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This is the pay out of a hypocrite..

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Even vshojo makes 50k a month

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Man this is depressing as fuck. I make $6000 a year... these girls make 6x of that in a MONTH

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Move to a 1st world country if you can.

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Worth it, I'd betray you simps in a heartbeat if I make 30K a month.

In light of recent events, is anyone else stopping any memberships? It clearly isn't worth your money to give to actual millionaires.

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>not brown
>not in the EU
It's over for me.

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>silvervale making more than Nyanners.
What she do?

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Not be a hypocrite

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Good on Ironmouse. I wonder how much of that goes to med bills. Most of it, I'd guess.

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Per month, right?

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Feels bad man

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>He truly believes the sob story
What's next? You also believed that Asria was female?

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per stream

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Don't forget s(he) also faked being mute due to a health condition.

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If anyone starts caring now, they're just retarded. Like... it should've been obvious how much large streamers were making and they were making more than you.
If you chose to spend 5 bucks a month on a large streamer anyway, then I don't understand why you care about your 5 bucks now.
Really the only reason I could think of cancelling is if you realized how little other streamers you watch that aren't over 300 viewers make and actually need the money, and decide to member to them.

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God I hope one of her many schizo antis sees this and fucking off himselfs realizing that the cat makes more in a month than they make on disability a year

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Actually suprised to see only one thread about this

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>Streamer hands typed this.

Holy cope

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I mean, I'm only subbed to people that made 30k a year on that list.
Just saying, if you subbed to a large streamer and are cancelling now, you're retarded.

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Good to see my boy NL that high.

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Uberhaxornova is still around?

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Because there are no words to rebut actual success. Some incel thinks she’s a hypocrite or a whore? She’ll laugh/cry about it on the way to the bank (that’s just a figure of speech; the girls don’t actually leave their rooms).

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this explains the bait threads, jealousy.

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>. Like... it should've been obvious
If it was obvious, why would they hide the numbers?
Notice how taboo it is to even mention how much you're making off of your viewers donations? This wouldn't be a 'leak' if it wasn't exploitative behavior.

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Why is KnowNothingTV on that list?

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she's the kiara of the group
tries the hardest, most audience interaction, most generous simps, lowest views

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I'm guessing it's part of the agreement when you get partnered with Twitch. Lots of streamers are saying they weren't allowed to say this info before but now that someone else is saying it they are allowed to say the numbers are correct without saying the numbers themselves.

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No wonder KFP's are the most unsufferable faggots around

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This is their job. It’s taboo in the US (probably many other places) to reveal how much you make to others, for mostly stupid reasons. If salaries and wages were public info, it would be a boon for workers as a whole (though it would suck for those who used to be secretly making a lot more than their peers) and a headache for management in every industry.

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Why do Nyannersfags let the antis live rent free in their head? They've been mostly quiet for more than a month, maybe month
If anything, now I see that Nyanners is more hated because she's part of VShojo and has peepee poopoo humor than any hypocrisy she's accused of. Isn't a year going to pass since VShojo's formation?

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>Someone says that I'm giving money to millionaire thots? better call him an incel
to be fair it's still not as pathetic as the socialists who give to the literal millionaire to tell them to eat the rich.

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I mean none of the people who stream on youtube care about the playboard stats being public. Twitch just isn't transparent.

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So is it worth it to spend money on someone who averages 1k viewers(on Youtube)? They shouldn't be filthy rich right? Probably make an average salary

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What makes you think the OP isn't an anti retard

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The supposed reasons for the hate are immaterial. Come up with your own or choose from the above list. Bottom line is bitch is rich and her antis are sad.

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>(On Youtube)
You can go see how much they're making off Supacha and member donations.

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ok, so?

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Why don't hololivers move to twitch? According to the leak Miko has made $120k on twitch and that is a fraction of what she streams. Pekora made $25k despite streaming 3 times.

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>the girls don’t actually leave their rooms
This is how I know you're a retard and an incel.
>They're rich but they are just like me!
No, they aren't actually.

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You can check, but on Youtube one thousand viewers means they probably make in the ballpark of 70k a year (maybe +20k more, maybe -20k less). So like the amount of an actual job that doesn't pay garbage.

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>Someone says that I'm giving money to millionaire thots? better call him an incel
Who but an incel would actually say that? You’re kind of confirming the characterization.

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>No wonder KFP's are the most unsufferable faggots around
What’s wrong with memes?

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>Who but an incel would actually say that?
A pathetic weeb who thinks anime girls are special for one thing. Granted, most are incels, but not all.

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Pardon me for conflating the two

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At least that male dragon using the TTS device isnt making that much money.

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Apparently she said recently she finally had enough money to allow her elderly parents to not have to work anymore

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Huh? How are they just like me? Who even said that? I leave my room a lot, but only because I have to for my job. I would LIKE to not leave my room and make lots of money, but thats quite another thing from thinking millionaires are like me.

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Huh. I thought Otz was getting less popular because DbD gets boring after a few games.

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>So is it worth it to spend money on someone
No. How the fuck could it be

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>implying most people in first world countries aren't wageslaves on pennies

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Lol compared to whom? Asmongold? Yes, not that much. Compared to averageanon….

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why is iron making so much more than them?

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>women pretending to be anime girls on twitch make double in a month what I make in a year working 60+ hours
The internet was a mistake

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You only work 60+ hours in a year? No wonder you aren't rich, anon.

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That's not the reason its suprising to me, but keep living in your delusions

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This is true, but probably not in the way you'd like. Zen has made more.

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She streams a fuckton and gets views. Veibae and Nyan get similar view numbers but take lots of days off, though Veibae has been on a tear the last 2 weeks prior to getting sick. And that, I guess, is the difference. Mouse has a chronic illness and streams even when she barely has the strength to type. It doesn’t slow her down.

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Why God Why

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And her life story is one that makes people more willing to subscribe and donate because you know that she actually needs a shitload of money and has been through and continues to go through a fucking lot thanks to medical care. The charity she raised 100k for was picked because it was one that she was pretty much dependent on herself before making it big.

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>Who but an incel would actually say that?
Say that you're giving money to millionaire thots because of the records posted confirming they are indeed millionaires? Just reality bro. Sorry you're too invested to see it.

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OP's chart is what they made in September
What you posted is their total earnings since August 2019 to date.
You fucking retard.

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I was explaining the reason why it’s unsurprising, not surprising.

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Face reveals aren't actual forbidden knowledge, earnings per month/week is.

