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>does the big en gmod collab sound familiar to you?
>hosted other botched collabs

take responsibility for the consequences of your actions

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She did, she apologized. "Taking responsibility" doesn't mean "never hosting a collab again"

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Maybe they also don't want to subject their viewers to an unpleasant robot voice.

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TTS is fuckin annoying

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collab with someone that uses a fucking TTS voice is just fucking annoying

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The robot voice isn't even the worse part, it's delayed response because he has to type everything out making any conversation awkward and slow

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Its almost like you use TTS instead of having a personality you fucking tranny

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Fucking christ that's pathetic.

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>"Someone of my stature isn't supposed the one to reaching out for collabs!"

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I think what OP meant was that if you host many botched collabs, don't expect people to trust you're not gonna mess up again, yes with practice comes perfect, but that doesn't mean people will be happy to be in your practice phase.

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>twitter drama
Everytime, you cucks could just watch real thots, they react to unusal meme comps too

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HE should start using HIS voice instead of a machine

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You fuck up enough times and you get a reputation for being a fuck up.

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>Sad thoughts and just been probably the hardest day of the year for me.
Oh no, whatever shall I do...

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they gain nothing from collab with him. can't make a real friends with someone behind a TTS, it's hard enough to make friends with people who puts up a mask for a living. hes also real yabe infested with this twitter politics, hes just seems like a real unfun person to be around.

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i fucking hate 2020+. for the raw dishonesty and suspension of disbelief upon FUCKING REALITY.

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Of course this drew out all the 2view leeches in the replies

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Maybe he'd do better if he weren't get other streamers DMCA strikes, or maybe putting your associates on a leash so they don't expose other streamers, or maybe it's the filtering TTS shit. Just stay with doing collabs with Vshojo Zen you're garbage

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he honestly should just use his normal voice, babinikus are about to go to the moon, get in on the ground floor now

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>All those 2views pouncing on him

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Man it must suck being one. Makes me wonder why they just don't join Hololive or Nijisanji.

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A lot of people refer to Babis as "she", it's not always a tranny thing. Zen's just a babi.

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>has a peepee

What did they mean by this?

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has he spoke during one of his stream? If not he's no babi, hes a faggot tranny

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No he's just a male playing a female character. I don't think anyone would call NoraCat a tranny.

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how are the girls on vshojo okay with this

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when will they learn? Zen wants big streamers it's a signal to larger views not 2veiws, the 2veiws should be calling him out for sabotaging Pika and Pomu

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female character and they like "her"

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He has an audience, being in vshojo brings them publicity. They don't care so long as he tries to be a girl.

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Nice blog faggot. How about you nut up and say it to him instead of screaming into your hugbox?

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vshojo is such cancer

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zen should be thankful he is even a semi popular vtuber at all let alone whinh

bruh you started out with a shiity dragon avi and TTS you have a ceiling no ffense

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>i wish people reach out to collab with me more
fuck him for trying to make himself the victim. nigger should talk privately instead of trying to get pity like this

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>Doesn't realize the Mouse is already forming a sub-group that actually has "shojo" in vshojo.
The idolification of western e-shots is an inevitability

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Is Zen even trans? I thought he was just larping.

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Tons of vtubers are reaching out to him. He probably means another NijiEN collab or maybe myth or council.

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I am watching a couple of Zentreya clips right now and the design/voice is polarizing but I like it, but if it's really a tranny I'll have drop it right now, so ogey or rrat?

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Imagine people on this board refuse to watch Nijisanji because girls might interact with males but instead watch this.

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I'm not a vtard, but I understand it's actually two people, and man and a woman. I dunno, ask them in good faith in their general and they'll tell you what's actually going on.

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He's just a dude who roleplays as his waifu OC.

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Missing the context of Froot having a Trans twin on that one.

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>i enjoy this content but if the anonymous person behind is someone i disagree with then i'll stop enjoying it
Kill yourself.

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Do you mean the Arcadum stuff? Is that really their fault though? Or am I missing other Twitter drama? I barely use that shit site.

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unless I know the tranny is cute and has a smaller penis than me I can't possible support the mentally ill even if they are entertaining.

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So why does Zentraya get shit on for the roommate not matching the model when other vtubers do it just fine?

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If he's genuinely charismatic and funny why not use a male model? Most of his collab problems seem to come from reaction time. It makes no sense and the only people that like him a lot seem to be "gives me hope I can do this someday guys!!!" types.

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Everyone is mentally ill in some way. There is not a sane person left on earth. Stop giving a fuck and just do what makes you successful and happy. Clown world means everyone is fucking varying degrees of crazy.

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supporting trannies existing makes you liable for their mental illness

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Nice try, show your nose

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>muh jews
Kill yourself.

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That's the girl who does the anime covers, right? I've always thought her mascot was pretty cute.

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I mean, okay, I don't mind trans rights shit when it's not obnoxious. I thought Zen was just a he, though?

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Don’t evade it, show your nose tranny-loving jew

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Kike tranny

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female vtubers hesitate to collab with male vtubers, what else is new

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Even if it's a tranny, why does he use TTS? Every single japanese babiniku uses a voice changer, what's his deal?

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this is why corps are better than indies

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Because they started doing the TTS thing right before the big NA vtuber boom and had a following grow with it. They are in too deep at this point and if they were to change it up now there will be a ROYAL shitstorm

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I'm actually happy you people aren't in her fanbase, but, idk, have you tried maybe fucking off?
It's ok if you don't like her, but you know, you could just ignore her. Are you all such bored drama whores you can't live without stirring shit that's happening to people? Don't you have some vtubers to watch?

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I don’t even hate trannies, at least the ones who don’t enforce their personal politics, but I love seeing people fight over the topic and sometimes to /v/ levels of obsession
I also love the shitposting about the jews, they’re practically non-existent in my catholic and mostly still conservative country

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I find it very hard to believe that his fans actually like TTS that much to drop him just because he decided to use the way more sensible and smart choice that is a fucking voice changer.

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Either too lazy or too afraid to do it, then he chose to go with a text buble with no sound, so he was typing all the time, that was during his anti-lewd vtuber phase as commander zentreya, later on he put a generic girl TTS
voice, then he scrapped that idea for a horrible vrchat dragon model and a sorta russian girl accent TTS voice, by that time he already groomed his audience to think he was a girl too shy to use his real voice, that's why we see people calling him a her.

