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cringe thread

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Who cares? Let them have fun.

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If it were Gura doing that, you'd call her based and funny.

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Yeah OP is cringe alright

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>Nijicuck that uses any excuse to shit on Ame and Gura now wants everyone to PLEASE s-stop talking
Like clockwork. Ywnbaw :)

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>Hololive Based
>Nijisanji Cringe
>Vshojo Whore

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Who the fuck did they hire for management that thinks this shit is funny? And I'm not even sure if this won't have a negative effect on her

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Gura would never something like that. She doesn't make perverse jokes and keeps her language appropriate.

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cope harder

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I guess the Gura killer 3.0 isn't living up to expectations so far.

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Ironically yes because everyone liked her
Speaking of which if she said she's into vore or vommit fetish people would call her based and starts drawing shits

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They're trying too hard to get viral attention. Sana did the same thing pre-debut but she turned out fine.

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Vshoujo hire...

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>I’m offended
Then don’t watch?
>thinks this shit is funny?
Humor is subjective. But if it offended you, then they must being doing something right.

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Normal female hire. You don't see sluts like this in hololive because hololive actually does rigorous auditions and makes sure they get quality people. Nijinigs gobble up any application that floats through the door, brand be damned.

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I didn't say I was offended. I said this made me cringe. Because the whole "tee hee, I had no idea that (insert well known fetish here) was a think. Silly boys uwu!" act is embarrassing.

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Only because it's entirely unlike her to do it in the first place. The basedness comes from the shock value, and there's no shock in some degenerate spamming gross tweets all day.

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>They're trying too hard to get viral attention
Probably, but often it’s just fooling around. However, if anything ever becomes sexual, they will be called whores by certain religious people: the ones offended by sexuality and toilet humor.

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You took offense enough to be bothered by it. I mean p, I know you don’t actually expect all humor to match your taste, but this one makes you mad. I think it’s the worry that they’re making VTubing unpure?

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Who the fuck said anything about being offended? It's just cringy and unfunny, which sticks out more here because NijiJP has a bunch of actually funny women that aren't cringy. I just hope this is only a predebut tweet thing and she'll be better once she actually gets started

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>You don't see sluts like this in hololive
Who is Matsuri
Who is Marine
Who is Coco

Is this board just EN redditors who have never watched holoJP?

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If you were actually uninterested and bored by it, you wouldn’t care enough to post about it. It clearly bothered you enough. You do seem upset.

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holy shit this nijinigger is seething

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Are you a woman or something? Are you mad at the stupid fat incels who don't think vshoujo is funny? This shit just isn't funny man what more do we have to say? And don't fucking start posting SKB clips like that's the same.
What are you so offended about?
I doubt they're a real fan

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Niji 3 is DOA

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I didn't expect the Loli to be Finana lite

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Marine and Coco aren't sluts, they're barriers for entry to smoothbrains such as yourself.

Matsuri is crazy. Every company has a few.

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No. It's that the "joke" is simp bait. They're not trying to win an audience by being creative or interesting or giving you something quality. They're trying to get an audience of people who think "sexy girl says sexy thing" is good content. I assume that's what you are.

Remember, she doesn't love you or care about you.

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>isn't funny
To you. For example: if VShojo wasn’t ever entertaining to anyone, many wouldnt ever watch it to begin with. So its subjective. But given it makes you mad, it means you think it’s ruining VTubing in some way.

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A gay, EOP American redditor and a clipfag was teaching a class on YAGOO, known pimp.

”Before the class begins, you must get on your knees and worship YAGOO and accept that he's the greatest Vtuber personality in the world has ever known, even greater than Kizuna Ai!”

At this moment, a brave, patriotic, Southeast Asian Nijisanji fan who had done Japanese reps for 1500 hours and understood that you can actually become Japanese by the sheer force of will stood up and said:
”Do you believe Hololive is free from Western degeneracy?"

The arrogant professor smirked quite whiteoidly and smugly replied “Of course it is. They're nothing like your Nijiwhores, Stupid Nijinigger!”
”Then how do you explain this clip of Kiryu Coco?”

The redditor was visibly shaken, and dropped his list of reddit meme and Korone dakimakura. He stormed out of the room crying those crocodile tears. The same tears aloecucks cry for the “poor Aloe” (who today lives in such luxury that can afford dildo made out of sashimi). There is no doubt that at this point our redditor, wished he had did more reps become more than an EOP. He wished so much that he had medicine to cure himself from mental illness.
The students applauded and all subbed to Tsukino Mito that day and accepted Tazumi as their god. Debidebi Debiru then ran into the room and perched atop the Rainbow Flag(not the gay kind) and shed wine on the flag. "NIPPON BANZAI" was shouted several times, and Shinzo Abe himself showed up enacted a ban on condoms to increase birthrates.

The redditor lost his account and was banned the next day. He died of the depression caused by watching endless gfe and was tossed into the lake of fire for all eternity.

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>a tweet must be interesting to me.
Not really. It’s interesting to other people.
>They're trying to get an audience of people who think "sexy girl says sexy thing" is good content
Pee is sexy? But I get it. You think sexuality is bad, because it was how you were raised. Therefore this is bad.

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>it means you think it’s ruining VTubing in some way.
Where did you get that?! Would you stop putting words in my mouth?. Vshoujo is doing their thing which I think is unfunny and that's fine, I don't watch Vshoujo. I do watch NijisanjiJP, HololiveJP JP indies and sometimes EN. I once again ask you why you're so mad about this, after all you came to this thread and are responding to all these anon's posts

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The only cringe here is you making a thread on a mongolian basket weaving forum being a Filipino anti. I'm saving this post so I can grudgepost when Lyrica mogs your cunny shark.

