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>Once an oddity of Japan’s digital culture, VTubers have become a global hit—and brands want in

Basic bitch info if you already know vtubers but, even then, a well written introdutory article

Link :https://archive.is/GB702
Also OP pic contains the article in its entirety

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>Business article about chuubas
>Mentions PekoMoona
>Not just "hey look at how much these fuckers make via superchats"
>Includes a subtle diss at western social media culture
Definitely some of the better mainstream coverage of chuubas so far.

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>From September 23, 2021.
And why did you bring this up now?

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Usually this kind of article talks about Kizuna Ai, Gura, Pekora, Nijisanji, Vshojo etc. With pictures of them.
This one is almost entirely focused on Pekora. And then wastes a picture on the netflix vtuber. Why are nousagis like this?

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>Referring to Nijisanji as Hololive's "rival agency"
Oh boy

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Not even a nousagi but I kinda found it cute how much this fucker obviously likes Pekora. I'd rather have a nousagi write an article like this than have another ameteurish cringe BBC "look at this weird shit" segment any day.

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It's not even a week old.

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I found it pretty cringe when he started talking about the "deep" friendship of pekomoona. It's like when you are explaining anime to your normie dad and then you talk about the deep friendship between Naruto and Sasuke.

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They're not wrong, both do fight for being the "household name" in Japan, not that you new fags to vtubers would actually know about that.

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Imagine calling people newfags when you miss the obvious anachronism in that statement.

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Article about Pekora and not one mention of Miko?

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Miko is off limits for mainstream coverage since she slings out NIGGER like normal people breathe.

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Makes sense. Hololive is a lot bigger and a lot more popular which is why they get all the mainstream coverage. Nijisanji is nothing more than a footnote.

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I bet Pekora hasn't forgotten

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>you have entered the mainstream
I always knew this was coming but still not ready

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No matter how you see them, they are Rivals. Niji's still bigger on JP, the core audience.

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It's hard to forget the biggest leech

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i get so many mixed feelings from this
>according to Stream Hatchet - kys
>at least mentions Pekora - ogey
>refuses to name Moona - kys
>mentions Kizuna clones - ogey
>says HoloEN debuted in october - kys
>mentions 4chan - ogey
>mentions Gura - ogey
>refuses to mention Coco - kys
>refuses to mention Sana - kys

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i get so many mixed feelings from this
>according to Stream Hatchet - ogey
>at least mentions Pekora - kys
>refuses to name Moona - ogey
>mentions Kizuna clones - kys
>says HoloEN debuted in october - ogey
>mentions 4chan - kys
>mentions Gura - kys
>refuses to mention Coco - ogey
>refuses to mention Sana - ogey

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So basically there's a Nousagi at Fortune company? Good to know I guess.

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>only mentions hololive

lmao as i thought,
hololive is the mcdonalds of vtubing /v/ was right,
its like the boruto of vtubing as well something the shallow and casual for the average normie, who knows nothing about the culture

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you know they are a normie who barely did research when they don't mention the earliest vtubers like ami yamato, the weather girl, and eilene.

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If Hololive is McDonalds then what kind of shit are the others? Some local joint where you get diarrhea every time?

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Ofc they're a rival anon as both of them are the biggest behemoths of the vtubing agencies we have today. The only other agency who can somehow fit the description is Vshojo but only faggots who will mention them

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Thank you OP I was struggling to read it behind the paywall without giving my money to the tribes of Judea, the article seems mostly ok but they still managed to get some simple shit wrong like with the term "graduation" being used by only one agency it's so easy to find it aint true...

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I still can't believe Netflix named their chuuba N-ko. Sure it's meant to be read as えぬこ but I'll always read it as んこ, poop.

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Vshojo have 8 members and only like 3 of them can pass as big, they get mentioned by twitch fags that also watch their indie collab partners and such as a company I'm not sure if they would make it into top 10 it depends how you compare them really Vshojo hardly gets any sponsors and I;m not sure how they're making enough money through a cut from merch sales lewd reputation aint that great for business, that's why they're trying to get away from it,

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I'm genuinely shocked it wasn't condescending and ignorant to the extreme.

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Article is decent, ending is weak

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why are zoomers like this?

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because he wants you to kill yourself.

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4chan has a magazine?

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not mentioning coco is not "refusing to mention coco", she doesn't need her name dropped in every article about vtubers

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Full respect to the author, this is one of the better "here's something new in nerd/weeb culture" articles I've ever seen. Not a single bit of misinformation, condescension, and it mostly hits every major bulletpoint you'd want to if you were trying to explain this to someone like Fortune's audience.

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>"While various streaming trends come and go, VTuber content has maintained considerable viewership over the past year," says Eduard Montserrat, CEO of the streaming analytics firm, Stream Hatchet

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Happens when the core audience are not zoomers

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>written by "journalists" for smelly dumb boomernigger scum
>no one will ever read it

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didn't read
didn't need to
all i neede to see was

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I mean,the article is about the rise of vtubers during the pandemic,so it makes sense to focus on the ones who exploded in popularity during it

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None of that is relevant in explaining vtubers to someone who is currently unaware of them.

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get real nigga ain't no one sending letters to the editor bout some mirai akari or kaguya luna

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why would they bother mentioning proto-vtubers by name

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No one seriously thinks vshojo is on the same level as Hololive and Nijisanji, anyone who does so is either deluded or trolling

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>kanikama's degenerate comics in Fortune

Kanikamabros... we made it.