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ale zajebało cebulą

>> No.10327271

TTS has been demonstrated to not be workable for hosting a collab. The delayed reaction on top of stream delay is just too much to keep everyone organized

>> No.10327296

The shitstorm wouldn't be from their fans, it would be from everyone else who wants to hop on a drama and the schizos from here going "LOOK ZEN LIED ALL THESE YEARS". The harassment they would get from the change from Non-vshojo fans would be nuts and anyone claiming that isn't the case has never read half this board.

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She has a channel with almost 1.85 million subs doing (english) anime covers. She will probably do fine when she debuts.

>> No.10327363

>when she debuts.

>> No.10327374

Jew confirmed. Get out

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Why not use a robotic sounding voice changer instead of TTS?

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You should keep your mouth shut when you don't know what you're talking about.

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Maybe being a tranny faggot isn't something people want to deal with

>> No.10327496

I know you've got doxxbrap brain, but these big content creators always have a plan and fanfare for when they debut, they're not some rando with a 300 dollar model and too much time on their hands. Takahata, Nuxtaku, Trickywi, and plenty of other pre-existing and well known content creators have done the same thing and all of them have succeeded

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The schizos form here know to not break containment, if you find a post calling him out on some stuff you read here, bet your ass it was some Twitter faggot or ledditor tourist who just read a thread, got riled up and began posting the stuff here, just like the Veibae video on Hololive or the Faya situation.

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She has potential to have a decent following

>> No.10327523

afaik zen has never claimed to be a woman and used to consistently say "the character is female" when they were smaller. They're not a tranny they're just playing it smart because they know revealing a male voice will kill their viewership

>> No.10327551

Zen is retarded and scared that people with reverse engineer it and prove he's a man. Nevermind that everyone already knows and it wouldn't affect anything.

>> No.10327554

random singer bitch defense force at it

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She's the Gura killer.

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>random singer bitch

I've never watched a single one of her videos, I just like correcting retards

>> No.10327607

Just admit you didn't know who she is

>> No.10327613

Literally fucking who

>> No.10327616

Lied about what? What the fuck are you on about? Is he not a guy? Is he not a tranny? Everyone knows that already.

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Sister Claire will pray for how degenerate and soulless vshoujo acts.

>> No.10327637

Discount bao

>> No.10327661

Why are all English chuubas, but holo, so bad at remaining in character?

>> No.10327662

>he already groomed his audience to think he was a girl too shy to use his real voice, that's why we see people calling him a her.
Did he really say he is a girl? Oh, okay, now I get it.

>> No.10327668

No idolfag watches VShojo. BTW Niji is extremely faggot friendly.

>> No.10327681

maybe he could collab with someone that also uses TTS because most people don't want to see someone have a human response to a robotic voice.

>> No.10327709

Mad scientist time: If Zen switched to being Gecko form full time they could drop the TTS and use whatever real voice they have because it's more or less gender neutral and can easily be used as a mascot for Vshojo and Friends. Fucker has the perfect solution to their problems sitting right in front of them.

>> No.10327740

He never claimed to be a woman and back in the days when people would ask non-stop he'd say "The character Zentreya is a girl"

>> No.10327755

LMAO what people? Nijisanji does male x female all the damn time

>> No.10327800

Likely a matter of how they view being a chuuba in general. They largely have no need to keep to kayfabe; the difference in expectancy is massive in that regard.

>> No.10327825

lmao who the fuck would want to collab with a tranny that pretends to be woman?

>> No.10327830

>Every single japanese babiniku uses a voice changer
Not really. Some don't bother and just use their natural voices like Itou Life and BeatMario do

>> No.10327837

Because kayfabe is a pain in the ass to keep up and most viewers really don't care in the end. Personally I think 100% kayfabe is cringe and keeps me from enjoying a lot of chuubas I'd otherwise like

>> No.10327893

I don't like Zen at all, but to be fair, it's speech to text to speech, so I don't think there's any typing.

>> No.10327902

He types exactly like a dude, how did this fag even make it into vshoujo?

>> No.10327922

They were a TTS vrchat streamer before vtubing became the cool thing. Better than being a mute, but not by much.

>> No.10327953

Connections with Mouse, Melody and Silvervale. They all played DnD when Arcadum's manchildness wasn't so evident.

>> No.10327961

Why is Tts dragon complaining when he should be more proactive and go contact ppl for collabs instead crying on twitter.

>> No.10327966

Everyone who "needs to know" knows he's male and has heard his voice, same as it was back when he was only a VRChat streamer. He didn't "trick" his way into VShojo. Even Silver back in the day has talked about hearing them before.

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>The schizos form here know to not break containment

>> No.10328035

They were a MUTE VRchat streamer and then a MUTE vtuber that used notepad or text bubbles, they didn't start the TTS thing til late last year.

Zentreya used to be the "biggest" EN indie when 300 viewers meant something, so was one one of the first people Melody approached when she was still in development as did Silvervale when she was growing. Large creators often connect with one another to help them grow their audiences together and create content with "vetted" users, not just Vtubers.

>> No.10328037

Because like 90% of vtubers the dragon is poor social skills and anxiety about reaching out to anyone

>> No.10328086

I’ve been following her for a while now, when she decided on this she’s gone all out on lore and split personality bullshit it’s gunna be bad

>> No.10328096

The jokes here are either horribly offensive and banned or obscure non sequiturs that are fully ignored. Is hard to break to break containment, what are you gonna do? Go around typing rrat on Inas chat? Everyone will think you are fucking weirdo.

>> No.10328107

Imagine letting themselves to janny for the establishment and yet here they are, sperging because of the apparent oppression they face when their ideology have been the dominant hegemonic force since the 60s. I fucking hate these people and I hope they will die angry

>> No.10328137

take your meds schizo

>> No.10328140

JP chubbas dont remain in character either, look at Mitsuri, shes supposed to be a cutesy cheerleader and yet shes a desperate fujo with like 20 different fetishes.

>> No.10328207

I never watch this nun.
Is she seiso or just as degenerate as others?

