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You've worked for hours, no, DAYS, perfecting this cute mermaid princess that Nijisanji requested from you. You slave over every detail, every angle, start to dream about her personality according to her backstory. You fall in love with the image of this little idol fish goddess that you've dreamt up in your head, and now your art is finally complete. You submit it, cash your check, and dreamabout your happy life with your royal Atlantean waifu that you created. Months later, you decide you wanna see how your daughter holds up to your ideals. So you look for some Japanese-subbed clips so you can understand her adorable gaijin tongue, you click play, aaand...

..she's talking about her sex toys, how messy her morning shits were after the cheesy gorditas she had from Taco Bell last night, and finally starts sharing some of her favorite erodoujins that she pirated off of nhentai this week.

How would you feel as a parent?

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So proud they grow up fast

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>working for Nijisanji
gets what you deserve

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The Japanese can't speak English, so I'd probably think she's cute and turn off the stream.

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Blame the west.

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Her mama liked this tweet
So I am pretty sure they are fine.

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Her mama thinks she's funny so who cares?

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>idol fish
Don't care, plus you're a holobrony.

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Also sent her an egg emote when the reference sheet came out.

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I would feel physically sick.

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Proud of course. Stop being a hypocrite, faggot

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>starts sharing some of her favorite erodoujins that she pirated off of nhentai this week.
List? or timestamp? I want to know the fish's taste

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Feesh is a mean bitch that will break your heart.


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she’s cute and I like her voice

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We have reached a point where there are things in nhentai there aren't in ex, so now it's a valid stance.

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something something slimy fish anal

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I don't think she's ever talked about having cheesy gorditas from taco bell. All she eats is spicy noodles and cliff bars.
>idol fish goddess

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It's nothing to do with lgbt. It's basic English to use "they" if you don't know whether you're referring to a boy or girl, faggot.

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Hey, it's a fetish, some people are into it

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extremely proud and ready to bust a nut to r34 featuring my horny fish oshi.

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kill yourself nijibrony

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She was drawn by Korean

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is that really what NijiEN is like?

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I would be so goddamn proud and I would make her sisters so they can all be lewd together.

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I'd masturbate to my daughter

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>he missed the ultimate seisokiller clip

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Based retarded zoomer brain tuber

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Better tweet this to Gilse, hope you know Korean fag. Why do you think her mama ignores her so much?

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Why hasn't the ringo guys picked up on this?

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This is the one of the most disgusting, vomit-inducing, chuuba shit I've seen, but, for some fucked reason, I like it

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You have a scat fetish and you probably didnt know it until now

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What the fuck is this

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This is amazing

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I hate scat, so it must be the tmi zoomer humor

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I would laugh my ass off honestly. But you are retarded OP, Finana said herself multiple times that she asked for a more ''mature'' looking avatar because it would fit her personality more, but it couldn't be done.

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you are trying to hard esl chama

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You can hate all you want but you gotta admit the Fish has consistency, since debut she's done but shitpost every single stream, I kinda admire that.

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She does it for free like all of the nijis.

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I love Finana but she gave me such huge red flags in this YouTube clip. Never date a vtuber. https://youtu.be/VGD-6ruswcY

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nta but I really want to bring back "s/he" or "he or she".

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Ringo/ambrosia are fine but direct reference to scat seems to invite jannies to nuke the threads. Other fluids seem to be okay in /ringo/.

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Fuck you all and fuck this thread.

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They fell for the Dark Triad meme. Yikes.

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jpbros think Finana is so cute because of her voice. If they only knew...

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*hits pipe*

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She is very cute though

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why? it's a fucking mouthful compared to they. sounds like wanting to go back for the sake of going back

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They know. There are a lot of translated clips about her and they get pretty good views. Even Oliver from the JP branch recommended her because she sounds like an angel but says crazy things

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Because they got adopted by the tranny crowd. He or she denotes the reality of there only being two genders. 'They' is misused nowadays to conceal a person's actual gender even when it is already known. It also makes listening to a conversation more difficult when you have to remember if they/them is referring to a group or an individual.

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Fucking based. Her dad better be proud of himself, I'd suck his dick

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same shit

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JP bros on clips about her true nature are like
"Oh good, even the ENs are properly Nijisanji."

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>letting trannies live in your head this rent free

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She left it in the vod, pretty based.

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have sex dude

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That's why the word daughterwife exists!

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> How would you feel as a parent?

1.) Why was she given to a non Australian

2.) That aforementioned parent should have realized that they forgot to add in a fucking tail because she is supposed to be a mermaid and not a fecking cosplayer working for some bigger yet lesser known company.

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jesus christ

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And it's a lot of fun to see normies outrage at anything they don't consider to be morally permissible.

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I wouldn't draw for Nijisanji, if I expected muh seiso idol fish goddess in the first place.

If Finana was my daughter, I would simply create siblings for her...

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BUILT for pumping and dumping

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>It also makes listening to a conversation more difficult when you have to remember if they/them is referring to a group or an individual.
Sounds like you're just a fucking retard.

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I'm starting to think that its not just the trannies in your head that are making conversations so hard for you anon

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Is this the finana thread? /nijien/ is getting to me

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Imagine being Finana's dad.

One day you're at work and a few of your coworkers are talking about Vtubers. This catches your ear since your daughter mentioned her job being Vtubing, but you never really understood what it actually was. You ask about them and you get some recommendations on who to watch.

That night, you tune into a karaoke stream which has one of your coworker's favorite Vtubers: Elira Pendora. It just so happens that this is a collab with her two partners who you haven't heard of yet: Pomu and Finana. When Finana starts talking, you realize there's a high chance that she's actually your daughter! Good for her, she made some great friends and her job seems to be doing well.

