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Previous thread >>10054520

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ccv + sc



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There is one already in the catalog: >>10090758

let this one die

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you people expecting them to get 10k capacity or something with Corona going around? 3k is fine for a starting step.

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yeaaahhhh, nah

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By the way last week's Nijisanji event was in Zepp Osaka Bayside with 2,801 people capacity (and that's just one of four they've had in four weeks)

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G R A D U A T I O N!
Oh wait that doesn't really work for an IRL streamer does it. Huh.
Have him collab with Kuzuha, that'll surely get numbers.

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They can only admit 50% capacity because of the covid thing so most of the revenue will be on online ticket sales and merch.

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If only concert numbers could be numberfagged. Holofest might do a physical venue this year, and the online attendance would be in the 30k range from overseas fans.

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IRL streamers can very much graduate if they want to.

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This is the stadium they are talking about. It seats about 3k people so it isn't small but it's not the Tokyo dome.

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Gen 2 live concert...

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Yikes bro, 4.2k dislikes.

I think both companies don't have trouble maxing out the physical venue. For Watame and Suisei's irl lives, they have a lottery system where you have to be lucky enough to have your ticket drawn and live in Tokyo to attend it physically.

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With the whole Gen 3 on the main channel there will be lots of notable absences in today's top.

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Not the best but Covid is not gonna allow large audiences anyway, even though 3rd gen can definitely rake in numbers.
Also 50% capacity apparently.

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kek I saw one of the events held in zepp diver something. The place was full. No spaces in between. If cover followed protocols and halved the venue's max seats, I'll give them an A+ for not risking the viewers.

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Yep. These are important though, gotta build your way up showing you can sell these out before you go for the bigger venues.

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They are probably using the place just so that they can say that they are doing a live concert. We know most of their cash comes from online ticket sales and merch profits

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We can try with the illegal restreams.

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5 min mute stream

oh the sound is back

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# and Artemis collab confirmed.

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lol yeah that's overseas fans for ya

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I wonder if Migoti can make it to 2 20ks today

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You know that no one is watching this shit if BTS wasn't attending.
Even Biden gets mogged by Holos when he streams.

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From how much the thread pop up Kuzuha, you'd think he has a legion of fans globally as well...But nope, seriously though, if you like him so much, it wouldn't hurt to help promote him to audience outside of Japan you know.

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Biden is a legit 2view though.

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The point is not UN,obviously.

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They have Aqua for that

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Subaru please organize one just like what Matsuri managed to do.

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Anon no one here actually watches kuzuha. Most of the people here are surface level vtuber fans and just want to jerk off to numbers.

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>blocks your birthday concert

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The things is, Kuzuha is no different than a normal streamer so what's the point of introducing someone like asmongold/xqc to the Japanese?

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You mean mostly holofans, notice that what is happening in the streams do get commented on by anons here to explain why the numbers are like that whilst for nijis you just have people looking at the numbers on stream.

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>From how much the thread pop up Kuzuha, you'd think he has a legion of fans globally as well
>Kuzuha gets mentioned a lot in a thread that maxes out at 80 unique IPs so he must be popular globally

But for real, why the fuck are you faggots so insecure when it comes to Kuzuha?
He gets big numbers, so he gets mentioned in the numbers thread.
If you don't like it, just ignore the posts mentioning him.
Holos get big numbers too so idk why you guys feel so threatened that there exists another vtuber that's on the same level as top-tier holos.

None of the fuckers who shitpost using him care about him anyways. He's just a tool to them to stir shit.

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That and they are testing it out, in case the chinkflu makes another comeback and they have to cancel it wouldn't cost them as much.

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>Gura still @ 150k / months
Question: will she hit 3.5M before Kizuna AI hits 3M?

Bolder question: will she hit 4M before?

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Not like anyone of the anons who suck off Kuzuha know enough Japanese to understand what he’s saying.
Holos usually have a live TL.

>> No.10091483

I wouldn't be surprised if even the bold claim comes true.

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Hololive isn't different from e-thots either.

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It is different in the sense they don't show even an ankle on stream.

>> No.10091521

Coco's no longer active in Hololive though?

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3.5 mil? Possibly.
4m? Doubtful unless she gets ANOTHER explosion in popularity, like releasing a song that goes mainstream like say......a Country Single with an MV.

>> No.10091532

Kizuna has been stuck in 2.98M limbo for forever.
Gura is gonna release a new song, release an mv for that song, AND collab with Polka before Ai reaches 3 mil.

>> No.10091539

it's probably because of her anniversary

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Yeah.. they just sc bait incels with shameless GFE pandering instead.

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File: 254 KB, 1797x856, Screenshot - 2021-09-20 , 13_21_00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is Kanata inclining into a consistent 10k streamer?

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First one, definitely. Kizuna Ai hasn't moved from 2.98k in two months and she definitely won't make another 20k in a month and a half.
I wouldn't be surprised if she reaches 4k before kizuna Ai hit three, especially if she starts uploading more song covers like she said she would.

>> No.10091555

yeah why does niji can get away with not abiding to the covid restrictions while holos is so scared about it?

>> No.10091567

she already has been for a good while

>> No.10091570

She's been there for a while now anon. Kanata is pretty good with her numbers.
Of course, feel free to give me ccv data. Since I do not have that.

>> No.10091574

There's a handful of English speaking yumejo in his and Kanae's chat. But either way overseas fans tend to be more fickle, there's nothing bad about cultivating a more dedicated domestic audience

>> No.10091578

Holy fuck, how in the hell is she still gaining that many? I thought Gura was dead already.