>> No.10328226

unbelievably seiso
and by extension, boring

>> No.10328258

Take your HRT meds, faggot

>> No.10328265

This deranged guy should do the Vtuber community a favor and off himself already.

This dumb whore too.

>> No.10328305

>trans rights
lmao, oh yeah, because some faggot who wants to dress as a girl cant vote or have a job or have a political career
oh wait, no, they can and thats bullshit and people dont even know what the word rights mean

>> No.10328325

How about a collab with Connor. I am sure connor would love the opportunity.

>> No.10328354

Connor only wants to collab with girls he can groom.

>> No.10328461

like Gigguk and Chris?

>> No.10328502

Never understood the appeal of Zen with that voice-text shit. Yeah it can be used for memeing a few times but really, that's the best he could came up with, with all the existing alternatives?

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Since nobody posted it, here's the part 2. If I were to take a guess Zen got denied either a major collab or sponsorship due to TTS limitations.

>> No.10328774

Maybe a corpo finally told him: ''yeah... we saw your resume with collabs... not gonna happen buddy.''

>> No.10328855

the baseline is that we don't really fucking know, and who knows if we ever will

>> No.10328923

Shouldn't have botched the collab with Pika.
Simple as.

>> No.10328995

He got blacklisted

>> No.10329043

He's got more viewers than anyone that's joined any EN org. There would be no reason to deny him if he can pull the same numbers talking, but also no reason for him to join either.

>> No.10329086

>If I were to take a guess Zen got denied either a major collab or sponsorship
You're really reaching for a rrat arent you

>due to TTS limitations.

No sponsor would turn anyone with his viewership down based on this alone, you have no clue what you're talking about

>> No.10329138

they were partnered with lootcrate when they were still a mute, doubt its sponsor related as sponsors do not care about that, they just want views on their logo/product

>> No.10329172

Doesn't have to be collabs. Maybe Tampex wants a sponsored stream and they could get mel, silvervale or even ironmouse to go on about tampons and menstration but Zen?

>> No.10329351

That's not even the worst part of those streams. You've got Zen's TTS, you've got the TTS that reads the chat, you've got the constant notifications which play metal music over a BGM that is not metal... it's unintelligible audio chaos. And I listen to Cecil Taylor ffs. I have no idea how anyone's brain can process all of that cacophony.

>> No.10329370

>No sponsor would turn anyone with his viewership down based on this alone, you have no clue what you're talking about
He literally botched one of the biggest collabs the agency has had, which included a major Japanese agency. If Japanese proceduralist autism is anything to go by, they probably cringed hard and backed away from future collabs with him until he can prove he can handle it.

>> No.10329414

Gyari’s been busy but he finally got around to threatening to jellyfish Zen

>> No.10329781

Vienna is the only one I recognize in the reply chain, the rest are 2-view shitters or TBA Vtweeters desperate for any shot, but of course Zen can't be bothered to collab with any of those fuckers.

>> No.10329811

her collabs are awkward and difficult to watch though

>> No.10329895

like i said, not obnoxious

>> No.10330151

it's exactly because he used TTS EVEN IN THE PRIVATE CALLS

i know you're hiding your voice but if try to organize anything using TTS to the other stars AND management then it's hard to take you seriously.

>> No.10330484

he doesnt use TTS in the private calls. Silver and I think Iron Mouse confirmed this a long time ago

>> No.10330615

>But holo
The fuck are you on? Most of them drop the character within like a month.

>> No.10330751


>> No.10331271

You think he doesn't use TTS with random outsiders of dubious trustworthiness that could be recording? I highly doubt that. Within Vshoujo is a different story.

>> No.10331434

How many "random outsiders" do you think he talks to privately? Most sponsors aren't even speaking with you via voicechat it's just a few emails and some instructions. Plus this was pre-vshojo when they were still just getting to know one another

>> No.10331876

All the people in that Gmod collab? I doubt he talked to any of them with his real voice. it was either TTS or just text, even in private.

>> No.10331877

The JPs don't need to use gender language when referring to someone as they don't really need to use pronouns but what matters is the honorific used. Notice that rarely do vtubers refer to Tomari Mari as 'Mari-chan'. It is almost always 'Mari-san' as san denotes he's male or simply not a girl.
Also babinikus make it know typically that they are male. After the Noja Cat incident, many probably feel it's best to be honest about it. Zentraya, however, continues to pretend to be female.

>> No.10331930

>continues to pretend to be female.

>> No.10332163

anon, that particular vtweeter has a popular roommate

>> No.10332224

>san denotes he's male
How can you be this bad at japanese

>> No.10332362

There are tons of vshojo newfags that unironically believe the newt creature is female on stream and irl.
By never once acknowledging he's male and allowing his fellow vshojo members to perpetuate the kayfabe.
I know -san is gender neutral but my point is the girls almost never refer to him as 'Mari-chan'. I've only heard Matsuri say that and we know she literally gets off on the characters more than the person behind it so that's more delusion than playing along.

>> No.10335058
File: 1.85 MB, 1360x742, 1616545609935.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

by who

>> No.10335146

Anon I don't know if you know this but there's a form of communication called typing you can do that doesn't require audio at all. You should look into it sometime.

>> No.10335186

This was basically just Selen and Froot. Zen's voice is something you just subconsciously tune out because it's so robotic, not to mention that he can't keep up with the conversation because of the tts.

>> No.10335214

The point is the >blacklisted rrat is so easily disproven when there was a collab like a month later.

>> No.10335413

Zen has had one successful cross-company collab.
That was the early NijiEN one.
Everything else has completely burned down to one degree or another.
>"Taking responsibility" doesn't mean "never hosting a collab again"
It doesn't, but others are free to avoid them for having a record of messes.

>> No.10335462

so was he blacklisted or not?

>> No.10335550

Zen's the one whining on Twitter about being left out. No one would even remember that if he didn't basically bring up that exact same narrative.

>> No.10335576

Guessing you forgot about the Selen collab even though it was mentioned just 4 posts above yours. And saying Zen's had 1 successful collab in a pool of 3 isn't exactly a good sample size for the point you're trying to make.

