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This thread is dedicated to Nina Saotome.

Stream link:http://twitch.tv/ninaninin
Her Twitter:https://twitter.com/ninanininvt
Her Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZYetJ72XDX0sn5GQLx-rBA

Interested how Nina sings? Check her last karaoke: https://youtu.be/RNbNvlsngSE

>who is Nina?
Nina is a Dutch indie vtuber who is a variety streamer playing a variety of games from typical kusoge, retro, rpgs to touhou and sings karaoke once a month.
She is well known for her hard work, wonderful singing and her support for other indies.

Also known as the CEO of Seiso.

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Now fess up, did you buy Melty just for this?
Holy shit we are halfway through october already

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Sorry, money's tight and a fighting game I'd barely play is pretty far down on my list and I still want to get other games before that.

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We have a /nina/ for today? Thanks OP!
Not sure if we will get a lot of traffic for the community event but we'll see.


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I wasn't gonna make one but figured it would be good to have here just in case, since it can be pretty difficult to talk about Nina in other places
That's completely understandable, she said there might be other games after, and everyone is walking to watch

I probably won't even try to join, I need to take a break after being trashed by the CPU...

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What the fuck did I write here? I meant to type "welcome"

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I'll be watching. Not sure if its going to be a voice call with everyone either.

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ooof if you're broke you should find another vtuber to watch nina only wants oilbaron chads

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I know its sarcasm but it would be nice if she would earn more.. props to her she puts so much effort despite it all.

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Just shoot me. I paid fifty bucks for this game and my steam client decides to shit itself, so I can't even play it. In fact, I can't even refund it, because that needs to be done through the client, too.

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Did you try to reinstall steam?
It could also be a problem with steam itself

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I tried every goddamn thing that is googleable. I reinstalled steam, I switched over to the beta, I deleted all kinds of caches, added some parameters to the shortcut, updated my drivers, etc etc etc. It's fucked. And of course, it only chooses to do this a literal hour before the Melty lobby opens. It was fine earlier when I was testing the game. FUCK. WHY? WHY, GOD???

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Dumb alternatives but, restarting your pc and internet didn't help either?
You could also try to check a different account to see if it could be a regional problem

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Not going to play or watch so have fun lads

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Why, anon? Gather around to watch, it's gonna be fun

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In a vc channel? No thanks.

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Wait, where are people watching this anyone? Can you join a Melty lobby as a spectator?

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I know it's in the discord, but there's no stream of it, it's just a voice channel. How can I watch?

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Go over Nina's name and you will see a "watch stream button"

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It was weird getting a message from a Mod to participate in the kudoboard even though I've already written my message on it but oh well. Also, I'm kinda surprised that Kongou is the only chuuba who wrote something on the board till now.

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What is up with this lobby?

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Why was it weird?

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Does anyone know how hard is the level 5 CPU?

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There's this tendency in making lobbies look like an arcade and avatars physically moving around it, to itch that feel of playing locally. Guilty Gear Xrd's lobby having people physically lining up to play was really cute, but I'd take a normal menu any day.
The problem with TypeLumina lobbies is that there can't be multiple people playing at the same time, which isn't a problem if you're just playing with your friends, or if you're a streamer playing with viewers but hosting a tournament with over 8 players sucks since you'll need more than one lobby to keep the matches flowing, taking longer to run the event.

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Pretty cool event. The closest to a handshake event with an idol I've seen.

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What's going on?

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I said tendency but it was mostly ArcSys games. From those, Xrd was the best implemented I feel, since DBFighterZ was too bloated and Strive is just bad and unwieldly in comparison.

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Nina set up a Melty Blood lobby and is in voice chat with the participants on discord. She's kicking everyone's ass, as expected.

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So I can get shittalked by my oshi? Spending 50 bucks doesn’t sound too bad now.

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I got absolutely destroyed, but I didn't get to hear any shittalking because I had to play in fullscreen and close discord to get it to run without setting my pc on fire. I hope I provided Nina some amusement, at least, even if the match was plated at five frames per second. And I can say she kicked my ass!

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Post the Gartic Phone pics when they are ended if possible please..

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I thought there'd be a few more messages by the time he'd contact me and also saying that "I'll write something" even though I've already done so felt weird.

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I actually asked him about the message when he messaged me and he told me he messaged everyone who nina marked as regulars on discord. So just a mass DM. Wouldn't worry about it.

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Had to leave early but it was a fun little community thing to watch doesn't beat a stream though

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I see it as Nina working on her bad "intimidating" reputation and playing with others in public is a great way for people to get to know you. I post here because I also like the streams more buy Nina is playing more into the idol play than she realizes. I'm ok with that fyi

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Well, she never came off as intimidating for me, this was exaggeration done in wvt that kept being carried for some reason, despite her showing many times that it wasn't the case. For me, streams are better because I don't really lean into the interaction aspect as much, and Nina is insanely entertaining for me.
I disagree on the idol behavior, I don't really think she tries to perpetuate that aside from doing her best. She seems extremely down to earth.

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Unfortunately for me, I'm an idolfag but I see what you wrote as 100% the case. It makes a lot of sense what you wrote.

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I'm wondering how many chuubas will sign the card. I see Olivia Monroe signed it(?). Interesting.

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Sign what?

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How many of you guys are signing with your Screen name? Contemplating whether I should or not

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I wrote in my post: the card, the kudoboard..

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I used initials, others used their names and some used random names.

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If you want Nina to recognize you as """Distinguished Viewer"""" then by name...

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Did you have fun, ninabros?

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Sure did, it was a blast

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prolly my favorite

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if you're getting messaged for participating in the kudoboard, you're already a distinguished viewer.

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The fuck is up with the banana

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I'm surprised how much she's improved considering how little playtime she has. I suppose that'll happen when you only play people from Anya's group, and Anya herself.

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Obviously so she can post it on twitter.

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And that's everything I saved, not sure if anyone grabbed anything from the earlier games.

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Gonna sign with my name

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Are distinguished viewers determined by some amount of activity, or does Nina or the mod just tag people they recognize?

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No clue, I gander they are tagged by Nina herself.

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I think they just give roles to people that talk regularly in discord. There is also a role from being a sub, that is automatic but you need to link your twitch

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>that talk regularly in discord
not only discord, I've said something in her discord like, four times before the Alien watchalong (my first watchalong) and I have the regular role. Although I did chat a lot during the watchalong so maybe that got me noticed.

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Think I got the role almost instantly when I joined, but I had been fairly active in twitch chat for a while.

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Nina is a potential spreadsheet anon after all..

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Based edit.

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