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Get a hobby dude

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Kiss it fag

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>penguin doesn't fucking know how to setup a stream
if Reimu can get her stream together so can Petra
Her connection though...

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now imagine their numbers with male debuff next wave

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She is using a laptop, streaming while playing an online 3D game like that is a recipe for disaster for her.

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Ah, I keep forgetting about the inevitable male wave. Probably gonna flop, huh.

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The lower viewer count is the boyfriend tax

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It's the "Where's my Minecraft" tax.

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pls tell me it's not finana

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I hope they don't I plan on applying the next time they do auditions

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Good luck, man.

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No, Petra is not dating Finana

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You won't get to fuck Pomu.
And it'll flop as hard Nijisanji India did. There's no market for this. The entire English language male streaming crowd is E-sports players that are the best at their games and memelords that appeal to children like xqc and ninja (who also were E-sports players before transitioning into their new roles).

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NijiEN is such a fucking failure and the only one anyone watches is an Apex monkey.

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if you get in you probably got fair chance to fuck her though, since you gonna be one of the male she interacts the most on daily basis just for the fact that you're co-workers.

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Free in Hell than a Slave in Heaven if you ask me.

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You're not wrong, there's basically no benefit for a guy to become a chuuba even if they're hideous

But honestly I doubt I'd even get far in the auditions because I've only streamed for fun to just a handful of people, but I'm still curious about the process so if they open it again I'm definitely gonna apply just for fun

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This is the hobby

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I Mean if bobon (nijiID) can get around 500 live view after Being expose to nijisanji English random then, there market for this, well i don't really care that much tho, i just want them to be entertaining ane can work with the girl

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>You won't get to fuck Pomu.

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Kek, this is the first time i see this kind of respond on vt

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Petra, why?

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to be honest I hate phasmo streams

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