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Chuubas who were deeply scarred by rejection?

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literally every 2view

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the just fucked her

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Is Pomu the most relatable VTuber?

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"i left out some details"
Yep, she got fucked.

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Did Hololive reject her over needing to get surgery?

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They rejected her because I'm Pomu

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It's because she's autistic and her only credentials were "likes idols A LOT".

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they rejected her because shes not interesting compared to myth. couldve fit in with the shitshow that is council though

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Current pomu stream she talks about getting rejected by a guy. She said that she never got his number or met him outside school though

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Rushia got cheated on and has been a mental wreck for a decade. Also Temako had a massive crying fit about her getting rejected from noripro, hololive, nijisanji, re:act, and 774 multiple times.

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She had no prior experience didn't she? Cover's always looking for e-celebs like Sen or Shachi who know what the fuck they're doing.

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From what I understanding zero experience hence why she became indie after the rejection.

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>Also Temako had a massive crying fit about her getting rejected from noripro, hololive, nijisanji, re:act, and 774 multiple times.

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During the unarchived 3 week long stream from a few months back.

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Pekora now Kazuha is beating her in views well he would be doing that anyway but you know.

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Is she being modest right now? I thought her Japanese was decent…

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She's being modest because she's rusty

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So she got fucked in a bathroom stall or a janitor’s closet.

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How do you get rejected from Nijisanji? Did she even apply?

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Did she ever elude to what the surgery was for?

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Who here would reject her?

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Why do you keep spelling it as Kazuha.

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>knowing what she's doing
She literally drools.

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OP is referring to Pomu talking about being rejected by a guy she had a crush on. Hilarious that you immediately jump into talking about Hololive when it literally has nothing to do with the subject. RENT FREE

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But holobros you told me she was a carpet muncher!

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Zero streaming experience. Zero content creation experience. On paper she's Kiara - years of streaming - public performance experience. She's a great streamer but there was no way in hell they were rolling the dice on her for the flagship EN gen.

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I knew i was right

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I think she would have MOGGED the council minus Kronii.
Pomu manages to stand out in the snorefest that's NijiEN.

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