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It all makes sense now, what was the saying again? "Rapist breed rapist" or something?

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can't wait for the nijicope ITT

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Why do you do this when you know that this actually affects NijisanjiJP's perception in the west?

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Thats a good thing no?

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Based. Pussies get the boot.

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I wouldn't be surprised if Hololive is actually paying for bait threads on this board prior to new debuts but it's actually just some autistic spic

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There are some paid shills that were fired for this reason

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Any attention is good attention. Also if people are joking this much about something it doesn't stick. /vt/ isn't /jp/'s /hlg/ that takes any joke about Nijisanji as an indictment.

Also who cares if westerners like NijiJP?

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>using Furen for bait threads
You are a bad person anon

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Dude the average /vt/ fag actually believes this shit. Do you know how many people believe any negative rrat they see about Kiara? And yea personally I don't care how the west feels about NijiJP, but niggers break containment and shit gets out

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>Hololive recruits broken girl
>Wow Yagoo is such a nice guy making a home for all these poor girls
>Nijisanji recruits broken girl

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what are you even talking about, dumb amerimutt tranny.

amerimutts are mentally deranged so you need to express shit a very simple way.

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only the strongest survive in bullysanji

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So what you're saying is we should do it more

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go ahead i dont want niji to get ruined by EOPs like hololive rumao

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What's wrong with that? NijiJp livers want nothing to do with the western audience. We're doing them a favor.

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Well I don't know if Anykara can take legal action against 4chan. Does Hiromoot have a jap passport?

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Furen is cute! I love Furen!

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/vt/ trannies and vtwatters live in their absolutely delusional bubble pure shut-in schizos who have no friends irl

you dont need to take any meds anymore. too late

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Please don't use Furen for bait like this, thanks.

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Nigger leave the dumb knight out of this shit, she's one step away from becoming an hero already

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Rape is a social construct invented by women to oppress men.

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She almost did
Her going "I thought about killing myself." and then trying to laugh it off like "Wait no it's not serious, don't worry" felt depressingly real

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Nijigirls are beyond saving at this point

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Holy shit, She needs saving

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Nijibros, you promised there weren't menheras in Nijisanji...

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She got saved by her friends in Nijisanji read her letter at the end of her 3D

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Don't worry, she's fine now. Well, aside from being stupid.

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I don't get it, are you calling baka knight a rapist. She's a nice girl. Why is there so much NijisanjiJP bait, is someone paying you to do this?

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Yes. I'm on HoloEN's payroll to turn the bastion of hololive, a board with 500 retarded schizos, against Nijisanji. It's working.

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No, she needs good dicking yo ensure her safety.

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When is she going to play more 脳トレ?

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Don't worry Ib, I can handle that. But it's nice of you to show concern for a friend

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Ibrahim is the one who gets dicked in meifu, by Melissa

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Shitposting about niji in generale has a massive surge every time around nijiEN debuts . Give it a week before they get bored and they move on something else or they specifically target one thing about the new wave to bash to death for months.
But Ibu already rejected her marriage proposal...

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Oh damn, they're bullying people in workplace?

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Just feels worse when they're targeting nice girls and now Furen's just gonna have a narrative that she wants to die even though Nijisanji has made her the happiest she's been.

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The amount of concern trolling and niji false flagging has been absurd today.

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Mods don't give a shit because it isn't attacking his tribe, it's why Nijidox gets posted and archived.

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Well she's a fucking roastie and act like a roastie riajuu, deserved that bully

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Isn't that what English-speaking fans of Niji want based on their history in the /jp/ threads?

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>/vt/ isn't /jp/'s /hlg/ that takes any joke about Nijisanji as an indictment.
The hololive generals on all boards generally don't like ninjisanji being brought up at all because they go there to post about hololive.
The ninjisanji general on all boards generally don't like hololive being brought up at all because they go there to post about ninjisanji.
Like goddamn not everything has to be us or them getting triggered.

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Except if you post Niji in /hlgg/ you get insta deleted and if you post Holo in /nijiEN/ you are allowed to tribalfag and numberfag for as long as you want

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>for as long as you want
Going by deletes in 4chanX over time that's a bit hyperbole. It's for longer, with some stuff staying up.
My guess is that only a small percentage of people on this site ever report anything that isn't illegal, even smaller for stuff that's just off-topic or apparent trolling, and that no one is watching those threads 24/7. So the thread with more eyes is more more likely to get reports, if any.
I think most people just ignore this theory because either it doesn't something specifically to point to, and because they are on the receiving end of people who will take up positions and sides they don't genuinely agree with just to have fun pissing off others. But I don't think I'm wrong, and I think it applies to a lot of this site.

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I mean, NijiEN General is frequently the 2nd fastest thread on the board (and very occasionally the fastest), and has a lot of users who hate seeing Hololive in there. Stuff's definitely going to get reported in there.

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>Stuff's definitely going to get reported in there.
I don't doubt, and if you look at the last NijiEN general and just scroll down, stuff clearly is getting deleted:
I'm just saying there's a boring explanation for why there's less consistency.

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That sucks. Furen is such a nice woman.
Btw I havent seen her streaming recently...

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Retarded thread watcher she was talking about her old desk job

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>if you post Niji in /hlgg/ you get insta deleted
Considering the retard that tried to push Obsydia and Elira on global lately, that's not the case anymore.

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The modern world is made to attack your mental health.

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