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Is a vtuber being a lesbian a deal breaker?

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no, GFEfags can always take hormones if they really want to fuck their oshi that badly

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Gonna cure her with my big fat dick, so no.

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Only if you're a schizo Gosling

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What makes you think so?

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Pomu is bi, try harder

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Stop with the rrats she loves (only my) penis

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a vtuber being boring/not entertaining is the only deal breaker

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Only if they bait and switch. It's all framing and circumstance when it comes to this shit. Coming across as inauthentic in a way that matters to audience is the only real fuck up you can do with this shit.

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I have stopped watching and cancellws memberships of around 10 or so chuubas in the past because they yuribaited or did lesbian type stuff. I stopped watching Shuuba last week because i saw a clip of her kissing Luna. If a chuuba is lesbian or bisexual i dont wanna watch them.

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Consider the following: Pomu would be down for ffm threesomes

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My oshi being sexually attracted to the same things as me only makes her better.

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If i had a gf and she offered a threesome i would break up with her on the spot.

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Same thing

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Can't tell which is worse here really, being a loser who is scared you are getting cucked by a goddamn woman or the fact you are stupid enough to fall for the kayfabe in the first place.

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>if I had a gf
You’ll be saying that for years to come

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Yes. Being cucked by either male or female is still being a cuck. If you watch vtubers for GFE and your oshi has a lesbian ship, you are a cuck.

Holobronies, I am looking at you.

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But I don't watch vtubers for GFE.

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who cares? "A Vtuber", to me it doesn't matter. They're comedians, who care what gender they want.
My Oshi? I'd be fine with it, if she fell for any of the girls she knows, it'd be much more likely to be better for her in the long term. Look, at some point and age you have to give up hope of being in a relationship themselves, and just to have wish for what's best for them.

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They shouldn't show any sexual attraction to anything.

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Why would it be? Most of them are doing just fine

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If watching 2 women lez out for my entertainment means I'm a cuck. Then I'll gladly be a cuck.

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I only watch bisexual catgirl chuubas. Heteros and gays are bad news

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The cuck part comes when you call them oshi and start having feelings for them.

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Yeah, one of the reasons none of them are.

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what if i want to become okayu

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>I stopped watching Shuuba last week because i saw a clip of her kissing Luna
Was it legit? Im tempted to do the same now, fucking hagwhore took the one of the few straight holos her straightness

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if being lesbian was a deal breaker, then absolutely no one would be watching hololive where all the girls at the very least pretends to like other girls

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Chris-Chan already proved that, that move doesn't work.

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Subaru and Luna have kissed multiple times. Subaru, Choco and Luna keep playing this truth or dare type game where they pull predetermined challenges out of a box that one of them wrote down.
The first time they did it Choco had written down all kinds of perverted shit and found out that it pissed off Subaru. Now every time they do it Luna and Choco only write down perverted shit because everyone thinks making Subaru uncomfortable by making her lez out is hilarious. Even Botan who is usually calm and collected was laughing her ass off when she was present the last time they did it.

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I'm conflicted

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The absolute state of /u/ fags. Kys.

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Yes. I'm not a cuck, sorry.

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the difference is I don't want to fuck my elderly mother

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Wait, you guys don't make out with your homies?

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nothing worse than forcing a girl to masturbate at some point

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Lamys, we have competition

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All lesbians hate men, so yes. I wouldn't support someone that hates my guts.

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not really. as long as they are upfront with it. thing is with pomu, she set herself as gfe so of course people are uncomfortable when she said she had a girlfriend

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That was his last resort.
And he was being manipulated by an unironic psychopath.

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This is just wrong.

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>she set herself as gfe
Since when?

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At that point jut drop the girl and be a faggot.

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Yeah, bi with a strong preference for women (especially if they are a cute maido or idolru), so basically a lesbian.

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no, faggot, I do not give a shit about whatever the entertainer I watch does outside of livestreams, much less their love life

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has, or had? Who cares if she HAD one?

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This. Being genuine is all i want, matsuri being outted as a whore was a surprise to nobody, but i'd lose my shit if Sara turned out to be a virgin trying to look like a slut.

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t. actual cuck projecting his desire to have a vtuber girlfriend (which he will never).

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All women inherently crave dick, thus someone like Pomu would be down for a ffm threesome.

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Nah, I don't even watch vtubers much. I'm only here to call you cucks, what you really are.

