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Matsuri admitting that she has been to a love hotel before, I wonder how the schizo spamming Matsuri savior threads will react to this one.


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Matsuri has reached a point where her fanbase either doesn't give a shit about stuff like this or they like it. Or the third option is to be like lyger and just deny reality because you're too high on your own supply of copium.

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If you weren’t such a massive ignorant baiting faggot. You’d know that’s a common girls night out thing people do there. You can check her tiktok and you’ll see her with one of her “girlfriends”. She probably gets more pussy than you do OP.

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based chad

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>Matsuri admitting that she has been to a love hotel before
So? Yes, she's had sex. Of course she has. If this surprises or bothers you in any way, you need help.

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I think the OP has gone schizo

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didn't she went to a love hotel with hskw before?

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At this point I'm thinking she wants to have babies and is trying to ease her fans into it

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It is something that women do in Japan, it seems that love hotels are cheaper and you can talk or have a lot of noise without disturbing, hoshikawa went with gundo, funi, karuta, to celebrate.

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Matsuri probably gets gangbanged on the regular, expect to see her starring in JAV in a few years

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Anon my oshis are pure and would never do such vile things, right??

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This. She can just sell fake nudes on fanbox to make up for the lost gachikoi bux now and doesn't have to keep dancing around her various yabs past and future

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To be fair she used to advertise as a virgin but too much has happened to maintain the facade anymore and it has cost her

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I used to know a Japanese business man who would go to a love hotel alone to nap on his lunch break and apparently it's not an uncommon habit
That being said I'm not gonna cope and say matuli went to one for a reason like that

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>My Oshi has had sex
>I haven't

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I have also used a love hotel for their intended use, it's really not a big deal at all

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You guys should leave internet and have sex.

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Holy cope

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I wouldn't mind Matsuri being a slut if she atleast delivered good content. Her old vids were great but now it's just Apex and fake moe voice.

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Honestly there is nothing is surpising to me anymore regarding this menhera.

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Wasnt it her roomate that was selling lewds?
Every single one of these girls are whore I dont know what's so hard to understand

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I thought this is just another schizo thread, turns out it's another self-promoting clipfaggot.

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Tried, she pussed out when hoshi told her ''sure''

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thanks for menhera slut update
Being Matsuri must feel great now that she doesn't give a shit and cover won't fire her because it creating drama outweights her uselessness.
If she applied now, she would be laughed at. She knew that her personality and talents is no match for lets say 3rd gen, so Matsuri created her retarded femcel pony to don't fall behind. Now when that it is over, she must be happy and probably is enjoying her money like dude, who wanted to buy weed in deepweb by bitcoins and forget about that, just to find now that your old hard drive is worth couple hundred thousand.
She were extremally lucky to join it early and nijisanji didn't wanted her menhera ass being transfered to from hololive

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Yeah the problem is that until ZA HANDO she used to advertise herself as a gachikoi virginlike girl "totally like her audience" to get some saviorfags money and get those fans that will think "wow she's just like me". But all that went to shit when her gachikois discovered she has a bf

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i just hope she get fired and she start to sell nudes in her roommate twitter

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any example of lyger overdosing on copium?
I just know he is the biggest Matsuri simp with his own channel

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Girls go in groups to love hotels to have fancy drinking slumber parties. It surprised me too when I heard about it but japanese love hotels must be pretty dang clean.

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What if lyger is her brother?

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I still like matsuri but I just can't watch he apex streams man

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did she? didn't she do stuff like retweet womb tattoo art (plus the groping, sex jokes, and horniness)?

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I like Apex but Matsuri's Apex streams are so boring. Like I watch Chiichan, Astel, or Izuru play Apex just fine, but can find zero interest in Matsuri apex.

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Add Ayame and c*co and you'll have all the whores in hololive.

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So this is why she changed. I knew it. That's why I switched to Marine

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Holy faggot

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While many fags on /vt/ was trying to save her, she digged a new hole for herself. Kek.

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Matsuri has tasted BBC

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People still think Matsuri isn't lying when she said that a 6in is huge lmao

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Marine has also made jokes about love hotels though

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Stop shilling your channel on here constantly

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They are not trying to save her , don't be stupid. The are just shitposting

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anon she lives in nippon, dicks there are tiny on average. an above average dick anywhere else would break her

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Marine still Marine, but Matsuri has become a different person

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You didn't know google decide to recommend video on YT based on what people click on this board?