>> No.10091582

heh here we go with illegal niji concerts again

>> No.10091585

>Is Kanata inclining into a consistent 10k streamer?
This has been the case since Coco's graduation month and the Axolotl breeding arc.
Kanata does suffer from fanbase overlap tho so her CCV gets shredded in multi-POVs like MK and Among Us.

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The King cover has more impact than anniversary i think, consider the time span between each 10k she gains.

>> No.10091603

Gura is gonna hit 4 million before anyone in holo will be able to reach 2M.
You need to check things outside /vt/ or your opinion on chuubas will be out of touch.

>> No.10091606

Kanata's gonna be one of the high tier holos soon, her superchats are also reflecting that when her position keeps rising.

>> No.10091629

Not here, Hana.

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File: 415 KB, 1168x1011, Screenshot - 2021-09-20 , 13_26_02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now that you guys mention, she's pretty much there already.
>pic related

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File: 7 KB, 300x274, unnamed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not even her final form

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is this indi or corp?

>> No.10091693

I dunno how much tatsunoko's still hang around her since sometimes she'll talk about Coco, though its not like Coco had big numbers anyway besides during Meme Reviews, id chalk it more to them contributing to Kanata's superchat earnings more than views.

>> No.10091713

It's the new VA of that big corp. Ratings dropped like crazy tho, it turns out people wanted to watch a clown show with an actual clown instead of one with a former straight man not in his prime.

>> No.10091731

And yet Kson is still making boatloads of money
Are Tatsunokos just rich as fuck?

>> No.10091752

i'm not trying to start anything here, i'm just genuinely wondering why does suisei and watame is still in limbo if they can have physical attendance or not while niji is spamming concerts left and right?

>> No.10091758

This is why you need to come into contact with reality more often

>> No.10091776

So all that Coco leeching is really paying off now.

>> No.10091853

It depends heavily on the prefectures these concerts are taking place at, as each one may have different rules in place. The ones that went ahead with Niji likely had different restrictions in place than the ones that Watame and Suisei have, so they need to wait until they can confirm for those.

>> No.10091902

In Japan the restrictions differ from prefecture to prefecture. The government doesn’t have the power to force them to do anything.
The ones Nijis are hosting at are less restrictive.

>> No.10091922

She will most likely get 3.5M before Kizuna's 3M, yes. 4M is probably too much tho.

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File: 353 KB, 953x728, kson.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the last few streams of hers haven't been anything to special sc wise. it remains to be seen how it will stabilize in the end

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Hello? Is this Oozora police? I would like to report a mogging crime against the shartoids.

>> No.10092077

Real answer: the Japanese government does not actually have the ability to enforce a quarantine. They can heavily suggest and impose fines for non compliance but that's the extent of it. So it's really up to each individual venue if they want to go through with having crowds or not.

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Oh yeah there's also this thing happening next month

>> No.10092277

If it weren't for the bottom right group, id have thought this was showing the roommates of those vtubers.

>> No.10092283

Subaru can't even get her own concert

>> No.10092337

Can't make sense what this is about. Sukoya and Sister claire doesn't seem to be the type who would perform on a stage

>> No.10092358

Wasn't tthere supposed to be constant big niji events for this week? What is supposed to be happening today?
The quiz is yesterday and a 3d is tomorrow?

>> No.10092484

Yes. Lemme go dredge the list up.
From this >>9936233
Monday: https://twitter.com/nijisanji_app/status/1437702731423158273 NijiQuiz big collab (DONE, 48k)
Wednesday: https://twitter.com/PokerChase_JP/status/1438778605555699713 Poker Chase x Edengumi
https://twitter.com/nijisanji_app/status/1438050019752521735 Mao 3D reveal
Thursday: https://twitter.com/nijisanji_app/status/1438759678696067077 Singing relay
https://twitter.com/mtgjp/status/1438336933680205827 MTG collab
Friday: https://twitter.com/nijisanji_app/status/1438827577360076805 SmashBros tournament
Saturday: https://twitter.com/pj_sekai/status/1433755919393779714 Project Sekai team match
https://party.rage-esports.jp/2021autumn/ Apex Arena Challenge Cup
Sunday: https://twitter.com/midori_2434/status/1438465344310439937 Nijirock 3D with live band

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Kneel. Holostars on suicide watch.

>> No.10092542

>First big Niji "Event" with 10+ members can't hit 50k
Not off to a good start Nijiniggers

>> No.10092548

Which one can top holo fantasy number today? The 3D debut? Singing relay?
i thought niji won't do any relay because of illegal funneling

>> No.10092558

All sub 50k except the smashbros tournament

>> No.10092567

Yer list is missing the 3d tomorrow mate.

>> No.10092595

Please check the tweet. The 3d IS on Wednesday, the 22nd.

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depends, 3rd gen viewers are up for grab today, but doesn't look anyone scheduled anything interesting today

>> No.10092601

Nothings is gonna top that you stupid, it's fucking all of Gen 3. From a logical perspective they can't be topped

>> No.10092618

machukai isn't going to be sub 50k retard

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File: 88 KB, 1210x808, Screenshot - 2021-09-20 , 14_06_06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Holostars on suicide watch.

>> No.10092703

>b-but my narrative>>10092638

>> No.10092736

The 3rd Gen concert falls on an American holiday, nice.

>> No.10092803

so niji is technically not abiding the covid restrisctions right?

>> No.10092823

Talking about holidays, since I just checked, why is your Labor Day 6th of September instead of 1st of May like the rest of the world? Was that some sort of US' founders' coomers joke?

>> No.10092824

Ok, you get to keep that one, but the rest of the sharts below Hajime need to graduate.

>> No.10092847

one of the niji concerts is in zepp tokyo, the same as watame, and the concert hall is packed then.

