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>EN Vtuber tourney. SGAE
>Grand Final.
>Also, "new bracket" matches, and some other matches. I went overboard a bit.
I decided not to hold any tourneys for smaller studios only, someone else can run one if they want. This will be the last SGAE topic, thank you for sticking with it for this long.

>Day 14 closes between 4:00a - 5:00a UTC.

>Day 14 results

>Day 13 results

>6: single elimination tournament
day 14: Grand Final (Winner of Winners vs Winner of Losers, 1 vote takes all)
The Grand Final will be a single match winner takes all.
If the Grand Final results in a tie, the final will stay a tie and there will be multiple winners.

>These polls don't collect emails, this can be verified by hovering over the eyeball icon next to your email at the top of the form.

>Past threads
Day 13 >>11228729

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This shit is STILL going

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What kind of autism do you have op?

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Can you at least keep your retarded autism to one thread and stop raiding every other thread on the board? Thanks.

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Who's the retard voting 5 on every girl they donĀ“t know?

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shut up already

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Yeah, you went overboard. I'm not filling all that shit. Kill yourself.

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>Open poll
>Vote 10 on holos
>Vote 1 on non holos

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You madman

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Love this pattern of hate at the beginning of the thread. Bonus points if it's all samefags.

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>Fun and interesting
Please.....don't make me do this

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>3 nijiggers votes 1 on holo

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>Fun and interesting section
>Filled with a bunch of Nijisanji
>Includes 3rd wave as well
What did he mean by this

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Pikamee is such an odd one out. Even against really non-controversial Holos she fares well.

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Also the Holo vs Millie matchup is a brilliant way to gauge how controversial a given Holo is.
Like this right here.
People still haven't forgiven Calli for being... whatever it was they accused her of, I don't even recall anymore.

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she was an entry point for a lot of people, so in many cases it'll be either a nostalgia vote or 'this is the only vtuber I really know'
it makes it easier to rally behind her

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Thank you for enjoying.
Some are more fun than others, I'll admit.

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>vote for Pippa or Beatani
I fucking hate them both

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>vote for Pippa or Beatani
I fucking love them both

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>vote for Pippa or Beatani
I don't really care about either

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>vote for Pippa or Beatani
I'd rather have sex with both.

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>vote for Pippa or Beatani

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I still can't comprehend how anyone likes council at all

>> No.11295281

Why do you dislike them, anon? I like them desu.

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actually nothing wrong with them. just that they are boring to watch. there's plenty of indie or small corpo chuubas more entertaining but no one gives them a chance because more numbers and marketing = must be good mentality

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same, then I realize holofags (or corpofags in general) reach a point where they consume anything that comes out of their teethe no matter how overratted

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Worst thread on the board. The first one was kino, this shit is trash.

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Ame Ame Ameee

Ina Ina Inaaaa

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I can't wait for JP tournament.

>> No.11298082

I vote 5 for people I know but don't really watch, like Rosemi. If I've literally never watched a stream (like those 5 or so random indies/small company vtubers listed) I don't vote.

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I'm wondering how that one'd be made in the first place? same as this one in that one person tries to find as many agencies, startups and indies then adds them?
I'd also like to see a "Nijisanji JP tournament" due to the sheer size of that branch.

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Why not Kiara vs Mori? That would be an actually interesting match. Or Ironmouse vs Melody since you seem to like them both.

>> No.11298160

Voted 5 on everyone, seethe more.

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It's so fucking close

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Kiara destroying Nina is very satisfying.

>> No.11298513

can you go one day without shilling nijiEN OP? It's pretty tiring at this point

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Pikamee wins at everything too.

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Trinity chads where are we?

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Here, I pray to them everyday

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How the fuck did Gura lose

>> No.11306837

Can we add Pika to the trinity? I think it's well deserved.

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part of the problem

>> No.11306885

Why do people keep asking this? The same thing was posted 2 threads ago too.

>> No.11306933

Probably the same tourist as last thread.

>> No.11306969

Do your reps retardchama
t. Chumbud

>> No.11306976

Almost 3.5 mil subs and she loses in an unofficial popularity contest by Mongolian basket weaving forum
Of course people are gonna ask

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It's still disgusting how much weight /hlgg/ has on the board, and how it affects non-Holo related contests. Maybe by the end of next year /hlgg/ will fall below 33% board activity, and a more organic community can come forth.

