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Would this board have such an aversion to toilet humor if Vshojo hadn't already poisoned the well?
It seems like a perceived association to Nyanners is more of an insult here than simply being a whore or what have you.

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Everything about this board is retarded and hypocritical.

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Toilet humor is just very cringeworthy, that's all. Sure some people can make it work, but most don't. And yes it is worse coming from a womans mouth

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Then why isn't the insult simply "whore" or "gross"? It's always "Vshojo tier" or "Vshojo whore". The association to Vshojo clearly matters in anons' heads.

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Pink cat bad but I agree people here are too thin skinned, I've seen less prudes in my local church.

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>/v/tard love toilet humor
>/pol/tard love toilet humor with frog posting
>even normalfags loves toilet humor
Where the hell did /vt/ come from? Fucking monastery?

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>ew you bleed for Where?

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I don't watch many EN chuubas, but I guess vshoujo clips with that subject matter are the most well known thing about them so they are synonymous with it.
Please don't make shit up ok. I don't see why you would claim that /v/ loves toilet humor when there are plenty of people there who dislike it

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Nene jokes about poop all the time, it's the delivery that matters.
It's one thing to make a joke about poop, it's another thing to talk about that time you shat all over a public bathroom stall while your vagina was shooting blood like a power washer.

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it's so you can recognize idolfags and ignore them, anon

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>/v/tard love toilet humor
>/pol/tard love toilet humor with frog posting
>even normalfags loves toilet humor
And normalfags, /pol/ and /v/ are all retards. So, them loving cancerous refuse like pepe or toilet "humour" isn't something in their favour.

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/jp/, unironically. The heritage has mutated beyond its origins, but you can still find traces of it here. Sheer toilet humor also isn't just funny, and the same goes for blatant sex jokes. You must learn timing and contrast for anything to be shocking. If you do it every time it surprises no one.

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This is why Gura's 'slips' are hilarious. Timing and context matter far more than just the content of the joke itself. Hell, Gura made a joke about sending someone who made a stupid Superchat joke to fucking Ram Ranch, ans them she wisely moved on because you don't sit on those types of jokes.

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toilet humour isn't funny to me
and yeah I'm an Idolfag
so what?

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>Would this board have such an aversion to toilet humor if Vshojo hadn't already poisoned the well?
>It seems like a perceived association to Nyanners is more of an insult here than simply being a whore or what have you.
If we wanted toilet humour we'd be over on /co/ rather than watching anime.

This has nothing to do with V-S. We've been pre-selected to not give high esteem to this sort of thing.

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Toilet humor is okay if you don't abuse it. I hate vshoujo more for the ironic weeb fanbase they pander to.

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If it has nothing to do with Vshojo why is Vshojo always used as an insult to refer to other vtubers who make such jokes?

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>If we wanted toilet humour we'd be over on /co/ rather than watching anime.
What the fuck happened to /co/?

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peepee poopoo im funny

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Most people stop thinking toilet humour is funny when they leave middle school, it has nothing to do with Vshojo. I personally don't mind some toilet humour here and there because contextually it can be funny, but when every other joke out of someone's mouth is:
>Haha my shit
>Haha my pee
>Haha my period
>Haha my vagina
>Haha my ass
>Haha sex acts
>Haha etc
It's not funny, it's tiresome.

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There hasn't been a good western cartoon since Gravity Falls ended, pls andstnd.

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>Cartoon starts off well
>Creators poison it with relationship or woke shit
Every cartoon since Adventure Time. Only exception to this rule so far has been Regular Show. I have no idea why anyone would watch a modern western cartoon.

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If you’re a conservative religious fanatic, then all Western women are whores, and it’s their fault when you jack off. Therefore sexuality and even toilet humor in VTubing is of the devil.

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Vshojo represents the bottom of the barrel, lowest quality content. Toilet humour can be done in an entertaining way, especially if the person is a good storyteller (Mito/Suisei poop story being one example), but Vshojo never reaches that point.

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I love The Regular Show. Bone Bros kinda remind me of them so I love watching Mori and Gura together.

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Nigger Regular Show had a love triangle arc that ruined the show that's the last example you wanna give

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>What the fuck happened to /co/?
What do you mean "what happened"?
/co/'s subject matter is inundated in gross-out humour and has been for the last 20+ years.
Because of how language works. It's a short-hand for a bundle of concepts and approaches.

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Most people are dead inside. I'm 46 and I think peepee poopoo can be pretty funny sometimes.

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>/co/'s subject matter is inundated in gross-out humour and has been for the last 20+ years.
Nah. That's like saying /tg/ was always about critical role.

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Like I said, contextually peepee poopoo can be funny but peepee poopoo exclusively is indicative of not actually having any good material.
Regular Show's love triangle was written to explicitly explain to viewers why being wishy washy like Mordecai will only fuck you in the ass in the end. The characters are all young adults and most of the relationships depicted in that show are healthy so there's no reason to have an issue with it.

