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How does he do it?

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SEAnig translator getting more views than HoloID and Niji ID

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>a fucking clipnigger
>1000+ viewers

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And Niji EN. Don’t be shy.

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That's higher than some nijiEN..how??

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I want to have sex with VA.

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Old news
Broke 2k

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Is he still pretending to be a girl, or actually being a guy. Also it's because he has a fucking monopoly on the souls of redditors

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The community loves to make celebrities out of clippers for some reason. Holos like Ollie encouraging it doesn’t help.

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The power of hololive

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Reine, Moona and Ollie regularly get more than that

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what the fuck

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That's more than Reine's stream

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So is it a fact or a rrat that it's actually a he who hired a female VA to do this for him?!

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I don't know why don't you go ask him?

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If he did then very big brain

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Motherfucker straight out admitted that he paid someone to voice his outro, now he claims that he was always the girl or some other retarded shit.

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I hate this clipfaggot so much its unreal.

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>bigger numbers than bottom ranking holos
>most of the viewers would probably saviorfag ID if some reddit post with high updoots said so

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Other clip faggots outed him on Twitter when he first debuted his actress.
If he started a second channel I wouldn't have a problem with it, but his fans believe the vTuber is le cute clip maker.

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Now this is some next level leeching

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Well it was proven that Sodafunk:
>deleted a credit to a girl on Fiverr for the ending songs of their clips...
>used fanart of Nozomi Kasaki, while having monitization, even though the person that made the fanart told Sodafunk not to use it for commercialized reasons

That is as far as things that have been proven as fact go though...

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clipniggers are more popular than most low tier holos, all of holoID and every niji EN

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what about the clipfag that exposed him on twitter was that fake. he seems confident on the fact

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>no nijiID mention
bros.. don't forget them.. they they

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why cant he just be a clipping channel.

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No one akasupas clipping channels.
And since that dumb zombie gave him some exposure why not make use of it

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Thank you Kureiji Ollie

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I mean... It just becomes that clipper's words vs Sodafunk's words, meanwhile you can find concrete proof of the stuff that I mentioned

Personally, I do believe it to be true that Sodafunk hired someone, when looking at the other things that he has done

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Unlike typical indie vtubers, s/he do something first to gain followers before starts streaming

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>Holos like Ollie encouraging it doesn’t help.
This. Has she still not figured out name dropping doesn't make the community better. It just gives low effort clipniggers clout they never deserved.

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I respect the grind

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It's not even a vtuber guys...

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lol and Hololive talents thank the clippers, what a bunch of cucks. Every clipper should just get their sister to stream and rake in the superchats, may as well leech everything they can while getting their cocks sucked by your oshi.

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yeah, leeching other people's videos lmao

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Meanwhile, Aiko...
Just take the leap and start streaming.

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You can report the channel to cover because it's monetizing their content.

The more you know...

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I believe it would just be a phase and all those idiots watching him will leave sooner or later

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> Leeching off on Hana and Ollie
> Doing no translation work at all on clips, since he just clips with English in it
> Hiring a girl to sing the ending songs of his clip, thereby fooling people into believing that he is a girl
> Have your avatar be a character from Sound Euphonium, and never correct people when they believe that

I guess that is doing something...

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All the clippers are doing that. Cover allows it unless you're stirring up drama, clip a yab, or clip member content.

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Ess emm haitch my head. When Aiko exists.

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>another clipnigger that's monetized his channel and still continues to clip
I fucking hate Ollie for giving them the spotlight and making Cover look like spineless cucks since either way, they are going to get negative attention if they take them down or let them leech

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Is he exploiting the girl for the voice?
Or is the girl exploiting him for the clipping fame?

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how could the girl exploit him in this situation? it's his channel.
he has an audience, she has the voice, so he definitely splits the profits with her.

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Cover ignores clip channels getting ad revenue, but enabling membership is a step too far. Dloow had memberships, but he silently phased it out.

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She is boring and her voice isn’t even the same. How the fuck do people get fooled lmao. It’s just indogs watching her right? I refuse to believe any America’s can listen to that’s aweful accent and find it pleasant.

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I want to know what kind of faggot memberships a fucking clipfag for those shitty emotes.

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Where? I really can't stand this faggot, tell me where and I'll send them an email or whatever they have set up

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File: 1.76 MB, 1920x1080, [Erai-raws] D4DJ - First Mix - 01v2 [VRV][1080p][Multiple Subtitle].mkv_snapshot_05.59_[2021.09.22_14.34.22].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck numberniggers!
Fuck tribalfags!
Fuck doxxdogs!
Fuck falseflagchinks!
Fuck schizos!
Fuck EOPs!
Fuck JOPs!
And most importantly fuck clipbabbies!
Happyyyy... Aroundo! ヽ( ・ω・ )/››‹‹ヽ( ・)/›› ‹‹ヽ( ・ω・ )/

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Here you go

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Yeah, that count as do something to gain followers unfortunately

>> No.10345278

>all of this personal data required to fill a form
I better see his channel deleted in less than a month for this to be worth it. What should I even write though? Besides having a membership and monetized hololive content, that is. Want to make sure I don't miss out on details

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Thanks this woman for enabling this shit

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Why the fuck do you Holofan allow this? They fucking stealing money out of holo talent

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Money is money

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Using Hololive members to gain followers?