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Should someone on /vt/ really be saying this kind of drivel?

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No. As mentioned before, if they're boring as shit or ingenuine, then that's the deal breaker.

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keep seething as a virgin while me and my mates DP or GB numerous sluts or even organise orgies
then prove it wrong
boy or girl, no difference to me, sex is sex and sex is cool

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Had. They broke up a couple of years ago.

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>she set herself as gfe
According to the voices in your head, that is

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Women = positive. Men = negative.
Theorem: FFM > MMF
It's trivially obvious that all positives are greater than all negatives, and assume that the notation MF means M+F with the group action of addition. Therefore:
F > M
maths fool
I promise i didn't fail my proofs class last semester

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They are your mates alright

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>yuri is infused into vtubing itself
>Is a vtuber being a lesbian a deal breaker?

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I don't even disagree but this board is so fucking stupid and autistic I swear.

>> No.10838862

Isn't it too sad to be thinking about what you'd do with multiple girls at your disposal when you can't even have one?

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i have so many girls but unfortunately the proof of them is too long to fit into the margins of this 4chan reply

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That sounds really awkward for Subaru.

>> No.10839128

but i only watch vtubers for entertainment. are you saying that watching someone in a relationship nessissarily makes you a cuck? is anyone who watches a movie with a married actor in it a cuck? is having a good relationship with your parents being a cuck?

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Yuri isn't infused into vtubing itself.

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>Is a vtuber being a lesbian a deal breaker?
Only if she's a white/Mestizo American or native European, otherwise I don't give two fucks.
White & Mestizo LGB (any any ethnicity T) constitute a societal disease vector for companies that tends to lead to unfavourable outcomes, but as far as the orientations themselves are concerned I really don't give a single fuck.

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Lmao, everyone except for delusional shippers and /u/fags know it is all for fun.
Their obsession not only killed Gurame it killed Takamori as well.

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>watching married actresses makes you a cuck
>listening to married singers makes you a cuck
>taking lessons from married teachers makes you a cuck
>using married workers' work makes you a cuck
>watching vtubers who are in a relationship makes you a cuck
I hope (You) guys live alone in a desert so you're safe from the cuckoldry.

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>both still collab just fine
>Gura and Ame have been even closer lately

>> No.10839685

Just because they're not as much of a ship they're used to be doesn't mean they'll never collab again, retardchama

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I've seen too many quotes about this, is this actually true?

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Is still lesbian shit, she could say "no im not kissing you, fuck off". I dont want a lesbian or bi, or bi curious oshi. I just dont want it, i dont care for it.

Just do it, is how it starts, shes just gonna keep yuribaiting more and more and is gonna escalate. Once yuri enters the picture i just unsub and move on.

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>they're not as much of a ship

>> No.10839816

>Is still lesbian shit, she could say "no im not kissing you, fuck off". I dont want a lesbian or bi, or bi curious oshi. I just dont want it, i dont care for it.
Understandable. I wish more holos had Coco's guts to stand up to bullshit like that. I still feel bad for Subaru, though.

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I still love Reine and her content, but man am I glad I only found out she was a lesbo once I wasn't gosling for her anymore.

>> No.10839893

who cares doe

>> No.10839894

They're all lesbians. p/u/rity is based, getting cucked by your lesbian oshii is double based, officiating the wedding of both your oshiis is triple based

>> No.10839938

>still feel bad for Subaru
Is pretty clear shes bisexual at least, she isnt actually uncomfortable, uncomfortable people dont go all tee hee, im not gonna do it te hee lol , ok ill kiss you ^_^. And then she goes on and does it multiple times. Shes bi anon, or bi curious or whatever you wanna call it, yurishit all the same.

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She's gay for Luna, they have "sleepovers" regularly, only a matter of time until they move in together

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This is it, that's too much for me

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No, being in a still active relationship with a guy is

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I rather have a straight oshi with a bf than an oshi that yuribaits.

>> No.10840066

Ok lyger

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I don't think Shuba is bi. I think this is a case of being "gay for pay". Holostars do it, too, because they know that fujos/yurifags eat that shit up.

Maybe I'm coping but Subaru always seemed to be straight as an arrow to me.

>> No.10840085

>he fell for the Reine is gay meme
protip, There's two yuri mangaka that are happily married to a man. A few doujins means nothing.