>> No.10335770

I like babis just fine but at least get a voice changer, or take tranny girl voice lessons. The TTS shit is unwatchable.

>> No.10335897
File: 120 KB, 360x450, Suzuki_Masaru_without_jacket_Portrait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

.... Because it's kayfabe?
Pic related has a female roommate that everyone is aware of, but on stream he's referred to as a shota and a male even by his collab members and when he does off collabs with them.
I don't watch Zentraya because 1. TTS 2. Twitch 3. seems like an annoying cunt, but I genuinely can't wrap my head around why he (can't say she or you'll all sperg) has to be yelled at about trans stuff on here. When he never said he's trans or wants to be a woman irl based on what I'm reading here, he just sticks to kayfabe which is a titty dragon (and is apparently two people?)
Is this just a new to vtubers thing?

>> No.10335899

yes anon in the world of entertainment with 8+ talents not including managers, you can direct and coordinate everything by delayed tts

you can coordinate with them even when 4 of them have technical difficulties at the same time and the ones that's already in the lobby is doing a skit waiting for you to reply by delayed tts.

no you can't you stupid idiot.

>> No.10335986

No one here even knows what this tweet is about. This board loves to rrat shit about that collab and make it seem like everyone hates vshojo when most people moved on a long fucking time ago. People will try to blame any instance of someone in vshojo having a bad day on the NijiEN collab with zero self awareness.

>> No.10336148

What the fuck are you talking about? They organized it via fucking Discord. They were probably all in a group chat together where they could type messages and help each other out because it's a normal text chat. If they were all in a voice call together while setting up things would probably get chaotic as they could all talk over one another and it's easier to manage in text only. What part of this is eluding you?

>> No.10336339

Can someone spoonfeed me please

What collab did zentreya botch?

I want to check it out

>> No.10336533

>Guessing you forgot about the Selen collab even though it was mentioned just 4 posts above yours.
This is not the type of thread I trend to find worth reading throughout.
> nd saying Zen's had 1 successful collab in a pool of 3 isn't exactly a good sample size for the point you're trying to make.
It seems to be enough for the other companies. There is no point trying to convince me, as I don't run a vtuber company. I simply explained the likely thought process.
Cyberlife got blacklisted over a single yab that happened even farther back. People are careful.
Don't bother replying, no offense, but i don't see this going anywhere productive going from your tone. I'll be closing and unwatching this thread now.
See you in another one.

>> No.10336539

Good luck finding it since the parties involved had to private/delete their streams because of copyright material. I only know it had some NijiENs and Pikamee part of it.

>> No.10336576

He managed to fuck up a collab with Pikamee, that's an achievement.

>> No.10336605

>I want to check it out
You can't.
Out of the 8+ people that were in it 7 completely deleted it and the others unlisted it.
It was that bad.

>> No.10336670
File: 257 KB, 1280x720, 1631770694212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it?

>> No.10336698


All the twitch vods were still up last I checked

>> No.10336846

Vienna/Haruka/some dude with a dinosaur model/Bao

The most notable was Haruka uncomfortably asking Pomu about her surgery. The rest was boring or scuffed. Zen had a bunch of DMCA unfriendly stuff onscreen so everyone on Youtube had to hide their VODs.

>> No.10336853

It was EN's first collab with people outside their own, so I'm bettimg they wanted to take no risks.
Both sides were fine and no one had to private the video, I see no issues there.
Zen's collab on the other hand was a massive clusterfuck and the kettle felt uncomfortable.

>> No.10336903

That was fine if slightly dull, like all Clubhouse Games collabs are.

>> No.10337878

Just looked it up and funny coincidence, it was exactly 60 days ago... yesterday. Twitch vods only stay up for 60 days so unless one of the Twitch streamers who actually streamed the event archived it on YT then it's gone from there. Zen, Froot, Haruka, Bao, Scarra, and Vienna were ones streaming it so if anyone wants to see if any of them have VOD channels up with it then you're free to try.

>> No.10338553

I wonder what the point of his posts are anyway. At best it will just guilt trip other vtubers into pity collabs with him, at worst they will feel weird about being put on the spot and make his collabs go to zero.
In any case it looks exactly like the kind of post that never should have left his mind.

Babinikus are so obvious that nobody needs to "make it clear". Nothing changed "After the Nora Cat incident". Tomari gets called with -chan a lot, more often than not.

You know nothing about babinikus so shut the fuck up.

>> No.10338555

Makes it hard to watch firsthand but it's easy to prove that the Twitch streamers never deleted their vods. Twitch Tracker is an excellent tool for killing dumbass rrats /vt/ spawns and their stream tracker proves it. When you delist or delete a vod manually it gets removed from TT as well, but it has records on all the streamers from Twitch who participated meaning they all survived the full 60 days and are now only gone because of time.

Zen - https://twitchtracker.com/zentreya/streams/42991398605
Froot - https://twitchtracker.com/apricot/streams/42750491628
Haruka - https://twitchtracker.com/harukakaribu/streams/42750459964
Scarra - https://twitchtracker.com/scarra/streams/42991591309
Vienna - https://twitchtracker.com/vienna/streams/42750417052
Bao - https://twitchtracker.com/baoo/streams/42991582477

>> No.10340081

Gmod collab, the worst collab I have ever witnessed.

>> No.10341674
File: 19 KB, 640x360, ogey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10341845

No one is answering this btw.

>> No.10342099

The respectable baby's don't hide the fact that they are one. Just look at Okayu's dad.

>> No.10342435

He don't even use his voice.
Once technology advances enough, there will be no differences between AI Vtuber and him.
Both of them lack SOUL.

>> No.10342580

Fucking kek. Pretty sure he's doing this for clout.

>> No.10343495

Naruhodo, I'll keep that in mind for the future

>> No.10343719

I never once said trans. I'm saying dudes shouldn't trick simps by pretending to be girls. He's in Vshojo no Vseinen.

>> No.10343757

>it's easy to prove that the Twitch streamers never deleted their vods
Nobody claimed that the Twitch streamers manually deleted their VODs. The Youtubers had to private theirs.

