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Pomu Global - Mind Break Edition


Previous thread:

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impromptu zatsudan talking about the surprise if anyone missed it

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It's a good day to be a Pomudachi and a 2hu boomer.

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I LOVE POMU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Reassuring Pomu

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i've been concernfagging over pomu hard the whole last week because she's been super stressed and depressed and i'm really happy her friends did this for her because i couldn't
thank you lazulight

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Those are tears of joy

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I don't get the woman thing where they feel bad or sorry for themselves for no reason. Like nigga I have no ambition and no direction in life but you don't see me crying myself to sleep or staying awake all night.

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you should try it sometime

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she was crying about how she didn't know if she was doing good enough and felt like she was dragging down management and her genmates, so pretty similar to when she hit 100k and said more or less the same thing. then after that she was talking about how the surprise with beatmario meant a lot to her because of how down she was, so it was happy and sad crying desu

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Tonight inspired me to play a Touhou game again for the first time in years, I forgot that they actually rock and there was a reason I loved them.

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The way she was stuck on that face amazed me so hard

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im happy for pommers

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Is there a vod of Otakuthon panel for Lazulight?

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your archive reps >>8623517

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sleepy pom

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being lulled to sleep by the gentle sounds of Rich Evans

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Because they will be rewarded with attention by simping males, which in the age of the internet means hundreds or thousands of followers to suck your clit and make you feel valuable. Men can't understand it because the only people who might do that would be your mom, sometimes your dad and maybe a distant uncle you talk to once a year. And everyone will make fun of you if you say something like "my mom thinks I'm handsome" so as a man you don't even really get that.

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I totally get that feeling, even if your life is going pretty well as long as your friends are even a little more successful in some way it can feel pretty horrible.
Especially if you feel you're the reason for it.

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hi /pomu/ just thought I'd stop by and say how cute I think your oshi is. I don't really watch niji apart from Selen on occasion but I watched her "this is what happened" stream because nothing else was on and it came up in my feed. and then went back and watched her beatmario thing and she was adorable. her genmates are really nice to have done that for her. You guys are alright.

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Cute Pomu

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more pom in a white dress art

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Gal Gun waiting room up. It might turn into a zatsudan though as she is having issues with the VR

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When are they going to drop the trailer confirming Lyrica? Pinoy rise up!

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>It might turn into a zatsudan though
You mean Minecraft.

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My oshi is the cutest

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Looks like the cosplay outfit is done, photoshoot on the 14th

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Goddammit, please don't switch to Phasmo collab instead Pomu.

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Gal Gun VR live:

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I love pomu!! Scuff and all!!!

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Her voice always sounds cuter with her VR setup! SO CUTE

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my multitasking audio scuff fairy can't be this cute

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this guy comes to every stream and @s Pomu as if they were buddies and obviously gets ignored. I only started noticing it because I put "nijisanji" on LiveTL
don't be a creep like Wang

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Pomu definitely wanted some of that ghost girl, unfortunate she had to rush to end for the Wave 3 announcement.

>> No.10920593

How does it feel knowing your oshi is a grandma?

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Once a BOOMER, always a BOOMER

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Holy fuck, it's Pamu Rainjiggly.

>> No.10924669

She's definitely molesting that ghost off stream right now.

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Pomu in a big hat!!!

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Hag Pommers

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Pomu is cute and pretty and sweet and the one for meeeeee

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Catching up with the Gal Gun stream. Pomu is very cute, bros.

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Too bad gal gun sucks cock and gets stale after 10 seconds. And Pomu is always so absorbed when she plays VR that she doesn’t have anything interesting yo say. Never again

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Pomu just woke up

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pom's character sheet

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I hope she isn’t becoming too jealous of her new kohais. I know corporate forces them to interacte for obvious reasons, but she could try to hide her contempt a bit more

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>And Pomu is always so absorbed when she plays VR that she doesn’t have anything interesting yo say
She goes on just as many tangents in VR as in normal games though? The best parts of the Tokyo chronos streams have been stuff like the mini shibuya tour in the first stream and her stories from JP in the third stream

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What are you talking about?