>> No.10840111

>holostars do it
bro? you're coping too much.

>> No.10840130

>There's two yuri mangaka that are happily married to a man
A madman married both of them?

>> No.10840137

She barely even acts gay at all, even with Luna

>> No.10840187

Holostars totally act gay for eachother, anon. I'm an EOP and I've seen that shit in the few translations we get.

They don't do it as much as the hololives, though, I'll grant you. They do weirder shit like electrocute eachother.

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Hololive being the way it is her being bi/les is more likely than being straight. This really fucking sucks, i really like Shuba, i thought she didn't do yurishit. Whatever there is an ocean of indies out there. Even if she is gay for pay that means is bi enough to be ok with being sexual with women. I wish there was an all straight agency or at least an agency that didn't promote yuribaiting.

>im coping
I used to cope, not anymore, i just unsub and move on.

>> No.10840208

>few translations
stop watching clips
probably translated wrong too

>> No.10840244

Yeah this bitch is bi maybe even full les, too many incidents.

>> No.10840249

>You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink
Yuritrannies will never learn, they will keep pressuring talents and making them recoil from one another but stay oblivious to their own toxicity.

>> No.10840294

My japanese isn't good enough to watch proper yet.

>> No.10840301

You're funny.
If fan pressure could pressure the girls into doing things they don't want, they would all be married to viewers already.

>> No.10840303

The absolute state of /u/ schizos and incels exposing themselves in a single thread. Two sides of the same retarded coin. No one's gonna care what you are as long as you're respectful, honest, and preferably discreet about it (besides trannies, they can burn). Knowing the western population though, both streamers and viewers are always so up in arms about it for no reason to where some random OP kills a thread to post this fruitless question. Bait or not, it's frankly just annoying and disappointing. Any Yurifags pushing this shit into the community are plagues as well

>> No.10840365

>Ame stopped collabing completely for months and even now they don't collab nearly as often as they used to.
>Kiara had to explicitly tell /u/ retards to stop being so obsessed and that she wanted to distance herself from the ship to have some breathing room.
Yet you can't put two and two together.

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It makes her even better.
Not that she is going to fuck me, so knowledge she isn't going to fuck some guy is a plus.

>> No.10840407

>Hololive being the way it is her being bi/les is more likely than being straight
I find it incredibly unlikely that hololive someone exclusively recruits bi/lesbian girls, especially when they're such a minority of the population.

Seems more likely to me that they play it up because, as this board shows, /u/fags eat that shit up for days and days. You get tons of shipping attention, arts of the ship, etc.

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>> No.10840428

Can't bear the knowledge of her being a real woman who gets into relationships out of (you)r control anon?

>> No.10840450

I don't feel bad for Kiara at all. She played the ship up to insane levels, despite it seeming to pretty obliviously make Mori uncomfortable.

Now /u/tards are doing the same with Mori and IryS though. Seems you can't win.

>> No.10840481

>Gura and Ame showed up together in a expo and had two collabs in the last 3 weeks
>Kiara only mentioned that Mori being a tsundere role made their interactions awkward so they're just changing that up
You can't get one right, I'm afraid.
So pathetic you have to go around spreading misinfo about actual kayfabe.

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All women are inherently bi.

>> No.10840544

It's not me who is daydreaming about getting into their pants.

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She confessed she had a crush on a guy

>All women are inherently bi.
source: my ass

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>not watching her because she might be gay

>> No.10840792

Honestly, All I got from this thread is that Pomu is a whore.
girlfriend? breakup? crush? and then crushing on other colleagues?
Feels like it would be so hard to maintain a relationship with her.

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>> No.10840846

Up to a point?
Of course, we have seen chubas adopt community memes countless times, even adopting them into their personas.
Your denial is the perfect example of what I was talking about.

>> No.10840952

I'm so sorry the 10% of hololive fanbase that likes yuri are somehow forcing your girls to act gay on stream. The poor girls have no choice but to comply, oh the horrors.

>> No.10841065

>female x female
Cuck and gay
>male x male
>male x female
Wholesome, heterosexual and normal. Just like god intended.

You liking lesbians mean that you are going against God's will and are following satan's march to hell.

>> No.10841071

I know retards will keep pushing /u/trash and making chubas uncomfortable instead of enjoying the fun interactions like everyone else.

Dude, your coping is transparent.

