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From debut, Kiara is the one who's grown the most as a person.

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She’s the Flare of her generation, overlooked because people prefer her Reddit pandering memester genmates over raw talent

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Kiara has the most posts on reddit out of anyone. And flare posts all her big announcements on reddit.
You fucking retard.

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>Makes threads shitting on all of holo myth just to deviate hate because is le tired of (surely just a couple, definelty not many people, that would be impossible, kiara cant be that hated) a couple anties that shit on kiara for her retarded behavior

>Proceeds to make a thread taling good about Kiara

Go back to your discord KFP tranny

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Women are incapable of growth, their mental ability locks in at 14 and never advances from that point. For most of history they were basically treated the same as children

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t. egg

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Unfortunately true

And if they try to compete on the same level as men they become schizo insufferable creatures, women are not built to be like men

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I agree she has grown from a person I want to beat the shit out of to a person I want to beat the shit out of violently

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kys retard your oshi is utter garbage stop shilling her and stop making falseflag threads shitting on the other girls

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This, even Kiara admitted she never learns from mistakes. She's self-aware of most of her flaws but still can't fix them.

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chumbud pls go spam more gura and oouuhlol

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Legit just go back to discord and stay there faggot

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I fucking hate Kiara now

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Kfps are actual retards. Oh my god

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Nice fucking bait anon. I learned something today.

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>raw talent

You meant to say raw shittyness

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>Can't even spell shittiness right
>Uses buzzwords like "shitty" instead of actual words

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Flare is actually good though, dont ever compare her to kiara

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Damn how could I, i guess i should have used another word that had the same meaning but different and correct(this is very important) spelling

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What does it mean then, huh? "baaad thing is bad because bad". Nigga that doesn't mean anything.

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Didnt even know shitty was a >le buzzword according to americans, how shitty

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Yeah retard

talent also doesnt mean anything, the same way that shit doesnt mean anything

I could have said that kiara has raw retarded behavior, but its is only 1 thing of many shit traits she has, i think shes the opposite of talented, shittyness was appropiate, she has raw shittyness not raw talent, you can see that in the numers, you can see that in the numbers of antis and fans

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Listen retard, there's a difference between posting on a platform and revolving your personality around said platform. You don't go around calling people faggots and niggers and tell them to seethe when they get mad IRL do you? if you do, HOLY, >pic related

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>says shes talented(adjective), refuses to elavorate further

>responds with saying shes shitty(adjective), refusing to elavorate further

>wait you cant just say shes >adjective that just doesnt mean anything, that just means >adjective it doesnt mean anything

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>posting on reddit makes you reddit

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>You don't go around calling people faggots and niggers and tell them to seethe when they get mad IRL do you?
I'm not American. People here don't care.
Yes, 1 post rule. You post on reddit, you're cancer forever.

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Ina went from FFXIV addict neet to accomplished artist as an adult after graduating college. Mori went to do rap to japan after graduating college and makes more music than anyone else in Hololive, alone. Both were adults and developed their skills and crafts and made it. They were both adult women and while they had an interest in those things since they were teens they just started seriously dedicating themselves to it as adults.

Anyone saying that you can just make it if you work on something since you were a child is coping. Yeah child brains are info sponges and learn way faster but they also just wanna have fun and seldom have the drive to self improve and the knowledge on how to do it. As an adult you should know how to learn and progress in your skills. You can make it too if you stop coping and start doing.

Also saying that women are kids mentally is just incel cope. I got brainmogged tons of times in college by women that had more drive and smarts than me and I study engineering at my country's best university. I thought I was hot shit and I just got schooled. Just go out there and go meet real hard working women instead of looking at the worst humanity has to offer from cherrypicked examples on this mongolian basket weaving forum.

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Yeah she is. She's the only one thats turned from a selfish cunt into a bigger selfish cunt. The numberfaging is still around too.

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Talent is a versatile adjective to mean any number of proficiencies or skill in one field. In Kiara's case it's her ability to work with other talents(used as a noun for you ESLs), which mind you if you're in any working environment, IS a skill. I'll let KFP list down the shit she's good at, I'm just here to say what you're saying literally means nothing. You could've just said "I don't like thing" and moved on with your life, but instead, you pretend whatever your posted has some merit to even convince anyone.

>> No.10784279

>Talent is a versatile adjective
So is shitty you dumb faggot

It can mean many, many things yet youre dumb enough to say >it just means uuh... le bad, das it??