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>> No.11307080

>dead subs

>> No.11307098


>> No.11307128

>Almost 3.5 mil subs and she loses in an unofficial popularity contest by Mongolian basket weaving forum
Almost like her subs don't matter when it comes to a 4chan poll

>> No.11307135

>is most popular Vtubing company in the west
>most casuals still associate Vtubing with Hololive
>still get the most promotion and eyeballs with their recent convention tours
>/hlgg/ is just a small part of the vocal minority is not an organic view of the Vtubing scene in the west

>> No.11307153

>Youtube subs equal popularity in /vt/
Don't look at how Kiara, Mori and Ollie did then.

>> No.11307334

Trinitychads just can't stop winning.

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One of them clearly lost though

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Wait, why is Hana getting so much hate? I know about the others but what about her?

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Pika can be the virgin mary

>> No.11307527

I did the same thing!! HOLOLIVE LOVE!!!!

>> No.11307643

Her whining on twitter about people disliking camwhores and her politics talks with her dad probably left a bad taste for many.

>> No.11307855

>Politics talks
What did she say?

>> No.11307950

She didn't say anything, but her dad went full-on commie on stream.

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Trinity is truly powerful

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pain elira

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Can't believe I would see the day where Kiara would be replaced as the most hated vtuber on /vt/

>> No.11313498

>Can't believe I would see the day where Kiara would be replaced as the most hated vtuber on /vt/
Kiara is just not a very sensible person and chose something annoying on accident.
She's your average roastie but not a bad person (as far as a roastie can be a good person).
Nina's just a cunt.

>> No.11314232

I still find it odd that the two girls who are about as weeb as you can get ended up being the most hated on /vt/ amongst the holos

>> No.11314429

Ame's going to win again for some reason but at least this one's seed didn't have Ina vs Gura round 2.

>> No.11314596

The only reason I watch council is because there is a possibility my oshi will appear for a guerrilla collab

>> No.11314666

Literally at least 3/5 of them are better streamers than Ame or Kiara, Myth just has a slightly stronger top 3 with Ina/Gura/Mori.

>> No.11314694

What happens if this ends in a perfect tie?

>> No.11319094

the world ends

>> No.11319552

Nijifags should give her more love

>> No.11319910

Kiara is very con girl weeb, she's mostly into weeb shit for the social aspect.
Anonymous is more likely to identify with someone like Ina, who's more of a shut-in weeb who likes weeb shit for the weeb shit itself.

>> No.11319931

>unofficial popularity contest
This poll is a ranking about talent and not popularity though.

>> No.11320025

>Why did the more recognizable girl lose on one of the most aggressively contrarian sites on the web?
Jeez I dunno.

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>he actually believes this

>> No.11320447

Demonstrably wrong when Ame makes it to the grand finals every time.

>> No.11324436

I watch Ina ironically

>> No.11327392


>> No.11334256

I can't believe how even this final match is, jesas

>> No.11337887

I'm closing the poll. The Grand Final ended in a tie, 104 to 104. Ame is the only VTuber in the entire tournament who did not lose a single match.
Some of the scores were quite interesting, I may make another post here with averages. I also thought Nina would do a tiny bit better in her matchups.

>> No.11338032

>aggressively contrarian
>holoshit wins almost every single matchup
ror ror rumao

>> No.11338323

>I also thought Nina would do a tiny bit better in her matchups.
Where the fuck have you been the last few days.

>> No.11338368


>> No.11338451

Trinitychads... we win again...

>> No.11338464

NGL I'm satisfied with this even though it's pretty much the same result with the last one. But that poll's OP was sketchy and a faggot.

You're slightly less faggot

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File: 2.31 MB, 1523x3820, EN_VTT_final_bracket_128_master25.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is a sheet with the responses and averaged scores. Trinity is king. Pika is not far behind. I think the most surprising thing about this tournament is IRyS's popularity. It could be that she was mostly voted as a holo vote or an anti vote, but her average score provides a counter argument. She has a legitimately large fanbase here. Unsurprisingly, Nina is the one with the lowest score, 2.85/10.
Projekt Melody scored above Elira, Mori, Millie, and Ironmouse. Pippa scored above Finana. Beatani had the highest score of the lesser known vtubers, she even beat Rosemi. Here is a list of the average scores.
>Ame 8
>Ina 7.883333333
>Gura 7.735955056
>Pikamee 7.535294118
>IRyS 7.218390805
>Pomu 6.83974359
>Selen 6.677419355
>Kronii 6.544378698
>Mumei 6.514792899
>Sana 6.360946746
>Baelz 6.16969697
>Fauna 6.156626506
>Beatani 6.046875
>Rosemi 5.94
>Pippa Pipkin 5.84375
>Finana 5.785714286
>Miyoshino Shiki 5.761904762
>Projekt Melody 5.628787879
>Elira 5.597402597
>Mori 5.595375723
>Millie 5.585185185
>Ironmouse 5.453846154
>Araka Luto 5.45045045
>Tenma Maemi 5.379310345
>Reimu 5.338235294
>Kiara 5.312138728
>Enna 5.22962963
>Petra 4.865771812
>Hana Macchia 4.658333333
>Kamiko Kana 4.585585586
>Nina 2.85
public results link
Running this tournament was more work than I expected, but I received the benefits of an improved discipline for my effort. Thank you to everyone who loved and hated it.