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>Dirty incel weeb, how dare you call out my lovable millionaire for milking me like a cow

>Sorry the incel spoke ill of you m'lady, here's your cut

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Zen also has been on a hiatus, so if it's actually 2021 September payout and not August 2021 earnings paid out in September, there's a good 2 weeks worth of not streaming

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Yes and? They've both been streaming that long.

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There is a literal general dedicated to talking about how many views and subs chuubas have, they even talk about 2view nobodies and male chuubas, so yes it is suprising that there isnt more discussion of this because of all the numberfags, not your incel delusions

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You're on the Hololive board, buddy. You're not freeloading, are you?

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If you multiply subscribers (publicly shared in the sub goals window) by 2.5, that's a ballpark monthly takeaway even before you add in bits.

It's like getting mad when you figure out McDonalds doesn't pay $2.50 for that plastic cup of coke.

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Per week but I've done a lot less lately, figured I was sick of making minimum wage busting my ass while the CEO of my company posts record profits.
There's actually a colossal recruiting problem in my country atm, turns out I'm not the only one sick of working hard while lazy wankers at the top reap millions, be they CEOs or whores behind anime avatars

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waste of quints. The only success is that they convinced people like you to give money for something they give away for free. You may as well be bragging about how much you give to Kenneth Copeland.

>> No.10956713

I still hate that he dropped Arknights.

>> No.10956723

>752,467 in one month
For watching videos on stream and playing a few games no less. Jesus what a life eh. But I'm told that xQc streams for ridiculous hours so that must be the payoff.

>> No.10956730

>If it was obvious, why would they hide the numbers
Nigger there's people like admiralBahroo who has their monthly sub count with a neon sign on screen and the bare minimum of their income is that number x $5 / 2. You could already ballpark some of the dop dogs if you used your brain for 5 seconds instead of being busy typing your CC info for 5 seconds of attention.

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They get my ad revenue, and now I'm questioning if they should even get that.

>> No.10956749

Didnt she do only 1 single stream on twitch? This is fucking insane
Where is Miko I know she streams every now and then on twitch for watchalongs

>> No.10956785

He never left

>> No.10956789

>Thinks I'm the one blindly giving money to these parasites when he gets hostile about why they go to such lengths to hide their total earnings.
If they were actually your friend, they would have told you when they became millionaires. They don't because they know how to exploit your pity.

>> No.10956794

Pekora streams on Twitch about once a month.
Miko streams there at least once a week.

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Ok thanks, just found out about checking SC money, though I don't think I can see any data about memberships
But anon Shizurin made €420 in the last 7 days, assuming she gets about half of that so 200, let's multiply that by the amount of weeks in a year 52×200=10400. And that's without taxes. SHE NEEDS ME of course you're right actually, there is no worth in doing something like that other than feeling that a woman is dependant on you

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Again the “incel delusions” are exactly the reason why there aren’t more responses to this unpleasant bit of news and why that’s not surprising. Despite their enthusiastic numberfaggery, there is no suitable response to the fact that the vshowhores won and are laughing at you. The answer is right in front of you.
Besides the numberfag threads don’t even bother with Twitch.

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Many, many streamers have their sub counts visible plain as day. Simple multiplication gives you a baseline that only goes up once you factor in bits, direct donos, and tier 2 / 3 subs. Literally just clicked on Vei's most recent VOD and it's right there in the bottom left. Pretty sure most if not all of vshojo have their sub counts visible as well

>> No.10956823

Tomato is pretty high considering he never gets donations and is only living off of subs and gifted subs. Damn imagine how much Gura makes when her membership polls get over 20k votes within mins.

>> No.10956843

That's lifetime, judging by the rank. She barely made the list, it cuts off at 10.000 I think.

Of course that's still insane for how rarely she uses twitch.

>> No.10956852

>Besides the numberfag threads don’t even bother with Twitch.
Not him, they don't bother with twitch because twitch hides their metrics. They hide their metrics because it's harder to convince dimwits and dolts to give to people who are making 32K a month and are proud of it like yourself.

>> No.10956865

you're a retard if you donate to a top tier vtuber.
if you want to waste money that much, at least give it to a 2view or something

>> No.10956874

>publicly shared in the sub goals window
Not everyone does this.

Also stop spewing charlie's shit. Why couldn't these streamers just tell us how much they make? Why do we need to go through hoops to get that info? Why are they mad that now we KNOW how much they make? Because now, the people, normal people will see the streamers not just as one of them but as the elites. Part of the people that most people hate. They don't want to be seen as millionaires because that would hurt their bottom line.

>> No.10956898

I believe the leak numbers don’t include donos but do include subs. Can someone correct me?

>> No.10956916

Not Nyanners.

>> No.10956923

They're Twitch payouts so it includes bits and subs but not donos.

>> No.10956937

>Why couldn't these streamers just tell us how much they make?
Probably deals with twitch, but there's nothing stopping them from saying "Hey guys, I'm actually a millionaire".

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They actually make even more than that. That's just their twitch payout from subs after cuts. Direct donations through streamlabs are a bit part of their income too, but those numbers aren't included because it's not through Twitch. Their true earnings are even higher, probably by quite a bit considering these girls have whales dropping 1k+ in single donations.

>> No.10956978

> Simple multiplication gives you a baseline that only goes up once you factor in bits, direct donos, and tier 2 / 3 subs.
This is how they make their money. Why can't you see that? The reason people think they're poor is because the subs themselves don't pay all that much when you take Twitch's cut (20% IIRC).

>> No.10956989


Veibae $31,080 payout

Veibae subs as of her last stream 14,378

14378 x 2.5 (cut of a Tier 1 sub) = $35,945

Viebae Subs from a random stream last month 11,224

11224 x 2.5 = $28,060

>> No.10957010

>"Hey guys, I'm actually a millionaire".
Imagine how many shit these streamers couldn't do if they ever say this.

>> No.10957012

True but they could at least try to approximate based on publicly available data (Vei and Bahroo and others show their sub count to the world). They couldn’t include it on the same list as holo chuubas, cuz apples and oranges, but they could have a separate list. I believe some JP VTuber numberfags try to include twitch

>> No.10957044

Wow, I can only imagine what it is with that then
Makes you wonder how much holos get through membership

>> No.10957054

Well, now the world knows.
Will this hurt any of them?

>> No.10957064

And streamate dono numbers are not small for any of the top vshojos. The true number might be scarily large

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Some do yeah https://twitter.com/Holo_Data/status/1443848162150658065

>> No.10957107

look at fags here who still donate to holo Myth girls even though every single one of them is a millionaire

>> No.10957121

Yeah I wonder why there isn't a site where it tells us how much everyone in the world gets paid

Fucking retard

>> No.10957135

Is making $30,000 a month actually worth complaining about...