Like yikes nigger, i could be saying shes shitty for a variety of reasons, which is why it makes it a versatile adjective, oh but you dont realize this... yet when you say >shes talented, of course you realize thats a versatile adjective, of course, you massive retard

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>Still unable to expound why she's shitty and instead repeats herself countless times
>reddit spacing

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>formating is reddit

>> No.10784320

>merit to even convince anyone.
>saying shes talented and refusing to elavorate further

>despite kiara being the most hated(for good reasons) of her generation

Its like you have some kind of mental retardation actually

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>despite kiara being the most hated(for good reasons) of her generation
>Good reasons
>Doesn't expound on it

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Only talent Kiara seems to have, in my limited experience, is the ability to keep a conversation going without periods of dead air. But pretty mnuch all of holoEN this too, unless they are specifically concentrating on something (game dialogue etc).

But the rest of Kiara's personality is abrasive and her voice and laughing is cancer.

I don't know how good of a content creator she is outside of being a streamer (e.g. cosplay) because that's irrelevant as a vtuber.

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Mucho texto cuck

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How does it feel to know that Rosemi’s impression of you has spread to her co workers too. Even Pomu thinks you’re a worthless buta simp now

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I think it would take efford to not see how garbage she is

From her retarded design
From her disgusting fanbase
From her often disgusting behavior, intentional or not

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Cool buzzwords bro.

>> No.10784579 [DELETED] 

we literally have one kiara thread one hour here

>> No.10784634

Based from yesterday's holotalk, I agree

Professional production
>black pantsu

>> No.10784729

yeah buzzwords

le bad words yeah, those type of words that make everything i said unvalid, surely youre not mentally disabled and have the mental age of a child

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Or you could just articulate what exactly you mean by that instead of hoping everyone agrees with you. I'm sure this is an easy task... unless your command of the English language is insufficient.

>> No.10784952

Its pretty much "articulated"

I gave 3 points which you responded with
>le buzzwords

Youre insanely retarded its actually unreal

>> No.10784985

I mean it could be why you consider kiara talented after all

That you have some kind of mental disability

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Your feelings aren't arguments, bro.

>> No.10785015

Those arent feelings those are descriptions bro

>> No.10785033

disgusting is literally (you)r opinion on what she makes you feel. It's in no way objective.

>> No.10785049

I mean its literally adjectives, how can they be "feelings"

Im not saying i hate it, im saying its repulsive, low appeal

You just have to have some kind of mental disbility to not get this much basic stuff

>> No.10785132

It's repulsive to (you), anon. You're not the barometer of what is beautiful or pleasing.

>> No.10785151

I mean then again i repeat you have to be willingly blind/retarded to not see where im coming from with the things i say

Shows me you have some lack of basic reasoning to a huge degree, gives me justification to say you either have a mental disability or youre just dumb as shit

>> No.10785216

Yeah a lot of subhumans like to consume utter garbage

Im saying shes repulsive on a general level, where even subhumans consider her unappealing, shows on her numbers, least favorite, least liked one, most hated

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>using more buzzwords to defend his use of buzzwords

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Why do they need to? only Kiara needs to, because she has insecurities you baboon!
Muh numbers my bullshit.

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As a KFP, I am not gonna deny that Kiara is the most menhera in Holomyth, having also a lot of flaws like being sometimes too blunt or being way too dramatic about some stuff (the 1 million, cover not supporting her below average songs...). But even you Kiara Haters must recognize that despite being so turbulent she is probably the most bolt and strong in Holomyth. She tried the idol stuff in a foreign country as different as Japan when she was still underage, she underwent under some humiliating stuff like the wrestling episode, and she saw her last opportunity in Japan totally wrecked during the 2020 pandemic. Yet she didn't gave up, and managed to join hololive while facing the most heinous level of haters and doxxing, like YouTube recommending the wrestle event. She is undeniably quite strong, and 1 year after she has clearly got better with each problem she has faced. I agree with people saying she is not a specially talented person, but she got passion and that's why there's people like me who have her as their oshi

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>I got brainmogged tons of times in college by women that had more drive and smarts than me
Holy fuck that's pathetic. If you're getting beaten at any intellectual pursuit by a woman then you're in the lowest quintile of male IQ. There's a reason men and women don't compete in the same Chess leagues, buddy.

