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>its not fair... Where's my new costume

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It took Hisupi 7 months to get her first costume. So maybe we'll get our first LazuLight costume in December or so. Nijisanji alt outfits are typically requested by the livers themselves and come out individually so it can be unpredictable when they get them.

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>its not fair... Where's my doujin

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Why does Finana get all the good things?

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Working on it

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Cause finanas got that pure innocence that must be corrupted/protected. The purity isnt her filthy polluted mind, its that she genuinly seems to enjoy what shes doing.

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>pure innocence

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If she just tells Ichiso-mama what she wants he'll probably drop everything to do it the second the Anycolor check goes through. But who knows how long the rigging team will take.

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And then there are Mao and Nagao that took a year and half. Kohaku and Sango are also shaping up to be the next record holder

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