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I am Japanese. This post is written using DeepL. I found out about hololive from AkaiHaato's ASMR 2 years ago and have been a fan of hololive ever since. I don't have Oshi, I just watch whatever holos are doing the stream I'm interested in, I've never been a member of anyone. I'm probably classified as a light fan. But lately, the desire to meet them in person has been growing inside me, not as hololive Vtuber girls, but as real women, and I can't wait to meet them. As you know, Japan is a very small island country. Compared to you guys living in the vast United States, it would be easy for me to go to their places if I wanted to. Because most of holoJP is probably in Tokyo. I live in Tokyo, too. In fact, there's a chance that I may have even passed them a few times on the street. When I think about it, the crazy desire inside me swells up.
It's like the Devil Trigger, your guys favorite meme song.
All these voices inside my head. Frustration is gettin' bigger.
I feel like I should just pull the trigger on this desire of mine. Please hold me back, 4chan bros.
I can't post something like this on reddit. It will be deleted by the mods soon. Your words are the only thing I can count on right now.

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DeepL unironically has better grammar than this, your LARP has failed

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didn't read
kys cumsh'art

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DeepL doesn't do run on sentences with commas like that and neither do people who type in japanese so...

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how bout you meet my dick with you mouf, asian boi.

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Cool larp faggot, now kill yourself.

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You will never be Japanese.

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Let's be honest guys, we all have pissed outside the toilet on purpose at least once, no need to hide it

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mucho texto nigger

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God I'd give anything to have OP's perfect, Japanese genetics. He probably studied hard and scored well in Japan's state of the art education system. Sasuga nihongo OP. Japanese people are perfect and flawless

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Finally a real life Japanese. I have always wanted to ask did you find Usada Luna as funny as I did. Thanks in advance

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my balls itch

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Not the OP, or japanese in general. But I found it funny, probably as much as you did anon.

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The opinions of strangers are valuable even if they are not Japanese. I am glad we could all enjoy Usada Luna together.

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Stop larping faggot. You'll never be Japanese

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You faggot better not start stalking Shion.

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