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Isn’t matsuris roommate hot? So is Rushias. They’re definitely having sex

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>People still think Matsuri isn't lying
It's safe to assume anything a Holo has shared about their personal life is a lie.

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not really

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All of these thoughts runnin' through my head
Twitter on fire, feed's burning red
Frustration is gettin' bigger
Bang Bang Bang - Pull my menhera trigger!

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>having sex

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She's cute with enough filters and makeup but nothing special

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The difference is that Marine advertised herself as a whore so no one would be surprised if she was one.

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Many of these girls are streamers because they are mentally ill weirdos. This is besides the fact many people in Japan don't have sex simply because they are disgusted by the fact they don't live up to each other's high standards.

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>11518336 (OP)
>11518369 (You)
>11518422 (You)
>11518480 (You)
>11518506 (You)
>11518633 (You)
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>11529771 (You)
>11529817 (You)

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No that's Noel and noone really cares about her since it's obvious from her content she'd be like that desu.

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Matsurisuchama Matsuri was literally charging 10 bucks for lewds like 2 weeks ago. "That wasn't her" doesn't work when something happened super recently.

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I'm so glad I'm not an idolfag. I can't be cheated on by a girl I don't delude myself into thinking I'm dating.

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>selfie pictures
Are you an underaged or something?

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You have semoid genetic lace. You are a walking bioweapon formed against God the Administrator and his lawful good.

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the person who posts every picture with 12000 filters, doesn't go outside, is in a mentally ill relationship with her chat, has had past traumatic experiences with men, is totally fuckin' right now based purely off that the heavily filtered pictures she uploads and insta deletes looks cute, yep, i'm the one delusional

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Cope. Matsuri likes cock. Why do virgins still believe all the Holo lesbian kayfabe? Are you people really that retarded?

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If I was underaged I wouldn't think of anything less than a prolapsed anus dripping multiple mens' cum as a lewd. It's her bottomless in a suggestive pose, that's a lewd.

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based DMCposter

>> No.11532215

Matsuri, you know from Naruto

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I think she probably really wanted to fuck Hoshikawa if nothing else.

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Why would any of that make people think she's not a virgin? Are you implying people don't become horny until after they've had sex?
You can see from the posts on this very board that's not true.
Matsuri is a lying whore who took advantage of her audience because she never cared about them at all, but saying people should have known better because she likes porn or tells dirty jokes is retarded. Even elementary/middle schoolers look at porn and tell dirty jokes, it doesn't mean they're having sex.

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The infamous Copefag*

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Name a single Hololive member that has not been to a love hotel.

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Or in actuality, most women have had bad experiences with men. It's a lot safer to stay inside streaming to weebs

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Yeah, with me. Best 5000 yen I ever spent.

>> No.11541523

Unfortunately that has translated into dramatically lower viewer numbers, though I like to believe she does it all intenionally in an attempt to mindbreak lyger.

>> No.11541532

5000 yen? Fuck, I got ripped off, it cost me 9800 yen.

>> No.11542556

>I like to believe she does it all intenionally in an attempt to mindbreak lyger
I am willing to pay for all the condoms if she wants to do a gangbang if it gets lygger to an hero

>> No.11544220

He essentially denied that the hand incident ever happened.

>> No.11544352

I don't want whores to remind me that other people get to lose their virginities. I'm in this hobby to escape those thoughts.
And you can tell other people are by how she's bleeding viewers.

>> No.11551047

>goes to a love hotel
>with girls
thats hot

>> No.11552512

Holy shit, you are so sad, like, even matsuri sounds nice in comparsion

>> No.11552938

Kek, you think I don't know I'm sad? I'm just pointing out that if you want to make enough money to live off vtubing you better pander to people like me or you'll slowly become irrelevant like what is happening to Matsuri.

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If you know you're a piece of shit, then why aren't you doing anything about it? The answer is that you don't actually believe you are a piece of shit, even if you say it. Rather, you're merely saying it to deflect further criticism. I fucking hate closet normalfags like you so much.

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