>> No.10841093

>believing shitposts in this thread

>> No.10841102

Yeah, It is amazing how toxic such a small part of the fan base is.

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>> No.10841182

is gura gay

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>> No.10841208

For dick

>> No.10841513

Anon stops coping. All the things she said it herself.
- girlfriend
- breakup
- crush

>> No.10841555

yuri bait - no
actual 100kg lesbian - yes

>> No.10841715

A crush she had in high school like 15 years ago, and a girlfriend she broke up with 2 years ago. That's all she ever said.

>> No.10841751

>high school
>15 years ago
wtf Pomu is a fucking hag too?

>> No.10841856

29, close enough

>> No.10841910

absolutely based, especially when I have to masturbate

>> No.10841924

>He has nothing valuable to add to the thread as he's the problem so all he says cope

>> No.10842038

I dunno, name a fun lesbian

>> No.10842119

>I stopped watching Shuuba last week because i saw a clip of her kissing Luna.
I hate Clipfags so much, they've been doing this for 7 months and you just know that last week, what a faggot.

>> No.10842172

Shes bi, there are watch along clips that imply it.

>> No.10842213

I started wacthing her recently after dropping a chuba for yurishit.

>> No.10842359

Based. I know the gay holo chuubas by heart. Just so you know, Marine is lez too.

>> No.10842394


>> No.10842453

not vtubers obviously, an actual person

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>Is a vtuber being a lesbian a deal breaker
>while the entirety of hololive exists
I don't know, ask yourself

>> No.10842502

Why the fuck do we let polfags in here?
No chuba is gonna be your tradwife. You're not going to go to Hell for watching a lesbian be cute. You can't be an aryan warrior and jack it to thoughts of 2d grils having kids for you.

>> No.10842532

Im not even white, im latino.

>> No.10842570

I don't understand the difference

>> No.10842584

I don't think Kronii is a lez. Sana is, though.

>> No.10842603

>t.delusional /u/tranny.

>> No.10842676

Kronii is deep into the lgbt stuff, is a leabian but says she nonbinary. She might even go ftm tranny.

>> No.10842700

people who only watch vtubers so they can wank to them are cecile irl, so nah. idc which way the girls i watch swing if her voice is pleasant and her streams are funny i'll watch her. simple as.

>> No.10842706

So are Fuentes, Tarrio, and Toese; y'all jack it to them anyway

>> No.10842734

based dragalia enjoyer

>> No.10842735

Is she? I wasn't aware of that. I know Sana is from the fruity manhating artist circles, though.

Kronii struck me as straight, so that's unusual. My gaydar is generally good.

>> No.10842739

>says she nonbinary
begone rrat

>> No.10842747

vtubers being dykes are rrats, theories if being generous.
Actual dykes out in the world are open about it.
All we need is a single example of a fun dyke, then it shows vtubers can be dykes.

>> No.10842752

if you mean gay as in "cringe", yes

>> No.10842754

it's amazing how many tourists think this, they don't even watch Pomu

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Watch clips.


>> No.10842786

She's not, just doxxbeats being doxxbeats

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well call me a gay sinner because i have jerked it to so much yaoi/yuri that i can't even ATTEMPT to get it up to het

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File: 5 KB, 192x108, azura (cropped).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.10842949

This is why NPCs shouldn't watch chuubas. You need to be capable of suspending disbelief.

>> No.10843046

>fruity manhating artist circles

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File: 268 KB, 1125x681, 157515318318.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>> No.10843183

Schizo headmates poster

>> No.10843229

You dropped your ((()))

>> No.10843240

Yeah, if you go into artist/writing circles dominated by women you'll find a lot of manhating dykes.

That's where Sana comes from, same with Ina I do believe.

>> No.10843361


>> No.10843412

It is awkward.
Obviously she and Luna are close and on good terms despite everything but you can tell that during all those intimate moments, there is a slight discomfort in Subaru's voice. Meanwhile compare that to her intimate moments with Choco/Okayu etc.

>> No.10843437

Married teachers are the ones doing the cucking.

>> No.10843459
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Subaru doesn't feel comfortable cheating on her girlfriend.

>> No.10843491


>> No.10843563

>Gura and Ame showed up together in a expo
Because they're the only Americans.