>> No.10343794


>> No.10343868

>I'm saying dudes shouldn't trick simps by pretending to be girls

Who's he tricking and how is he pretending to be a girl when he used to constantly say "the character is female". Nowadays his chat just moves too fast but this was always his stance

>> No.10343915

NTA but yeah they did. In this thread and many others over the last 2 months

>> No.10343967

But who cares if it's kayfabe? Why is he being treated so wildly different when this is just an average vtuber thing? I get that he's Vshoujo but at least shit on him for that instead of being so wildly hypocritical. Masaru literally makes bank acting like a shota (little boy) (male)

>> No.10344016

Why doesn't he just admit he is a tranny already, its not like the woke faggots that watch him on twitch would give a fuck.

>> No.10344380

Why are you saying he is a tranny, Zentreya character is female , that's literally it

>> No.10344512

Masaru doesn't use tts to hide her chuuba's gender.
>that's literally it
But it's not. Same as Omegafag pretending she/he doesn't have a gender. Fuck you leftist cunts.

>> No.10344566

>you want a balanced following? Then start creating, stop tweeting

>> No.10344587

Nobody makes these tweets because they're actually feeling bad. They make them because it's guaranteed engagement and ego boosting.

>> No.10344597

That's what viewers do , not streamer

>> No.10344636

But Zen isn't hiding anything. You want him to keep breaking kayfabe? Why him out of all the other kayfabe autist babis?

>> No.10344769

Not that anon, nor am I particularly invested in this topic aside from 4AM curiosity, but my careful guess would be that while other streamers tacitly or explicitly acknowledge the fact that they're using a voice changer or are a male playing a woman or vice versa, allowing viewers to engage with the creator without misunderstanding, there's a sense of dishonesty involved when this particular individual avoids making it clear to their viewers; especially when it can be construed as manipulative towards people who really don't know better and believe they're supporting some shy girl. Basically, catfishing facilitated by omission instead of outright lying.

Whether that's acceptable or not is one's personal call. In my opinion, their clumsy technical efforts to avoid voice chat at all costs seem to be getting in their way, and they would probably just be better off dropping the fig leaf. It's not like guys using female avatars is even the drawback it used to be, as long as you're actually a good performer who can play the schtick - and I suspect they're worried they aren't (they seem like an insecure person from what I've seen of their tweeting habits), so they cling to a tiresome half-lie and it feels lame and unnecessary. But that's just my limited take on things. I don't usually waddle into this stuff.

>> No.10344784
File: 377 KB, 507x586, ihatetr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10344802

based anon, go get some sleep

>> No.10344905

I guess I don't watch him but from reading this thread he's insisted he isn't actually female before. Which is why I'm confused. I do think the TTS is retarded, there's a fair amount of western babis now too so he could have just switched over to using his voice. Still doesn't warrant calling him transgender.

>> No.10344932

There was no Nora Cat incident, his audience already knew he was a guy. Clickbait websites reporting on it tend to forget to include that little fact.

>> No.10344987
File: 1.28 MB, 3864x4872, le kiara face 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


imagine 2 commiefornians pretending to be a mute tranny on the internet and wondering why nobody likes them.

>> No.10345004

I think Zen lives in Texas , he talked about this on stream multiple times

>> No.10345068
File: 128 KB, 940x203, 6z6940Smart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>start creating

>> No.10345093

he's a texan

>> No.10345315

>actual human being cares about this tranny faggot
die all of you

>> No.10345418

google babiniku tourist

>> No.10346361

What makes me happy is discriminating and marginalizing trannies.

>> No.10346456

He's still right about the delayed response.

>> No.10346765

Maybe collabing with a TTS vtuber is just not fun for your collab partners or anyone you're trying to have a conversation with.

>> No.10346934

>some dude with a dinosaur model
you mean Scarra? he’s famous former League pro

>> No.10346972

If their dick is bigger than yours it makes it extra spicy. Was fun

>> No.10348146
File: 422 KB, 2936x2202, 1622829413517.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I always assumed that's why only froot and haruka hang out with him. No one really likes talking to trannies. Froot has said she supports trans rights and haruka said she is non-binary or whatever. The others seem to avoid zen for the most part. Straight/Bi girls I know support trans-rights but will never actively talk to or interact with trans people.Freaks generally stick together.

>> No.10348205


>> No.10348265

>The others seem to avoid zen for the most part

Silver and Iron Mouse were a trio for the longest before VShojo was a thing, then Melody became a part of that group as well. I don't get why people try to spin it as if they aren't good friends, they used to do everything together it's just harder now when maintaining your own channel is a priority and you've made more friends.

>> No.10348295

Why's she complaining about anything? Zen is lucky to even have a tenth of the following she does despite being a TTS vtuber that doesn't even have a great model.

>> No.10348430
File: 118 KB, 1080x559, Screenshot_20210925-040821~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10348506

Holy crap. Why is this treerrat following the footsteps of ollie?

>> No.10348535

Notice how she didn't offer to collab lol.

>> No.10348599

So what's up with the clips of some girl pretending to be Zen? Was it just his girlfriend? Why did they do it?

>> No.10348643

>successful people cant be upset

>> No.10348760
File: 331 KB, 364x477, 1524714098958.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10348843

Fucking treerrat.

>> No.10348864

I keep forgetting they blocked me on Twitter.

>> No.10348910

Anon please stop quoting shit songs I’m begging you.

>> No.10348942

>most people are shy I won’t collab with you because fuck that but someone will eventually

>> No.10349087

this is why treerat stopped being /vt/'s queen. mingling with vwhoro scumbags is almost as bad as simping for anitubers

>> No.10349308

Himemori Luna

>> No.10349727

she can collab with western indies all she wants. theres a bunch of indies. why bother.

>> No.10349767


>> No.10349822


>> No.10349903

Zen doesnt want a real answer to why this is happening because the truth sometimes hurt. And the truth is that EVERY collab partner has to adjust for YOU and YOUR gimmick. It's not a disability or speech impediment that keeps your from talking iwthout the TTS, is it?
It's unfair to point the fingers at others when you are the person who insists on being special. It's not only your audience when you collab but also the audience of the other people and asking everyone to adjust to your gimmick is a tall order.

