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Talk about the cute slut and cute slut technology.

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Does she stuff her bra?

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When will hololive girls get 3D of this quality?

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never, that's the tradeoff between nijis and holos

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Tell me about Hoshikawa why does she like casual sex so much?

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Do you fellas think it's part of the Gyaru kayfabe or that she is really that slutty in real life?

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if they hired better modelers

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All women are whores, she's just being honest

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money and attention

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>roommate is literally former gravure

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To be fair Sometimes I'm jealous when I look at hololive 2d models Shiina's model keeps getting stuck and Watame's 2d model makes me jealous af, but yeah, Niji's 3d is like 10 thousand times better than Holo

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When they get Sony™ money

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The chair tracking still blows my mind

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Look at this one

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festival doesn't deserve her

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No one does, you just have to pay her enough

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Sorry anon I can only see Shiina's plumpnes.

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For real?

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Code or bs

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Ask Gundoe

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Lick a clock, it always come back with this bs as if Cover isn't backed by mizuho bank, gree and OLM.

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source? I could believe it's true because her roomate is gorgeous but I need the truth.

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never. Cover doesn't seem to invest any of their money in 3D unlike Nijisanji.

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We'll see if this multimedia project pays out or not.

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this happened btw

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>discount haachama

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Not for a while probably. Hololive focuses more on Live2d quality rather than 3d. I'm not sure sure if any Niji member has the same level facial tracking and body physics as Mori does for example.

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When they'll suck Sony's girthy cock.

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Apoyo la mocion >>1033931

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Stop getting baited you mutts

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she's persistent i'll give her that

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When they start using 3D for more than just birthday and anniversary streams outside of concerts.

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Code or bs you nigger

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Nah, it's not about Sony but more due to the nature of Ichikara(Nijisanji parent company) being a tech company in the first place.
The 3D stream like >>1034562 is just the livers messing around but it's also double as Tech presentation for their 3D tracking.

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3.0 just got announced, so let's see where that goes.

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It's sera

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This has little to do with the trackign and more to do with the rigging. Subaru 1.0 couldn't even get angry or sad expressions properly, something that vastly improved once they re-rigged her for the 2.0.
As for Nijisanji, pretty much any member with a 2.0 Live 2D has just as good facial tracking if not better in some cases.
Hell, any indie using Vtube studio or PrPrLive with the newest Iphone has just as good tracking if the rigging was well done.

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she mentioned it in one of her streams, but that's about it

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are there any doujins of her?

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Quite brave to so readily admit she isn't a virgin

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One of these days Matsuri is going to cut "Sara" into her wrist

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Nijisanji isn't an idol group, so she doesn't have to pretend like Holosluts

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How are they tracking these objects?

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Fuck you all holos are pure

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same way they track the people

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she's thirsty

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Which is how? I know Kizuna Ai used to use multiple cameras and a smart phone on her head, but that was absolute shit.

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Jesus Christ festival

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>no one will ever have this much love for you

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Sora's weekly studio streams...

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Thats about to change with their 3.0

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Cover was a tech company too... although their focus was on consumer level VR and AR projects, not the kind of projects that gave way to Yumenographia like Ichikara was

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Matsuri isn't loyal though

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Is she a baby?

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She's multiple people's sugar baby, does that count?

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considering we've found out from leaks after the collapse of HoloCN that one of the girls was exploiting her gachikoi off the books and another was sleeping around with Niji VRs... wonder what kind of trouble the JP girls are causing behind the scenes

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She and Veibae are the top Vtuber Stacies

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I just had a dream where i was Hoshikawa's weekend boyfriend, and suddenly i woke up thanks to my neighbor's loud music.
Why is is life like this bros..

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How do I get a slutty imouto gf like Sara?

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At this point, I'm starting to think Matsuri has a humiliation fetish and Hoshikawa indulges her by rejecting her as publicly as possible.

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Matsuri is unironically menhera.

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Kanae definitely tapped that

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I'm glad their updating the current rigs. The Live2ds were feeling a bit outdated nowadays. I wonder if Dola is going to get the Mori treatment to make her breasts move with a more natural "buoyancy".

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>That motion blur

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>this is where my supachas to Matsuri are really going
I'm fine with it

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I admire how raw the Nijisanji livers are.
This comment alone is gonna get a lot of Matsurifags seething.