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fuck off conspiracy scum this is a Pomu thread

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Interact with women more. A woman who is fresh off being forced to shill newer, shinier women tweeting “UGGH I NEED TO GIVE MY TIRED OLD HAG BONES A BREAK. GOODNIGHT.” is not a woman who is happy doing what she’s doing. What do you imagine Pomu did after she tweeted that? I imagine she laid in bed and cried for a bit, like she said she’s been doing the past few days. All the goodwill from the Beatmario appearance was destroyed in the 1 minute she had to take from the Gal Gun stream to shill her competition

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didn't read don't care plus I'm Pomu

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>Misrepresenting a joke
>Completely making shit up
The schizo trifecta

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>Hasn’t spoken to another human being in weeks
>Doesn’t understand how the world functions outside her bubble
Corporate spoonfeeds me how to think and I swallow it down like a man!!!!!!! Everyone who doesn’t shove the keyfabe up his or her own ass is a schizophrenic(an insult that has been prescribed to me by my Chinese masters courtesy of their pharmaceutical operations in neighborin India variations include: take meds. I literally could not come up with an original insult on my iwn if I tried)

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Pomumama sent in more reference sheets, but unfortunately they weren't used...

>> No.10958618

Pomumama... Release them, be a rebel delinquent punk like your daughter...

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athletic pom

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Probs panties and bra... Pomu your delicious chest that you yourself hate...

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all women want desperately to be accepted by others and they all have low self-esteem
that is the existence of women in a nutshell

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Outlast 2 stream live:

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Sloppy wet granny kisses from these two dorks!

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i love pomu and the feesh ... the collab was great today

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Hypotherically, how much glue could a pomu eat in one sitting

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Waiting room for early Minecraft up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3VA1nLFkOY

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Dang it, someone beat me to a fall themed Pomu. Ah, my take will be a bit different, tho, closer to the nature, like the Risu I made the other day
These will be super helpful

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good luck pomu

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stream postponed

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Autumn Pomu? More like Autumn cow

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It looks really nice so far!

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Looks great! Pomu is cute

>> No.11007174

Looking good!

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Why are we spamming crabs in Pomu’s live chat ?
Very nice

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cool pomu


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I want that dumptruck to sit on my lap

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Maybe someday?

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Pomu has tweeted

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In the next shitpost video she'll be saying rat for the 10 minutes

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Glad she's doing okay

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I want fanart of Pomu saying “Okay”

>> No.11023986

OTGW watchalong starting:

>> No.11024496

>Some scrub in her chat just compared this to that edge lord bait infinity train

Please don't soil OTGW with your filth

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never watched niji but i love over the garden wall. she better not disappoint me anons

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Fun watchalong, unique show

>> No.11030321

that was nice. That was a good pick for a halloween watchalong.

>> No.11030335

well that was very comfy, cute oshhi anons

>> No.11035306

I liked that more than I thought I would

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thanks anons

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Today was not a good day for those of us who genuinely enjoy Pomu’s streams and want to see her at her best. I hope she never does a watchalong with grays ever again. And I hope she takes a short break from streaming soon so she can get her head on straight, she’s been all over the place lately and the cracks are really starting to show.

>> No.11038356

Reminder that Pomu likes stale popcorn. What a weirdo

>> No.11038827

If interacting with women more means speaking to people like you, then no thanks. I will have to decline.

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She needs to sit on my dick so that I can fuck the bad luck and stress out of her. And then sleep in as much as she needs to, and wake up to my delicious homemade waffles.
But yeah, it sounds like she's been too stressed out from all the projects she's been working on (both her irl work projects, and some of the stuff she's been doing for Wave 3 to help prepare for their debuts), and she's been hard on herself and feels as though she isn't doing enough. Hopefully once all that ends, she can take a day off and re-focus herself.

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i didnt mind this one being with grays because it was a really really good show alot of people wouldn't have watched, so its like educating the masses

>> No.11042242

she's a cute weirdo

>> No.11043679

why is she gay

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Today was a good day for those of us who genuinely enjoy Pomu’s streams and want to see her at her best. I hope she does a watchalong with grays again. And I hope she takes a short break from streaming soon so she can take care of herself more, she’s been working so hard lately and it shows. The stream was amazing , the series was good and the little zatsu at the end was super comfy. I Love Pom!