>> No.10957158

Probably not but I bet lots of people will feel a bit of an aversion to donate to big streamers for a while. I'll expect a drop in donation for a week before everyone forgets.

>> No.10957165

The big holos get a lot, but I think youtube streamers probably have less members than similarly-sized twitch streamers have subs because youtube does not have a culture around gifting memberships to the community like twitch has a culture around gifting subs. There's also amazon prime that includes a twitch sub to give to your favorite streamer. Lots of people have amazon prime for reasons unrelated to twitch but get a prime sub they can give to their favorite streamer through it. I think youtube has no equivalent.

Youtube's culture is more based around superchats, which is why a youtube streamer probably gets more in superchats than a similarly-sized twitch streamer gets in direct donations.

>> No.10957176

Meanwhile this retard is having a mental breakdown over not getting collab offers from the biggest vtubers
Fuck off you dumb piece of shit

>> No.10957198

damn, northernlion making dosh

>> No.10957200

also merch and shit, I'm not sure if the sponsors are included.

>> No.10957207

Well that depends on how you consider their line if work "real labor" and if that "much" money should make you mad.

>> No.10957209

Unlike twitch, the majority of holo revenue is out in the open so thats objectively untrue

>> No.10957226

>harder to convince dimwits and dolts
Are you seriously arguing that donos primary motivation is the chuubas’ perceived financial hardship? If not, why would knowing their income change anything, for dolts or anyone else?. All the brilliant non-dolts thought their waifu was poor before this shocking news? Sounds kind of dimwitted and doltish to believe that.

>> No.10957241

So Ironmouse makes more than Pokimane, that's one positive news.

>> No.10957270

This is a twitch leak, so it's only what they're getting from twitch.

Not included:
Direct donations (because that's streamlabs), sponsorship deals, merch, events like the Kizuna Ai concert.

>> No.10957273

Well thinking from her perspective I'd be over the moon taking in that much money (which doesn't even include all the donations and other shit) when all I have to do is play video games and talk.

>> No.10957274

>Yeah I wonder why there isn't a site where it tells us how much everyone on x streaming platform gets paid?
Youtube has one. It's only on Twitch where little kids get defensive about it.

>> No.10957277

playing video games for about 15 hours a week is hard work and they deserve every penny, just see how many vtubers have constant mental breakdowns over it

>> No.10957279

Yeah, it almost makes it seem like the “breakdown” had nothing to do with his job. Very hard to fathom.

>> No.10957313

>Are you seriously arguing that donos primary motivation is the chuubas’ perceived financial hardship? If not, why would knowing their income change anything, for dolts or anyone else?. All the brilliant non-dolts thought their waifu was poor before this shocking news? Sounds kind of dimwitted and doltish to believe that.
You just answered your own question. The people donating are dimwits and dolts. They don't have to have a sane or smart reason to open their wallet for the anime girl on screen.

>> No.10957321

Also remember that when you get a subscription on twitch, you can use the emotes on other channels which you cant do on youtube. I dont think it's the biggest incentive out there but theres definitely people who that could be a dealbreaker

>> No.10957357

I think those would happen without the video games.

>> No.10957376

If anything the leak is a minimum estimate of their earnings, rather than the exact value.

>> No.10957394

Emotes are a big deal on Twitch for precisely this reason. Lots of artists have special rates for doing Twitch emotes if they have a good style that works for them.

>> No.10957414

It's stack of reasons. Layers of excuses you will do to convince yourself to donate to someone. When one of the reasons such as the chuubas financial situation is out in the open and is shown that they are a millionaire, it's harder to convince yourself to donate. Just see on social media how many people are surprised from the leak. There are lots.

>> No.10957419

Why won’t HoloEN and NijiEN move to twitch? I can see them make more money there plus the raid system is pretty good. Is the money from the vods that good?

>> No.10957421

He streamed 378.9 hours in march of 2020 https://twitchtracker.com/xqcow/statistics

>> No.10957435

40k for playing Binding of Isaac goddamn where do I sign up

>> No.10957461

>Why won’t HoloEN and NijiEN move to twitch?
I blame two organizations
-Their companies, who are doing fine in Japan and don't want to split their viewerbase between platforms
-Youtube and Twitch, who would probably be less welcoming to either their existing talents or their overseas viewers if they were to move
Twitch barely has a presence in Japan so it's hard to get Japanese companies to get on board with it.

>> No.10957464

Are people who give $10 on pay-what-you-wish-day the museum morons? Don’t they realize they can look at the art for fee and that the director of the board at the museum is rich? You better tell them.
Anyway nyanners ASMR stream last night had a sub paywall, so it’s not like it’s charity either.

>> No.10957466

Japanese people don't really use twitch and both holoEN and NijiEN have a lot of japanese viewers that come from their JP branch. They probably also want to have everyone on one platform I guess.

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>> No.10957469

people care way too much about other peoples income

>> No.10957484

it's the opposite actually.
Sub is really important and you can see here >>10956989, you can guess a Twitch streamer's income from their subs count
while SC is only a small part of a vtuber income

>> No.10957505

pity money

>> No.10957521

>go to twitch
>get censored and shadowbanned even harder than youtube
>0 moderation against zhangs available
>due to twitch rules partners cannot stream on ANY other platform or face termination

Gee I sure do wonder

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File: 25 KB, 726x99, kek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No one is giving a single fuck about it and several streamers are even taking the piss over the whole situation with their titles

>> No.10957566
File: 59 KB, 352x448, 1502988562960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you can guess a Twitch streamer's income from their subs count
Not really though. The figure in the leak is not their total income. It's only the income from subs and bits and nobody takes bits seriously. Direct donations are through streamlabs, not twitch, so they're not included in the leaked figures. The actual income of these twitch streamers is significantly higher than the leaked figures.

>> No.10957581

moving to Twitch is REALLY dumb especially for Hololive.
A big part of HoloEN audience watch VOD, but on Twitch no one gives a shit about VOD

>> No.10957589

NijiEN should take a look at what Ban Hada’s doing splitting her stream time on both platforms. Hada gets the occasional raid from other vtuber startups, hell she gets more viewers whenever she’s on twitch. Since NijiEN knows vshoujo they can easily incline just from raids. Iirc Rin streams a lot on twitch so i doubt they’re being restricted.

>> No.10957599

>top12 top earning twitch streamers are males
Wow, tell me more how thots take all the streamer money and how the industry isn't completely dominated by males and how there's no patriarchy. Please, indulge me.