>> No.10092877

Hard to say without knowing about the details, but if they've been filling their venues to their maximum pre-Covid capacity, yes (unless Niji somehow sorted it out with the government one way or another)

>> No.10092902

It’s just the day that labor unions from the 1800s chose to celebrate the holiday.

>> No.10092912

Will Nijis get flack if due to their concert there will be an increase in spread of covid or will they just consider it as tough luck and risk people have to accept?

>> No.10092966
File: 89 KB, 1211x805, Screenshot - 2021-09-20 , 14_18_45.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know anon, I think I'll check all of them to be sure which ones can be kept.

Likely all?

>> No.10092980

Well if one of their concerts turn into a Covid hot spot they will definitely get flak, until then it's just a potential pr disaster waiting to happen.

>> No.10093066

Denon-bu live concert, basically Bamco's answer to D4DJ. Sukoya, Claire, and Sara voices the Shibuya division.

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Is she on the charts?

>> No.10093267
File: 339 KB, 919x652, 73936473838.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Four 10ks good numbers so far

>> No.10093438

Taiwan keeps inclining, there seems to be a TW tuber on the SC chart around once a week or so too

>> No.10093632

How's it possible to have this many viewers with so little subs? Bots?

>> No.10093645
File: 815 KB, 1006x1687, 2021-09-20 so far.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lamy left turning a snake for 11k is impressive kek

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File: 81 KB, 991x90, plusone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10093998

There is a certain lag for live-ranking to pick up streams, don't know if it is 10 min, 30 min but sometimes it takes some time for it to show up

>> No.10094187

Not gonna lie, I opened the stream for the hat

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Hoshimachi-san please save her

>> No.10094341

10k maybe?

>> No.10094344

She is just gonna go back to Apex eventually and go back to shit numbers.
Hope she gets a few viewers from this but...

>> No.10094409


>> No.10094418

I mean really her numbers are only bad when her subcount is taken into account. If you look at her numbers in isolation they're totally fine for someone doing Vtubing as a career

>> No.10094493

this is more about her sabotaging her potential numbers

>> No.10094527

Pekora got tomorrow covered


>> No.10094652

>are only bad when her subcount is taken into account
Even if you ignore her subcount her numbers massively trail her peers in the same company.

For quite a while she's getting Ollie tier numbers, which is a huge step down for a streamer the caliber of Matsuri

>> No.10094712

Yeah I know, but as long as her numbers aren't actually bad(as in not just bad from a Numberfag perspective but bad to the point where she worries about making a living) she'll probably just keep on sabotaging herself and being a menhara
>Even if you ignore her subcount her numbers massively trail her peers in the same company.
Not really, especially considering her genmates

>> No.10094862

Weekly VOD numbers

>> No.10094884
File: 49 KB, 715x633, monthlySuperchatPrism.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thought this would interest some people here in /#/
Prism monthly superchat (streamlabs not counted)

>> No.10094905

It counts short vids? eww

>> No.10094914
File: 15 KB, 384x365, top15PrismSuperchatters.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Prism top 15 barons (by superchat only, starting from May 1st 2021)

>> No.10094921

>I know, but as long as her numbers aren't actually bad
this is more about declining and falling into irrelevance
>she worries about making a living
>merch, concerts, voice packs
she has got this covered.
>she'll probably just keep on sabotaging herself and being a menhara
in worst case scenario she will just make "Coco-move" + she has "helping hand"

>> No.10094948
File: 506 KB, 841x1008, Screenshot_20210920-214032~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you hoshimachi-san

>> No.10094968

For context, gen3 debuted at the end of June

>> No.10095007

Gura getting 700k vod views despite only 36k peak on her anni stream.
This is why Gura's CCV numbers are pointless, Her vod views are insane.

>> No.10095022

>Not really, especially considering her genmates
That's the thing, this is even including her genmates

Here is for September so far
>6660 median avg :: 8914 median peak :: 7022 mean :: 345856 hours watched :: fubuki, 26 streams
>5866 median avg :: 7916 median peak :: 6903 mean :: 114823 hours watched :: haato, 9 streams
>2474 median avg :: 3028 median peak :: 2760 mean :: 70894 hours watched :: matsuri, 15 streams
>1928 median avg :: 2398 median peak :: 1814 mean :: 28910 hours watched :: aki, 9 streams
>694 median avg :: 960 median peak :: 1004 mean :: 6274 hours watched :: mel, 2 streams

And here is for August, a month where, because she played too much APEX, she actually trailed Mel in the vital statistics.

>8569 median avg :: 12121 median peak :: 8558 mean :: 464108 hours watched :: haato, 36 streams
>4296 median avg :: 5361 median peak :: 5334 mean :: 611253 hours watched :: fubuki, 61 streams
>3492 median avg :: 4855 median peak :: 3682 mean :: 90027 hours watched :: mel, 9 streams
>2346 median avg :: 3312 median peak :: 2429 mean :: 130358 hours watched :: matsuri, 23 streams
>1746 median avg :: 2226 median peak :: 2034 mean :: 62655 hours watched :: aki, 12 streams

>> No.10095059

Damn Pekora, this could have been a good opportunity to boost her numbers but you chose to boost for yourself huh.

>> No.10095065

where did you get that picture of the sign? i really wanted this on a t-shirt. mind giving me the HD pic?

>> No.10095121

anon.. this will be stream with 2 povs

>> No.10095157

You surely don't get how "boosting" works then. You boost someone's numbers by presenting the smaller streamer to the larger audience, not the other way around.

Moona benefits more from being in front of 30k nousagis on Pekora's channel than in front of 5k moonafic and (let's say) 15k nousagi on her channel

>> No.10095172

Indeed, viewers want to see both the booklet and the actual bomb, Moona just hasn't put up her stream yet.