>> No.11338931

She gets hard carried by having really strong genmates. Pomu and Pikamee average <4k viewers yet their content is above and beyond hers by miles.

>> No.11338979

Thanks OP, it was much better organized than the last one. I do believe now we don't a new big EN chuubas poll for at least a year.

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>Pomu being strong enough to beat out holos
Shame that Sana is still so underrated though, she's the best council member so far.

>> No.11339451

I adore her and she's my first vtuber I've ever membered but she has a shitton of debuffs that put most people off. Given time people will warm up to her more like with Irys

>> No.11339843

I'm still impressed Irys is so liked here, given the design debuff she started with on debut. I was worried that it would be something that hounded her forever but thankfully she's been winning people over with her streams

>> No.11339883

I'm surprised Pomu did so well despite the lesbian controversy (fyi she's bi and anyone who thinks she's gay is either a retard or don't watch streams) and her niche interests. That's how you can tell she's a quality chuuber I suppose.

Selen did really well too despite APEX debuff.

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>> No.11340884

Pomu SC baits too often.

>> No.11341201

Thanks for the tourney OP. I'm going to be honest and say that there are a number of things that could have been done better but the data, especially the rating ones, are very interesting to see.

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File: 1.53 MB, 1132x1297, 1606900760986.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>average of not even 150 votes as far as the scoring goes
the average IP count in global alone is 200+, which shows how retardedly small this sample size is
also Kiara's score really drives the point that the most opinionated and easily manipulated part of the crowd (the underaged, the dramaniggers and the SEA) are the majority of that number

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>> No.11342251

I'd usually agree but I feel for Kronii it's a bit different, even after years of checking indies it's pretty uncommon to have someone with such a good voice and experience in using their voice, topped by an very, very good audio setup.

>> No.11342336

4chan is usually pretty contrarian, but definitely not vt, all about numbers and popularity and strictly watching the most mainstream shit.

>> No.11342461

That's what's so great about IRyS right, her model putt off a lot of people at the start. I'm really happy I gave her a change from the beginning because it's been a hit. I'm sure we'll continue to see posts saying they regret not getting into her earlier after giving her a chance. She's just a very likeable person. And an expert at making your mind go to places like a massive tease.

>> No.11343335

>small corpo chuubas more entertaining
NijiEN is objectively inferior to HoloEN talentwise.

>> No.11343824

but she's also basically female ken-sama, right down to the flying all the way to Japan in order to persue a career in a dead end industry

>> No.11343842

we used to get 600+ votes but then the cheating thing happened which soured alot of interest in it.

>> No.11344063

honestly, even Kiara's results from the last round prove my point
she is the closest thing to a proper translation of some most popular HoloJPs to the EN environment yet the manufactured drama faggotry around her keeps pulling her down
Trinityniggers truly caused permanent damage to the board

>> No.11344397

OP, I think a good tiebreaker would be the cumulative number of votes.
Sum all of the votes that Ame has received during her first match, her second match, etc. And do the same for Ina. Then we'll see who had the most votes throughout the entire tournament.

>> No.11344517

but ina were in more matches so it wont work

>> No.11344621

Oh, yeah. Good point

>> No.11344876

Kiara was doing the idol thing when it was seriously popping off and it just added to her existing steamer personality, what killed it all was the drama that ended up fucking her visa

Mori meanwhile was an edgy loser motivated by TTGL and learning nip from /jp/ reps threads, working shitty odd jobs to connect closer to Touhou music circles while using the gamer word every other sentence in social media

while Kiara might be hated for being a girly stacy, Mori is a fucking mirror of more innocent times

>> No.11344902

anonchama, when nearly every final is ending in a tie, does it not come up to you that the vote is being manipulated?

>> No.11344937

this is especially retarded to overlook when that's what people with bots did to troll countless poals by evening out all the replies

>> No.11344983

Kiara is an attention whore but she doesn't actually have disdain towards the audience.