>> No.10957600

>0 moderation against zhangs available
Twitch has a mountain of problems, but this one is bullshit. Twitch has more moderation tools than youtube.

>> No.10957623

The stupid masses are the reasons why the rich gets richer while the poor gets poorer. You are the reason why they are still fucking filthy rich. Fucking hell. I hate people.

>> No.10957648

But bahroo never tried to hide his success in the first place
I bet Nyanners, who cares way more about what people think than someone like Bahroo, winced when this number became public.

>> No.10957651
File: 213 KB, 1181x774, 1624780237267.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>zero moderation against zhangs available
Provably false

>> No.10957661

"Leak" was more in reference to the codebase dump that happened. This revenue info was just extra thrown in.

>> No.10957679

donations aren't that big.
maybe it's different for vtuber but for normal twitch streamers (even including thots like Pokimane), it's well known that donations aren't important (account for less than 5% of the total income)

>> No.10957689

As someone who has been banned, I can confirm this is true. You can’t even chat from a VPN

>> No.10957738
File: 1.37 MB, 1319x849, 1628806548300.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's why you reupload the VOD to youtube. It's really not that hard.

>> No.10957753


>> No.10957757

Moderation on twitch is better and the thing about partners is false. They just can’t stream on twitch and youtube AT THE SAME TIME.

>> No.10957766

Context: Nyanners got hate-raided by hundreds of thousands of bots that spammed her old doxx info in her chat.
The Twitch response was not perfect, as you can see it took a month to remove all those follows from the doxx bots again, but the actual spam was only a problem for about 30 minutes until they had it completely under control.

>> No.10957775

>muh patriarchy
Men are just more entertaining than women, sorry

>> No.10957777

You don't what you are talking about
>0 moderation against zhangs available
Their moderation tools are better. You can ban someone and it shadowbans all their other accounts. The streamer can directly disable some words from being typed in their stream. You have access to advanced bots to moderate your chat.

>> No.10957784

not lifetime, pretty sure its the past 2 years

>> No.10957806

This. The source code leak is more significant than the revenue leak.

>> No.10957833

Someone else uploads those im pretty sure

>> No.10957834

>Are people who give $10 on pay-what-you-wish-day the museum morons?
You say this comparing museums, organizations usually ran by nonprofits that barely break even based on the fact they store and collect physical items, to streamers who are literal millionaires.
I hope this was just a very poor illustration on your part and you don't actually think of it this way.

>> No.10957849
File: 1.20 MB, 1041x810, 1633491886747.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally a thread to post this image

>> No.10957860

probably not because relevant people are either too stupid to access this information or too delusional.

>> No.10957876

it's doesn't work that way.
>no initial buff from live view
>no chat replay
>people don't want to watch a re-upload because they think they're treated like 2 class viewers

>> No.10957883
File: 1.32 MB, 1320x847, 1611104955355.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No it's her official archive. She's not the only VShojo to do it either.

>> No.10957890

Donations are definitely bigger for vtubers than for average twitch streamers. These girls have whales that drop thousands each month on them. Melody has a schizo gosling calles mussel that has sent her multiple 10k donations, like 40k in total, and always posts about wanting to kill himself. She had to ban him for his own good and I think she refunded his last donations when he tried to return.

>> No.10957907

I was referring to a successful museum like the Met or louvre or something that is doing well, not a 2views museum. Sorry if I wasn’t clear

>> No.10957912

As we can see from this thread, it's harder to convince people that they're being scammed than it is to scam them.

>> No.10957926

Nope, he's able to make decent content and people like his personality

>> No.10957949

For most these numbers are not accurate at all as they are only the internal twitch ones that don't track streamlabs and the like.
So they usually make way more than this.
They also get endorsements and sponsors and shit which add up as well.

>> No.10957950

Isn't that the same as lifetime for pekora's twitch?

>> No.10957954

It’s only a scam if the person receiving the money doesn’t deliver

>> No.10957958

Most of them aren't wageslaves

>> No.10957990

Okay, but the Met is a nonprofit and the Louvre is funded by the French Government, so it still doesn't really apply or make sense.

A better comparison would be televangelists, who give sermons over the air and ask for tithes and give free bonuses if you tithe a certain amount.

>> No.10957999

Is that Ars in the top10 watchtime? That's great for her

>> No.10958020

I don't think big corpos mesh well with twitch in general or at least hololive doesn't. Twitch streamers tend to shove around their audiences with raids and shit like that yeah? You really think that hololive would do that or interact that much outside of their own? They'd be a foreign body in the twitch ecosystem, isolated from the rest. That would be terrible for getting new viewers. At least on youtube nobody expects you to interact with outside streamers. How much of this or anything at all applies to Nij as well, I cannot say. Also there is the whole shit with vods and all.

>> No.10958048

I grabbed the first one i could find, and i think trying going on damage control on this whole situation is a surefire way to have more backlash. I was listening to some generic 700 viewers streamer saying that it's a much better idea to sit back and eat popcorn while this shit blows over because it involves literally everyone that there's no clear "target" to aim to bring down and the pool of people is so big you just use the school fish mechanic to "hide yourself" in the grand scheme of things.
>You are the reason why they are still fucking filthy rich. Fucking hell. I hate people.
I did nothing but post the title of a stream, how exactly am i at fault here

>> No.10958060

raids would seem rude for the japanese audience, same with twitch's lax approach to copyright laws etc. even if only EN would use those it might create a problem for other branches, that's why the only member that primarily streamed on twitch was Artia, 3 members made twitch accounts since (Miko, Pekora and... NENE) but they use it sporadically,

>> No.10958065

Nyanners would've had at least double her current amount if she wasn't a grifter.

>> No.10958079

They would probably get raids but Cover doesn't seem the type to be okay with them raiding outside of themselves. Niji is okay with it though. They raided Melody during her birthday when they were on Twitch for some reason.

>> No.10958123

>twitch's lax approach to copyright laws
what? Youtube is way more lax than Twitch

>> No.10958140

this fake and gay economy need to crash hard

>> No.10958145

niji EN already streamed on twitch soon after they started, no idea why they don't seem to do that anymore perhaps it's mostly convenience.

>> No.10958146

They let Judas stream on Twitch.

>> No.10958152

Everybody who has twitch prime and just needs a channel to throw it to

>> No.10958154 [DELETED] 

I love Veibaehime's spoiled brat crying voice.

>> No.10958168

>but on Twitch no one gives a shit about VOD
Depends. For certain people that used to be youtubers first and foremost you get some pretty nutty vod numbers. Even someone like Northernlion that struggles to break a hundred k on any youtube vid (and usually seems to be around 40k) gets a hundred - 2 hundred k vod viewers easy.