>> No.10349921
File: 42 KB, 851x161, 1632569175086.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10350277

They don't type anything

>> No.10350442

Wonder if Zen herself would willingly collab with a TTS vtuber

>> No.10350841

lol i dont even know who this is but if this vtuber is a tranny he should be aware of being a tranny. its basically the same as babiniku vtubers. they are totally open about it. dont hide anything and keep doing niche things with 100% open babiniku personas.

amerimutts try to force shitty woke bs on japan but japanese can handle it massively better here as well. fyi okayus mama is a babiniku vtuber. "she" however is very girly with cute laugh an voice. and ofc 100% open about being a babiniku. she has had collabs with okayu and shiina. noone would ever notice shes a bibiniku tho without her info.

>> No.10350970

this is 100% because of the lack of NijiEN collabs
he's literally crying he's not being invited after those awful collabs
what a fucking cunt

>> No.10351537

>it’s real
Fucking chicken. Don’t you dare

>> No.10352541

he was just in one a few weeks ago

>> No.10352671

Would Zen even collab with random indies?

>> No.10352765

I hate this so much. Because of Zen being a monumental retard I'll never be able to have a meaningful time streaming.

>> No.10353103

Didn’t Zen told all their Vrchat friends to fuck off when they got big and refuses to acknowledge their old friends?

>> No.10353182

Of course not. It would be pointless for someone in her company to collab with someone who wasn't in the same audience size range. This whine is only because people bigger than 2views are giving a wide berth after multiple scuffed collabs, and rightly so.

>> No.10353267

TTS in prerecorded skits is fine. It's only horrible for streaming.

>> No.10353272

Considering one of those old friends was Mowtendoo, they didn't tell ALL of them to fuck off.

>> No.10353355

This faggot alongside that other faggot that goes after the dying spic are 100% sex pests. When they get outed all of vscrotum will be "I saw the signs but I didn't think too badly about it/ though I could change him!" alongside 10 twitlongers.

>> No.10353376


>> No.10353570

>GIRLS he can groom
>gigguk and chris

>> No.10353590

Using TTS while streaming. Some people choose not to use a microphone and go the TTS route; it's extremely suspicious but it is what it is. Some people physically cannot speak and thus have to rely on TTS or just using the chat box entirely to talk to their meager audience. It already makes conversing with anyone a pain but ever since Zen showed up it's been nothing but a flood of retards showing up during streams to tell me (and others) that we're "copying" Zen.

Add Zen's stupid fucking paranoia that people will recognize their real man voice and all of the stupid twitter politics bullshit they spout and they start to make other TTS users look bad for "copying" an actual schizo.

>> No.10353656

you are copying zen tho

>> No.10353754
File: 27 KB, 600x450, 1631962103875.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10353982

I still dont get how tf this nigga got popular. He literally has no personality whatsoever. It's just some lazy ass that didnt even bother to play their character or put effort into it. Idc if he is tranny or whatever. If you go babi, put some damn effort to either be entertaining like beatmario or itou-life, OR go GFE like Mari and NoraNeko. Heck you can even used vocaloid style software to speak instead of a fucking TTS

>> No.10354132

>I still dont get how tf this nigga got popular.
vrc bred the worlds most homosexual incels, even normalfag streamers got into it and some got fucking pissed when it turned out their muties weren't girls just really athletic and flexible guys

>> No.10354138 [DELETED] 
File: 1.99 MB, 1066x1491, flow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Incredibily so and living a heartwarming, modest life day-to-day you can hear about in streams.
Stop this self-hating path of watching vshoujo anon. Being addicted to porn to the point you find it exciting to hear viebea talked about eating ass and tasting another man's cum is just cuck behaviour at the end of the day.

>> No.10354141

idk what you mean ninjis are massive fag enablers

>> No.10354176

>he doesn't know claires even more /lgbt/ than deron
my sides

>> No.10354288
File: 607 KB, 220x185, 1630854365611.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Kiara collab
I can see it happening, Chicken collabed with pink cat and removed the thousands of dislikes so now people think VShojo collabs are acceptable. Omegatranny also seems to be fine with VShojo and yet puts an embargo on NijiEN collabs. Both of them will cause the downfall of EN.

>> No.10354314

So how long until Zen gets canceled because he's privately sexually harassing the e-thots?

My money's on by the end of October.

>> No.10354363
File: 605 KB, 1710x1079, Screenshot_20210925-220838_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10354370

They have before, KyrieAI's recent 3 year anniversary had Zen and Silvervale show up for jackbox.

>> No.10354373
File: 26 KB, 1302x216, i just want to cum.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

surprised it didnt happen when this happened, this stuff always happens in batches

>> No.10354387

i swear to fucking god if that chicken

>> No.10354438

Zen is a pain in the ass to collab with because the VTTTS means their responses are delayed by at least a couple seconds and it's impossible to get their genuine reaction to things unless you're watching their body language. If the response to every joke or comment is a cold, robotic voice, every bit falls flat.

>> No.10354442

Why are people getting mad at this? >>10348535's right, she didn't even attempt to get a collab. That's based as fuck.

>> No.10354488


>> No.10354512

Watched a collab a couple weeks ago with Zen in it, half the time when >she tried to make a joke she got a "what was that Zen?" followed by like 10 seconds of complete silence and stifled giggles.
Unironically should just bite the bullet and do a voice reveal, vshojo's filled with those retarded inclusivity for inclusivities sake types.

>> No.10354524

Can't HE use a speech to text software that then does the text to speech so he doesn't have to type?

>> No.10354529

The delay is HUGE. Voice recognition take a whole lot of system resources and the auto-transcription of the text can easily take just as much.
They were a hell of a lot more responsive when they sat there and typed shit out back in their Anti-Lewd Army days.

>> No.10354568 [DELETED] 

>EOP rrats
Link the stream anon, unfortunately for you Claire isn't a holo and doesn't get clipped and poorly translated for an agenda by seamonkies

>> No.10354591

>It's pretty sad that noone wants to collab with you... but I'm not going to collab with you anyways

>> No.10354600

That's exactly what he does. He's speaking normally, the laptop or whatever that's running the speech recognition takes a shitload of time to process it and then it gets copy/pasted into a TTS program. The constant fuck ups are a direct result of speech recognition not being fully robust yet.