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>> No.10786973

Wow, that's the most vaginized post I've read in a while.
>meet real hard working women
Why? I and the majority of men don't give two shits about how capable or hard working a woman at work is.

>> No.10786992

kiara is certainly the most hardworking of myth and gives back to her fanbase the most. most of the time when i watch other members of myth i get the never ending feeling that they don't give a shit which makes them very un-fun to watch. this specifically is why i can't stand watching Calli anymore despite loving her upon debut. Her collabs suck, her attitude sucks, and she doesnt give a shit about streams. It's difficult to watch someone who clearly just isn't having fun.

>> No.10787007

>Also saying that women are kids mentally is just incel cope.
Who should I believe? Aristotle or a cuck who fell for the STEM meme and gets BTFO by women anyway? Tough choice

>> No.10787023

I mean, when you are rock bottom the only way left to go is up... So not much of an improvement I'm afraid.

>> No.10787095

>Everyone evolves from their original cringe debut
>Kiara just becomes Kiara irl

>> No.10787185

How's life back in June? The Mori you describe has not existed in months.

>> No.10787232

Kiara is my favorite because I pretend Hitler reincarnated as an anime girl

>> No.10787614

Yes, her ego keep growing non stop, until Mori the most tolerated in myth had to reject her

>> No.10788538

I'm literally anonymous. I find it ridiculous that anonymous is asking anonymous about his post that he makes anonymously.

>> No.10788548

Kiara "gives back" because she has no self worth and needs chat to validate her every day.

She's one bad day from OD in a tub.

>> No.10788784

>I got brainmogged tons of times in college by women
Imagine being mogged by inferior beings, truly pathetic.

>> No.10790224

Aristotle lived thousands of years ago and got most things wrong.

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>> No.10790809

Youre so mentally disabled

>> No.10790860

Do you call buzzwords anything your brain cant process or what?

>> No.10790976

Actual subhuman trying to gaslight me into
>youre using le buzzwords

>> No.10793589

Still hasn't dropped the fake voice. She hasn't grown at all.

>> No.10795058

Yeah, never seen a vtuber use a fake voice before I can’t believe she’d do this

>> No.10796847

Agreed. It’s nice to see how far she change.

>> No.10797218

This is your brain on kfp.

>> No.10797431

Show one Flare anti thread here before

>> No.10798946

She needs to be less neurotic about her content, just pick something that's the most enjoyable for her to do and have the best time doing it. I honestly don't think she's enjoying any of the games she's playing. I dunno, maybe she's into cosplay so just have a stream highlighting cosplay and the good and bad of it. Also needs to learn on give/take in conversations, especially the give part and not lead them into deadend topics.

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She's the worst vtuber to ever exist.

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>She's the worst vtuber to ever exist.

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>threatening to make women's holes unavailable by proxy ("incel", "go out there and meet women")
>pretending to be male ("I got brainmogged tons of times by women")
Also, le reddit spacing tells us that you're a tourist, and subconsciously lapsing into Cyndi Lauper lyrics in the second paragraph tells us that you're probably a postmenopausal roastie.
>old woman reinventing herself cope
>pweeze go out and meet real hard working women, anon
Sorry, Karen, but men will always prefer the young pretty fertile girls. Go back to r/TwoXChromosomes and take your withered ovaries with you.

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>Only growth is her realizing forced Takamori pandering was doing more harm to her and Mori than good
Sure, OP

>> No.10800410

cope: the post

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>le reddit funny

>> No.10802214

You sound a little cracked

>> No.10806186

her strongest skill is making her community feel involved, her relationship with the KFP is closer than any other EN fanbase. This can be a double-edged sword as it's open for schizo parasocial relationships and kiara has to put her emotions on her sleeve constantly

>> No.10806768

>X is bad
>Because everyone else is subhuman and shit taste and I'm very right because I said so.
Come on now. Literally just your opinion, bro.

>> No.10810387

>I honestly don't think she's enjoying any of the games she's playing.
Of all Kiaras faults, arguably shes too attached to playing what she likes and ignoring anything else.

>> No.10810459

Don't even compare Flare to your whore

>> No.10812091

In the streams I've watched her play games she's not actually enjoying as much as just passively taking in the content. Like recently when Gura mistook her 1to5 comment or her gartic phone collab, you could tell Kiara was actually having a moment of pure enjoyment. I can't remember many streams she was playing a game by herself and had those moments.