>> No.10958177

It depends on the context, but generally no. Twitch will just mute parts of your stream if you play copyrighted music, youtube will demonetize or nuke you.

>> No.10958178

This list is not accurate according to NICKMERCS.
He didn't denied that he's paid a LOT of money but on his contract he is paid twice a month the same amount of money. Orgs/big streamers have special contracts

>> No.10958215

She'd double it if she showed her sub count on stream, allowed people to pay for tts messages, had sound alerts viewers could pay for with bits and didn't need to be asked to turn on donos all the time.
Guess she's not that good at grifting.

>> No.10958232

Youtube can also live DMCA you if the offense is egregious enough. On Twitch the only people who have ever been hit with that are people who looked at the Olympics, and you can also split audio tracks on Twitch so you can listen to whatever DMCA audio you like and it just won't appear in the VOD so you're safe.

>> No.10958247

This is most likely pre-tax and pre-twitch take.
But the streamers coming out and crying about how they're not making this much are disingenuous at best, as these numbers do not include the sheer mountains most of them make from direct donations, sponsorships et al.
Many of them usually actually make more than is reported here, especially the twitch thot types.

>> No.10958257

I'm sure if they announce the move to Twitch you will look for excuses to agree with them. You are no worse than apple fanboys.

>> No.10958267

those chicken nugget not gonna serve themself to more than a million people everyday

>> No.10958270


Miko does not seem to be in the top 10.000 earners, at least I wasn't able to find her in the list. Pekora is at rank ~9300, which is insane for someone who doesn't actually stream on twitch.

>> No.10958296

Well they were like what? 3 bugs on that site? That's nothing compared to the main branch and ENs+IDs. I just don't see it working out for Hololive, maybe it could work for Nij, but as I said I have no fucking clue.

>> No.10958308

no Youtube very rarely strikes music content.
They have a deal with most big record labels.
So music content will gets claimed most of the time, sometime the video will be blocked. Strikes are very rare
Good luck doing that on Twitch

>> No.10958320


>> No.10958323

It is after twitch cuts. Ironmouse has 16k subs, that would be 80k just from subs alone, so the 50k is after twitch take.

>> No.10958331

Fuck off Nigger, I like vTUBERS not Vtwitch streamers. Sure using twitch here and there is fine same as niconico or whatever, but the main shit should be on yt

>> No.10958361

It's definitely pre-tax, but the way the information's presented would imply it's either "Revenue Generated by Streamer" or "Cut Paid to Streamer". Somebody with access to the actual database would have to clarify that, as it's a big distinction. Half of "more money than most anons will see all year" is still quite a bit of money, even if you account for it immediately being cut down again for taxes.

>> No.10958364
File: 537 KB, 804x1643, Screenshot_20211006-145314_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's some estimation done for Gura a few days ago in the number thread

>> No.10958369

also people underestimate the Japanese audience on Twitch
this guy is bigger than any vtuber out there

>> No.10958374

Listen up you dumb faggot, I watch my local indie on twitch just fine. All I am said was that COVER corp. doesn not mesh well with Twitch as a primary streaming plattform. It has nothing to do with fanboyism.

>> No.10958383

There's no problem in being paid to make stream the problem is lie about being rich to bait donos.
Batata got paid $2k in september and believe me this is a lot of money for a brazilian and she was asking for donations to buy something because she was "broken".

>> No.10958384

Miko's listed in moonrunes for some reason, despite her channel name being in English. Pekora earns less and she's on the list.

>> No.10958397

Why are you so anal about twitch though? If you watch NijiEN and HoloEN the chat is basically twitch chat just replace LUL and KEKW with lol and their respective membership emotes. Hell twitch chat is much better since you can significantly slow down chat to get actual discussions.

>> No.10958400
File: 442 KB, 1920x1080, 1627839932934.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10958407

It is post twitch take but pre tax.
The leaked numbers are what twitch pays out to the streamers after taking their cuts. It does not include direct donations though because those are usually through streamlabs, not twitch. For vtubers with parasocial simps these direct donations can add up to a lot too and that information is missing.

>> No.10958411

If you think that’s a good comparison than you must really hate vtubers and think they’re evil, or you think televangelists are purveying harmless entertainment.
A useful metric would be to know what percentage of viewers are handing over money they cannot afford to lose to the entertainer. We all know it happens, but there is no reason think poor people are a disproportionate component of a vtuber’s viewerbase.
With organized religion, stealing/grifting from the poor literally is their bread and butter. Donors will eventually get their reward in heaven, but chuubas promise no such award that I’m aware of.

>> No.10958423

They can't do anything about the bot raids lol

>> No.10958432

And Pekora was found watching him live

>> No.10958433

That gives you an idea of just how much they make on Youtube if the move isn’t worth it.

>> No.10958437

It's not even just vtubers, twitch thots make the vast majority of their money through dono's.
Even someone like XqC probably makes more through donations than he does via subs.

>> No.10958449

See >>10957651 >>10957766

>> No.10958458

that's really dumb
CPM rate and premium rate depend a lot on where the viewers live.
You're not gonna get anything if your viewers are from SEA and SA and these guys love watching EN

>> No.10958464
File: 676 KB, 726x767, 1623036612219.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh nononono forsenboys, making less money than leasr popular vshojo vtuber
Looks like you need a couple more Raid Ogey Legends streams to catch up

>> No.10958475

>They can't do anything about the bot raids lol
usage: !nuke <lookback in seconds> <timeout in seconds, 'ban' or 'delete'> <match string, for regex, wrap in slashes /abc/>

>> No.10958536


>> No.10958537

Real answer: Vei and Nyan almost did not stream in September.

>> No.10958546

It's okay...he has his Gura account...

>> No.10958562
File: 169 KB, 1709x2048, 1633050443623.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't watch EN, and discussion between chat members during streams is cringeworthy in my opinion

>> No.10958576

Who da fuck is xQcOW?

Sounds like a fucking normie from the early 2000s with that screen name

>> No.10958610

Then what sort of discussion do you want?

>> No.10958611


>> No.10958625

Go back

>> No.10958636

You're pretty accurate.
Drama fishing zoomer who streams 12-16 hours a day.

>> No.10958658

Yes but Vei and nyanners are frequently on the inured list, not just in September. Vei is like one of those nba players who scores 35 points a game when she plays but plays 50 out of 82 games.
Whereas mouse plays 40 minutes a game, 80 games a season, all while having AIDS.

