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>you find out your sibling is a vtuber

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based takeshi

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my older cousin streams on twitch, not a vtuber but she's pretty popular 5k viewers on average she said she earns twice my salary per day.
i would be raging but she bought me an alienware laptop for my birthday

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Why haven't you made your moves on Moona yet.

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I hope you make her breakfast every morning and massage her back frequently as gratitude

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>Jack off to a vtuber
>Superchat her
>She recognizes your account
>Find out it's your sister
>She mocks you onstream for being sexually attracted to her before you knew it was her
>Famous porn artist Pochi watches a translated clip of this
>Outright tweets that it's giving her ideas for a porn manga
>tfw you're Moona's little brother

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he probably an hero already

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go full OreImo

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Thank fuck my siblings are too computer illiterate to do anything stream-related.

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>make her breakfast every morning and massage her back frequently
no that's creepy, but i try to visit her every week to check up on her

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Take meds because I'm an only child

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Pick up the vtubing gig yourself then.

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>jerk off to my oshi

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barge into their room during stream and fart real loud

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make a cameo and say or do something funny.

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Imagine if Peko was your neet little sister

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I had a former co-worker who tried to be a streamer but was stuck with single digit views for nearly a year and eventually gave up. I can somewhat respect 2view indies who can do vtubing for years.

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Roberu stop posting.

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with what? barging in an saying "hey babe" on stream?

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>Door swings wide open
>Door slam

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Send me the clip ty

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Based Pochi, Pochi based.
I'd read that and I'd actually pay for it for once too

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Changing the WiFi password.

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Send him a bunch of arabic slurs.

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What slurs how hard are we talking here?

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rape him, what else is there to do...? I'm not some fag who would pass up an opportunity to have sex with a vtuber.

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I came looking for this answer, wasn't disappointed

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Laugh, support decision, and find small ways to disrupt or fuck with streams. Eventually be part of the lore.

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>Eventually be part of the lore
you're worst than a leech
i hope your parents disown you and your siblings treats you like garbage

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reveal her real age (38) to /vt/ and let the hagposters cum themselves to death

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Finger her while she is streaming

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Find out your big sister is Gura, what will you do?

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Tell her that she should stay the fuck away from my oshi.

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For the JP version

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I game with my brother, so it's more or less an inevitability. Much like how relatives are talked about by Vtubers and they become part of the lore, if not joining them on occassion like Mamatori and shit.

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Be glad that he isn't actually a NEET, assuming he has enough of a following for it to pay rent.

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Rape her

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Kill myself because I'm clearly too autistic to let live. Decades and I didn't find out either is into anime? Yeah no fuck that, I'm out.

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>with what? barging in an saying "hey babe" on stream?
You act as if that isn't a brilliant idea.

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Who? not a lot of girls get 5k average

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>open door again a little later
>nvm babe, tonight's a safe night, right?
>slam door

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if my sibling found my vtubing account i would flee the fucking country

if you have a good/not bad relationship with them then just talk about it once and never touch the subject again aside from a "how is everything going" every now and then

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Incest time.

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Make tracks for her meme songs
Get famous
Steal her model

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I'm so jealous. Imagine being able to sneak into the laundry room and sniff Moona's panties.

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What the fuck were you doing to run out of condoms without your gf?

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My sister isn’t a vtuber but she streams. I tried to get her to make an application for the first hololive en wave but she didn’t want to so fuck you cunt enjoy your single digit views

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Not gonna d*x myself, anon
I'm an only child and she has no other cousin other than me

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probably some thot

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My sisters part of one of the bigger vtuber corps, dont wanna say without doxing but she gets 2-5k on average and has made some insane cash despite just starting a few months ago. Makes me wish i took up vocie acting ot streaming instead of the military.

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Be very confused because my sister is a mega stacey who calls vtubers "digital weird egirl dykes, ugh". Fyi im calling her a mega stacey because that's more or less what she is, doesn't mean i don't like my sister, we get along very well and go out and hang out all the time.

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She is. My sister is in Hololive. I just take things one day at a time.

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Ok but does her model have titanic tits?

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No one cares who you are, we just want to see how hot your cousin is

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Ahhh I want to sniff her autistic cunt

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I still jerk off to this

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Whats even more surprising is that Moona considers herself GFE. It wouldn't be awkward if Moona considered herself a normie entertainer streamer.

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GWA mean anything to you?

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Not really, its some kinda dragon thing its weird. Cant stand to watch her actual streams cause it weirds me out too much

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Whats Ame smell like

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Doxx her to teach her the values of Opsec

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what is it like?

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This is quite possibly the only thing that could get me to jerk off to my little sister more often than I already do.

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I kneel Pochi-Sama creating Shota groomers and want-to-be-groomed shotas since the beginning of times.

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I don't talk to her often.
What sucks is when I see lewds of her character posted and I want to vomit.

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Subscribe and watch

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r u mr. gay?

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Interesting, and what holos do you like?

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I actually only watch Pikamee full time and just clips of other vtubers.
I don't know how the fuck people find time to follow multiple people.

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neither of them would do vtubing but the third one I don't acknowledge exists might and I would stop watching chuubas all together because of how much I hate my oldest sister

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>ywn see moona in her underwear as she casually strolls around the house
god damn you moonabro

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Probably be happy for them and support them in their endeavors.

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Jesus, I feel bad for that kid, but at the same time he's gotta be dumb as fuck to not recognize his sisters voice, even if she fakes it

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Apparently her voice, even if faked, is very common sounding.

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>>you find out your sibling is a vtuber

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anon, we don't find the time, we just casually forget what we're actually supposed to be doing with our time and watch said chuubas anyways. That, or legit some people have no time at all/all the time in the world and spend it watching them.

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Just like my japanese mangas

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gib simp bux

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Slap him

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fap to her you homo
cuck all of her simps

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>barge into her room while she's streaming
>call the entirety of /vt/ niggerfaggots
>leave and never talk about it

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That's like seeing porn of a cartoon character and vomiting because you know the voice actress. Man up and get fapping.

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imagine not fucking her

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Secretly take up art with various different styles and usernames to astroturf her art tag

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Is Selen aware of all the proposals, anon?

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fap to her lewds and whispter your sister's name
then man the fuck up and fuck your sister
take notes of what I just said

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Unless you're also female you wouldn't rake in that much cash as a VA

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that's pretty based, and seems she knows you care about her, protect her anon, you have the life many anons want.

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Reenact eromanga sensei

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Beware of the Selenposter, anon.

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I find a big fan discord and laugh at all the faggots there with her. Also ask her to buy me games.

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Bring her to this board

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I will offer my service to my sister.

What service? Basic OPSEC, including wiping out traces of her online and making sure she does not dox herself. I will create fake rrats regarding my sister, distracting everyone from her actual yabs. I will visit every place where she may be discussed. From YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, to /vt/, doxxcords, and Kiwi Farms, I will compile rumours and opinions regarding my sister, her colleagues, and her rivals.

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