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What is this feeling?

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The best

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youre becoming an indie chad, anon...

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Now you finally understand, OP.

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>Prism Project
Absolute faggot we have here

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it starts with the small corpos and then the next thing you know you're throwing akasupas at a 2view

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small corpos are just indies with a logo slapped on them. besides, most indies and small corpos give off the low view experience anyways.

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That's the point where you fucked up your shilling.

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Based Rita enjoyer.

Small corpo is legit the best viewer experience in vtubing right now.

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The best. Pomu does this during her SC reading if the viewers drop off enough

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Anya never responded to my chat though

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It's called validation, anon. Having the vtuber reply to your comments validates your existence.

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>gets proven wrong
>tries to leap in logical but making another dumbass statement as why what they said was actually correct

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Enjoy it while you can, especially if you start shilling her here. 1st that 70 avg turns to 100 then 1000 you notice the amount of interaction you had with her get further and futher, 2000, she celebrates 100k subs 3000, she remembers your name but there are so many new ones that are making her happy 5000, 500k subs, nothing the chat is moving so fast you're but a blip even during member streams

you've lost your personal connection with a woman again...

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>Post comment
>Gets read
>Name appears on screen and she thanks you
So... this is how it feels...?

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I Am willing to sacrifice that Anon, for her happiness is more importan than my own

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My indie is also reading everything and is an asl. She is clearly trying very hard. I'll post her deets at q00 concurrent. But she's got a ways to go.

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>I Am willing to sacrifice that Anon, for her happiness is more importan than my own
At last you truly see, god speed on this journey

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That’s OK, because you got to see them succeed and live their dreams. Not every oshi will make it to that point.

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>pronouns in twitter bio

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That's a normal feeling anon...
You will understand sooner or later...

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>Start stream
>They say "Heblo (your user name)

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You never had a connection in the first place, anon.

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>Karaoke stream
>She remembers you suggested the song and thanks you at the end

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I don't know OP I felt more satisfied when Mori read and laughed with my chat in one of her recent karaoke streams than getting a 2view indie to read your chat out of necessity, and I have to clarify that I'm not a member of Mori's channel nor a regular viewer of her streams, the key is to make short funny one-liners at the right time without adding cringy shit like overused memes or blindly praising the vtuber.
the only bad thing about the situation is that it happened on her unarchived rap songs stream so I cant clip the moment, fuck.

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Welcome anon and enjoy your stay

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Terrifying, I had the same thing with some indies, I end up limiting any messages I make to superchats.
It's a very powerful spotlight effect and it's hard for me to let my inner autism out. Especially with English streamers.

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Small chats are nice but I hate when they literally read every message, most messages are not actually interesting enough to talk about.

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Tfw it's been my dream to become a vtuber and be like this, read as much chat as I can and interact with them as much as I can but yeah

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