>> No.10958684

Does vshojo get a cut of the total like Hololive or they get the full amount?

>> No.10958691

Even if she was dependent anon, it’s her fucking choice to do what she does instead of working a normal job. No pity needed.

>> No.10958714

Well it depends on the person and how their relationship with their audience is right? But really I don't get why you focused in on that. My big problem with twitch is that I don't like the website and it's functions.

>> No.10958718

The girls get the full amount. Vshojo makes its money from merch rights and the sponsorship deals they get the girls.

>> No.10958733

That Mouse is really made of Iron.
God I love her.

>> No.10958765

Twitch’s own features provide record evidence of gift subs and donations in the chat itself. Why bother hiding what Twitch doesn’t care to keep private? Who actually cares big viewer media creators are making money instead of the shithole that is television?

If someone told you Pewdiepie made millions, would you be shocked and upset? Genuinely wondering.

>> No.10958786

dpd doesn't pretend like he is poor

>> No.10958788

Tell me their revenue

>> No.10958810

biggest twitch vtuber BUT spanish audience

>> No.10958838

Look for yourself.

>> No.10958845

Because Pokimane actively discourages donations and puts her money where her mouth is by capping them at 5 bucks. Sure she’s an ethot, but she’s objectively less greedy than the Vtubers.

>> No.10958853

Chingatumadre Nimu

>> No.10958860

I don't understand why people care so much about someone spending 5 bucks to sub to someone. If you feel scammed over 5 bucks, or are angry that people would spend 5 bucks, please reconsider your priorities.

>> No.10958868
File: 2.99 MB, 2480x3508, E9IDOSuVIAYlgK7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This is the pay out of a hypocrite..
No anon, this is just the twitch part of her payout. Direct donations are not included in these leaks (because streamlabs) and Nyanners has whales that drop $1k+ donations on her. She also has a patreon and gets sponsorship deals and merch. Being a hypocrite pays well.

>> No.10958873

>Melody has a schizo gosling calles mussel that has sent her multiple 10k donations
That schizo made her paypal blocked. Similar things happened with Vei and many, MANY more (even irl Kiara regained her paypal only recently after a year of suspension). Those huge donos get very often refunded when the person making them sobbers up or their parent gets ahold of the situation and their credit card. There were even cases when anits made huge donos just to report them a moment later, resulting in the lucky recipient not only having to return the dono, but also to pay an operational fee (a few hundred bucks).
Huge donos are more of a problem than a blessing. 10k doesn't matter if you lose your paypal. Quite often streamers even block them.

>> No.10958918

I think only the top 10.000 earners are included. I wasn't able to find Koopa, probably because she's too small to be on the list.

>> No.10958949

This is the top 10k anon yesterday was searching all streamers

>> No.10958975


>> No.10958981

> t. Ironmouse

>> No.10958989

Vei had a problem like that recently that resulted in PayPal giving her a high priority account that no longer will get blocked in cases like this.

Mussel has never actually charged back his donations to Mel as far as I know.

>> No.10958998
File: 84 KB, 888x500, 1621159750906.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Given the absolutely worst estimate of each step taking half of the money (Youtube, then Cover, then Taxes), that's still $209,750 take-home. From Youtube alone.
I don't know what music streaming services do for their cut, but for good measure just assume that only 20% of any amount listed is actual take-home pay after cuts and overhead. From what I understand Cover doesn't take a very big cut from music since the chuuba has to front the cost of production themselves. We also know that merch is basically only overhead and the chuuba gets almost all of the profits, although with stuff like Nendos GoodSmile probably takes a cut for themselves.

One thing that people don't consider is that being a chuuba, even in a large company, is still very much in the mindset of running your own business. Corpo vtubing just gives you access to some resources that make it easier, like a manager to help you coordinate things, do scutwork for permissions, and help with OpSec pretend with me for a moment that Cover's management does their job properly all the time. You are expected to be the driving force of your own business. A lot of this money will be going right back into equipment, up-front production fees for merch and music, booth rentals if they're needed, construction for installing new walls, a fancy bed so you can actually fucking sleep at night knowing you're one of the top earners in the world...overhead isn't something people think about in a 9-5 job. Running your own business is hell even when you're operating in the green. Ordering rush jobs on models and entire fucking detailed setpieces and purchasing licences and buying gluten-free bread aren't cheap.

Even after all of that, though, it's still a fuckton of money.

>> No.10959037

fuck off do it yourself

>> No.10959044

Nimu was paid in september 62k and her total earning is 62k? This is wrong

>> No.10959077

veibae is british royalty nice try

>> No.10959081
File: 25 KB, 128x128, 4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lost to Forsen

>> No.10959106

she doesn't even have 5k subs

>> No.10959128

some tuber that appeals to underagefags

>> No.10959134

>Getting paid hundreds of thousands a month for freebooting other people's content
I really hope that meteor hits us pretty soon

>> No.10959147

Nimu did not get 62 in september. At least not through subs, which this leak is about.

>> No.10959223
File: 273 KB, 1053x2067, 20211006_211821.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10959248

Ah, the name is in moonrunes. I guess it makes sense that she's on the list, since she actually streams on twitch somewhat regularly.

>> No.10959288

Miko doesn't even have 1k subs and she's made almost 120k.

>> No.10959292

>it would be a boon for workers as a whole
It wouldn't. Thanks to US laws and culture the employers have all the power. All it would really do is make people brag even harder about their earnings.

>> No.10959324

> t. Pokimane

>> No.10959370

If they're continuous and don't let their subs lapse then that does add up.
Also twitch bits should also actually show up in that total, so for someone like miger who doesn't have streamlabs that's how the donations would work on twitch.

>> No.10959398

>Pay me better or I'll go work for your competitor who will pay me better as starting pay and will almost certainly hire me because I'm coming from their competitor.
Ask me how I know you've never had a proper desk job in a competitive field.

>> No.10959426

one of the mods said this was some private issue not related to stream. But thats not cool narration for drama frogs here

>> No.10959443

Miko probably had more subs at one point and over time even 1k subs add up.

>> No.10959453

It would. Knowing that your coworkers are making more than you means you can grab your boss by the balls. Salary information is a really big deal and it gives employers a shitload of leverage, which is why they've tried so hard to make talking about it taboo

>> No.10959454

You would feel scammed if a top streamer banned you after renegotiating subathon rewards after getting the no 1 spot like an idiot who trusts people to be good inside.

