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the first step to get these girls to quit minecraft is to introduce them to other games simmilar to minecraft
what games you want them to play?

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space engineers would be great
they're never going to play anything that requires a dedicated server though

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Terreria is your best bet.

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Vintage Story

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minecraft works because its so popular and everyone works on stuff together in agencies

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Minecraft has history in Holo, If you don't like it don't watch it.
We don't care /v/.

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kek, no.

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>Thinking some big brand videogame is part of your history/culture
Consumerist moment

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terraria lacks the scope that minecraft has that makes it enjoyable with as many people as they have playing on their various servers
something like hololive's sports festival would not be possible in terraria

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I want one to play Dwarf Fortress in a half game/half talk stream.

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You do realize most of these girls are dogshit at games right?

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>Space Engineers
Holy autism
Don't get me wrong, the game's fun. It just sounds terrible to watch.

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Of all the Holos, only Kronii would be able to finish Terraria.

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as much as i love factorio and satisfactory, they are a bit too mind gobliny for a variety streamer to play, a lot of time is put into logistics and midmaxing and thats not really fun to watch if someone isnt atuned to these types of games

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>Have a huge moment of finally combining JP & EN server that have been hyped up for the past months.
>Bro why is everyone playing Minecraft?
I still don't understand how people were caught off guard with the amount of Minecraft we getting. Yeah, like no shit everyone would play more Minecraft thanks to the merger.

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>Fun stuff bad

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huh? you mean one of the ayames of council? yeah she would finish it "off stream"

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roblox squid game!

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It appears to filter every chuuba.

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Nigga, a lot of chuubas have played terraria. Every time they did they had pathetic numbers compared to what they normally get. You fucks that keep complaining about minecraft don't actually watch streams.

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>space engineers would be great
No it wouldn't.

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The only thing that can beat Minecraft is Minecraft 2.

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Too hard
Too autistic
>scrap mechanic
Too shit
>Space engineers
No contnt
See factorio
No content

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But it has golf! kek

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Terraria could work but only if the one streaming it knows what she is doing and speedruns it.

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Except it's not fun

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So, less than a 1% chance of that ever happening.

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Gura got pretty far, and that's saying something.

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Which one of these games would have allowed them to do an event like the summer festival?

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They will never quit minecraft as long as zoomers keep watching it. Simple as.

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>didnt even beat wall of flesh on normal
>pretty far

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For (You)

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Terraria is too much of a game to replace minecraft, and it's boring too. Minecraft is not a game

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At least unlike the average MC hater you recognize that MC could only be replaced by a gane that allows for a similar dynamic. But it will never happen, the server is several years old and has a large history, stop being a faggot.

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Wish theyd do 7d2d, the building in the game is pretty good, plus it's a zombie game.
Or just remake the old dead holo minecraft server for heavily modded minecraft kino.

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Rumao, they never learn.

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for an event like that, Scrap Mechanic
the game is easy, a lot of freedom & fun for custom scenario & multiplayer activities

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I would prefer to see them play Tekkit instead of vanilla MC.

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Don't Starve Together would've been fun but I don't think anyone in HoloMyth actually knew how to play it, that's why they all died and spent time as ghosts.

Terraria early game fucking sucks, most of the fun is in hardmode. But yes I want them to play Terraria.

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I would absolutely coom if any of them started playing Engineers, though it's doubtful they would have the patience for it

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terraria has bad multiplayer
maybe if it had dedicated servers that allowed 8 players sure

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If they added a few mods honestly minecraft wouldn't be as boring. The thing that terraria always did better was exploration and combat and there's plenty of mods that enhance that.

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Coco was enjoying it before she was cancelled

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No offense to coco but her playthrough sucked ass. A for effort though.

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SpXe engineer don't work well for vtuber IMO, the game don't have anything and the goal is just to make house and power and then go to space to search for more miniing stuff, this shit only work on funny youtuber friend group imo

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All those games are shit. There's a reason why they're referred to as "Minecraft substitutes".

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Starbound is pretty good, amazingly great if you add in the Frackin Universe mod.

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The game is already easy to grasp, and since everyone and their mom already knows how it works, the chuubas don't need to overclock their brains figuring out how to get going from the start: punch trees, make bench, make tools, hit rocks, make a hut, dig down, find ores, etc. If for some reason they don't know how, they can set up an easy and quick teaching collab because every other chuuba is already 500+ hours deep. MC might be the biggest "fuck around and do whatever" game, it's perfect for zatsudans where they can just turn their brain off and make some buildings, and since apparently MC has some sort of unlimited permission(?) they can just have it on lock whenever they need it.
With the games in the OP, the chuuba will have a first 1-to-3 hours stream to spend handling controls and how to survive early to mid game, they can't afford to slowly absorb information because they're streaming on the clock, and unless they have someone else to do a teaching or Learn Together collab, they'll have to go raw no lube by themselves. So unless they're -really- interested and -really- willing to go multiple hours and streams of it (like Marine doing Rimworld or Kanae and gang doing Terraria), it ain't happening. Minecraft is a self-serving creature at this point.

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I'd argue terraria is too autistic too. because it focuses way too much on the monster stuff. It's basically an RPG rather than a sandbox game.

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>Complains about consumerism on vt

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Or how about introducing them to modded Minecraft.
Just imagine all the possible warcrimes Pekora could achieve with the right mods.

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Only Ark 2 can save us.

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Didn't 7D2D get fucked over by one of the devs quittting and deleting several months of content??
Did the game already recover??

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And even just tech mods would fully activate Pekora's autism.
Imagine all the factories she could make.
All of them ethically and morally abhorent, of course.