And then it begins...

"My tits are so sweaty"

"I had to buy another wireless egg recently"

"Pomu needs more lewd drawings of herself"

"The other day, there was this new anime 2 that made me coom so hard..."

The only thing louder than Elira's screams were your own.

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just post this next time instead of wasting time with all that text

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She did this right after telling chat about her panties to deliberately gross them out and ruin whatever arousal they might have had

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Its both

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you're paid to draw a picture not give yourself a tulpa you stupid fuck

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All of Nijisanji in general.

>> No.10855403

I want marry the penguin, she's so cute...

>> No.10855454

In that stream earlier someone also sent her a SC saying she can't shock him anymore. Pretty sure she took it as a dare

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There's nothing more sexual than a young nun. His point stands

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Yeah but they also have Utako, Mikoto, Ange, and Mito.

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Sister Claire wouldn't want you to use such language with her image attached.

>> No.10855779

Still, I don't get why you nijifags act like every single Liver says the most heinous and outlandish ridiculous shit and there is not a single more grounded person there
Claire probably also wouldn't wanna be put in the same box as Finana

>> No.10855785

It never went anywhere, you just get faggots butthurt if you don't use "they" incase they identify as nonbinary.

>> No.10855812

She doesn't discriminate or look down on lewd people. She even did the collar thing after Finana did it.

>> No.10855818

Wtf trannies have to do with it ?

>> No.10855871

A lot of vtubers seem to be into shit for some reason. Finana, Vei, Kana... The list goes on.

>> No.10855952

Faggots, using "they" as a singular pronoun has always been considered colloquial, and it has only gained traction lately due to tranny faggots and feminist whores wanting "gender neutral language". Using a plural pronoun to describe a single person is just grammatically wrong and shows that you prefer making an ambiguous statement than """misgendering""" someone, you stupid trannies.
Just use the neutral "he" you faggots.

>> No.10856164

imagine responding to the most obvious bait

>> No.10856251

But 'he' would be wrong 50% of the time.

>> No.10856339

None of those are compareable to Finana

>> No.10856594

>gets btfo
>uh it's was bait bro!!!
quantity is more relevant to know than is the person has a dick or not. There is a world of difference between one person or a group of people

>> No.10856603

Never seen Selen be this quiet.

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Your fear of trannies has affected your basic understanding of english, retard. And I even say that as an ESL

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amazing, amy schumer

>> No.10856893

This is what people complain about? Let all the vtubers talk about their shits. Doesn't bother me.

>> No.10856894

Nah, Vei is Amy Schumer.

>> No.10856897

Not bait from my part. Anon is being as retarded as the cunts who want to get rid of gendered nouns in other languages, i.e. the fucks who use latinx/latine. He's becoming the very thing he hates and has no idea

>> No.10856988

amazing, 2 amy schumers in niji

>> No.10857008

>using wikipedia as source
>using the dictionary that has meme words like white privilege on it

>> No.10857031

Her voice is a TOP Tier in cuteness

>> No.10857090

>vei is niji
holobronies are really like americucks who thinks any language other than english is spanish

>> No.10857109

I've seen this one a few times and all I wish is for her to have told this story without the boner-breaking goXLR filter.
I love this dumb, cute fish. She keeps putting herself in this situation and always regrets it!

>> No.10857561

>ad hominem the sites

>> No.10857848

so this is what holobronies do to cope with how shit council is huh?

>> No.10858149

Holobronies aren't the only people who dislike Finana you retard. Don't fucking say she's just following in the footsteps of her JP senpais, because she's not. No one else does that kinda shit

>> No.10858576

Finana is either not talked about in the NijiEN thread or is shit on.

>> No.10858628

>No one else does that kinda shit
No one talks about sex toys or has toilet talks? in nijisanji? No one in nijisanji talks about pornographic doujins? Are you sure?

>> No.10858721

do ur reps retard

>> No.10858747

go back to /pol/ retard

>> No.10858785

I don't really go to many of the EN threads, but I can believe that
To the extent that she does? With the fucking explicit english language being used to its fullest? No, no one else else does, not in the way she does.
YOU do yours faggot

>> No.10858842

She is usually shit on because niji people shill for Selen

>> No.10858867

Blame Nijisanji for it's shitty scouting then, not Finana herself.

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>> No.10859098

>To the extent that she does? With the fucking explicit english language being used to its fullest? No, no one else else does, not in the way she does.
I guess you're right, because they use the japanese language you massive fucking retard. Just utako herself would be enough to disprove this stupid statement.

>> No.10859157

No one talks about shit to the extent Finana does, but there's literally a unit in Nijisanji dedicated to talking about porn and fetishes. So many have gone on Ran-nee chan's drinking streams and ended up talking about fetishes, Utako exists, etc

>> No.10859449

Yes, the japanese language massively helps. Also Utako doesn't talk in a stupid cutesy voice. Finana is a bridge too far, she crosses the line for many, me included

>> No.10860548

finana doesn't deserve to be treated with double standards.

>> No.10860632

His standards don't matter because he'll never understand Japanese, who is he to compare.

>> No.10860738

Why not? Are you her fucking dad or something? I'm not here peddlin' some rrats or whatever, just explaining why there may be some who don't like her.

>> No.10867142

Gura's collabbing this week, right?

>> No.10869763

I love Finana but goddamn her personality makes me think she is a landwhale.
If she actually ends up being attractive then I might fall in love.

>> No.10874430

Why do you hate her so much?

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