>> No.11048541

The voice crack gets me every time.

>> No.11048756

this clip absolutely never gets old. I love how she just goes off and honestly the copypasta generated from this moment is better than the "I'm on my knees begging" one.

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pomu sleeb

>> No.11052425

What? Today was a great stream. She seemed super happy and excited by the series, and the supareading zatsudan was the best in a week. Of all the streams to complain about her being tired or stressed or whatever this seems like the most odd one, because she was in top loveable mode for this

>> No.11053447

I never tried watchalongs since it feels so retarded until I decided to try it with Pomu and I tell ya that it's actually not that bad. Maybe comfy with a side of horror shows like OVGW does actually fit as a good watchalong, and Pomu's knowledge about the show.

>> No.11053508

I've always been an ass guy, so this is just what the doctor ordered.

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are you reimu?

>> No.11055122

I'm Pomu

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>> No.11060358

because her fellow nijiens are pretty

>> No.11061747


she's only growing stronger

>> No.11062687


>> No.11062722


>> No.11067557

>> No.11068677

If I was a woman I'd be gay too

>> No.11068811

Well yeah, caused you'd like guys then. Everyone knows liking guys is gay.

>> No.11069287


spooky pommers

>> No.11070199

Return to ghost

>> No.11071656

Pomu update!

>> No.11072423

Looking great! Beautiful eyes!

>> No.11076579


>> No.11081441

>> No.11081704

What a talent! If you tweet the finished work at her there is a 100% chance she’ll retweet it

>> No.11082724

The abyss contacted the eldritch and melded together. Something that frayed the fabric of reality was created. To gaze upon it would instantly destroy one's sanity and merge them into the creature.

>> No.11090499

luv pom
simple as

>> No.11102684

Still love Pomu the most

>> No.11103041

i like the new girls but not as much as pomu!

>> No.11103742

It's healthy to love yourself

>> No.11105938

Almost all of the new wave have insane overlap with Pomu... No wonder she discussed doing less streams.
Why the fuck do NijiEN still have a complete deadzone in JST evenings though? Maybe once a week we get a Selen collab, a Petra stream or the tail-end of an Elira endurance and that's it.

>> No.11105991

>she discussed doing less streams
No she didn’t retard

>> No.11106385

its a lot easier when you're not trying to catch all streams ... i prioritize pomu's stream and check out the rest when i have time

>> No.11106415

Goodbye, Pomu! Arrivederci! I believe I shall be happier finding my next oshi among these four new girls.

>> No.11106534

I may be a flip and likes Millie but Pomu is still the best for me.

>> No.11106550

same here , i still love pommers the most

>> No.11106640

she will actually kill herself if you tweet this to her

>> No.11107270

return to ghost

>> No.11110485

Dropping Tokyo Chronos, but it's for the best. The VN sucks and its use of VR was just a gimmick.

>> No.11110538

I was waiting for this all week.......

>> No.11111039

its her call ... either way i'll be happy with whatever she'll be streaming.

>> No.11111969

Good to know she only cares about numbers

>> No.11112402

I'm not going to do that. Her content may no longer appeal to me but I don't dislike her. I know she reads her marshmallows.

>> No.11112454

I think it's more that she's getting frustrated with VR, especially for a VN. Too many technical issues with VR in general, and for Tokyo Chronos the VN text doesn't follow the player's head movement - it's static in the scene, so any slight head movement means she has to re-focus to read the text. I can see that getting annoying after a while.

>> No.11112662

if you need someone to fill your jst time, try niji ID or at least the ones who use english more often if its a matter of understanding them.

>> No.11114069

fairy SEX

>> No.11114230

I need that pillow

>> No.11114885

>Pomu dropping TC
ok for me
>Switching to 10am JST timeslot
EU bros, did she give up on our timeslot?

