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Thread for Froot, Silvervale, Melody, Nyanners, Ironmouse, Zentraya, and Hime Hajime.

Personality quiz -----------> https://www.quiz-maker.com/QW13YX5SK

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Has Hime debuted already?

>> No.1125612

Apparently I'm Nyanners, now what do I do?

>> No.1125734

yeah it was cringe, people are still waiting for her to find her footing
bend over

>> No.1127029

Same, which is great cause she's my favourite.

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i hope she feels better and is operating at her 100% gremlin optimal self

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I missed Pink Cat. I hope she does some singing on stream soon.

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>nyan referencing frosting cake butt vid

shes not even hiding her old vid content these days

>> No.1133571

You got your wish

>> No.1133626

Has she referenced the pomf video song yet?

>> No.1133709

I doubt she ever will. I think she wants to firmly forget that she ever made that.

>> No.1133765

That one's still on her channel I think, I think she only removed pomf but didn't care about that one? Might be wrong and don't care to look myself.

>> No.1134022

Correct, the frost a cake video is still on her main channel. Pomf is all the re-uploads but her main one is gone.....and for good reason.

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this isn't a nyanners thread you stupid fucking niggers

>> No.1135873

cry more you little bitch it's not like any of the other girls are streaming atm

>> No.1136118

Nyan is talking about talking to older people online as a youngin.
What the fuck happened when she was a kid?

>> No.1136999

She browsed 4chan

>> No.1137250

why are these threads so dead when the nyanners threads reach bump limit almost daily, shouldn't more people be posting about here here? 90% of the posts itt are about here anyways

>> No.1139377

>Mel is streaming with a one-piece tanline and cat tail
>Nyanners is drunk and singing
Where the fuck is everybody?

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In the Nyanners thread, where you should be right now.

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>Where the fuck is everybody?
In the nyanners thread

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fuck you guys

>> No.1152764

Fuck me? Why?

>> No.1155196

there already is a far superior version of this thread elsewhere no need for two of them

>> No.1155393

So are you going to post anything about the other girls? It's amazing how people bitch about thread focusing on one topic when they do not do anything themselves to focus on others.

>> No.1162424

No, i've learned from this thread that /vt/ kids would rather tabloid nyanners and fling shit. There are better places to talk about vshojo than with you absolute fucking retards

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