>> No.10345419

I meant the retards who decide to give money to clippers
Are they just simply too rich?

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use of Hololive derivative works on a for-profit basis

>Please limit your creation of derivative works to a fan or hobby level. Do not use our content for business purposes (including, but not limited to, cases where a business bears the production costs, etc., even if it is under the name of an individual), or for purposes that can be deemed as for-profit.

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ITT people seething that they didn't do this

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I suspect a lot of kids lucked out with bitcoin boom and now have more money than common sense.

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I hope I don't have to listen about this nigger ever again. I hate clout chasers so much

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It's Ollie. It's always fucking Ollie.

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While the ad revenue on clipped content does count, I actually don't think memberships do.
That's like copyright striking an artist because he was commissioned to draw fanart of your IP.

Come think of it, it makes sense Soda is diversifying income streams beyond clip clicks.

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Sometimes I wonder whether she's too gullible to always fall for lechers' tricks or she has an agenda to deliver the final yab upon Hololive

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You can absolutely copyright strike artists who publish work you commissioned without consent. It's actually a very common clause in contracts.
Probably not the best example.

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Hell, even Indo doesn't watch him or at least people who I know watching clips here. We rather watch other clippers who give their clips a subtitles if we really have to.
t. Indo

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common? where

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@FeelsOkayMan pepelauf teaTime oh no no no unaware of what has transpired.oO(FeelsBadMan goodbye mr. FeelsOkayMan...)

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>or she has an agenda to deliver the final yab upon Hololive
Well...i can't find the video on the youtube, did the clipfag remove it?

>> No.10345862

In the adult world outside your indie bubble, Deviantartchama.

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Be a clipwatcher
>don't watch streams on the original channel
>only watch clips on clipnigger channels
>clipnigger starts streaming
>watch the stream

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You can yes, but you rarely see that happen. You know why? Because the damage to the brand is minimal and it invites negative attention, the effort just wouldn't be worth it. It would have to really affect Cover for them to step in and even then it's hard to say if it would even be anything significant

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Who clips the clippers?

>> No.10346012 [DELETED] 

The one where she said she wants to rebel?rj4av

>> No.10346163

Just make a best of clips channel and put the clips together in random order with funny thumbnails.

>> No.10346245

Unironically a good idea. Easy money as long as the channel's unbanned.

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Zomrades please explain this. What do you feel about this ?

>> No.10346711

Sorry bro . She is whore
I hate her now

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I fucking hate Dloow he’s a slimy little clipfaggot, the only solace I have is knowing he’s on Gura’s shitlist.

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She fucking fingering herself on stream!!! That already and BIG YAB How cover not graduated her already?? Holy fuck i thought all this "fingering on stream" was just an rrat

>> No.10347651

English reps. Now.

>> No.10347718

That was based tho. Imagine how much anons and especially zomcucks who fap using that Phasmopbia stream

>> No.10347946

That Christmas collab with Holoro? Well I guess she owed Reine a favor as she didn't get any punishment nor warning from the management for whatever she did

>> No.10348543

Why are clipfags like this?
Is there a single based clipper?

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How fucking new, it's not a rat, it's just what it is straight up.

>> No.10348751

>have exposure
>male, so unlikely to get simp money in the west
>hire some girl to do all the work and share her revenu in exchange for the free audience
It's almost like an agency, aside from the part where he's hiding it's not him.

>> No.10348824

It's a win-win for both, the only loser are the audience

>> No.10348936

>she's too gullible to always fall for lechers' tricks.
Its on 100% this. She is too fucking retarded to realise that she is being used for clout. Whats worse is that IDs management is too fucking incompetent to do anything about it.

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It's just who she is and likes to interact with.
She was pal with Wohoolad of all things and tweeted about that fucker. Same guy who send her that kind of shit and uploaded doxx videos on his channel https://twitter.com/WooHooLad/status/1335818968787943424
And I'm not even mentioning the ecelebs.

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build up your base by clipping Vtubers and then become a vtuber yourself. sheeit is genius.

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> Implying ID' loose management is bad
Well they, especially Gita, are incompetent in many area but if there's any aspect where they're better than EN management and that tranny Omega, it's that they are more loose in this regard. Just look at Moona. She still can collabs with other chuubas outside the company like that Russian girl and isn't as retarded as Ollie who let everyone to use her just for clout
Hell, if they are as retarded as EN we won't ever get Pochi to become Reine's mama at the first place

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