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I don’t get it
Is there really that much to do in Minecraft that chubas can play it for hours daily and not get bored?

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You can do anything

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Most are bored, they just it for views since Holobronies are mostly zoomers and will tune in for only Minecraft. Compare Kiara when she plays not Minecraft. 3kish when not playing, 10k when playing Minecraft.

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It's like legos, bro. You can do anything your mind can think of or look at tutorials of people who are better than you and copy that. They've got this guy called Dream who gets millions of views on his minecraft videos. His most popular video has over 100 million views on it.

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Oh just you wait until they start a modded server

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minecraft is a kino factory

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Minecraft is maximum comfy to watch

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You don't have any friend

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If you've never played a minecraft server with a decently sized group of friends I feel bad for you bud

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Autism game
Prease understandu

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They’re women, anon. They have stupid brains.

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Minecraft and its consequences have been a disaster for the gaming scene.

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Having your friends wake up encased in lava and obsidian is just one of those things. It’s hard to explain how amusing it is until you do it yourself

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No shit. I avoided myself being groomed.

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Even if playing solo, you can build whatever you are currently feeling doing. It can be small house, oriental temple in the clouds, humongous realistic castle. Or you can go with abstract, or putting png anime images. You can have a lot of fun with painting, right? Minecraft makes it comfy and you can walk around your "art" as well.

Now, when you have people interacting with your stuff and you can interact with theirs, it's even more fun.

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Why not just do this stuff irl?

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>Just build a floating sky castle irl bro

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A lot of people tend to hate Minecraft due to it being perceived as a kid's game, which is partially correct, and the retarded fanbase it has. Trust me, that shit filters me hard as well. On it's own, however, the game is pretty fucking good. There aren't many games that allow for complete freedom of destruction and construction of the entire environment with a persistent open world with the possibility to play with many other players online. Minecraft truly is one of a kind. It's basically what a lego in pure video game form would be like, with limitless possibilities and infinite replayability. I know it's hard to admit but Minecraft is a really good game.

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Worldbuilding 101. It's basically like playing with lego but with some of the cool shit videogames can do. I'm honestly not a fan of minecraft stuff outside of hololive, but the way they've used it to cross generations and branches is great. I suppose the Niji world server is alright, but it's not the same for me.

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Most anons aren't this ripped and skilled:

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Also in the context of vtubers, Minecraft works as a Second Life sort of game where they all coexist and can seamlessly interact without the constraints of whatever specific game they would be playing otherwise. They can interact without having to set up a collab as they share a common world. It makes for a much more immersive and interactive experience whereas otherwise it would just feel like a girl with an anime avatar playing some random game. In minecraft it feels more like that's the world where the anime girls live in.

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LEGO is fucking gay. Why would I want to play LEGO?

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Just saw a clip of the Shiranui collab. They pretend to be tourists visiting the EN server together. Too bad Flare did her visit yesterday, when it coulda been today.

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For 15 year old edgelords, there's plenty of Apex collabs.

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You never made anything with your own hands, and say to yourself "Damn, I made that" while looking at it over and over again in awe of your creation? It doesn't even matter if you followed instructions to make it, the feeling of creation and self expression is really that powerful.

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You never played with LEGO? Damn your childhood sucked

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Have you ever played minecraft?

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Well that gets a little too expensive, even though IRL "Minecraft" has a lot more stuff to work with.

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I didn't grow up in a monastery. My parents bought me LEGO as a kid. It was fucking boring.
If you really want to build shit, get into woodworking. If you want to have fun sitting on your ass, there are a million more interesting things to do with your time.

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Yes. Minecraft is one of the only games, if not the only game where the only thing you're limited by is your imagination. I don't even like Minecraft and I acknowledge it as being truly stand-out.

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Really funny of you to be the sole decider of what should be considered as a "better" option for building, or "more interesting" for other people.

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>the sole decider of what should be considered as a "better" option for building, or "more interesting" for other people
Playing Minecraft solo, that exactly what players emulate. So the line of thinking and behavior actually transfers over. Of course, regarding other people's play through, everyone really need to take a step back.

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I see Minecraft streams as semi-zatsudan. It gives the chuuba a way to have conversation with their viewers and enter a flow of thought while the game serves as a distraction or pressure outlet to help calm their nerves. Starting to feel nervous or running out of topics? Talk about and focus on the game while you collect your thoughts.
Also lets them flex their creativity juices for easy stream ideas and has easily clippable moments for growth (creeper jumpscares, zenloss, kouhai/senpai interactions, etc.) People eat that shit up.
It's also unrivaled in terms of natural collab potential. It's a low stress, indirect environment for chuubas to interact with eachother for both creating bonds (PekoMoona, PolkaFlare being two examples) and strengthening existing ones which is immensely helpful particularly in the JP work environment where the previously stated kouhai/senpai dynamic serves as a mental minefield, which makes interaction through other means such as Discord near impossible unless they're a social butterfly or just don't give a shit.

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>Modded server
>From a company that requires permissions to use mods

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they will never do this, which is a shame because vanilla minecraft sucks

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>modded server
Blah fuck that shit

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>modded minecraft kino
Shame Cover is either incompetent, autistic, or both. Mods are literally out there for people to use.

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Why do you hate fun?

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Molded is for sissy lazy fucks who cannot handle the limits imposed by the vanilla game.


They are bored fucks and have done everything vanilla had to offer. But by this point, play something else.

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They can't fucking disable fire tick and you expect them to handle mods, seriously?

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Only white and japanese people understand the endless joy of the block autism game.

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I only play solo minecraft (and enjoy it).

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It has potential but you're fucking kidding yourself if you think most of Hololive is playing it because they have great imaginations that urgently need to be expressed

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Yes. What a stupid question. You already how popular the game is and how many hours people pour into it. Why would streamers not be able to do the same? They're people too. Its fun if the server is alive. Its good for viewers because we get to see more interactions. If you're the type that hate collabs/interactions you can go sit with the Chihiro antis who tried to chase off her friends and reduce her collab numbers.

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