>> No.10354637
File: 288 KB, 1280x720, FAItp6AVQAQWVeZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here's your collab, bro

>> No.10354645 [DELETED] 

>'Dude why don't you want nijisanji and hololive to interact with ecelebs and nerdy men lmao'
I'm glad this kind of shit is impossible to happen to Pomu

>> No.10354670

yes anon i'll find a stream from 2018
point is everyone in niji is /lgbt/ to some degree, deron's just the queen of it for obvious non "shes a lesbo" reasons, literally the first big event she was a part of she did that stuff and even today nijis still seen as The /lgbt/ Company

>> No.10354714 [DELETED] 

>S-She totally supports it...uh latest time mentioned was back in uh...2018...
Concession accepted cuck :)

>> No.10354744

whatever you need to tell yourself fag, enjoy not understanding her zatsus

>> No.10354766

>3 person collab
What's the point?

>> No.10354809

The point is to stick it to gaben

>> No.10354829

>look at OP
>g-guys please collab with me please please im so sorry collab with me please
Gee, I wonder why he couldn't find a fourth.

>> No.10354841

>grating TTS voice for the streamer
>second grating TTS voice for bit/dono messages
>loud and too-long music for subs/gifts
>all of this poorly mixed over audio of whatever is being played/watched
Watching a Zen stream will give you tinnitus in minutes.

>> No.10354902
File: 183 KB, 483x470, 1507267096838.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I legit forgot this thing existed since vrchat's popularity dropped off and it couldnt ride on naggz coattails anymore. Glad to see nothing has changed though, what a fucker.

>> No.10354950

What happened on that Gmod en collab?

>> No.10354953

give deets, idk shit about the vrchat stuff aside from the autism that is mutes

>> No.10354992
File: 30 KB, 540x540, 1624262110854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chicken graduation when???

>> No.10355011


>> No.10355058

>keep fucking up collabs because their utter lack of self control and professionalism are actively damaging to the other vtubers
No fucking wonder every other vtuber group fucking hates vshojo

>> No.10355152

>whines about not being invited to collabs
>has one lined up with menhera baguette whore and the autistic deer bitch
What's wrong with TTS dragon?

>> No.10355163

>he thinks its that
>he doesn't realize it's because >she's tts and makes talking literally impossible
there's a reason why nora cat doesn't do collabs that often

>> No.10355174

Froot's "brother" is a ftm tranny and Haruka has always given off major butch dyke vibes, so of course they'd be all in.

>> No.10355200


>> No.10355240 [DELETED] 

that's not very progressive anon! now take your tranny pills and convince yourself every niji loves subhuman freaks because le rainbow!

>> No.10355381
File: 59 KB, 374x299, bananpepe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Naggz was some turbo normie that people thought was wholesome, so they introduced him to animu and weebery in general.
Eventually that led to meeting a variety of autismos and weebs and some cringe family rp that lasted for a long time.
Zen was just some other mute in some anime faction that I assume got popular through Naggz's streams and eventually branched out on their own.
For what exactly, Ive no idea, they seem just the same as from back then, tts and all.

>> No.10355391

>HE should start using HIS voice
Might lose viewers

>> No.10355432

>nora cat

>> No.10355445 [DELETED] 

Members of /lgbt/ are allowed to use fag freely, you fucking fag. It's incels on /vt/ that should cut back on it since it just shows what a bunch of edgy retards you are. Even Kuzuha and Mito love gay people you don't have the slightest clue about the company.

>> No.10355460

Most of the time when I see Zen in a group whatever he says goes totally ignored or is given a half-baked response. Even if it's just a one on one thing you can tell the other person is struggling to keep the conversation going with some kind of momentum.

>> No.10355474

When I realized she was literally never going to graduate, I started watching other companies. I'm a happier man now.
Just block her channel, block her twitter, pretend she doesnt exist.

>> No.10355479
File: 78 KB, 327x233, 1610107129807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it normal to complain about this kind of stuff? her shit and degeneracy aside, is it normal behaviour to complain that no one wants to hang out with you? Wouldn't you just assume people just don't like you and just accept it while working on your own content? Should I be complaining that I have no friends whenever I talk to someone in a conversation? Aren't people repulsed by that kind of pathetic type of behaviour?

>> No.10355493

>he doesnt know about when deron literally got someone to take the pink pill during her first big event
>he doesn't know about tomoe
>he doesn't know about mayuzumi
newfags... not even once

>> No.10355522

>O-only /lgbt/ people are allowed to say faggot
The absolute state of niji fanbase.

>> No.10355546

It's sympathy-whoring for people who can't get actual meaningful emotions, which considering Zen's autistic enough to be part of the fakest group of bitches in the entire scene... you can put two and two together.

>> No.10355617 [DELETED] 

Are all Nijifans this retarded? The corp has over 100 talents, having 5 or so gay/bi talents doesn't mean the other 95 are rushing to show their pride.

>> No.10355646

>he can't read the first sentence

>> No.10355676

About 3 to 4 times a year he'll have a sperg out moment and just rant on twitter about everything that's going wrong in his life for sympathy and/or pity.
I lost count at the number of times something has ruined their entire year. Seems their year is ruined quite frequently.

>> No.10355749 [DELETED] 

What's your problem with gay and trans people? Can you actually sum it up without sounding like a screaming incel that noone will respect?

>> No.10355763

Why the fuck are you niggers arguing about this as if 99.99% of all corpos don't like LGBT+ABCDEFGfags? Almost all big female chuubas are bisexual or have some tendencies like that, 35P is a dyke. Hatin' on annoying trannies I get, but if you absolutely can't stand seeing faggots and lesbians then you should probably stick to indies... or Peko

>> No.10355847

My problem with them is when they enter discussions about literally anything other than identity politics and try to steer the topic towards that.

Gays, schizos, trans faggots and (you) all need to go neck yourselves.

>> No.10355848

>35P is a dyke

>> No.10355866 [DELETED] 
File: 23 KB, 400x400, sipsmug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10355874

They don’t like the change of public perception. It’s scares them

>> No.10355932

What's your problem with incels? Can you actually sum it up without sounding like a screaming retard that no one on here will respect?