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>pekora is 3rd most watched


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>the deep friendship between narucock and sasuballs

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That's why I said "somehow fit the description" because the disparity between both Hololive and Nijisanji have with the rest of their competitors are just that massive butthen again to diminished them like that is a bit too much IMHO. If they don't make it into top 5 or even 10 chuuba agency interm of business aspect (how much capital and leverage they have, profits the make each year, etc.) as you said, then who else? You're not gonna said it's Tsunderia, 774, or some SEA agencies like Maha5, right?

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You're not supposed to do that?

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>and brands want in

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>gets started by leeching from mikochi
>becomes the most popular holo and stops doing collabs

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reddit cope

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>No u

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Shit article that wasn't even proofread. Goes to show the quality of articles that will get published

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Tell that to their most avid reader/fan who feels the need to defend some random trash writer.

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Seethe more

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>Could all-hands virtual meetings populated by you and your colleagues, all in avatar form, be that far behind?
The every person having their own avatar reminds me of Summer Wars. Also, the sunken face of the Japanese salaryman will be hidden through the always smiling virtual avatar.

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Too late

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>and brands want in
I almost threw up
I hate grifters so much
Why do people have to invade the things mentally ill people love just because there's a lot of mentally ill people willing to spend money and time on things? Just leave me and my fellow autists and schizos alone, my money and time was not, is not, and will not be meant for you, EVER.

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How different would this article be if a Fandead wrote it?

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The hotdog vendor on maine street who spits on the buns every time he opens a package

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Boruto isn't popular zoomer anon....

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This is something that's observed across a whole bunch of hobbies/venues: brands will attach themselves to anything so long as there's
a) money
b) a solid likelihood that their brand's image won't be tarnished
In this case, the seiso mentality actually *causes* vtubers to be marketable, since (mostly) inoffensive cute girls/people are an easy thing to leverage for your marketing.
Ultimately if you have a desire to make your interests unpalatable they have to have some intrinsic aspect to them that makes advertisers recoil, either by touching on topics that the majority of people find distasteful or being offensive in some way that being associated with you is toxic.

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good, the more obscure they are the less SJW eyes on them, i want to enjoy swimming suit loli 3D at peace

>> No.10572430

I will always call her enko

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VSPO is looking to take the 3rd spot as their focus on FPS/Apex is finally paying off.

>> No.10573491

>some intrinsic aspect to them that makes advertisers recoil, either by touching on topics that the majority of people find distasteful or being offensive in some way that being associated with you is toxic.
My oshi literally pretends to be my girlfriend to the point of not getting a boyfriend irl, and that makes even posters on 4chan foam at the mouth, let alone "regular" people
It's not like it's niche either. All the big JP Holos popular in the west do that shit to an extent.
I literally spend my time telling women how to behave and I'm not even close to alone in this, how much more toxic could I be for western brands?

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Says this when vtubing was corporate from the start and Ai was shilling shit left and right, even now she’s shilling NFTs lol

>> No.10574101

Ai never shilled western brands until long after her hype train passed, and is also currently a husk.
Also of course it was corporate you retard. New tech(mostly).
We're lucky vtubers kept the based parts about Ai, like joking about sexually harassing younger women, and dropped the corporate parts.

Also, Ai didn't fund her venture on Superchats or memberships like most vtubers do nowadays. Genuinely two completely different worlds.

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>enko the netflix anime ambassador

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>to the point of not getting a boyfriend irl

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Enko just sounds like compensated dating.

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moona = madara
pekora = pain

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cumsharts seething is always a nice view

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Selling Merchandise is more reliable than getting sponsorships

>> No.10579870

This must be the nijicope I've heard so much about

>> No.10579871

soon what nigga, she is 2nd now only behind the bitch amouranth

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>mentions 4chan - ogey

>> No.10580239

Said no one ever

>> No.10580298

Sounds like a stupid take anon.
Keeping your money in a piggy bank is more reliable than buying stocks too you know.

>> No.10580300

you're retarded

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But that's because it wasn't written by some self-hating "journalist" with a bone to pick with the establishment in a blog trying to justify his questionable decisions on everyone but himself in order to get like-minded self haters to join their parade and crusade against whatever first world problem got their panties twisted in a bunch.

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They aren't even close to the same level, but at least as far as exclusively Western agencies go they are a pretty clear number 1. I'm not super in sync with corporations on JP side at all besides the 2 big companies so I'm sure they have some other companies that are probably of a comparable size or bigger than Vshojo, but Tsunderia or whatever other Western companies aren't even close to Vshojo in popularity

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I think of it like Coke vs Pepsi. One is clearly more popular around the world and knows it. The other is still popular and not exactly struggling, but probably won't take first place unless their competitor fuck up hard.

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he's telling the true you know?
this articles is just made by pekora fan only, and ignoring the rest like coco. Also if wasn't for her myth EN wouldn't exists and pekora and the other girls would be completely ignored globally

>> No.10586570

thanks to Coco Hololive English exists and he ignored that fact. Even Pekora and the rest of hololive would still be literal who global if wasn't for Coco ideas.

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stop falseflagging...

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>Nousagis can't accept fact
truly sad

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Actually a good article

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I have a bit of a soft spot for her, I feel like for being a corporate vtuber who does nothing but advertisements in essence, somehow she's still genuine about her appreciation for anime even if I also get the sense that her powerlevel is low.

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