get new toys every 2-3 months

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Concernfagging is how they reel in the saviorfags.

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Holofags are weird schizos

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Been a bunch of Pomu bait threads, wonder what gives.
Probably teakeks trying to deflect from their oshi having another menhera moment.

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That's not what he asked though

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How many times are you going to post that shit you retard?

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pomu is very sad guys she got cucked in theater class or something. make sure to donate your entire life savings so she can buy more retinol cream and laugh at you in private

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Wtf I love cuckqueans now

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>Cuck likes cucks
What a shock.

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I came here wondering why the hate for blonde women this week and suddenly i'm at fault

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Guess Pomu missed them after left when she came back from her break, pretty sweet desu, wants to see her little paypiggies again.

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You should've known better.

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>hype up niji as not having idolfags.
>every wave of girls get pumped and dumped by their audience.

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>Idolfaggotry is when you get bored of chuubas quickly

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Nijideez nuts

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Either Pomu's getting better at acting or she's really getting desperate. She started clipping herself since she had no clippers, and then went advertising on reddit.

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I wouldn't blame her if that was the case. She's the one who needs this to work out the most given what we know, there's probably a higher level of pressure on her than the other girls.

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She knew what she was signing up for when she joined Nijisanji. Also the audacity of complaining about one hundred and seventy thousand different people caring enough about you.

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She's the Kiara.

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No one even watched the clip. Thread watchers are even worse than the clipfags.(Also from the clipfag mistitle really misleads as well) Pomu is celebrating what Nijisanji does have and enjoys what's she doing.

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Did you even watch the video? faggot

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I did. What part of my reply made you think otherwise?

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You didn't notice the awkward splicing and editing. The chat is talking on the topics she brings up and almost nothing is about numbers.

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When did she complain about her numbers? She literally said she only cares about numbers because it is her job, she literally never complained.

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170k subs don't matter when your paycheck is dependent on donations, merch(which you don't yet have) and goes through three hands before you get your meager cut of what's left

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Please do not compare Pomu to Kiara.

Pomu is actually good and doesn't sound like an animal being choked to death

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But they are friends, they must have a bit in common

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she literally sold all of her custom voice packs and has normal voice packs. she got 50% of that plus superchat money. She makes more money than many nijisanji members from jp, id and kr together. She's a fucking retard with that mindset and so are the anons here who can't think.

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Selling out once doesn't guarantee an income for the rest of your life so I don't blame her being unsure about her future

This kind of a gig lasts only for a short amount of time so the fear of decline has to always be around the corner

>> No.11865930

She has over 100k on superchat anon, even after the cuts that's an insane amount of money and that's for less than 6 months. Then the voice packs and custom voice packs where she has bigger cuts. I understand your argument but I still think she's overreacting over this when you analyze her numbers, which it's crazy pomu doesn't.

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Yeah, they're JP idolfags. That's pretty niche as is in the west.

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Is 40k before taxes insane? I make more than that as a junior codemonkey. She made some money which is probably enough to live off, but it doesn't mean it is going to be stable income, getting less 1000 viewers was a super rare occurence that only happened during super debuff games but it is now pretty normal with Ethyria which probably just reinforces her thinking it isn't a good moment to leave her job.

She's also now working part time and working just as much as she did before, for someone in that situation what she said is extremely innofensive and it is kinda tiresome people here making some big deal of it.

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Chicken BY death

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It is but the cost of living isn't the same everywhere either and who knows how long it'll last. I honestly don't know her situation I just can relate to worrying about money and job insecurity over time

Doesn't help when you see your coworkers from other branches tweeting about constant money issues that weren't a thing back when they debuted because interest wanes and people move on

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Pretty funny how fast you guys burned out on Nina shitposting. Told you you'd all be done by the end of the week with her.

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>people here making some big deal of it
SEAnigger clipwatchers aren't people. Although judging by this thread even calling them clipwatchers is giving them too much credit, they just saw what the shitpost of the day is and hopped on.

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I want to lick Pomu's boob removal scars

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God, Canadians truly ruined /vt/

>> No.11866512

clipfags ruined /vt/

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If she is worried about things going too fast, she could talk with the others about the matter (pretty sure some also share worries over viewership and that stuff, I do think Elira expressed as such when Obsy was announced) and talk with management about it, may convince them to delay the males even more than they already have until things improve for them.
Wouldn't do much for the boys, but at least would let the current members sort things out and stabilize.

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>vtuber opens up emotionally and sincerely about insecurities
She's just attracting concernfags!
>vtuber sticks to rp
She's nothing but a fake!

Creating an e-celeb board was a mistake

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Wtf, wave 3 is barely sustaining by itself

>> No.11867290

Nothing Pomu says in that clip is baiting concernfags, or even complaining. It's literally just her discussing some innocuous thoughts. Please work harder on your bait next time

>> No.11867337

Happens more often than one would think, no wonder many decide to hide themselves and that shit behind memberships.

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>or even complaining
Anon your listening reps...