>> No.10355954 [DELETED] 

>Almost all big female chuubas are bisexual or have some tendencies like that, 35P is a dyke
You are a complete retard that thinks playful shipping is real life anon. People like you shouldn't be allowed to donate, it's like letting tards bet on WWE.

>> No.10355979

I think when tech advances enough, any guy can fully be a female VTuber and if they didn’t need to verify their identity, no one would ever be able to tell. That to me is dishonest. I think people have the right to know. At least with Zen, we all know it’s a guy.

>> No.10356019
File: 1.13 MB, 1851x842, 1632485055376.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10356077

You losers really know how to kick a man when he’s down.

>> No.10356149

Well, yeah, they're male.

>> No.10356151

The main problem with incels is that they are screaming retards that no one will respect:

>> No.10356163 [DELETED] 

>try to steer the topic towards that.
Some incel was claiming Nijisanji talents dont embrace /lgbt/ people. They were the ones who steered it into that direction by creating lies and misleading eops.
You're aggressive, unresonable and hate women simply because we don't give you a birthright to breed whoever you want. Wow that was easy, almost like incels should be insulted and slapped around for their beliefs since it actively harms others.
please have sex

>> No.10356219

everything he did is self inflicted

>> No.10356249

Pretty sure you were told to go neck yourself. I don't give a shit who started it. Finish it.

>> No.10356254

Catty insults about someone who’s already unpopular are more of a bitch move. Not manly.

>> No.10356281

Are you not being aggressive and unreasonably assuming things of me right now? Although of course that doesn't matter since you're just trolling right now

>> No.10356311
File: 85 KB, 1065x800, 1533613360326.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I could actually care less about faggots, schizos, and trannies normally, but when they enter a fandom they have to exclaim loudly about how much of a faggot, schizo, or tranny they are and how whatever theyve found needs to cater to them.
By all means, be as much of a degen as you like, but the moment you begin broadcasting it publicly dont be surprised by people's disgust for you.

>> No.10356357

>catty insults
What are non-catty insults for you?

>> No.10356614
File: 238 KB, 850x1227, Life singing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That to me is dishonest. I think people have the right to know. At least with Zen, we all know it’s a guy.
Zen is a fucking loser and I feel repulsed at what I'm about to say since it will come off as me defending him, but why does knowing what gender a Vtuber is matter? The only reason you'd need to know is if you're attracted to the Vtuber, but should you really be falling in love with streamer anime girls? It's like saying guys shouldn't be allowed to play female vidya characters in MMO's or something, it's just weirdly restrictive.

I get where you're coming from to an extent, but the babaniku/trap/whatever character thing is weird. Zen is mostly hated for pretending to be a female, but it's fine if Tamaki pretends to be a boy, or if Life-sensei says he is a female whilst obviously not being one. Where does the line get drawn? When does it change from 'fun concept' to 'decietful'? There are lots of reasons to hate Zen, but him larping as an anime girl is the least worrying thing about him.

>> No.10356630
File: 114 KB, 1407x966, ofcourse.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well at the end of the day, if this guy wants to get more collabs he should drop the TTS and be more professional, simple as

>> No.10356711

>drop the TTS and be more professional
This. TTS is just a gimmick for when you start in VRChat. It has a ceiling.

>> No.10356901
File: 137 KB, 463x453, 1632344430461.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are you people unironically retarded or just pretending?
zentreya has always been the one reaching out to vtubers with only a fraction of his viewership for collabs, when he could just as well sit on his ass and only allow collabs with vshojo / bigger streamers if he wanted to
but repeatedly giving chances to people orders of magnitude lower than him in the vtuber food chain is an offense to the snowflakes here for some retarded reason

seriously why do idiots like this >>10353182
reply to topics they have categorically no knowledge about?

>> No.10357091
File: 13 KB, 313x363, sorcerer sadge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It has a ceiling.
I can absolutely confirm this.

>> No.10357122

Yeah, if anything you should be happy when it happens, when girls can talk like guys and guys can talk like girls with miniscule possibility of being found out. When this becomes normalized in the same way you don't just trust that someone chatting to you on text is female just because they typed it, then it becomes even more about the content. Isn't that what is wanted?

>> No.10357285

It's coming from people who think playing a girl is the same thing as being a transgender woman and thinking their made up suicide number I'll be replied to with means they might be able to kill one without any blame.

>> No.10357401

I want the weekend to be over so you kids can go back to school and stop shitting up the board during banker's hours.

>> No.10357589

Stop posting until then. Bye! Enjoy your free time.

>> No.10358570

everyone in vshojo has 2views they bring up, look at haruka for the best example

>> No.10360415

Doesn't this dude have menhera attacks on a regular basis and most of them are probably just baiting for sympathy otherwise he would "graduate" long time ago, honestly he sounds like DSP or something.

>> No.10361050

no it's not a tranny he have a girlfriend and tried to push her as himself at one point, if it was Japan Narukami would be all over his ass japs have no tolerance for shady behavior like that.

>> No.10361591

This. Zen is tolerable in 30-second clip form but the actually streams themselves are fucking unbearable.

>> No.10361942

2-views reach out to him all the time it's about the big ones he could leech off from, he doesn't even collab with Vshojo most of the time.

>> No.10362296

>le meme arrow pronouns
character's a chick regardless of the actor.
do you go ">he" whenever a shota shows up in anime since they're always voiced by women? see also: goku
>why won't people collab with me, when my collabs are trainwrecks because my tts gimmick is perpetually underfoot and I've shown an unwillingness to be considerate of collab partners' limitations!?
gee I wonder why, you dumbfuck.

>> No.10362673

To whom? He is good for a few thou views on twitch every stream. Just because a few autists on this board are triggered by his TTS, doesn’t mean he’s unpopular outside of vt. Unpopular in terms of viewers being able to “stand” his streams, I mean.

>> No.10363355

that's why males are their biggest chuubas

>> No.10363379

my queen

>> No.10363599

This is probably the only reason why HoloEN and NijiEN work in the slightest. They don't have this type of trash because they're kept on a tight leash by a japanese company. Sure, Niji is more free but something like this probably still wouldn't fly. So far every indie western Vtuber i've watched eventually tumbled down into making dumb political statements.

>> No.10363656

kek pls send some rope to their giftbox

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