>> No.11345020

She's a streamer, being an attention whore is literally in her job description

>> No.11345094

if you know Kiara's and her roommate content you would understand that she is a bit too narcissistic and unapologetic
that turns a lot of people off

>> No.11345137
File: 61 KB, 200x200, 109702.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

zankyouuu for your efforts op!!!

>> No.11346263
File: 366 KB, 432x240, bye[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2F5zrztx.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well this was fun and interesting despite the cheaters. Still much better than that last one we had.
If this really is the final thread, then abayo you retards. Thanks for the tourney, and see you in the next event(?).

>> No.11347682

Pomu v Bae would be interesting since Pomu almost beat Sana here.
I like Pomu, I haven't seen her debuffs yet. Hope I don't.
Idk why people don't like lesbians, it actually makes me like them more for stuff like this.
For sure. The sample size is low but the data is still interesting, as sketchy as it is.
Convince me to give her another chance or I'll never tune in again HAHAHAHAHAA
I wish Kronii was an utaite tuber, she shines in karaokes with that voice. She's too boring in regular streams and I can't really relate to her mentality.
I like irys too, and I enjoy the lewd stuff. I should watch her more. The model isn't THAT bad, it could be worse....
I almost wish I hadn't mentioned it. If we had retained more votes the data might have been more interesting. But, it's likely the tourney was too long.
When the cheating thing was just getting noticed, I thought it would be nice to separate the results by time of day. So I could see, from hour 0-3, who won and by what %, then the same thing from 3-6... This could maybe show timezones or SEA vs EN voters preferences. I'm not doing it because I'm too late now that today's poll is done. It would get seen by like 2 people and the data would be mostly lists of numbers.
I like Kiara, but I can only watch her in small doses.
The tiebreaker is the average score if you want the tie to be broken kek.
Of course, I gave up in trying to fix it, because it can't be fixed with google forms
Thanks. Maybe one day I will run a JP tourney. Probably not.

>> No.11347743

Holy fuck, you're a faggot.

>> No.11349406
File: 1.11 MB, 3072x4096, 16162964055038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11350173

For me, it's Beatani knocking Kiara out.

>> No.11350501

>while Kiara might be hated for being a girly stacy, Mori is a fucking mirror of more innocent times
That's a very good way of putting it.
>I still find it odd that the two girls who are about as weeb as you can get ended up being the most hated on /vt/ amongst the holos
As the other anon said, she's very much con girl weeb, which is a scene that just never has been ours, "ours" being /a/ & /jp/ with some /v/ added in.
Nina is.... how to put this.
She's perceived as adjacent & hostile to the core Anime & Japanese game audience the way many women working professionally in anime & game localization are perceived as.
Is that right? Is that wrong?
I do not care to debate that, but it's where the sentiment ultimately comes from.

>> No.11351270

I can't stand to listen to Kiara or Selen for more than a few minutes, so please fuck both, because I won't.

>> No.11354841

What surprises me more, is how low Tenma Maemi is rated, her following is not very large, but she's doesn't really have haters like the other low rated girls, no idea why people would rate her so low.

>> No.11354988

Trinity runs /vt/

>> No.11355346

Thank you for your service.
>What surprises me more, is how low Tenma Maemi is rated, her following is not very large, but she's doesn't really have haters like the other low rated girls, no idea why people would rate her so low.
She had some tough matchups and I think it's just that the fans she has aren't as massively loyal as Pippa's or Lia's.

>> No.11355464

Ratings aren't necessarily what people think about their value, it's more of a preference sorting score. Nina is hated here though.

>> No.11355504

There is no "lesbian" controversy just like there is no "Ina makes fun of fans" controversy, it's just 1-2 people spamming it. Vtuber fans love yuribaiting, finding out one is actually lesbian/bi isn't gonna hurt their popularity in the slightest. Only if they found out they were a raging man-hating buff dyke or something like that.

>> No.11359593

You werent in the niji thread when it happened then
It was unusable and then all Pomu's goslings jumped ship to Rosemi only to yet cucked again by her brother

>> No.11361050

All of IRyS debuffs are mostly management related.

>> No.11361340

>Pikamee 7.535294118
>IRyS 7.218390805
Moral of of he story
Being a likeable human being can get you very far especially if you know Japanese

>> No.11361496

>she is the closest thing to a proper translation of some most popular HoloJPs to the EN environment yet the manufactured drama faggotry around her keeps pulling her down
>Trinityniggers truly caused permanent damage to the board
Kiara had drama long before she became a Holo /cgl/ sill hates her guts to this day

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