>> No.10095237

The UMISEA collab is crazier to me. Sure it had a decently high CCV of 43k bit that isn't a super crazy number. It was also only about an hour long.....67 minutes.

700k VOD views

>> No.10095268

Good contenders for fourth place in global

>> No.10095315

Main channel is a channel that many only see after the fact, mostly for HoloGra

>> No.10095322

Gotta understand that it wasn't just Gura's viewers tuning in for that one, Marine and Aqua's viewers also spiked the VOD too.

>> No.10095329

Kiara!!! Go back!
hope moona get 16k just to spit kiara mc tour

>> No.10095348

It was on Gura's channel

>> No.10095465

Oh, the collab, for some reason I thought of the song

>> No.10095500

Anon, their viewers overlap by a lot, how is she boosting herself here?

>> No.10095502

ironically Moona can seens ppl mb will like to see her pov during some rounds

>> No.10095565

The image came from here. Any image for higher resolution will have to come from this individual.

>> No.10095983
File: 298 KB, 699x539, EoKjdsQVcAAJlRl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

PekoMoona is too strong bros. 70k for peko, 30k for moona

>> No.10095985

>Here is for September so far
>>6660 median avg :: 8914 median peak :: 7022 mean :: 345856 hours watched :: fubuki, 26 streams
>>5866 median avg :: 7916 median peak :: 6903 mean :: 114823 hours watched :: haato, 9 streams
>>2474 median avg :: 3028 median peak :: 2760 mean :: 70894 hours watched :: matsuri, 15 streams
>>1928 median avg :: 2398 median peak :: 1814 mean :: 28910 hours watched :: aki, 9 streams
>>694 median avg :: 960 median peak :: 1004 mean :: 6274 hours watched :: mel, 2 streams
An entire gen with less hours watched combined this month than Veibae, ouch.

>> No.10096104

look everyone, a dumbass

>> No.10096193

>>10082361 220 replies
>>10094510 23 replies
>>10095271 6 replies
>>10047964 168 replies
>>10080604 44 replies
>>10085491 41 replies
>>10088402 26 replies
>>10041757 102 replies

Active threads about numbers

>> No.10096377

Kek, at least 2 of those are from here directly, and someone even stole my snapshot for Yesterday's nijien collab to use to shitpost in one of them.

>> No.10096382

How many of those aren't bait? 2?

>> No.10096407

Looks like numbers threads are inclining

>> No.10096446

Not gonna believe it until I see a graph

>> No.10096481

>New numberfag
>He doesn't watch the first PekoMoona collab

>> No.10096580

That was both before the December update and the every first collab. In minecraft. This one won't hit near that high, but it has been a while since they've collabed so it'll be good numbers.

>> No.10096663

Does anyone know how many memberships Gura got during her first stream with memberships open?

>> No.10096763

No. We didn't have any tools that were scraping at the time like Hololyzer, and I'm not sure if you'd be able to scrape the data from the original VOD. If you could, someone could try and figure out what the number she got was, and same for the rest of the Holomem with their membership stream VODs with chat still up.

>> No.10096845

look everyone, a dumbass

>> No.10097016

Did Gura even have a "Membership Open
" stream? I do remember she was the last one to get hers

>> No.10097020
File: 107 KB, 903x448, Screenshot - 2021-09-20 , 16_53_42.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First Pekomoon collab was the final episode of the PekoMoona arc, which spanned from
>Life and death of Joseph
>Moona NPC
>Pekora and Noel(?) flexing their english skills feat. Moona
>Lapiz Lazuri
>Peko Iron far
>Moona offering to help and Pekora, for the fist time, building in collab
>PekoMoona Gold Moona
>Moona magnificent hidden escalator
>Miko returnng to the server and visiting her Moona's House
>Moona's dogs chasing Pekora feat. Sora
>Moona helping Sora find dogs
>PekoMoona Usaken
>Moona suffering form lack of confidence to approach Pekora to collab and being conforted by ID girls feat Iofi and Risu
>PekoMoona collab

That collab was the closing event of a major arc spanning months and many characters, and that was why it got that big of a number.

This new one won't get anywhere close to what Korone and Calli got when they did, pre YT change

>> No.10097048

Damn, that's too bad. Would've been interesting to know as a reference point now that EN2 is opening their memberships. I vaguely remember her getting 20k+ votes on some members only poll, but that might have been a couple of weeks later. I don't remember.

>> No.10097080

Okay, so memberships were opened during her first DBD stream. https://youtu.be/1AIMAiWweOA
You can probably just scrape the data yourself

>> No.10097081

best anime

>> No.10097289

I don't see any polls getting 20k+ votes, looking back to last year's polls that are still up.
I can tell you though that the oldest poll has 9.1k votes, and since I highly doubt people are going back to vote on what movie to watch afterthefact, that should probably be a good baseline as to what her initial membership numbers looked like.

>> No.10097293
File: 1015 KB, 1000x2084, 2021-09-20 top final.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Here is the list
>94,720 hololive (hololive)
>48,950 nijisanji (nijisanji)
>39,775 Kuzuha (nijisanji)
>24,627 Kuzuha (nijisanji)
>22,276 Miko (hololive)
>22,137 Miko (hololive)
>20,982 Korone (hololive)
>19,119 Kanae (nijisanji)
>18,890 Aqua (hololive)
>14,803 Tamaki (NoriPro)
>13,184 Ina (hololive)
>12,467 Kanata (hololive)
>12,321 Watame (hololive)
>11,788 Lamy (hololive)
>11,371 Nui Sociere (nijisanji)
>11,235 Ange Katrina (nijisanji)
>11,130 Saegusa Akina (nijisanji)
>10,959 Himawari Honma (nijisanji)
>10,591 Matsuri (hololive)
>10,473 Mito (nijisanji)
>10,029 Mio (hololive)

>> No.10097343

Ah okay, remembering completely wrong then, lol. Thanks for looking it up.

