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Welcome to /lily/ General, a thread for all big brothers discussing Lily Hopkins. Lily plays all kinds of games with her big brothers and makes pop pop pop noises. You should come by, she might even kiss you on the cheek!

Previous thread >>10695948


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>You should come by, she might even kiss you on the cheek!
Is this true?

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I hope Lily grows up big and strong and knows that no matter what happens to big bro he'll always love her.

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You sound like you're planning something...

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Not really. Life is kinda fast though. Sometimes when people get older they forget what brought them close.

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Yes, Lily loves kissing big brother!

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If you're willing to stretch the definition of (You), I'd say definitely instead of might.

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I had a dream last night that Lily and I were in a class together and we were making macaroni paintings it was pretty fun.

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She's said my name and kissed me before, I wouldn't say that's a stretch

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She's personally given me kisses too, I'm not disagreeing with the fact that she might give you a kiss, just saying if you're willing to take kisses aimed at chat in general or someone else, you're definitely getting kisses.

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Very true, it takes a little bit to get up to 10k

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ITT tranny watcher

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You can also get kisses by donating or saying extra nice things in chat that catch her attention. That's the routes I take since I'm saving up for McDonald's.

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Gosh why is Lily so cute...

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Because she is perfect!

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so glad I found this cutie

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This is Lily’s and my special song.


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not going to lie kinda creepy song

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lily is the sweetest

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The new model is so good, I usually don't like revisions but this is definitely an upgrade, even if I have some nostalgia for Lily 1.0

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old Lilys eye boggles were funny, idk what was up with her eyes but it was pretty cute. I agree though, the new model is super cute, a rare time than a model upgrade doesn't ruin the cuteness.

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I think it's mostly because they didn't change a lot in terms of the actual design, just made things a little more cute. Even the color palette on the face is basically the same as the old one.

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Is it creepy or weird if I like her in "that way"?

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Judging from chat's reaction to LO you're in good company.

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There is no other valid way.

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New queen of /b/

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>what's Lo big bro?

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Making L-Ove to my little sister gotem

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Imagine Lily bugging you to buy her the newest issue of Comic LO since she really loves reading all the cute brother-sister love stories.

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She did say she likes the "girly" parts in Tsukihime because the guy is a big brother

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Ayo hol up. Yous be sayin theres vtoobers who know tsukihime?

/vt/ melty tournament when.

>> No.10878453

Lily started reading Tsukihime because she really likes Melty actually

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>bro what do you mean my halloween costume is too revealing? It can cover my whole body!

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hnng the freckles on her chest, 10/10 anon

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temptress Lily is best Lily

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Freckles are pog, I didn't realize how many I had until I looked in the mirror earlier, I guess i just kinda glanced over them

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Why are all the bros asleep, bumb to keep it alive for sleepy bros

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bros Lily's in smash

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bump for sleepy bros

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I wish I could consensually cuddle with Lily.

>> No.10895816

Good morning brothers
Did you have a nice sleep?

>> No.10895855

what do we know about lily big bro?

>> No.10899742

He's pog and Lily loves him

>> No.10900245

That color palette is so cool! I wanna smooch that amazing flat chest!

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I slept alright, still waiting on my Lily dream

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Kappa's stuff has been so good this month

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Lily makes me feel things I'm not comfortable feeling for a girl like her.

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Embrace it dude.

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She's six.

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She's a 6 out of 5

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seems like her age just keeps getting lower and lower here

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What if she was your gf?

>> No.10909484

>loli vtuber that plays into
oh god this is going to kill me

When is her next stream? I don't see anything on the schedule or twitter

>> No.10909521

She just kinda streams whenever she wants to. I guess there was a schedule once upon a time.

>> No.10910020

This is great!
The pose is executed really well

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>this thread

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It does, she was nine when I first came here 6 months ago.

