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Aggressive Expansionism Edition

>Active server:
yubicraft - vt.yubi.market


>How to install/play:

Last Thread: >>11162900

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Divegrass man here, due to the ridiculous support over the stadium name, I decided to save you the hassle of more polls and choose Yubidōkan.
Be there next week to see /vt/ play in our stadium!

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Judgement day is getting closer and closer with everyday that passes by

You've been warned

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[remain ignorant]

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too busy being a wagie? it's ok bro you can have a chimpout for a day and we'll roll back after you're done. now back to work

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cool story bro

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does anyone have a link for the game of thrones ad? I can't find it anymore for some reason (the reason being me being retarded probably)

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All you had to do was type "Yubicraft promo" on Youtube or Google
C'mon anon, you are better than this


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What are your working on, anon?

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I... I'm actually not... thank you

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Is there a Noel town at all anywhere? Where do they hang out?

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How do I hang images? Asking for a friend.

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You mean like an item frame? It’s a map in an item frame

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All those pics in the spawn are maps?

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is the coco settlement being used by any tatsunoko?

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Anon I...

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Tatsunokos are nomads, the settlement is hust a place where they gather materials sometimes.

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You get to explore new territory, make the Noel castle and dairy farm you always dreamed of

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I was considering joining a few months ago but then I ended up playing other games with friends. Count me in. I will march on even if I’m the only one with the tag.

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i was thinking about doing a place for tatsunokos, like a flying town with a dragon above it, but i don't know if it's worth doing something like this when there's like one or two of them on the entire serve.

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We did have a noel friend back in the day but he disappeared.
Also lots of people take breaks from time to time

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You could always shill in the coco thread, if you get the base for the build going it could give people some motivation

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Live near the heimin base

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not today minecraft bait threads

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>building so fucking close to each other

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things were different in the yubi dark age

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Protecting the border from those thirsty pirates.

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gold age*
these are the dark ages

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I like that there are real borders instead of just massive expanses of abandoned land between the cities

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I can't believe ID village is still alive.

t. Risu

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you WILL play blockgame

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Alive and growing

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>using the outdated map as the thread image when the updated version was in the same thread

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New map art at Atlantis

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Anyone building something cool? I want to help im really bored.

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Irystocrats are working on touching up a build in creative, I think the kroniis and hoomans are also doing megabuilds

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I'm looking for 4 slime chunks next to each other in a 2 by 2, is yubicraft's world seed publicly known or do I have to look for them the old fashioned way?

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not public but some older players may already know, think there's even slime farms already

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Just a small thing that bothers me with the map: Those things labelled station aren't actually "stations". They're dynmap markers from the now defunct Nenepro Ice Subway. I suggest calling them villages instead (or Rushia Cathedral for Rushia Cathedral)

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>the now defunct Nenepro Ice Subway.
What? I still use it to travel!

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Time to abandon the lonesome and souless underground network and starting working along your kin in the mega roadway system.

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Agree dynmap could stand to be cleaned up, think that's pretty far down the priority list while the population explosion is still happening

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To be honest one of the reasons I went hermit and made my own farms is that the way the server is laid out is too chaotic and I can never find anything I'm looking for, even when using dynmap, since there's barely any farm marked in there on top of the fact that you can't even see the nether

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for whatever reason farms don't show automatically when you load the map, there's a checkbox window on the left side to show them

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>playing with mental tanty cases from /vt/
No thanks, I learned my lesson from playing Minecraft with 4chan back in the old 4cr aft days of the early 10's.

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oh nyooo

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nice phonepost mongoloid

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I never said any of these "people" were my friends

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But anon... I thought we were friends...

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Sorry anon, but you use 4chan

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You are in Yubicraft forever

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post this dog

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Nice selfie

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Zyra pls come back

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How do I get on do I just copy and past the IP into the game or what

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You have a pastebin with clear instructions. If you are too retarded to google "how to enter a minecraft server", then it's probably for the best you don't play

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Is this what people that make her jealous see?

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Check the pastebin, but yes. You also need to tag up. In most cases people pick their oshi. Also don’t be a nigger or nig shit out of people’s chests. Unless it’s marked free or you get permission, you probably shouldn’t open chests.

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Give me a break I'm a boomer

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>doubting the powers of the watamage

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>Green truth is my power

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Holy shit that looks spooky

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Yeah, I'm looking at the map and some of those territories aren't actually territories, just some abandoned houses
Wouldn't it also be a good idea to write down on a book besides the census at spawn with all the current settlements for newfags to look out for, after tagging themselves

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It becomes an apocalyptic scenario if you go there at night

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do the kronies have territory or just dozens of secret bunkers scattered everywhere

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New London is the main Kronie territory. I think the founder made a few other secret bases though, but I don't know where.

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Bodan fortress, place that welcomes all gen 5 members

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Very nice

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My game crashed inside of a nether portal, I reconnect and I'm in the portal and I can't login because it won't open the chat. What do I do?

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Chat for help on the dynmap

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tell me what portal it was, I'll come and laugh at you

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Alright then please affix the chad pixel art to it -16300 70 -1600

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Yubicraft vtuber when?

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>he doesn't know

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who in the fuck is the right one

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The Nanorre Treaty was signed today between Lunaitos and Nousagi, which clarifies the limits of each country going forward, and confirms a long term alliance. The Text can be found at the Flags Square, Next to Usada Research Center.
Unity Prevails

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and I'll never say

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>he lacks the critical information

>> No.11483720

>he doesn't know

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some drunken Finn and a former server janny iirc

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Why is pink cat in there?

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>Book got stolen

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>> No.11485942

No, we pre-emptively made copies and stored the original. When the Public Library of Yubicraft opens, we'll send the original to be displayed there

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I like how you can see the very different architecture styles of both sides just below their respective banner.
Pekoland is modern and industrialized, lights everywhere and crazy structures, while Lunaito Kingdom is cozy and rustic medieval builds, with dark forests and smoke from chimnies.

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bro i swear it wasnt us this time bro...

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finished the Naan Caravan, just north of Tatsu-town

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very nice

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I am the secret ruler of pekoland

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how many nijiJP fags are in the server? is this the only nip niji build so far?

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Not many. Like two or so. There's an in construction floating castle and pixel art of Ars and an in construction cathedral for sanbaka I think.

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Had a lot of fun playing with you all today :)

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whoever the WACTORfag was your tag got added

>> No.11495431

not another spic...

>> No.11495638

thanks lad

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How do I add a skin to local mc. I tried google but nothing I've tried works

>> No.11495926

You use a command when you are on the server. It's a plugin.

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Thanks treerrat. Now do a karaoke

>> No.11496462

read the pastebin

>> No.11496803

>Ame sings a song saying fuck you to people paying expectations into her
>Mumei sings a song saying fuck you to people paying expectations into her

>> No.11497134

I don't see how this is relevant to the /vt/ minecraft though...

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shut up and accept the free bump

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i cant login because i'm in the nether portal

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Wait there until he comes to judge you and decide whether you to go to paradise or eternal pain(your situation but worse)

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i'm glad im not the only one

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Roberu pixel art is finished
Not really but I’m tired of working on it and it’s mostly done

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the only proud dad...
i kneel...

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Alright for a containment zone.

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made a haunted indog house for nijiID's Mika, north of Tatsu-town in the forest

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Made a coco badge pixel art, is close to coco settlement, i still plan to make a coco art in front of it so you can call it unfinished for now.

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