>> No.10097393

Reminder that Tsukimi is happening today/tomorrow, so expect a lot of japs with nothing to do but watch streams.
Real possibility of 100k being broken in several streams

>> No.10097607

I'm lowkey worried that Mel is unintentionally self-sabotaging whatever this big announcement of hers will be. It will be a bit of a shame if she puts so much effort into something and it barely gains any traction, be it fan disinterest or yt algo, but her lack of a presence so far this month is something else even by her usual standards.

>> No.10097672

He hates vtubers

>> No.10097791

Are there any recent estimates on membership numbers?

>> No.10097917
File: 214 KB, 463x453, 1624277132051.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>only 9 Nijis over all
>but 3 of them in the Top 5, with 2 of them being Kuzuha

>> No.10098878

Please Anon, why are you responding to my blatant shitpost?! The absolute state of the board....
Nope, though if one were so inclined they could scrape the chat-stats info for unique member usernames for an absolute minimum of members that each Holo has like the last time someone did while back that indicated Gura had an absolute minimum of 17k members.

>> No.10099060
File: 12 KB, 214x189, B65D6EEE-326E-484F-8587-0D7A1B423C8E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>with 2 of them being Kuzuha
One of those two being head to head with their Niji collab.


>> No.10099206

So is having 17k members high or low for a vtuber or regular streamer?

>> No.10099387

Extremely high, youtube assumes that you'll top out at 5k members and their emote scale only goes up that high, and most vtubers have far lower members than that

>> No.10099403

Let's put it this way.
On Twitch, 17k subs (which is basically equiv to membership, a monthly fee, access to emotes, allows you to chat during sub-only mode) would put you in the top 50 most subbed streamers.
17k is the absolute FLOOR, she's likely higher as not everyone who's membered is even going to use chat.

>> No.10099452

What is YT membership anyway? I've heard of it but what exactly does it do?

>> No.10099496

It gives you access to membership emotes, access to special membership posts and videos if the youtube decides to use them, and generally just gives you access to exclusive content

>> No.10099499


>> No.10099685
File: 1.87 MB, 1762x942, oh-kawaii-koto.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>baby numberfag learning his As and Bs in this thread
O Kawaii koto!

>> No.10099755

Does a vtuber get paid from membership?

>> No.10099786

Of course she does.
Seriously though how new are you?

>> No.10099805

These are not As and Bs. This feels like trolling.

>> No.10099806

Yes. YT takes their 30% cut. We don't know what cut anycolour/cover take for memberships so I won't speculate on that.

>> No.10099887

It should be part of the same lump sum that youtube pays out so it should be 35% for cover

>> No.10100276

You can count Tamaki as Niji there too since she was sucking from two of them

>> No.10100592
File: 563 KB, 2400x1440, gen 5 relative.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is the chart of the relative position with regards to the monthly mean ccv, for the gen 5

Botan rules supreme, as for the other 3
>Lamy started last but clawed her way to #2
>Nene is #2 whenever Lamy isn't
>Polka seems to have had a good September 2020 and then crashed and burned

>> No.10100736
File: 525 KB, 2400x1440, gen 5 relative mean.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now for the actual monthly mean CCV, calculated as
>"hours watched" / hours streamed
where, for each stream
>hours watched = AVG ccv * hours streamed

>> No.10100782

anyone has that poster on high quality? I am glad gashi gashi is getting work

>> No.10100977
File: 555 KB, 2400x1440, gen 3 relative mean.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gen 3, median, monthly

>> No.10101036 [DELETED] 

Mean, I surely mean

>> No.10101087

Mean, I surely mean

>> No.10101320

>quantity over quality
I hope instead of spamming low quality streams like Ark, Apex, etc., Nijisanji would opt for a more well thought off collabs like Holo's #UmiSea.

>> No.10101330

honestly it seems that Polka didn't crash and burn but rather just never managed to grow and keep any of the growth

>> No.10101407

She's the only one that went below 5k on her gen, and she's quickly moving back there

>> No.10101528

if you look at her and Botans start you see them droping about the same amount. the main difference is that Polka didnt manage to stop the drop and recover. her ditching stream ideas and not having a shedule really gimped her massivly

>> No.10102067

Who's fourth place now?

>> No.10103176
File: 121 KB, 1301x706, Screenshot - 2021-09-20 , 20_10_15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>if nijisanji or hololive or any vtuber company sees this tweet... please.. for the love of god.. just pick me up.

This realization is sinking in in more and more indies, they see their former peers making 1k, 2k, 3k on NijiEN, 4k, 5k, 10k, 20k on HoloEN2 and think
>why the fuck am I slaving away for 3 digits and a pittance in SC when I could be doing THE EXACT SAME THING to a much larger audience and to a whole lot more money and less effort

This mouse is cute tho, I can see she actually getting picked.

>> No.10103879

I think she blew every little tiny chance she had to get into an agency with this outburst.

>> No.10104022

It's just a shitpost you autistic retard

>> No.10104487
File: 143 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot - 2021-09-20 , 20_55_39.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

kek, you need to know Nezumi better anon. Here is a sample

>> No.10104518


>> No.10104728
File: 137 KB, 1203x819, Screenshot - 2021-09-20 , 21_04_23.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Green Lamy, one hour in
If she sticks to this slot and avoids overlapping with Ina she can get 10k every day she wants to, as long as she doesn't pick debuff games

>> No.10104792

She has been the least talked about council member in these threads but her viewership has been amazingly strong and consistent.