>> No.10812883

>X is repulsive
>repulsive whats that? ive never heard that term what could it mean
>Oh i have no idea what could it mean, it may be just the way you feel anon, like come on that words doesnt mean anything so it must be nothing-burger, i literally refuse to aknowledge what you meant

Yeah nice reasoning skills

Also has anyone notice the amount of:

1-2 phrases long threads talking shit about Gura/Ina/Ame/Calli HoloMyth the last couple of days?

Then we get this thread... with the same format but not shitting on one HoloMyth member

KFP Trannies?

>> No.10815925

Flare is a bigger whore.

>> No.10817119

You're under the impression everyone is supposed to agree on your idea on what is "repulsive" without explaining *why* that's the case.

>> No.10818089


>> No.10821715

Finally. someone said it. Great to see other anons get it.

>> No.10822098

She has grown into a whining bitch

>> No.10823190

She grew an entire arm, how amazing. Now she has it in addition to the arm on her right side and the "arm" on her crotch.

>> No.10824531

you will never have children

>> No.10824586

>Also saying that women are kids mentally is just incel cope. I got brainmogged tons of times in college by women that had more drive and smarts than me
A thirteen year old could probably brainmog you by the sound of things.

>> No.10824674

No that's you op. Time to hit the gym.

>> No.10827454

That's Ina

>> No.10828658

: _ ;

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>> No.10830323


>> No.10830381

you are an absolute retard if you genuinely believe this. If it wasn't for the hololive aura, and, previous to that, the female buff, they would've been completely ignored in the ocean of digital artist and indie rappers

>> No.10833163

women can be smart, but for every smart woman theres 100 men much smarter than her.

>> No.10833707

I want to gain acquired taste to kiara first then mumei next. They're my least favorite holoen. Looking for good vod suggestions around 1~3 months old

>> No.10835041

And you'll get brainmogged by kids as well, doesn't change the fact that they're on the same level below men. All you've proven is how pathetic you are.

>> No.10836457

dont forget your meds

>> No.10836788

based and true fellow male, that's why men should be the only humans qualified to die in battle no women deserves that honor

>> No.10837184

People in this thread are in dire need or touching grass. Did you guys come from the XIX century or something? Why do you even watch female vtubers if you think like that? Why do you even gosling if you think like that? Shouldn't the fate of all women according to you be cook, clean and take care of kids?

>> No.10837260

You might be right, but if she did she took a long ass time to do so. I ran out of free good will back in January and I'm now happy watching other people

>> No.10837529


>> No.10837622

There are several dozen women Grandmasters and Magnus Carlsen has been mogged by women in tournaments you fucking brainlet.

>> No.10837893

shit person had the most growth to at least achieve baseline humility, true true

>> No.10841136

Indeed anon, you're very humble to able to admit that you are a shit person that just achieved baseline humility

>> No.10841176

Way to out yourself by qcring knowing subreddit names, tourist-chama

>> No.10842379

Of course it goes without saying that she has grown the most. She's a kraut, can't get any worse than that.

>> No.10843732


>> No.10844552

>Raw talent


>> No.10845676

Ironmouse takes the cake there.

>> No.10846253

found the clipwatching threadreader

>> No.10847788

It's like being underage, if you reveal yourself instead of hiding it, then you're responsible for the reaction.

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>> No.10848054

But Kiara literally said on stream that her brother and sister both use reddit while she never did. She only went on reddit as a holomember to post on /r/hololive which is the single only social media officially moderated by cover (twitter is not moderated by cover). That's like the opposite of revealing yourself to be a redditor, she's simply using the available tools for even more fan interactions.

>> No.10848788

I liked Kiara a lot around debut, and I still like her as a person, but when she changed her voice it filtered me. It's too much for me, personally.

>> No.10852255

Tales? Yakuza? Papers Please?

>> No.10855667

the pitch?

>> No.10855999

Lol no she hasn't, anon..you're new to kiara.

>> No.10862217

I'm not a Kiara fan but I have to agree, I love Ame but she doesn't have the balls to open up like Kiara does so she just acts passive agressive most of the time, she's also a real hard worker, I honestly hope her career sails even further, she deserves (she also came a long way as a person in general)

>> No.10866418

yeah. I know part of it was because of the fucked up mic she had, but even her pre-Hololive stuff is easier to listen to overall.

>> No.10874293

>She’s the Flare of her generation
Take that back. Kiara is ten times better than flare.

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