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yep, she's going to fuck some BBC

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Why does it seem like this bitch goes on vacation every week?

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Nice bait.
Guarenteed, she'll be posting to twitter within 18 hours.

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Can someone please fill me on on why she decided to stop with the homosexual harassment of Mori? I heard it was done but never found an explanation.

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Russia is between them.

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I'll be happy but I'll stop coming to /vt/ because I know her retarded fanbase will leak into my threads (even more than they do now)

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because that's all she's known for

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Coping by raping your mother and you until you both lose consciousness

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im assuming its a similar situation to the bottom left "meme"
>makes joke
>overuses joke to hell
>stops overusing joke
>gets mad when plebbitor infested chat keeps echoing joke despite that being their thing
>cries over it and tells people to stop
t. doesnt watch kicky ricky

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Because she has poor money management skills

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Please never come back, nobody likes you

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she's a menhera, she has to cope somehow.

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She made the mistake of trying it with Mori, who isn't good at pretending. Kiara was coming on too strong. Their personalities don't mix well. Pushing the ship was only hurting Kiara.

Shame. Just going on aesthetics, Takamori is really good. Especially when Mori is a futa.

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She'll be back on Twitter tomorrow.

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I don’t think I would notice she ever left

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because she actually announces when she takes a break instead of just blueballing her fans

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She's my least favorite of Holo EN anyways, wouldn't care.

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>We could've had one more session of TTRPG if not for queen Kiara taking a vacation and saying she can't do it until her return instead of just doing it before she leaves.
Kind of selfish of her.

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Annoyed to have one less chuuba to watch

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I'd celebrate.

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imagine needed a break from playing video games

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>Official given reasons
Got tired of the tsundere dynamic since she doesn't like being on the receiving end of it, at least with how Mori does it since Mori has about as much emotional intelligence as a rock. Is aware the regular friend interactions like during off-collabs is superior and wants more of that. Feels in constrains their relationships with other Holos such as dumbfucks in chat spamming NTR every time. Keep in mind she has explicitly said the reasons the gave are "one thing I can say" which implies there's other reasons she can't discuss.

>Rrat reasons
Honest to god just got over her simp feelings for Mori as a result of traveling back to her home country. You can claim her starting to gosling over Ame at the exact same time as she stopped simping for Mori is just a coincidence but you shouldn't. People were already saying Takamori is dead long before she announced because it was just obvious from how her change in behavior. Not even the normies in chat were surprised when she said it. In regards to the reasons she gave, once you're no longer blinded by retarded emotions, and you're able to look at the ship objectively, of course all the flaws in it that have existed since the beginning would "suddenly" seem clear to you.

tl;dr Ame killed TakaMori

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I'd be sad. She's a part of Hololive. I enjoy her single player streams. If she left then it would have a negative effect on other chuubas I like.

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Holy fuck I'm sorry for this ESL abomination of a post, I don't know what happened.

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>never came back
i wish this was gura

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her or wiggerchan leaving wouldnt affect me at all

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Same. Chumbuds are annoying.

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I like her.

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this but with nijibronies

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Simple...your grammar and logic are retarded AND you obviously didn't hear Kiara's actual explanation for it

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Not a KFP fag, but Kiara literally has the most stream times out of pretty much any Holo and at least announces her vacations. Compared to some of the other girls who stream like once a week or month, Shion/Ayame, and only ever announce when they come back lol.

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>Your reaction if she just never came back?

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I would be so happy if she never come back

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Mori ghosting her after their IRL meetup and being a total cunt during their first aftermath collab (which Kiara almost actually cried) certainly didn't help things. I think Kiara just realized lusting over her isn't worth it. Mori barely played along with the yuri concept because she lusts for e-celebs and not 2d anime women.

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Because she hooked up with nina, forsen's girlfriend. That's why she quit streaming, why forsen went full snus hobo, and why his chat keeps on donating vtuber clips and joke that forsen is gura.

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Vacations are what make life worth it, I’d do the same if I could

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