>> No.10959486

That’s nothing Pekora made 25k from literally three streams of a total of 8 hours. Two watch along as and one Minecraft I believe. And yet she clearly doesn’t give a shit about Twitch. They both made a lot from prime memberships but every indication is that making the switch just isn’t worth it for them. SC are probably a small fraction of their overall income especially for the most established Holos who have had years to rack up memberships and sponsorships/merch/royalities. I want to know what their cut of those damn tcg’s is. If people are selling a signed coco for 2 grand she probably got a decent cut.

>> No.10959576

I do think on youtube superchats are more important than memberships since streaming culture on youtube mostly revolves around superchats.
On twitch -with gift subs and prime- subs are probably more important than direct donations.
Of course neither is irrelevant. I know that some holos have a lot of paying members and similarly the vshojos also have goslings dropping thousands in direct donations on them. I'm just talking in general.

>> No.10959744

Actually based on what others have revealed, ads and premium are generally by far the most important factors for most youtubers. Premium also favors long watch times over raw views which means it should be huge for vtubers. Spiffing Brit has some good videos on this.

>> No.10959823

If this is unironic and actually happened to you, this is the post of the day. I love shit like this.

>> No.10959946

>t. Snuffy

>> No.10959981

The competitor wouldn't pay you better and your company could easily replace you.

>> No.10959998

I know I shouldn’t bite but I will. I’m a sucker for these grievance stories. Why did snuffy’s mods ban you, Mr. Anon?

>> No.10960026

Knowing means nothing. Unless your job is extremely high demand and low supply your ass is just going to get replaced by someone who's willing to work for that lower salary.

>> No.10960137

Because they wanted me to stop busting my nut all over her vocal cords, since it was changing her voice from squeaky UwU to chadly OwO. Can you tell I haven't stopped?

>> No.10960219

How mad is 2view Entuber twitter right now?

>> No.10960239

Yes, I can.

>> No.10960308

F*ck this Gay Earth. And anyone who paid Streamers this ridiculous amounts

>> No.10960411

Whoops, my bad! Won't happen again.

>> No.10960444


>> No.10960708

Again, ask how I know you're not in a competitive field and have never been in one. "Your competitor will pay me more" is a VERY strong statement at the negotiation table in any field where a worker's individual skill and experience is both important and not easy to replicate. I'm not talking about your wife's boyfriend's burger flipping job. Replacing skilled workers is difficult as it is, but doing so when you could've just hiked their pay a bit more at the negotiating table is generally considered dumb.

>> No.10960725

I have no idea. But apparently any rando can make millions these days...

>> No.10960733

>move to twitch?
Starting a Twitch exclusive branch, I can see, but, moving altogether isn't happening.

>> No.10960787

>Japanese people don't really use twitch
There have been fighting game players that used Twitch. What makes them different?

>> No.10960834

I want to see some 2view ENvtubers seething at the vshojo earnings. Does anyone have some good screenshots or twitter links?

>> No.10960871

The worst part is how they're all gloating about it. Their livelihoods revolve around sucking people dry and emotionally manipulating people, and they're laughing. I don't want to admit it, but is China right by cracking down hard on celebrities? They're fucking vampires. Parasites. Is there any hope at legislating or auditing these monsters?

>> No.10960922

People give them money. Why blame the vtubers and not the people who pay them? Have you ever seen how much Hololive top earners make? It's absurd.

>> No.10960985

Damn, I feel kinda bad for Yogscast being so low. I stopped watching years ago but it always seemed like they put a lot of effort in

>> No.10961019

The reality is free will is a myth for the vast amount of people. They are having their biology and psychology used against them. It's like dangling a banana over the edge of a cliff to a monkey

>> No.10961024

There's an indie I sometimes watch on twitch that only started streaming earlier this year. She's managed to build up her average viewers to almost 400 in that time and has made over $40k this year
2 views just need to be more motivated and maybe less shit

>> No.10961086

If Hololive girls used Twitch for watch parties then they could make bank off the subs like Miko does. I have no idea why they don't since watch parties are the vastly, vastly superior way to do watchalongs.

>> No.10961175

Requires Prime, and we all know most westerners are poorfags.

>> No.10961192

Shit, you could say that about so many forms of entertainment and luxury goods. The reality is that people are only upset about streamers because they are jealous of their earnings. I understand, it would be nice to make that much money for doing basically nothing, but it is what it is. How people are surprised is beyond me. You could do the math and figure out they were making a shit ton of money long before this data breach.

>> No.10961202

Miko has 5k subs on twitch

>> No.10961215

If it makes you feel better XqC is a degenerate gambler and he's probably going to lose it all in 5 years because he can't control himself.

>> No.10961247

Alright even if we assume that's true the overwhelming majority of people don't work jobs like that so it wouldn't be "a boon for workers as a whole" as was originally stated.

>> No.10961318

Anon I go to /biz/ and I'm putting down 1k on SHIB and 5k on algo/ctx this weekend

I don't donate or subscribe to vtubers, the only thrills I get in life is seeing number go up.

>> No.10961330
File: 566 KB, 840x854, D4BD9638-A525-4327-83FD-71E5A3707F85.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Asmongold making that kind of money is the ultimate black pill.

>> No.10961348

It's against Twitch Partner TOS

>> No.10961365

>Make that kind of money
>Still live in a dump, dress and live like shit
MMO addictions are horrifying

>> No.10961382

>even including thots like Pokimane
Pokimane limits her maximum cash donations to 5 dollars because she wants to limit the amount of ways people can absolutely chimp out and send her crazy amounts of money. You literally cannot donate more than 5 dollars through streamlabs to her

>> No.10961424

What does Lumi make

>> No.10961427
File: 506 KB, 1331x940, 1622720324686.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>search for kana
>not even on the list

>> No.10961432

I think he's just content doing what he does because he likes it. He can still be addicted to an MMO in a nicer place, but that's his home and it's what he's used to. I'd still be pissing in bottles and not showering if I had 8 million dollars, I'd just have a nicer PC,

>> No.10961451
File: 67 KB, 2516x341, Screenshot_20211006-222713_Samsung Internet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10961454

Oh. Never mind then. I guess he's you but filthy rich.

>> No.10961508

He was paid more to gamble than he lost, they were giving those guys like a million+ a month. He stopped gambling months ago though since he realized it was kind shitty

>> No.10961526

I searched for her too. Doesn't really matter though, she only just became a partner like a week ago.

>> No.10961556

I make more money than most streamers and it's all meaningless to me. I could lose 90% of it in a day, 300x it back in a month, and lose it all again and feel nothing. Money really is the root of all evil anon, never slurp up more than you need. I feel like a demon and not in the edgy or fun way

>> No.10961589
File: 105 KB, 1024x919, 503BFAB9-0B91-4236-9E0A-FD31516EB0AD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wouldn’t though. If I had the money to enjoy life I’d have myself looked after even if I couldn’t do it myself. The guy makes me physically sick he’s such a vile subhuman without basic hygiene.