>> No.10911817

There wasn't really a schedule as far as I remember, but she usually streamed at the same time. Now she tweets to let you know before she streams

>> No.10912188

She just had her 10k milestone stream a few days ago after attempting a 7 consecutive stream days challenge, so she's been taking some well deserved rest. She usually streams 4-5 times a week, starting noon ET, but that's really just a loose guideline for when you're most likely to find her going live rather than a schedule. Lately she's been doing a lot of very late stream and even one early morning stream.

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I wanna secretly invite Lily over while she tells her parents she's at her friends house just so we can fool around to satisfy our curiosity since we both have no experience.

>> No.10920233

Soon she will be a fetus

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where can I see more of kappas stuff?

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Lily is the best little sister.

>> No.10929343

>Post random shit in the chat for a laugh
>Be there for a while
>Suddenly get called out by name, told "Love you" and get a kiss for free

My dick and heart reacted violently. Lil sis is just way too good at her job.

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haven't seen lily much since the 10k stream, i hope she is doing ok and that we didn't make her cry and feel bad, i hope she just knows that big bro loves her ya know?

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Think little sis is just tired, She did 5 streams in a row and then had a pretty long and draining 10k stream, thats alot for anyone who just does it as a hobby.
I think she'll be back when she can be, maybe sometime this week, but if not its fine, Im just glad little sis knows how much love she deserves/gets

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Child belly erotic!

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utter newfag here.
So, Lilly Hopkins is a frog themed British minor?
like the UK's own hanemaru-chan?
Her voice is so ameteur i can't see her being an older gal faking it.
Her commentary is darling, and her wit is great for a tyke
"you're not my dog...earned a one-way trip to the pound..."

i rate her 9/10.
>i will treat her and Hanemaru like Imouto's while i make advances toward Ryugasaki.

>> No.10936395

old enough to be a twitch partner, gottem

>> No.10937660

>So, Lilly Hopkins is a frog themed British minor?
She's American.

>> No.10937816

What if she's just good at doing an american accent?

>> No.10938502

Her taste in vidya is far more based than that of any Euro's

>> No.10939223

>draining 10k stream
I'm still emotionally drained from that stream, I can't imagine how it was for her.

>> No.10940579

The last question certainly was something, I cringed when I saw the length of the question at first but as is went on I got emotional too

Shes from Texas-Town

>> No.10941359

I clipped that part because seeing her happy cry does things to me.

>> No.10947485

She behaves like an actual child. That's just creepy and will push potential viewers away.

>> No.10948414

What if lily is a social eperiment from the FBI to keep thr pedos at bay?

>> No.10948680

Is it working?

>> No.10948851

Yes, i love my loli imouto and i can't cuck her with inferior not frog lolis

>> No.10949286

I'm not a p*do and I love Lily. I'm not saying I wouldn't do it with her (if she was ok with it if course). I would, but it would be DESPITE her being a kid, not BECAUSE she is one. I really just love her for who she is.

>> No.10952098

she doesn't stream for the numbers anyway. she just does it for fun

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>> No.10956122

She behaves like an actual child. That's just based and will pull potential viewers closer.

>> No.10957060

I miss her

>> No.10960847

I want to go on a romantic trip around Europe with Lily.

>> No.10961976

Pushing away rude/mean people isn't a bad thing

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It is a perfect gatekeeper, pushes away the bad people and pulls in the good ones.

>> No.10963758

I want to see the electric kettle collab with and uoh at the frog.

>> No.10964095

I hope she brings back the cape, I mean it IS October and all...

>> No.10964566

Celesse and her could doubleteam Lily.

>> No.10964852

Its pretty much just that she reminds me of hanging out with my actual cousins, except I dont get climbed on, bitten, slapped, hair pulled and asked questions I don't feel right answering to a relative younger than 16.
She pretty much gives all the heart-warming of being with a younger family memeber and talking about stupid stuff without all the anoyance. Its literally a win win. Plus shes not actually a kid so you can talk about boomer-games and oldfag shit with Lily

>> No.10967366

Lily! Is! Amazing!

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>That's just creepy and will push potential viewers away.