>> No.10104830

This place is incel land who would've known

>> No.10104985

>3 digits
Lmao, lmao, indies are lucky if they break 2 digits

>> No.10105715

She openly stated that she was high as fuck when doing the Hololive interview.
She's not getting into a Japanese agency.

>> No.10106051

Fauna doesn't get talked about a lot because her numbers are the most stable out of Council. She's not like Bae and her insane schedules.
Good game choices + non-filtering streaming style.
She has a handful of stream types that get her 10k, but not much more. Honestly, not sure why she's not getting more than 10k rn when there's no overlap.

>> No.10106130

I think we are seeing the absolute limit of Euro holofags

>> No.10106259

11k or so for this slot, without overlap.

>> No.10106310

Yeah, Ina gets roughtly the same numbers when she streams too, so I get the feeling that there just aren't much more than 10-15k eruos who'd be willing to tune into a holo stream on the regular

>> No.10106387
File: 186 KB, 1224x808, Screenshot - 2021-09-20 , 21_45_17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holomyth on the expos circuit? Very lean schedule for EN as a whole

>> No.10106574

They're finally done thank god.
Myth just hasn't posted their schedules yet.
Seeing today's barren top 20 chart felt odd.

>> No.10106661

I wonder what their appearance fees are. A weekend day is worth quite a bit of revenue for the Myth girls, though the commitment is small.
Apparently their rooms were very well attended with lines around the corner.

>> No.10106737
File: 79 KB, 571x538, Screenshot - 2021-09-20 , 21_54_45.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good NijiEN numbers.

>> No.10106840

These girls are grossing 60k min in SC revenue per month, anything under 2k/day/girl and they're getting something else out of the deal, like sponsorship contacts or contacts in the music industry.

>> No.10107066

HoloID performed better.

>> No.10107142

Naturally since the Hololive brand is much more popular

>> No.10108771

GreenLamy just commented explicitly that she's trying to find a balance between a good schedule for EUfags and a good one for JP/AUSfags.

It seems to indicate two things
1) that's an unspoken goal of HoloCouncil, to fill those EN starved hours
2) that her schedule will likely bounce between this slot and the early morning JP slot

>> No.10109239

9/1 - 9/20

>Pekora (number of streams: 18)
10,000 - 19,999: 0
20,000 - 29,999: 7
30,000 - 39,999: 8
40,000+: 3

median: 31,863
average: 33,979

>Kuzuha (number of streams: 22)
10,000 - 19,999: 5
20,000 - 29,999: 9
30,000 - 39,999: 6
40,000+: 2

median: 24,642
average: 28,900

>> No.10109341

> whole branch collab, 1 POV
> Selen's FPS
These numbers are within their usual peaks.

>> No.10109420

>average: 33,979
How are you calculating the average?

>sum of the averages / num of streams?

Some anon suggested (and it is actually much better way) to do
> hours watched / hours streamed
which is the same calculation used to determine the average of one stream, extrapolated to the group.

Doing otherwise results in the following distortion
>the average of a 10 min 5k avg CCV and a 10 hours 25k avg CCV ends up being 15k instead of closer to 25k

>> No.10109459

>Dead Space
So not only does no one here watch streams, they also have no idea about games either?

>> No.10109582

Here are some Pekora historical numbers: all counting only the first 19 days of the month

>2020-08-01/2020-08-19 :: 26101 median peaks :: 19654 median avg :: 21073 mean :: 1550263 hours watched
>2020-09-01/2020-09-19 :: 26993 median peaks :: 19172 median avg :: 18490 mean :: 1200925 hours watched
>2020-10-01/2020-10-18 :: 28349 median peaks :: 23974 median avg :: 26815 mean :: 2015581 hours watched
>2020-11-01/2020-11-18 :: 48769 median peaks :: 40174 median avg :: 39113 mean :: 2348098 hours watched
>2020-12-01/2020-12-19 :: 36088 median peaks :: 29785 median avg :: 33231 mean :: 1557997 hours watched
>2021-01-01/2021-01-19 :: 34784 median peaks :: 25738 median avg :: 26983 mean :: 2424878 hours watched
>2021-02-01/2021-02-19 :: 27236 median peaks :: 21797 median avg :: 21855 mean :: 1632198 hours watched
>2021-03-01/2021-03-19 :: 30211 median peaks :: 22992 median avg :: 23285 mean :: 1404887 hours watched
>2021-04-01/2021-04-19 :: 29010 median peaks :: 22364 median avg :: 24029 mean :: 1677651 hours watched
>2021-05-01/2021-05-19 :: 30033 median peaks :: 22037 median avg :: 23620 mean :: 1806178 hours watched
>2021-06-01/2021-06-19 :: 31955 median peaks :: 24997 median avg :: 26114 mean :: 1845808 hours watched
>2021-07-01/2021-07-19 :: 33214 median peaks :: 24072 median avg :: 25138 mean :: 1731145 hours watched
>2021-08-01/2021-08-18 :: 29705 median peaks :: 22350 median avg :: 22331 mean :: 1673672 hours watched
>2021-09-01/2021-09-19 :: 31839 median peaks :: 24303 median avg :: 24891 mean :: 1967595 hours watched

>> No.10109878

Using lifetime/12 (All HoloEN members recently celebrated 1 year)

Mori - 83k/month
Kiara - 69k
Gura - 65k
Ame - 40k
Ina - 34k

August was actually one of their weakest months since people were saving for anniversary.
>Mori 49k
>Kiara 43k
>Gura 36k
>Amelia 21k
> Ina 20k

60k min per month for SC is too high. There's a lot of weak months since SCs tend to be centered around celebrations.

