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but i love this bitch
how does she do it? is this the power of charisma?

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Does Intel support Taiwanese independence?

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massive tits.

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Girls that are raised in two different cultures like she was are based as hell because automatically they have a deeper perspective on thothood and how it relates to the hearts of men than other women. Also she's just intelligent in general. And a chad inhabiting a woman's body.

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You're a simp.

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Ill never get why you niggers consider that thing charismatic

Does a horse shitting appears charismatic to you

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Why are such an underachiever?

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Can you pick a better example than a random whore at least?

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I’ve never once gotten so angry at an internet personality that I developed spamming scripts, devoted hours each day to harassment, and gathered together with others to plan harassment. Does that mean I’m not schizo, or just that I’m lazy and incompetent?

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you can be a lazy schizo or you might be just weird. either way you are not normal since you are here.

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Your mother is dead

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a chinese insult if i heard one.

------To be fair,
Coco's model had cow tits (flat is justice) and had one of the oddest voices in Holo. hard to listen to.
She was vulgar and crass on-screen and stole money legally from all those niggers.
behind the scenes she worker her ass off, like a second manager. 3rd and 4th gen holo is so damn appreciative of her, and EN is glad they have jobs, even if Coco wasn't really there for them.

Coco had the kind of charisma that real men appreciate from other real men, one who is a leader, a brother, and one who will bail out your ass and kick you in the right direction.

that was Coco.

she could have been a flattie dwarf and still pulled her weight.

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>Does a horse shitting appears

Rumao lmao

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The faggot was samefagging on cooldown, too

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I think it's the power of your low IQ. Maybe combined with your lack of social interaction too

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Holy shit those double trips of bug exterminating truth!

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>watch entubers because maybe they'll improve my opinion of westoid girls
>oh no nevermind they actually give me even more reasons to dislike w*stern women

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Why do you keep posting this?

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Because she's actually a very nice sweetheart behind the scenes. Always there to help and save everyone, even if she suffered for it. Ask Kanata, Watame, Aqua etc. It itsn't just charisma, it's the power of being a messiah complex saviorfag. Western women on the other hand are bitches both inside and out.

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I hate western women and I HATE this whore!

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She was a funny person who looked hot and tried her best to act like a bitch while remaining a caring sweetheart.
That's it
That's all it takes to fall in love with someone

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Not chinese but if so, they are courting death.

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That image... ;_;7

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Intel the semiconductor company?
Fuck no, they have a bunch of facilities in China, and one fab in Dalian. They're not entirely stupid about it. None of their important IP touches China, but the CCP still holds sway over a large amount of physical assets, and of course a fuckload of their customers. And I don't mean consumers. Chinese hyperscalars, medium-tier datacenter operators, to say nothing of the behemoth that is Lenovo. I don't think it is an exaggeration to guess that the amount of money Intel makes off of just Lenovo alone is probably larger than the GDP of some small countries.
Also, Chinese customers are some of the few remaining volume purchasers for the uber-expensive 8P systems. Most sane businesses go 4P at most, but in China 4 is bad and 8 is good so they'll happily waste the money! Profit!

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As a company you would probably try to stay as far away from the topic as possible, because they have one production plant in China, but surprisingly they produce mostly in the US and a bit in Israel or Ireland.

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Ohhh i like intranational drama

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coco becomes kson
but she can't sing shiny smily story anymore

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Its better than your mom shitting you out

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Bait, but since I want to write anyways.

I think for a lot of the Japanese speaking 20-40 year olds she represents a person who you want to aim to be like.
Smart, well educated, ready to challenge herself new things, hard-working, multi-lingual, successful, but humble, empathetic and a friend you can rely on, but also rebellious and geeky/dorky and thus relatable to most otaku.

That's also why there are a good amount of female fans.

To a certain extend there is some fantasy mixed in, because we mostly get to see her the way she wants to show herself.

Don't know what EOPs think, I'd guess for them she's just the Meme-dragon who is loved and respected by most holos, especially since a lot of the deeper topics in her talking streams are untranslated.

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Coco is a pure blood japanese raised in America though.

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This, average western woman prefers to save themselves, maybe if Coco was like this she wouldn't saved Haato, or lived with Kanata and give her advices... To be honest Hololive would be more soulless

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i hate western women
and i hate this one too

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