>Everything I don't like is unprofitable and will never lift off

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Would she even kiss her big brother on the mouth?

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>> No.10976115

I tongue-kissed her once but she said it's gross and won't do it again.

>> No.10976449

I don't believe you because she tongue-kissed me once and said it was nice and does it every so often since.

>> No.10977989

Anon doesn't brush his teeth, teehee

>> No.10978372

be Seiso, or i call over Nyanners!

>> No.10978980

Shut up or I will call Melody (Forma Ninã).

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Don't you EVER fucking bully Lily!

>> No.10983837


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Lo is street slang for love?
You know,
If you have Lo Magazine, you may wanna stop and reload....

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wow. at least let them pass 14, anons...

>> No.10984463

Melody would job to Nyanners if she had her sword-cane.

>> No.10984500

Honestly got no idea, however I was wondering and after my friend asked about it I said "Oh yeah its only lolita stuff" so it could mean "Lolita Only", LO being short for love also works, Honestly I got no idea.

>> No.10985640

Stream tomorrow (10/07 EST or so).

Lily is the best. 4 days without stream really make you realize what you're missing.

>> No.10987592

I want to have with Lily.

>> No.10987642

good morning sir

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>> No.10992614

What would it be like if you had a girl exactly like Lily as your gf?

How could you get one like her?

>> No.10994020

I mean a GF like lily is ideal man, Cute, Nerdy, Rural, Family Focused, Cute, Tech-Savy but not obsessed, Model Builder, Funny, Tomboyish, Cute
I mean they're out there just gotta find em, Problem is of course, as mentioned they're family focused and usualy semi-shutins.
IDK about finding one, I just got outta a relationship but I guess im looking for another one, Hobby stores, Local Parks (Like forest parks), Anime Clubs? (Maybe?) and Bookstores? (maybe?) might do the trick. In reality though, no two people are alike, everyones bound to find someone though.

>> No.10994063

So I don't get it. Why would you want a kiss on the cheek from this person? Are you guys like gay or something? Do you not see it as being gay? Are you like like them yourselves and want to promote people with similar identities? Do you get off on tricking people? What's the deal?

>> No.10994255

You get kisses your brain releases happy chemicals. Just simple as that anon.

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bump for my sleepy bros

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File: 473 KB, 573x564, sweepy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well bros, im off to bed, probably means I wont make the stream.
Hope its a pog stream though, I'll be sure to catch the VOD ASAP when I wake up.

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>> No.10998792

crazy that there is always a thread up even though she barely streams anymore and nobody has anything to talk about

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File: 486 KB, 1081x1600, my elder brother is a lolicon help!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Thank you bro, you are pog!

>> No.11005192

>The page you are looking for isn't here.

>> No.11007041

That sounds like so much fun... I wonder if you could also take her on all kinda of cute dates or even make out with her secretly.

Okay, I've decided. I won't give up just yet. If I can get a girlfriend exactly like her, my life will be worth living again.

>> No.11010552

Where would you take Lily on your first date? What would you do? Keep in mind, you're trying to impress her so she likes you and will take things further with you. But you also have to be careful people don't notice you're a couple, otherwise you could get in trouble.

>> No.11013251

McDonald's play place

>> No.11013526

She would get angry and tell you to stop treating her like a kid but secretly she would enjoy it (because she is a kid).

>> No.11013985

I'd take her for a nice walk through the forest and then carry her on my shoulders when she gets tired. I'll try and impress her with all my random knowledge about things, and then with my tallness and strength while she sits on my shoulders

>> No.11014986

I'm wondering, is LilyHops sister experience in a .. romantic way?

>> No.11015152
File: 2.59 MB, 500x200, 8b80756cf3b5def0fc0754337e46835b.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>somebody finally wins the mcdonald's date.

>> No.11015153

She's live!

>> No.11015226

has anyone done the math for this?