>> No.10109980

>60k min per month for SC is too high.
Eyeballing, it seems to be around the medium for your lifetime /12

>> No.10110031

i think you mean good for USfag. Unless you were talking about sana/bae instead

>> No.10110124

What's the weakest month so far?

>> No.10110129

>hours watched
theres no such a thing available. Some retarded sites calculate it by ccv*time, but that is very wrong. Also ccv*time/time = ccv.

>> No.10110156

They've tried streaming against EN1 and outside of the first week or so, it did not go well for most of them. I doubt they're trying to find off-hour niches out of any obligation to the audience but just to avoid becoming chumbait in the evening NA hours. Kronii seems the only one really capable of putting up some fight there.

>> No.10110373

This, if there is a stream that went on for 11 hours and got 30k peak, there is no fucking way all 30k of those people watched all 11 hours. Yet hours watched is still a metric people fight over.

>> No.10110477

Because Fauna is quite literally in the middle of the pack so there's not much to talk about her. Kronii and Mumei have fairly high numbers with people wondering/seething at for different reasons how they are in those positions, then Baelz and Sana have the opposite of people questioning how they are trailing behind and want them to catch up.

>> No.10110505

If they only see a 1/3 of that, Ina's earning 120k a year before taxes from SCs alone. Pretty good

>> No.10110540

Not sure
theres a youtube channel that has videos on each month for superchat earnings for Hololive though starting from Jan 2021. His videos are catered toward numberfags and don't have alot of views.

heres his playlist for monthly superchats

Ame was doing super well early this year (50K+) per month but seems to have dropped to 20k in the last two months.

>> No.10110614

Ame keeps disabling SCs for some reason

>> No.10111295

Any other NijiEN fan disappointed by the lack of financial success of HoloCouncil? SCs are generally low, subs are low, viewers are low, and memberships too very long.

>> No.10111370

I think for another reason is that EN1 started to stream less compare to their early days, but I need to count to see if my guess is true.

>> No.10111450

Without even bothering to read them except a few incidental ones she happens to see and some birthday shoutouts.

>> No.10111455

Part of that might be due to all the cons they have had to attend these past few months, though I do also remember like Ame and Mori were on vacation and only got back around when EN 2 was underway.

>> No.10111526

Not sure what this was supposed to mean. I like Pomu and EN2 and they've all made more than I do this month by playing video games.

>> No.10111971

um why? they're fine as it's

>> No.10111978

No because I'm able to understand they're still doing good even if other vtubers make more money than them, because I'm over the age of 18

>> No.10112098


Ok I compiled all the numbers rounded to nearest thousand

Pastebin'd for formatting.

Everyone's pretty consistent but they have big months where their SC's balloon. Only ame has noticeable decline.

The weakest months are August but the decline started in June.
If you want to bait that coincidently matches when NijiEN Debuted.

>> No.10112151
File: 434 KB, 1080x545, Screenshot_20210921-060536~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

damn ame, at least let your kouhai earn some member..
anyway i think good 10k for ame and maybe 5-8k for kronii?

>> No.10112273

5 minutes is enough
dont worry, amelia always delays her start like a lazy ass

>> No.10112426

Did you mistype your bait and said NijiEN instead of HoloEN?

>> No.10112521

Its a Kronii superchat reading too you know, I think your underestimating how much loyal fans Kronii's manage to keep in her streams when superchat readings start. She'll be able to reach 10k I bet.

>> No.10112541

You just gave him a (You) his bait already worked

>> No.10114728

>I think for another reason is that EN1 started to stream less compare to their early days
Kiara is still streaming the same amount, Mori and Ina are starting to stream more now that they're shedding outside responsibilities, Gura is starting to stream more in general as well. The only one streaming less is Ame, but she had an absurd output in the first few months that she was never really going to be able to keep.

>> No.10114823

is this the start of the portal long-ass relay?

>> No.10115021

Ina has thousands of members a handful of sponsorships… and still does corporate work for Cover and various big money gachas. Her rates must be insane these days.

>> No.10115221

I know we can't have a way to count members but can we still track how much views member videos can get?

>> No.10115442

Is there a number comparison throughout the year? It would be very helpful to visualize the amount fluctuation.

>> No.10115521

Iirc someone said in this thread you can see VOD views if you add a member only stream to a Playlist but it doesn't seem to work on their mobile app

>> No.10115566
File: 223 KB, 875x1310, 0920.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today's superchats

>> No.10115603


/#/ thoughts? I'm curious how well this will do compared to the Xth episode of the EN TTRPG series that's taking place 10 hours later.

>> No.10115725

20k max

>> No.10115771

im really curious at the numbers for Kronii's not only first karaoke but also in members and unarchived.

>> No.10115787

I expect it not to beat Miko, honestly

>> No.10115831

Seconding this. Fubuki's done tabletop stuff before with non-holos iirc, nothing too amazing numberswise. The fact that it's with bakatare circus means at the very least it should get alright numbers but won't be anything to write home about.
Kronii waiting room at almost 5k, Amelia brainstorming portal builds at 4k.

>> No.10115905

people were shitposting IRyS's numbers yesterday but she's really consistent SC wise huh..

>> No.10115952

How much numbers you think Kronii's unlocking membership is gonna be?

>> No.10115996

I just realized this will be the first (?) members unlocking where we can accurately track the number of new members, this'll be interesting.

>> No.10116323

Ame doing portal stream. Should get good numbers?

>> No.10116430

It's just a brainstorming session. The actual portal is likely not being built until next month most likely.