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Is this retard a flip trying to play an anti religious ENvtuber fan? Why???

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>Vshoujo is doing their thing which I think is unfunny
But it’s funny to others, which is the point I’m making.
>responding to all these anon's
Because I find it funny.

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>not wanting to smell elira's morning pits
The only thing here that is cringe is you

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Yeah well it's not funny to me so I complain about management pushing these kinds of tweets, since we know from Elira that that happens

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>it's not funny to me so I complain about management pushing these kinds of tweets
Why would management tell the girls to talk about pee? Is it that popular or something?

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By the way, Gura and Ame are boring, negative talent whores who would be 1viewer chuubas without Holo brand. And that's a fact.

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>post a cringe thing that a vtuber said

I'm a moonafic you gigantic faggot

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I want you all to think about it for a second. We were vored by parfait. Parfait's aren't well known for voring. As a matter of fact, it's usually quite the opposite, with us being the vorer. Do you want to know who IS well known for voring? Sharks. And do you wanna know a cute, funny, and based shark people have been bringing up during this thread? That's right, it's Artemis-Chan.

Artemis has been name dropped in this thread as a "cute" and "based" shark several times through out the thread, showing the avarage /vt/'s explosive hate for the Cute and Based shark. Do you want to know what else was explosive? That's right, 9/11.

I want you to use your brains and follow the bread crumb trail? Explosive shark? Explosive event? Psycho Mantis? They all tie together. People say that it was terrorists who did 9/11, someone who's slightly less ignorant would say George Bush did it. But a true, well read, intelligent member of society would know that Artemis of the Blue did 9/11.

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fucking flips, literally niggers of asia
china should nuke their degenerate island already

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This just reeks of tryhard, my god. Give them time to develop their characters and personalities first, seeing strangers do this is like looking at Reddit.

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Personally, I draw the line here. 10 vtubers in their english branch is a lot, I don't have to follow all of them.

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You seem pretty mad. Is then when you assure me you’re not offended?
>pee is tryhard
How so? Is it something to strive to say?

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SEAnigger thread?
SEAnigger thread

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>I will assume every moment is meant to be funny, so I can accuse it of not being funny when it offends me.
Very interesting.

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>one of them is referring to everyone as "honey" and calls herself "mama"
>this is literally almost every single tweet
Niji managers what you doin...

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>Niji managers what you doin...
Letting the girls be themselves so they can be happy and entertain the viewers with eccentric-like content. It’s odd to you because it’s different than expected. Trying to directly copy the restrictions of Hololive isn’t going to work for Niji, nor will it get them noticed.

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you mean where the new wave of nijiEN is from

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ah yes fetish play is really holding back hololive

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i knew nijikeks were actual babies wanting their mommy

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that's not even a word, degen

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Why did a bunch of these threads start popping up 2 days after they were announced? Did you just learn about them or something?

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SEA internet is too slow, please understand

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I didn’t say that, I’m saying Niji can never become Hololive. Read the post again.

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Man I didn't read that as drink even after the second take

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So being a Filipina makes her like this?

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there were and still are holofans who hated Coco for doing such stupid jokes together with her Reddit review
not all Holos are the same. You can't compare Sora or Aqua to Coco and Choco

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Well people thought A-chan was based, so they'd think that for Gura too, no doubt.

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Not only are they cringe as fuck but they are also ESL. Oh my god this wave is fucking doomed. Good luck coming up with your cope strategies for this branch Nijiniggers, you are going to need it.

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>Nijiniggers will defend this

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So over this gen already. Obnoxious is not entertaining.

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Ive never made it 2 seconds past the "my boyfriend" part.

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it is cringe nonetheless

>> No.11026606

and miss the KINO "whelp" message from her mod at the end?

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They haven't even touched a "Go Live" button and you are already calling them DOA. Bruh, at least give them the courtesy of watching a stream before you say they are shit.

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Yeah no, they have already shown me who they are. Seriously, they are already 10 times more obnoxious on twitter than Ollie ever was and you all know how Ollie turned out (yubi yubi). This is going to be so much worse.

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I won't immediately turn off the stream if they collab with Pomu, Elira, or Selen. That's when they have their chance.

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>no mention of her replying to damascus art

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I hope you're ready for lots of collabs with Moona and Millie.

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yeah ollie needs to graduate asap

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I don't follow Ollie on twitter, so I wouldn't know. I agree they are being cringe and obnoxious, but I know that I would also be the same if I was in their shoes, trying to make a splash and fighting for attention.

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Works for me

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>>Vshojo Whore

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Y-Yeah... We're working on it... :(

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Somehow when wave 3 came around they all started becoming cringe, besides Selen who was always cringekino in the first place. Twitteroids defend them because they're used to being cringe and unfunny.

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I don't think it is, you can see they're commenting similarly on each others' videos and even Petra and Rosemi have sunk to their level. I'm glad I have more than HoloEN and NijiEN to watch.

>> No.11029048

Yeah, it's looking more like they'll drag the rest of Niji EN to this level, kek

>> No.11029063

What the fuck. This is hot. How is this a problem? Are Holobronies gay or something?

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I see nijis are the KFC commercials of vtubing

>> No.11034448

If Gura did that I'd immediately stop watching her.

>> No.11035078

Oh god why does she act like those Vtweeters with the "Debut TBA".

>> No.11035154

>What the fuck. This is hot. How is this a problem?
Because it’s sin.

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I mean going off of how the previous waves were on Twitter this probably has little bearing on how she’ll actually be

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