>> No.11119084


>> No.11120241

i was looking forward to the TC stream for 2 weeks because it got cancelled last week, but i get it
I just hope she picks up a new VN instead cuz i love her vn streams

>> No.11120604

Same. I liked those streams. Not for TC itself, it just felt really comfy to have a small audience watching and supporting her despite the game being a filter. I hope it’s replaced with a game that has similar vibes.

>> No.11120772

Hmm it’s rare to see a post here that actually changes my mind on things. When I think about it 9/10 of the vr streams I’ve seen have been hampered by technical issues and the streamer just not having a good time in general. Why even bother with vr at all if the technology isn’t there yet is my question

>> No.11121661

she has said that she wanted to play saya no uta. That is short so she could do it in just a few streams

>> No.11124948

Our Lord and Savior , Jesus Pomu .

>> No.11127038

Not surprising, but disappointing

Maybe. To be honest, she's been sounding more and more like a bullshitter to me. I hope it's just a bad phase.

>> No.11127331


technically... not pomu but...

>> No.11127566

She'd have to skip the porn and it's really not the same without it plot-wise

>> No.11131445

Have you seen any of her VR streams? She has had to cut pretty much every one short because of her getting headaches or feeling bad. What would she gain by lying about that?

>> No.11131532 [DELETED] 

if i learned something today is to appreciate pomu even more, vtubing needs people like her not that fucking twoface fox

>> No.11131833

Saya no Uta would filter a lot of viewers, due to the themes of the VN.
They're cowards, but they're still viewers

>> No.11131849


love how confused she is. Pomu Became god in her sleep ... just like in koshien

>> No.11133190

I sent pomu some VNs i think are much better for streaming in a maro, and i hope she can get rights for a new vn that isn't a 2000s eroge soon

>> No.11134856

Guess I'll be just concerning myself with my oshi since the general is infested with redditors.
I hope she is less stressed now that wave 3 debuted and she said some big projects at work were also finished. Maybe she won't have to cancel all her early streams next week. Pomu love!

>> No.11136461

why are her hands like this?

>> No.11137140

She returned to being a ghost

>> No.11137506

(now that's a blast from the past)

>> No.11139159

Guys, when I woke up this morning, I was Pomu! WHAT DO I DOOOOOOOOOO??

>> No.11139577

you go and hit a homerun

>> No.11142074

Pity superchats.

>> No.11142463


solo minecraft hardcore stream changed to an impromptu minecraft collab with finana, moved up a few hours

>> No.11146171

>> No.11146765

Holy shit i can watch now

>> No.11148932

Good luck Pomu. Looking forward to it.

>> No.11150857


>> No.11152874

>> No.11155865

love pom n feesh

>> No.11160905

This stream has been super comfy

>> No.11161354

> They're the supremacy race
Not even Pommers knew how to react to this

>> No.11166119

They're still going at it, wow

>> No.11168297

almost 7h in and she just started reading supas

>> No.11169638

Pomu's amazing.

>> No.11170897

I love this weirdo so much

>> No.11171027

8 hrs of pomu (plus feesh) today was a great day

>> No.11171131

incredible stream

>> No.11173066

Can i squish pomu until she bursts

>> No.11174766

Bold of you to assume fairies die when they are killed

>> No.11176976

This fairy is addicted...

>> No.11179744 [SPOILER] 


>> No.11180973

why does pomu hate llamas?

>> No.11183660

What does Pomu smell like?

>> No.11185276

Flowers, the air after fresh rain and grool

>> No.11189112

I can't believe Pomu is going to try to run a marathon

>> No.11189190

>Fucking fall guys

Yeah and climb Mt Fuji with Rosemi lol

>> No.11190422

>Fall guys
well... from the JP streams i have seen of this game the only good parts were usually incoherent screams and that also only lasted for 2 streams before it got boring. Maybe Pomu can make it fun, though she's probably just going to get malicously sniped

>> No.11190591

Fall Guys is a nice return to tradition. I forgot you could make lobbies in it.

>> No.11195642

I believe Pomies are better than that right?
I bought the steam version to play with Pomu, it's actually a fun game. Also there's a chocomint skin.