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step aside zoomers
holoMUD server when

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>what games you want them to play?
full gen collabs in astroneer or terraria could be nice
getting the more autistic girls like pekora hooked on space engineers, factorio or satisfactory would also be great
Never played scrap mechanic so I don't know, i guess it's like space engineers but without space?

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This is why nobody streams terraria. Their fans are "Undertale at launch" levels of retarded and autistic about "how the game should be played".
Nobody likes you and your game fell into irrelevancy thanks to that (and being in general a shit game)
Apply bullet to brain

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i remembered it being grindy as fuck. for a game about making vehicles, it made traveling incredibly unfun for the first 5 hours.

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I dont follow the devs religiously or anything anon so im not sure of when what you spoke of even happened.
The last thing i saw they were showcasing new terrain gen, a new building, and some updated zombie models for the fat tourist and cheerleader i think if that helps to put a rough estimate of when the last time i checked in on them.

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Anon you're forgetting the god game
This is now a Deep Rock Galactic threat

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none of these games are sandbox enough to play 'house'. they are all too theme heavy with too much directed gameplay. Minecraft doesn't really care if you wanna do it's content, it really is the most sandbox game out there. Dragon Quest Builders 2 has some potential but the multiplayer sucks a fat cock. if Squeenix made DQB3 with a more free form server based multiplayer, it can easy displace minecraft. but they are too fucking stupid, so maybe wait for hytale.

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None of those games are a good substitute for community sandbox hangout simulator.

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Horse shit grinding is no fun. Fuck the Angler quest line and mob farming

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>maybe if it had dedicated servers that allowed 8 players sure
It does... and you can edit the server file to allow up to 255 players, but obviously that'd be pretty laggy.

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prease undastan razy manager no ask permission smarr tech startup campany

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Expert /egg/ player here

Your best bet but the girls can't play good for shit. They'd need to do some major off-camera grinding and the backseating is just going to be atrocious. And unlike Minecraft once you get too far ahead there is nothing else to do in the game since building is garbage.

Too IQ for girls

>Scrap mechanic
Too IQ for girls

>Space engineers
Too IQ for girls

Too autistic for girls.

Empty game full of game-breaking bugs. Building is also shit. You might as well just stay in Minecraft if you plan to play this garbage.

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the thing is they're on youtube, and the algorithm is KING

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You know, when you put it like this, I can kind of understand why Cover might be so deadset on their inhouse metaverse thing. Sounds like they're trying to make their own sandbox specifically designed for good Holo content which is why everyone here will hate it more than Minecraft because they think playing house is a bad thing

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Fine then, how about any of these? You're telling me they can't play ANY of these at all, even for a week or two? They outright have permissions to half of these games too, there's no reason to see Gura running around bored and alone in Minecraft when she would have way more fun in Valheim or 7D2D.
>You will never see Choco join the HoloEN ARK server and begin to autistically gather dinosaurs again
>You will never see Gura mess with the boob and dong sliders in Conan Exiles
>You'll never see Kiara quietly making a base in The Forest, before the six-titty mutant zombie starts throwing zombie fetuses at her head
Just hurts...

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Anon at this point it's not about permissions, it's about the fact that the holoserver is developed enough that they can just fuck around and do what they want.
Anything that wants to replace minecraft isn't trying to fight to replace minecraft but the holoserver.

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Every chuuba that plays terraria stopped before hardmode.

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just gimme some indie games famalamistan

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Admit that modern games are shit. Even the semi-old classics aren't that innovative and a whole new experience.

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Roblox is probably a licensing nightmare since it's not a game, but a platform. Every game in Roblox are made by different developers. It is likely that on top of asking Roblox itself for permission, they must ask the developer of a certain game (say, StyLis Studios for Phantom Forces or ROLve for Arsenal) too.

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how's the multiplayer? I never really bothered to get friends on board with it because all i'd do is settlement management autism, plus it can get pretty grindy with the whole searching for planets thing.

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You don't have to do neither of those to beat the game. Expert mode has mob drops considerably improved and you can even go journey mode for minimal farming.

It requires some basic dodging skills to compensate the lack of gear, though.

As much as I love DST, it requires a specific mindset on the streamer for it to be a decent viewing experience. They have to go in knowing they'll constantly die and lose all progress until they get good enough to survive indefinitely. Otherwise it's very frustrating and demoralizing experience.

Even if they set it to endless mode or use mods they usually just roam around aimlessly until they get bored and leave.

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It's a randomly generated 2D open world RPG with terrain manipulation and I love it. Don't go expecting a Minecraft like sandbox.

>> No.11777870

you got to work slower, make them learn modded minecraft pumped full of tech mods

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File: 674 KB, 1200x1600, EGS_ARKSurvivalEvolved_StudioWildcard_S2-1200x1600-5b58fdefea9f885c7426e894a1034921.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

don't let the zhangs win, Coco's legacy shouldn't be forgotten

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All these suggestions fail to understand why minecraft is the GOAT of collab games.
Hint: I already said it.

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They weren't caught offguard, they just don't like it and will not stop complaining about it.
Meanwhile I'm loving all the EN server tours and tons of extra collabs and EN/JP interaction.
ID has been silo'd away though.

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I'm surprised they didn't play it yet, specifically the EN branch since I'm sure it doesn't have a JP translation, it has potential to be the next frustration game now that 2 is out too.

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Isn't Terraria just a cycle of:
>grind for boss
>grind the boss for drops
>grind for next boss

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Gura seemed to enjoy Terraria. Wish she played more.

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It's more of a gear-based platformer with building than a full sandbox like Minecraft.

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No liy, your scam is not a good game. Kys.

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And that's why it isn't a replacement. It isn't a thing existing for or serving the same purposes. OP is a faggot who doesn't understand what he's whinging about.
Ark was and is shit, which has nothing to do with coco or the bugmen.

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