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TA here, as a former user of that board that is so incredibly offensive and missing the point I'll probably take my leave at this point because sweet lord and all his angels.
This is bad.

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>so there's no reason to have an issue with it
Lol no. Regular show was good when it was just lighthearted adventures with Mordecai and Rigby. The relationship drama and introduction of characters that only served to push that drama like CJ pushed the show deep in the shitter. And it was all pointless too seeing as he got together with that bat chick in the end. And it's not even just Mordecai, they shoved relationship drama on Rigby too, and Benson, and even fucking Muscle Man... it all just unnecessarily complicated a premise that didn't need complicating. Ending was still kino though, what with that David Bowie song playing. But the most rewatchable and most infamous episodes of the series are all in the first couple of seasons for a reason.

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I don't disagree that generally speaking relationship stuff has no place in cartoons but I think you're wildly overstating the effect it had on Regular Show. It's one of those cartoons that's meant to have a moment of vulnerability here and there in between the based bro adventures, that's part of what I like about it. The relationship stuff with Rigby and Muscle Man were both done fine, I don't really know what there is to be upset about concerning that. Benson's entire character is being cynical and neurotic so throwing some drama in there while not necessarily necessary made sense thematically. CJ was introduced specifically to highlight Mordecai's glaring character flaws when the creators wanted to make Rigby the one who wasn't a complete dipshit. As long as there is an actual reason for introducing storylines like that, it doesn't bother me. But when shows like AT, SU, and SV did it, I agree it complicated a simple premise unnecessarily and those plot points never went anywhere, effectively ruining the show.

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These guys get it. It's one thing to crack lewd jokes. It's another to talk about lewdness nonstop, ironically or otherwise. There's no comedic timing if it's the entirety of your persona. Nobody minds filthy humor here and there. People just take issue with beating a dead whore by using toilet humor and/or sex as your entire personality. It's not about whether it works. It does. Just not with the 4chan demo who already binge watch porn.

LOLSEX means nothing to a man who's already coomed, which is why those chubas are seen as being worthless and having nothing to offer. Simps may eta it up, but self respecting viewers looking for entertainment or GFE will be turned away.

And as a point of fact, most guys won't see the humor in detailed descriptions of how your piss, shit and bloody discharged uterine linings coalesce into a porcelain stew. That's just disgusting. The most we joke about is the runs or dumping massive logs. At no point do guys ever go into detail about the hue, contents, consistency or having a gaped ass unless it's in a medical setting and we're discussing a health problem with our doctor.

I'm surprised none of the simps pointed this out yet, but I suppose I shouldn't be because they're the type who either get off on disgusting fetishes or lie to women they like.

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The vast majority aren’t adverse to it. It’s just easy ammo against a chuuba they don’t like

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If you like toilet humor so much go watch DarkSydePhil snort into the mic and talk about eating shit from his asshole. I don't want that in my chuuba. Not in the least.

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No, because your image is someone who is actually funny. Vshojo are simply a group of unfunny women who make money off of lonely men. They are absolutely no different than camwhores. They just aren't entertainers. If you want me to change my opinion then go take some improv classes. I'm not stupid enough to fall for a personality cult, you need to actually be something first

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Toilet humour exploits shock factor and I don't even know how there are people left on this site who genuinely can find any sort of literal shit new. I have been watching videos of a man taking a dive in a literal sewer a decade ago. I have been reading extensive copypastas about consequences of tranny surgeries with photo and video footage half a decade ago and at that point I didn't feel a thing. I am not offended by these jokes because I find them outrageous. I am offended by them because the people making them expect me to find them interesting while I find them slightly annoying.

Sex talk is sex talk. Most people are conditioned to think about it as private and I imagine your average anon values his privacy. Why would you post on an anonymous basket weaving forum otherwise? I don't like chuubas talking about their sex life for the same reason I don't like people sharing it on facebook or whatever. Take it to your fucking bedroom unless you are a whore. If you are a whore then why do you get offended when people call you one? And why do you actually expect everyone to like whores?

Chuubas that try to exploit lewd anime shit are usually into entry level stuff and even when they are not they still pander to barely of age newfags that make my toes crawl with their retarded memes. If I could line up everyone who has ever unironically posted about le funny numbers, dommy mommies and their quirky tags and shoot them, I would. I think disliking people like that is a pretty natural thing in any subculture.

Roll everything of the above into one and you get a Vshojo tier chuuba. Peepeepoopoo chuubas tend to also be dude sex lmao chuubas and ara ara hentai ahegao chuubas at the same time. Which probably says something about them.

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toilet humor is horrible, only retards like it
fuck any faggot that forces it, also i like nyan but her scat fixation is fucking atrocious

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>Lonely Vshitshow loser trying to shitpost with Mito
fuck off, go back to being another dollar in your whore's wallet. That's all you are to her

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