>> No.11198716


>> No.11200564

Fall Guys is just Takeshi's castle, it's a fun game to watch. That Kurumiwari team for the Fall Guys tourney last year was one of the most kino things in the time I have been Nijisanji.

>> No.11204201

Is the marshmallow reading on thursday more serious Q&A or a kusomaro thing?

>> No.11206650

Anon...let her go. She became an angel

>> No.11206918

I don't think she said. Maybe wait until the next after-stream zatsu and see if she clarifies, but if not, send both!

>> No.11208161

Fall Guys with Members live:

>> No.11208303

Wrong thread. That's a Yugamin stream.

>> No.11209332

has pomu said anything about clipping etiquette for her members streams? I want to clip some parts of this but not sure if she'd be happy

>> No.11209426

No clipping but on the ASMR stream the sticky said screenshots are ok. Not sure if still valid though

>> No.11209551

I am playing games with Pomu!

>> No.11209694

Yeah, she said no clipping for the ASMR stream but idk if that applies to all members streams or if she was just embarrassed of her ASMR

>> No.11209905

Grabbing Pomu's hips without her consent!

>> No.11209999

No clipping is in general for all membership content unless explicitly stated to be allowed. For example, and forgive me for bringing holo in here, Aqua from hololive had another member for some talk on her membership stream. Aqua allowed that talk with the other member to be clipped but nothing else from that stream. It is paid content after all. You could ignore it but your video would probably get taken down once discovered

>> No.11210021

Look at her without respect too!

>> No.11210047


>> No.11210260

it's fine i love pomu too much to clipfag like that

>> No.11211062

I love how much she's cussing us out in these streams. Spicy pom is best pom.

>> No.11211736

yeah. When her limiters are off she's truly at her best. One of the best reasons to member her

>> No.11211754

Pomu should pick a game she’s familiar with next time

>> No.11212506

Not even that, just one she can quickly hop back into. I'd fine a stream interesting in which she goes through DS3 while being allowed to summon fans

>> No.11212966

> "I don't go on any forum sites"
Bros... she's not /here/.......

>> No.11213979

She chose her words carefully. This isn't a forum site, it's an image board. A while back, I think she said she use to look at touhou stuff on image boards.

>> No.11214895

Saturday early morning stream is indeed a NijiWorld collab, details to be announced later.

>> No.11214974

Pomu laughed at something I said in chat today, I'm happy

>> No.11215405

Now you will never be able to live, like me

>> No.11215674

She’s been reading a lot of my messages lately, feels kind of good

>> No.11215886

I miss Pomu

>> No.11215908

What the heck is wrong with my brain

>> No.11217214

pomu's pink panties...

>> No.11217709

they match

>> No.11219277

3000 jump rope challenge waiting room up

>> No.11224508

>> No.11224609

Enna is the best one of the 4, with Millie number 2.

>> No.11227877

What's this 3000 jump rope challenge Pomu is doing tomorrow?
Is she doing actual jump rope or like some sort of jump rope simulator?

>> No.11228030

It's this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fqbq3RPXRB8

>> No.11228963

So I guess you don't really jump rope, you just wave your arms?

>> No.11229453

The joycons can sense the rotation and jumping motions, so it's similar to doing actual jump rope.

>> No.11231129

Looking forward to the NijiWorld collab on Saturday

>> No.11232506

>> No.11235213


>> No.11235219

Since she has dropped Tokyo Chronos and Gun Gal is too repetitive, what would be an interesting games for Pomu to play in VR?

>> No.11237046

We all know it's going to be Minecraft

>> No.11240112

Eh, I wish she'd stop with the VR spam and just play fun games she was planning like Akiba's Trip and Hotel Izanami. Or play some 2hus for real.

>> No.11242680

I really wish pomu would just stop playing kusoge.
hopefully none. those games give me motion sickness. pistol whip, beatsaber and alyx are good though.

>> No.11244958

>> No.11247285

That was some quick Porno Rainpuff fanart

>> No.11249200

Asking this in all three Lazulight generals, would you guys be interested in a merged general? I'll only make one if all three fanbases have a majority of posters on board.