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matsurisu wouldn't get angry over it, they know that sperging out towards sara would only make matsuri mental health worse

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How does the chair move bros

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she says saitei almost immediately after in japanese when she is laughing pretty much calling saying that horrible/the worst

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They probably have a very similar chair in real life with several tracking markers on it similar to the tracking markers that would go on a person, just mapped to a model of the chair.

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Is she just sitting far away cause her model twitching like crazy every few seconds distracts the shit out of me.

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matuli don't look...

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reminder that matsuri cried during sara 3D reveal and sara called her "gross" for doing so to her face so...

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It's because she is using Niji3D, their in house at home solution, because it doesn't use all the fancy expensive trackers the studio stuff like OP has it can be a bit dodgy and also heavily dependent on how well the person themselves sets it all up it seems because the results can vary a lot. When its working well its pretty cool though, you can see people physically jumping in normal everyday streams of horror games or reeling back in laughter at something funny, clapping etc.

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Yes and last night my dog was teaching me applied physics.

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Their approach is just different. Ichikara provides in-house AR, VR and mocap solutions to professional customers, but Cover also owns 3D mocap studio space and apparently rents it out. Cover probably prefers to hang on to licensed tech with their heavier reliance on pure entertainment these days, which might be why they seem sort of stagnant. You'll see a leap in quality once they go on an upgrade spree.

Niji3D is particularly cool because it does 3D limb and finger tracking in real-time on smartphone hardware, using only what information it can get from the phone's camera (sorely lacking clarity, precision, sample rate etc. when compared to studio-level gear). It likely requires a well-lit, clutter-free space and an optimal mounting distance to work correctly, and will still glitch out every now and then, but when done properly it's lovely. They'd be silly not to continue developing it further, considering how well it could tie in with their AR and VR stuff in the future.

As for the cute slut, she can make some exquisite noises. Here's her croaking:
And here she's screaming her heart out:

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hope so, dola is hot

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My fucking ears
I cant believe Hoshikawa was scared that much by that horror kusoge.

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The ribbon, skirt attachment, little hat, the plaid, the microphone, they all remind me of Suisei.
Their name and motif are pretty similar too.
When is Matsuri or Toko introducing them to each other for a collab?

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Suisei would never interact with the slut

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I'm pretty sure she called her gross cause her bodily fluids are spilling everywhere.

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The most hilarious part to me was how she compared Matsuri's behavior to that of an otaku at a handshake event, which prompted everyone in the studio, including men, to laugh at Matsuri.

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>The ribbon, skirt attachment, little hat, the plaid, the microphone, they all remind me of Suisei.
This is just typical idol attire.

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I'm so jealous of this fucking bitchboi.

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I have come up with an entire narrative in my head including me becoming a vtuber and the becoming like an older brother to many of the girls where I beat up stalkers and then get depressed cause they're all fucking annoying to hang around with irl

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It feels good knowing that I've got a better shot at fucking hoshikawa than matsuri does

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Someday she'll hold a gangbang stream for Matsuri's birthday!

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>She'll make Masturi the camerawoman

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someone needs to work on a doujin like this fast

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Jesus fuck anons or anyone who lives in japan, 2chbros, someone dick this poor woman.

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Even JP bros know not to stick their dicks in crazy

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well to be fair she is correct. festival has sent her big akasupas multiple times.

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Ill try and sell it; if you have at least a 5 incher, you'll be able to make her a hentai character.
there's no way that's gonna fit

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>you can actually order credit cards with illustrations from copyrighted IPs in Japan
Now that's what I'm talking about when I say "land of the free"

>> No.1095835

It's from a collab between Nijisanji and a bank.

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A headset and ankle trackers?

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Look at the card. It says prepaid. It's probably a promotion.
You'd have to be insane to give Matsuri credit, no matter what her income is.

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I want Sara to peg me

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>quiet, you

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go back in your cage matsuri

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>inb4 commercially available gamer chairs that come with virtual tracking
>inb4 it gets listed as a necessity by lazy TBAs

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I hope she does more English streams

>> No.1110646

It would be too niche. It's easy to create a tracked chair since you only need a single tracker attached to the back. You can then assume the chair is flat on the ground and you can derive it's position and how far leaned back it is.

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i found out that vshojo is filled with actual sluts that do actual porn with accounts on various porn sites. Amazing

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