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>his oshi doesn't kiss him goodbye at the end of every stream
Why even watch Vtubers at that point? Might as well watch some 3DPD streamer if you're gonna scam yourself out of the GFE experience.

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>Hos oshi doesn't call him a dum fug
U dum fug

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does finana do that?

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Yes. Either right at the end or at the ending splash screen. Not even my oshi. She is a sweet girl.

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hmm, that's kinda nice but it doesn't make up for her being a size queen, cucking you, and her other massive red flags

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None of that matters as long as she's still a virgin

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A machine took her virginity...

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KIara(orange woman) has literally said she wants to have her chats babies btw, can Finana top that?

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Only a soul can take virginities, of which machines have none. She's still my pure fishie princess.

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>Only a soul can take virginities, of which machines have none.
May Omnissiah smite your soul, you fucking meatbag.

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Holy cope

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The whole point is that it's impossible to feel insecure over a piece of plastic anon, the machine can't cuck you of its own volition and humans dont bond with metal

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Bro... The giggles after every single one... Who gave her the right to be this fucking cute?

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I wanted to like finana but her voice hard filtered me

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>cucking you
Anon, she wants YOU to cuck your gf with her. She self inserts as the cucker

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but the voice is the best part

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It's not too late to stop being a homosexual, anon.

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Yep, it's why people who watch her call her really wholesome, she also used to like every reply she got, but now it has been limiting to replies she really likes or the fans she recognizes

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because I have a fucking life outside of the internet and all I want from streamers, virtual or not, is entertainment.

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Are you saying she is not?

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i miss civia...

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Is she really that sweet? All I’ve heard is how weird and horny she is

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Find out yourself lazy ass clip watcher.

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idk who this girl is but I wanna fuck her

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Don't watch this video

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No hymen no diamond.

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Why isn't she in Vshoujo?

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because she's in Nijisanji

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