>> No.11249742

Wish the proportions around the chest were fixed with a quick flattening as well

>> No.11250352

but Porno has big boobs

>> No.11251981


>> No.11252072

damnit.. pomu..

>> No.11252450


>> No.11252500


>> No.11255228

Artist updated shading, be sure to update your image folders

>> No.11257415

>> No.11257562

>female hand
she really is a bull dyke isn't she

>> No.11257603

Beautiful! Really like how you did the eyes, very pretty!

>> No.11258845

I always say that the only reason she says that she also likes men is that she wants to cover up her lesbian roots a bit. Even if she is bi, she prefers woman a whole lot more than men.

>> No.11259129

Yeah lest we forget the gosling meltdown after the "strawberry panic" incident. Personally, I couldn't care less whether she's a raging homo or not but keeping the door open to game donos out of goslings is pretty jewish.

>> No.11259417

i don't think anyone cares but i bet she thinks people do. She went part-time for a reason so i bet she wants to make the most out of streaming

>> No.11259562

have you prayed to the lord and saviour jesus pomu today?

>> No.11262963

Pomu Jump live:

>> No.11263317

but why

>> No.11263476

Yeah I can tell Pomu was at work

>> No.11264046

pomu's tits bouncing up and down right now

>> No.11264114

nice 20 minute stream because only 1000 jumps

>> No.11264182

this will be a short-ass stream

>> No.11264224

Oh god she's trying so hard... someone please give her views...

>> No.11264302

I'm not sure why this stream is enjoyable but hey... i am enjoying it in some ways. If anything she gives me motivation to do sport

>> No.11264520

Is this hot? I can't decide.

>> No.11264574

ngl guys I have a boner

>> No.11264683

The moment she talked about her ass. I'm into more skinny stuff but

>> No.11265278

She should've picked 5000

>> No.11265466

I wish my back didn't hurt so I could jump together with Pomu.

>> No.11265561

I want Pomu to sit on my face!

>> No.11265874

3000 wasn't enough, let's go for 5000!

>> No.11266800

She did 6000

>> No.11267374

sweaty fairy

>> No.11267502

Never doubt the fairy again!

>> No.11267718

I legitimately don't see why i would watch any of the new girls unless i'm done catching up on all pomu streams

>> No.11267831

cant get into the new girls that much either ... pomu takes priority

>> No.11267870

>pear-shaped Pomu

>> No.11272294

>> No.11274025

did she do it?

>> No.11274195

nah lol. she laughed it off. she said "you guys are bad today.".

>> No.11274289

close enough.

>> No.11274814

What's with the horny pomu threads today?

>> No.11274962

did you not watch her last stream?

>> No.11275240

I know she had sweaty exercise but damn, people making threads about Pomu's ass left and right.

>> No.11275414

She directly talked about her ass. Can't be helped.

>> No.11275532

she's a tiny white girl. it's not gonna be big.

>> No.11275644


>> No.11276627

There's enough for her to notice it jiggling when she was jumping. That's all that matters, doesn't have to be giant.

>> No.11276932

Pomu is horny!

>> No.11280677

new walfie gif

>> No.11281226

anyone else unconsciously chants jinzou faiya faibo waipa mix during other niji member's karaoke streams? i feel so brainwashed

>> No.11281330

I want to lick Pomu's rock hard, sweaty calves
that is all

>> No.11281377

This guy fucking loves Pomu.

>> No.11281907

Sweaty AND lotioned

>> No.11282070


>> No.11285081

imagine oiling them up giving Pomu's hot, pulsating calves a thorough massage and rub down

>> No.11285228

where is the puzzle

>> No.11285885

Sorry, too late. I already solved it and Pomu's sending it to me.

>> No.11286237

But what was the puzzle???

>> No.11286854

All the time, but I'm too braindead to type it fast enough.

>> No.11289255

Today was leg day

>> No.11291274

Thinking about Pomu's sweaty ass...

>> No.11294241

I hear Pomu's chants when anyone sings karaoke now. It's a blessing and a curse.

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