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When you "discuss an innocuous thought" with hundreds of people that are all hell-bent on financially support you it is no longer an "innocuous thought". Pomu has been intending on using concernfags as a foundation for her viewership from day one. That's not a slight against her, it's just a fact.

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>When a vtuber streams
>When a vtuber plays a game
>When a vtuber watchalongs
>When a vtuber sings
>When a vtuber draws
>When a vtuber talks
>When a vtuber is happy
>When a vtuber is sad
>When a vtuber is angry
>When a vtuber is doing idol activities
Idol fagging
>When a vtuber is sleeping
>When a vtuber is playing pranks
>When a vtuber's dog dies
>When a vtuber is domestically abused
>When a vtuber is sexually assaulted
>When a vtuber acts lewd
>When a vtuber has a moe voice
>When a vtuber has a gap moe
>When a vtuber plays a game that is a fad
>When a vtuber acts concerned about numbers
>When a vtuber appeals to the left
>When a vtuber appeals to the right
>When a vtuber appeals to /vt/
>When a vtuber appeals to anyone but /vt/
>When a vtuber reveals their income
>When a vtuber trades crypto
>When a vtuber cooks on stream
>When a vtuber leaves their mike unmuted
>When a vtuber acts lesbian
>When a vtuber acts gay
>When a vtuber gives their pronoun
>When a vtuber celebrates a milestone
>When a vtuber celebrates a birthday
>When a vtuber celebrates a holiday
>When a vtuber shits
>When a vtuber pisses
>When a vtuber farts
>When a vtuber sneezes
>When a vtuber hics
>When a vtuber burps
>When a vtuber dies
>When a vtuber ressurects

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File: 1.22 MB, 1280x817, Screenshot 2021-10-23 at 13-49-43 Kiara Wonders Why Viewers Are Leaving Her [SERIOUS] HololiveEN Clips.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

now imagine doing that with 1.22 million subs

>> No.11871227

What happened to Pomu Collection Center? He used to make multiple Pomu clips a day.

>> No.11871481

Are you the
>Pomu is a normalfag because she has a skincare routine

>> No.11871613

She should think about how the lower tier nijiJPs feel who don't have the EN bump to rely on. There are some that have barely hit 100k after a year, and others who are even lower than that.

>> No.11871776

damn anon, its people like you that make people not want to address problems or be open with others.
talking about how she feels isnt concernfag baiting

>> No.11871786

same strat really. and was doing it from the start as well

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He took a break due to university or something of the like.

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Uniornically. For women, damseling is easier than competing on one's merits.

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>holofans see thumbnail, get curious, click on video
>read comments, see pic related
>our livers are much better than yours, they're just less popular because you're an idiot for not diversifying
>get filtered even more

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Nijisanji EN branch is still healthy enough for at least 20 more chuubas. There's no base pay, and maintenance cost is low enough that nijisanji chuubas are like passive incomes for anycolor.

>> No.11878790

Nijiniggers think they can make their thread better if they keep making bait threads to keep the shitposters busy. Just go to the /NijiEN/ and shit on them

>> No.11879043

>Elira expressed as such when Obsy was announced
What a hypocrite bitch, sh is the one pushing wave 3 the most because it has two of her friends in it

>> No.11879150

>join nijisanji
>find out that their cut is insane
>its ok I can collab with my oshis
>find out it costs several thousand to collab with big JP livers

Being pomu is suffering...

>> No.11880180

Unironically, Amecord has been doing the Pomu hate. As for Ame, it's probably the usual dramafags and schizos.

>> No.11880515

>>our livers are much better than yours, they're just less popular because you're an idiot for not diversifying
>Literally not said at all, the whole argument is that Hololive has set unrealistic standards
>Furthermore, the point about Holofans watching Hololive mostly is correct.
>At the end of the day, the point is numbers shouldn't compel you to sub or not sub.

>> No.11881019

I Mean, they not wrong

>> No.11881207

>Strawmans what they are saying when people can read
C'mon shitposter kun, you can do better.

>> No.11881773

Why do Teamates hate Pomu?

>> No.11882440

Is this fagfagging? fagsplaining?

>> No.11882487

Nobody's buying your bullshit

>> No.11882520

This is why nobody takes nijifags seriously by the way

>> No.11882897

Pomu should realize that nobody is watching Ehtyria and her fans will stick with her
Not all of us have shiny object syndrome

>> No.11883166

Feel free to quit replying to yourself any time.

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Embarrassing as always, Nijifaggots. Pomu deserves better.

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People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

>> No.11883948

Quit samefagging.

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Numbers don't matter. Audience loyalty matters. 100k members subscribed. $5 for every willing patron. That's 500k a month. Numberfags don't get it.

>> No.11886836

Do you think anon knows subs aren't memberships?

>> No.11886961

Nah, let him believe.

>> No.11887181

Pomu's audience is the concernfag audience.

>> No.11888422

i WILL concern for Pomu, and there's nothing you can do to avoid it

>> No.11888582

Some people are just meant to flip burgers anon.

>> No.11889062

Always were.

>> No.11892357

I know they aren't. But worrying about numbers instead of creating content good enough to warrant a membership from every sub isn't how I would do it.

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