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I dont know why no one on west is talking abaout the scandal of Beni Yakumo, the esports vtuber projects solo member who did reverse boosting, smurf accounts.

Got trending all day on twitter Japan and even Riot games is involved on the investigation.

Sabaki: https://youtu.be/OtTc7wXMWz4
Yakumi Apologise and official statement from esports vtuber project: https://twitter.com/beni_yakumo/status/1442468315004162054

Miscelania, mire videos: https://youtu.be/z6G5nIFmjyE

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literally who

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because west doesn't care that much about Smurf

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Fuck off jap, nobody cares

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Go back to hololive contaiment thread

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ppl were talking about it in the VSPO thread. Now fuck off back to 5ch, 2ch or wherever you came from

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Narukami thread let's fucking gooooooo

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Thread: https://twitter.com/riiayuu/status/1443087161813655553

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only 4chan is not talking about it.

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sorry but cant have an interest in any jp vtuber other than holo niji and the ones with known indie agencies.

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Shut up nip

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>this incredibly boring drama

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Check the vspo thread at least before going "no one is talking"

But yeah, it's not a big deal here.
Would have been a nothingburger and slap on the wrist if not for the "muh gaming honor fans" and drama tourists blowing it out of proportion.

Beni and sumire should come back fine and Vspo incline some more.

You won't be able to make it look bigger than that around these parts you dramaslut.

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nigga the west has seen way worse shit come out of league, reverse boostig and smurfing for content is celebrated with people like tfblade doing bronze to challenger

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Japanese dramafags literally are making money out of this so they would be posting it on vt too

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Literally who? Reverse boosting, as in creating new accounts? Astel has like 10 accounts and nobody gives a fuck, he made one just to play with Ollie back when he killed the whole lobby, so what exactly is the problem?

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>anons outside the FPS thread only cared when there was an English translation of something that's been happening for days
>and only when the translation was accessible because the first one that had more retweets was hidden behind a hiragana to romaji password on privatter
I shouldn't be surprised but...

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is this really a big deal? does she use a controller with a kronus as well?

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Who fucking cares, esports isn't real and it's just fueled by autists

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non-smurfing esport pros are like unicorns, they don't exist.
also normies care about League, go check twitter if you want to read their view on the matter

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I think them have to clarify that you can change a game's keybinds and fov says a lot about the kind of people upset about this shit.

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>reverse boosting, smurf accounts.
What does that mean?

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She played with some friends offline who were on smurf accounts. People are also trying to say she was being boosted by someone else playing on her account when her account history show her as being pretty consistently average.

Basically it's a complete nothing of a scandal but dramafags gonna dramafag.

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you know how if your friend gets into an online game and you're too high a level you can't play with them?
Well, you just make a new account and help them climb the ranks so you can play on the normal account eventually.

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Isn't Riot Japan like corrupt or something
I remember there was some League related scandal involving them sometime ago

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Because Astel job isn't to be a professional gamer and he doesn't work for a FPS company

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>Well, you just make a new account and help them climb the ranks so you can play on the normal account eventually.
The thing is, it doesn't even look like that was true.
All the CR players have sub accounts so people don't recognise them. Almost all of their games were with at least a half full party, with or without Beni. And it's not like Rion was boosting Zepher.

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It is such a literal nothing of a story that dramafags got a salty over. And now we have to go a month with out Beni sex streams, I hope they're fucking happy.

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You can still have Ema sex stream.

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And 2 weeks with no Sumire.
She was so happy to get master the other day too. And really got along with Arisaka.

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Ema is good, but she doesn't hit the way Beni does.
This is also sad. Please don't take anymore Vspo away from me, you dramafag fucks.

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I don't get the issue with pros smurfing. Shouldn't they compete in pro tournaments that have nothing to do with matchmaking?
Why are people so obsessed with their predator ranks and stuff. Don't they have a pro league?
I only played Dota and CS like 15 years ago so yeah... I don't know much about matchmaking.