>> No.10843604

She couldn't collab with other chuubas without chatards spamming NTR NTR NTR

>> No.10843697

No. There's literally nothing that proves Reine's a dyke with 100%, or even 50% certainty. No, drawing shitty yuri doujins and liking yuri in general doesn't count.

>> No.10843731

That shitty coomer meme must die

>> No.10843744

I know, just like anon who jacks off to yaoi and says he's not a faggot.

>> No.10843893

A lot of girls like yuri, even if it's only romance and no explicit sex.
But sure, cope harder

>> No.10844003

subaru is a whore, she has a list of girls longer than my arm.

>> No.10844056

> she set herself as gfe
Is that what the voices in the wall told you schizo? Pomu was saviourbait from day one but she never leaned into the gfe, that would be Elira

>> No.10844099

Okay then, give me some reason and evidence that shows she likes men to not make yourself sound pitiful.

>> No.10844182

How in the fuck does having an ex-girlfriend, a bad breakup and a random crush make her a whore? Are you that out of touch with reality anon?

>> No.10844214

Reine is a giant dyke and doesn't even try to hide it and I think she is fun to watch

>> No.10844297

Poor Shuba. Must suck being a straight girl in that company.

>> No.10844383
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Yes, I fucking lesbians, they need to die

>> No.10844396
File: 286 KB, 1522x1076, D2HwyRuU0AAAw-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm just impressed that there are still people pushing ayasuba even though they haven't streamed together for quite a while.

>> No.10844440

lesbians don't exist

>> No.10844486

No need to worry. The lack of sunlight plus her being surrounded by all these groomer hags means shes not going to be straight for long.

>> No.10844549

anon's just trying to rile up the other anons with broken enough brains to care about that kind of thing. Some of these vtubers could just be breathing and they would call them a whore, it doesn't matter.

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File: 751 KB, 1022x708, 1630905638963.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

have sex

>> No.10844694

If you're a retarded gosling, it's a problem. If you're not, it's an improvement.

>> No.10844784
File: 1.33 MB, 5658x3174, wu367skzwbq71.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this accurate, /vt/?

>> No.10844800

Pomu is 100% a TERF

>> No.10844866

i want to skateboard up to a trans rally with my bro pomu and throw some molotovs

>> No.10845187

Wait, bad breakup? I only know of the crush and GF stories and I though the latter had ended on good terms and the former never really started, when did she talked about a bad breakup? Haven't kept up much with Pomu for a while.

>> No.10845253

She never did, falseflagger made stuff up to pad out the list.

>> No.10846956


>> No.10847063

Yes. Since my goal is to start dating my oshi, I won't start following lesbians. Vtubers are boyfriends are okay however, since I know I can win them over.

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>> No.10847154

Is your dick really so weak that it can't turn a lesbian straight?

>> No.10847490

i like girls and like listening to my oshi talk about girls

>> No.10850194

The girls you posted lust after men.

>> No.10850365

I think all the actual lesbians claim to be bisexual

>> No.10850432
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This is a tale as old as man itself. Women on women is not cuckshit because they are not taking dick and women don't count. A lesbian is just a straight girl who hasn't been dicked down enough or yet. All it takes is the proper man to get her back in line. Any well meaning man should see a lesbian couple or even a girl attempting to take his girl as an opportunity to snag two potential girls under his belt.

>> No.10854788 [DELETED] 


>> No.10855222

Hurry up you useless faggot, I want to post images again.

>> No.10855373
File: 196 KB, 320x355, 1632552026125.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So the reason my generals keep dying is because you lame ass Hololive faggots are forcing every thread to die since you reached image limit?

>> No.10855452

A schizo is doing it because he thinks it's some epic own to the holobronies. Feel free to report the 4 incomprehensible threads he will make to push them off the board.

>> No.10855509

I don't get it, he's killing Nijisanji threads by doing this.

>> No.10855839

Schizophrenics don't operate on reason, anon.
Killing a dozen threads to "epic own the holofags" is just how the retard has been operating. Even though it hurts other generals more than them.

>> No.10856144

Based and horny 16 year old boy-pilled

>> No.10856398
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Now I see a bunch of empty threads being made. What a fag.

>> No.10856677
File: 646 KB, 256x256, lookattheloser[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fbgmzqw.ogg].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

way to out yourself as someone who doesn't watch streams. then again what did i expect from a generic /vt/ bait thread.

>> No.10859487

I seriously admire your resolve.

>> No.10865764


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