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how the hell am i supposed to find indies to watch? there are hundreds of them and no way of filtering them

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Well Anon what kind of indie are you looking for?

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someone who's into hack and slash/diablo-likes or roguelites or pm

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A cute autist. No males or trannies I HATE males and trannies

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dilate, meds, rope, & BBC

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Go to https://www.twitch.tv/directory/all then either filter by game or add the vtuber tag and browse through the results/add another tag

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Change it from hololive to all vtubers.

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if you watch hololive, you'll never find them because of how the recommends work. Go to the /jp/ vtuber thread and fill up your watch list with indies to get better recommends

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Don't use Pomu for your bait thread.

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Watch Mumei

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>implying anyone here knows japanese

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I'll make things easy for you and spoonfeed you.


Enjoy, OP.

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Then just type the game into the Twitch search bar.

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>Hinatsu Nono

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Literally just browse this board. That's how I find them.
I'm going to shill Kiki, a /here/ chuuba who is ironically wholesome and adorkable >>10667610 She is fosters bunnies and wants to become a vet

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I don't have time to find quality indies. Indies are a dime a dozen. None of the ones I've seen have ever stood out as fantastic, and it's the ones I've never even heard of who wind up becoming big brand chubas.

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So this is the rec thread? I want an EN science chuuba, good at KSP would be nice I know about the chink, I said EN.

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>wants to become a vet
Arent they the occupation with the higest percentage of suicide because they only see dying/sick animals and assholes who don't wanna pay 50 bucks to save their pet?

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Like others have mentioned, using Twitch's tag directory is the best way to go. Watching VTubers will also bring up others in your Twitch recommendations, that's how I found Ewica, and I really enjoy her streams.

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What language?

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