>> No.11015338

4687.5 hours with a subscription or 5625 without

>> No.11015488

Someone with a tier 3 sub earns 20 frog pogs every 5 minutes. That's 240 pogs per hour. The cost of the mcdonalds date is 1,800,000 pogs.

1,800,000 / 240 = 7,500 hours.
That's about 10 and a half months worth of Lily streams.

>> No.11015513

You get 60 frog pogs every 15 minutes from the chests

>> No.11015830

Correction: You get 50 frog pogs every 15 minutes, base.

>> No.11015979

I have 100k... ngmi but still gonna save up

>> No.11015990

The bright side is you got a few kisses there

>> No.11016469

Taking Lily to the bone zone!

>> No.11017496

Take Lilyhops to the zoo~

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>> No.11018222


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File: 206 KB, 604x799, kermit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll have Lily bullyfuck me.

>> No.11024106

her voice is hard to follow at times, she mushes up entire sentences and then just kapoof, reset.

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>> No.11025411

I hear that a lot, but for me I've almost never had an issue understanding her. Maybe an ESL thing?

>> No.11026882

Does Vtuber powerscaling exist? If so how autistic is it?

>> No.11029174

it's driven by fanwank fiat.
so, plenty
Nyanners has technically had a few violent altercations, where as melody is a full thot.
Points to Nyanners.

>> No.11032183


>> No.11033124

Why are you guys talking about roasties and not Lily?

>> No.11036984
File: 323 KB, 1541x2027, 20210929_065512.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love Lily!
I love Lily!
I love Lily!
I love Lily!
I love Lily!

>> No.11039190

I'll misunderstand a word once in a while, maybe when you're ESL losing that train just ends up leaving you lost

>> No.11043342

Nu-nyan became a gross giraffe to avoid being called loli, Melody made a loli form. Mel definitely wins

>> No.11045634

it appears he deleted the post, yes. I hadn't saved it, but it was an animation of lily kissing a dong with a mmuah sound that sounded as though it was ripped from a stream.

>> No.11047335

What would it be like if you secretly date Lily?

>> No.11048775

I feel like we need a FAQ for all these dating posts.

>> No.11050278
File: 174 KB, 345x367, Ji.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Put it back

>> No.11050698

took me a bit to figure out how to retrieve it from the depths of the internet, but once I remembered the accompanying message, "Something I definitely can't post on twitter." it was simple enough to find through google cache. I have uploaded it here

>> No.11050780


>> No.11052361

based and pog

>> No.11052447

Yup, he is /here/ for sure. Strange that he would delete that when his first page of boosts are all lolicon artists or pro-contact MAPs.

>> No.11052537

I suppose one can feel differently about drawing porn of a character, and using their voice in said pornography, especially when said character is a streamer and thus a bit less removed from the actual person as, say, a cartoon character or something. Perhaps having his attention drawn to it caused him to regret creating it. That said, if he feels strange about using her voice, he should just repost it muted.

>> No.11053704

>or pro-contact MAPs.
Wait what. Isn't he on the Discord? Kick him off.

>> No.11054453

I dunno, I personally don't research every artist I retweet/boost/whatever. I see good art and go "oh, nice art" and hit the button. Often I'll go to their profile, ignore everything else, go straight to the media tab, and if it's mostly more good art (and not all memes, reaction images, or pictures of their gacha rolls/dinner) I follow. Don't fall for the guilt by association bullshit.

>> No.11055446

Guilt by association is one thing, but a bit of basic know your customer scrutiny is a necessity especially on fedi-shit instances and doubly so when it comes to loli. It didn't take an autistic amount of research to find that one of those boosts is from another instance with only themselves as users where they have a second account that openly brags about tracing CP to "improve" their loli art skills. Like it is on a separate site that has intentionally tied itself to nil's youjo instance and the admin keeps reposting shit from chrys and Lily (the Ogi one not pog frog). There is at least some due diligence required to separate yourself from that crowd as a loli artist because it is intentional, on their part, to try and make themselves seem less like monsters by associating with your harmless drawings.

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