>> No.10961634

about 5.5K a month

>> No.10961653

That's a lot of vodka

>> No.10961776

... I feel sorry for you anon. You're the exception. You can feel scammed.
also kek

>> No.10961798

*keks weepily*

>> No.10961854

The streaming bubble NEEDS regulation or needs to be popped. It's millionaires pretending to be your friend to rob you, it's so blatant and a lot of normies on twitch and shocked at this. It's happening.

>> No.10961889

Most big streamers are happy to admit they make millions. Most people on that list have had public sub counts and anyone can do the math themselves of 2.35 times the number of subs. The IRL ones are all buying houses and shit, no one is pretending to be "poor just like you guys!"

>> No.10961910

Those views are abysmal.

>> No.10961952

Not them, but many others are. Also, you set yourself up to prove a negative. Good luck with that.

>> No.10961955

Most of them don't even do that, at least nobody I have ever watched. They live in nice houses and/or buy nice cars. They have very expensive equipment and don't call themselves poor. Ironically the ones who do the whole pretend friend/girlfriend thing are vtubers.

>> No.10961958

There's a chart of viewers by streamer language that breaks it down. Japan is ridiculously low. They're just not interested in Twitch.

>> No.10961982

99% of this board is Hololive or Niji, neither of which have a substantial presence on twitch.

>> No.10962002

>It's millionaires pretending to be your friend to rob you,
That's one way to view it, but a much better view of it is that you are watching a show.

>> No.10962096

It's the guy that made the list so he added himself to it as a watermark

>> No.10962142

Is the list still up somewhere or has it been taken down, curious about the earnings of some tubers I watch

>> No.10962164

it's around, just google what you want and "pastebin"

>> No.10962221

>Asmon higher than fucking COHHCARNAGE
>Asmon living in a shit home still
>Cohh has a wife, multiple kids, a LOT of pets, horses, and several acres of land
Never fucking play mmo's

>> No.10962258

>Esfand makes more than Jinny
How...fucking HOW?!

>> No.10962305

Just use it to invest in things then.

>> No.10962317

Yeah, most people don't even know it exists and people on twitch don't seem to care about vods much. And if they do care they probably watch it on twitch before it gets deleted. Still, it's nice that many twitch streamers started archiving streams on youtube because twitch deletes vods after a month or two.

>> No.10962329

Are holos being barred from twitch by management? Why are they passing the gravy train like this up?

>> No.10962539

Esfand has been around a lot longer and gets numerous deals with Twitch so that results in his Sub split being better, better bounties, and I think he has an exclusive contract as well

>> No.10962605

Hololive has no audience on Twitch as far as JPs go, but I bet ENs would do great there.

>> No.10962639

Because Holo as a brand is already established on YT and they make similar earnings on there already? They have no reason to make the switch.

>> No.10962779

When Miko or Pekora bother to stream on twitch they're the highest viewed vtubers on twitch for that day. They probably make really good money with youtube or else they'd do it more.

>> No.10962862

It's all about how you spend that money

DSP has a high earning but he spends more money on a WWE gatcha game then he does mortgage

>> No.10962957

Seems to be incomplete as I can't find two tubers I follow

>> No.10962981

That's because they're events and have a lot of EOPs just "There for the ride." I doubt they'd be doing as well if they just moved over but with the numbers that HoloEN pulls and the fact they're part of a "major org", they could absolutely pull off an exclusive live streaming contract the way other large org streamers do. Twitch even lets you turn off the ability to be raided so leeches can't force their way in as easily.

>> No.10963041

The lists people share are only the top 10k streamers, youd have to get he full archive yourself. The bottom most streamer on my copy has 23520.42 in total so if they made less most sources won't bother listing them

>> No.10963216

But Twitch payout depends on views right, 3-4 different tubers I follow that has about the same views aren't all on the list. Two of them are but not the other two

>> No.10963286

>turn off the ability to be raided so leeches can't force their way in as easily.
That wouldn't be a problem. I don't see people seething about not being able to interact with HoloEN.

>> No.10963497

These leaks are the money from paid subs and bits. Viewers only matter insofar that more viewers usually correlates with more subs.

>> No.10963990

>>Streamers like money

Nyan already trolling.

>> No.10964808

yass queen

>> No.10965038

He used to play Overwatch

>> No.10965113

>people make edited videos
>make meh amounts of money
>streams hours of unedited mostly eventless low quality content
>become billionaires
God I hate streaming

>> No.10965169

No, payout is payout. I have 10 viewers and my total payout is 5,000 dollars so I'm not in the top 10k, but there's people bigger than me who also have only made 5k. Payout has nothing to do with views aside from people typically making more money if they have more viewers.

If someone gives me 5000 bits (50USD) I get 50 dollar. If someone gives Asmongold 5000 bits, he gets 50 dollars. The only really big difference between big and small streamers is the sub split, as the VERY large ones can negotiate a higher split than 50/50 and the top most get 100% of it because they bring in so much money via ad revenue and other sources

>> No.10965316

Editors for those big streamers make a shitload of money too. Pretty sure Asmongold doesn't even make money off his Youtube, his channel managers just share it.

I'm close with an editor for a top 300 channel and he made 80k just last year because a lot of those streamers are really, really cool and appreciate their editors since they know they'd be nowhere without them. They aren't even "skillful" edits, just cut down stream content anyone could do.

>> No.10965473
File: 402 KB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2020-02-23-21h11m22s207.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it does also require people letting themselves get tricked into it
don't act like normalfags with their moms credit card weren't gonna be retarded with money anyway

>> No.10965592

This is loser's mentality, never donate, it's that simple

>> No.10965828 [DELETED] 

Her fucking "money money money, in a twitch man's world" got me, kek.

>> No.10965928


>> No.10966006


>> No.10966361

Hana is always right.

>> No.10966584

I've never giving streamers money ever again....but I stopped years ago so whatever. You're basically giving money to rich people.

>> No.10966635

>I'm* never
oops again.

>> No.10966667

>The streaming bubble NEEDS regulation
Shut up jew

>> No.10966829
File: 124 KB, 461x447, 1627865879391.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>12 hours a day average

>> No.10967039

>The streaming bubble NEEDS regulation
and how should it be regulated

>> No.10969539 [DELETED] 
File: 39 KB, 368x513, Matsuri.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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