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Esports is so fucking cringe, I like these girls because they have comfy Minecraft streams during EU primetime but anyone who actually takes competitive FPS seriously enough to care about shit like this should just off themselves

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I don't get it. Why didn't they just play unranked?

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Wasn't this slut supposed to be going through legal trouble, why is he still posting.

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Beni is cute. Looks like the slut from Touhou (Sanae) and Kancolle (Suzuya). I don't give a single fuck about boosting or smurfing.

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Exactly, benisex.

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my rebuttal

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good rebuttal, i am now on the side of this literal who

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I don't know what it is about moles that drive me crazy but I feel a MIGHTY NEED

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dirty japanese hands wrote this

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Beni is not for scandals, Beni is only for SEX

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Post more Beni so I can be more convinced on this drama, I'm still thinking.

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I'm trying to wrap my head around what that gun is supposed to be and it is making my brain feel spicy and itchy.
Everything feels wrong.

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FPS autists are as bad as Minecra autists. They actually think there can be any credibility outside of what happens in an independently controlled gaming environment.

Speedrunning is a scam too. It's all a grift.

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I wanted to post this one specifically because it's the only good sex Beni image yet

The only good thing that can come out of this is that she might catch the eye of some of those drama obsessed artists.
Let Shio rest for a bit and give Beni the spotlight, which will just boost her fanart and popularity.

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>no direct violation
>established an examination committee to implement countermeasures

lmfao this is the dumbest shit, they weren't even selling boosts or making money

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Oh so that's what those announcements were about, saw them on my feed. Kinda sad, I don't care about FPS shit but I tuned in to Beni zatsudans sometimes.

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>smurf accounts
Lmao literally everyone does that and then calls it content. What is even the issue here?

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this is a hololive board

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If it's not Hololive then we don't care.

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>you know how if your friend gets into an online game and you're too high a level you can't play with them?
No? What games don't allow you to make a team and take the average elo of it or something?

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>Astel job isn't to be a professional gamer
basically is, he probably has more hours in APEX than some "pro" vtubers do.

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>benisex thread had boob numbers
it's as if the stars aligned

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Wouldn't that be pretty unenjoyable if they don't have the skill level to play where you've boosted them to? Seems like they would just be deadweight and if they ever tried to play the game without grouping with you they'd get their shit kicked in and drop back down in rank fairly quickly.

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nta, I know people who say they are not placed at the rank they should have due to bad luck / smurfs / only being matched with players throwing or much worse with them. Wouldn't be surprised if sometimes it's considered less enjoyable to play at a level "below you", which ostensibly justifies boosting as a means to get faster to your "actual' rank in a system that fails to understand you are good enough for it. Of course, that's rarely if ever correct.

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Fuck off, beni sex

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man i like rion i hope people forget about this

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why the hell is boosting controversial in most e-sports? Most boosting services this days usually offer more of a coaching style training of boosting.

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It's not really controversial it's just LoL babies take themselves way too seriously due to the mental trauma their game inflicts on its players. Paying for boosting is seen as not suffering enough to deserve your rank but it's not like boosted players ever play ranked or anything since they'd drop like a rock. It's a total non-issue.

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Do NOT go to the FPS thread.
Please and thank you.

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no one said anything when faker (lol) created new accounts to play on the US servers. seeing him with a new account playing against noob is funny

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You WILL get raided by the board.
You WILL entertain the tourists!

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The absolute state of Hololive and NijiEN generals does not reflect the rest of the quiet generals. Most of the discussion revolves around game mechanics and untranslated Japanese content anyway, aside from this drama.

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sumire?? only beni involved in the "drama" alongside some cr pro players.

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Green haired slut is my favorite

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Sumire got 2 weeks suspension and cried in her announcement stream.

>> No.10612887

my bad, somehow i missed it

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Where are the other Narukami ryona posters?

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He's still not a part of a FPS/E-Sports focused group/company, so no one really cares if he smurfs.

>> No.10617710

Some screenshot of Sumire playing with Rion's subacc sometime before got leaked so she got suspended too

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