>> No.10116499

>The actual portal is likely not being built until next month most likely.
Mori and Ina have an MC stream to start building it in two days

>> No.10116513

Kronii is too powerful
>507k yen
>2.7k members

>> No.10116534

Oh, well that's what I get for not checking the schedules they put out today.

>> No.10116602

Nah it's not your fault, it doesn't even say portal building on the schedule for the collab, I only know because Ina said as much in her membership stream.

>> No.10116716

Fuck, did i miss a membership stream too?!
Goddamnit, backlog growing...

>> No.10117323

Around 10k, EOPs won't show up to watch a stream full of talking in a language they don't understand.

>> No.10117659

That was mainly shitpost, since she peaked at 8k and kept around 7-8k viewers throughout her TF2 part. Her CCV just dropped because she finished the game early, then switched to SC reading for 30-45’ before finally switching to APEX. It probably would have dropped still, but not as much if she just moved straight to APEX - a lot of people probably thought she was just going to read SC until the end of the stream

>> No.10117727

It's only been 3 minutes, and Kronii's poll participant number is already higher than her CCV.

>> No.10117775
File: 80 KB, 479x420, Screenshot_20210920-223603.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

3 minutes

>> No.10117788

Does Youtube really expect me to believe that over half of Kronii's current CCV bought her membership?

>> No.10117791
File: 12 KB, 367x159, youtubePoll.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10117793

In our ongoing saga of "Man YT's CCV IS FUCKED BOI"
Kronii CCV: 7.6k
Votes in poll in 5 minutes: 9.5k

>> No.10117847

10k already

>> No.10117867

Also she just put up a poll, there's 10k ppl voting and climbing so far but the CCV is only around 7.6k

>> No.10117872

Kronii got more votes on her poll than views...

>> No.10117881

I really want to know if Cover and the talents get real analytics, or if they also get these obviously ridiculously botched numbers.
Could it really be possible that when we see, say, 25k people watching Gura, it's actually 50k? Did 400k people watch her outfit reveal instead of the reported 200k?

>> No.10117928

11k now

>> No.10117935


Say it together with me!

>> No.10117961

50% viewers (3.5k) has been cycled within 6 minutes. Yea, CCV is broken.

>> No.10117971

but the bots, ARE THEY ALL LIES

>> No.10117980

Still apples to apples since it applies to everyone.

>> No.10117986

I thought there wasn't going to be a relay.

>> No.10118017

>4k new members

>> No.10118024

Oh yea, a bullshit broken metric is at least broken for EVERYONE, so we can use our completely busted measuring stick for everyone.

>> No.10118059

We actually have no idea if it's this broken for everyone. Some people have theorized that HoloEN channels having JP as the country while having most of their viewers from other countries might throw YouTube's crazed AI for a loop.

>> No.10118112
File: 1.05 MB, 1786x747, lolUTube.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, this shit is broken, wtf.

>> No.10118135

Damnit please lemme cope with YT's broken CCV by at least HOPING it's applied equally to all chubbas....

>> No.10118159

>FBK doing a ttrpg on her channel instead of some literal who channel for once
Not great numbers imo

>> No.10118192

There's also other factors like cultural usage of AdBlock which is bound to differ between countries.

>> No.10118253
File: 37 KB, 1501x315, pomu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Baby numbers.

>> No.10118295

>Kronii got more votes on her poll than views...
People come and go

>> No.10118370

She had more votes than views in under 3 minutes, probably even less. I want to know the based coke-addict zoomer viewer who finds a stream halfway through, joins exactly as a poll starts, and then instantly leaves.

>> No.10118374

Not enough in 3 minutes for it to be more than her CCV

>> No.10118674

>total revenue
was this just after her membership too or are you pulling this after all this time?

>> No.10118777

I remember that people estimated that Pomu only got around 1.4k new members back then, though (based on her member-only pool's amount of votes since there isn't any Hololyzer-like site for Niji)

>> No.10118882

It was her pre surgery stream.

>> No.10118935
File: 641 KB, 726x734, the final jab.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Masaru: 3.0
Aqua: Karaoke and announcing future stream of singing Holo original songs only stream
Lamy: Lamy (Slither io and Behind the Frame, I find it hilarious reading some of the SC that are just "Lamy daily fee" and akasupas talking about their day)
Miko: Undertale good ending
Linglan Lily: SC reading Lots of SC about first time memberships
Tomeru: Still live, Apesex endurance... I think she has been live for several days.
Irys: Titanfall and various games
Kanae: Congratulations SC for his new cover
Kuzuha: BOTW (respect for the aged day SC spam since he's 100+ years old)
Ollie: Idol manager (people were competing to donate in different currencies)
Mumei: Passpartout
Selen: Dead Space (two frames)

>> No.10119045

Her membership opening stream got around $1k. So yeah it's baby numbers but from Pomu.

>> No.10119097

At least we can know for sure that HoloCouncil will get at least 1k members each. This means they can live comfortably alongside superchats, salary and even sponsorships if they get any

>> No.10119161

4,443 new members

That's more members than pomu's CCV

>> No.10119260

How do you check how many members?

>> No.10119337

Hololyzer. On first reply to the thread it must be there.

>> No.10119343

Hololyzer, one of the tools in the OP. It lists the amount of SCs (which can be a bit off due to conversions) and the number of members gained per stream.

>> No.10119389

>Tomeru: Still live, Apesex endurance... I think she has been live for several days.
She started on the 5th, Susan killed a couple of her frames but she's been going basically non-stop since then except to sleep and eat

>> No.10119693

Damn, going by PMC, this site has been around for a while, why didn't /vt/ find out about this earlier? Too bad, I wanted to look Myth & IRyS' numbers up for comparison against Council's

>> No.10119883

Jesus christ. I saw a deleted frame with 18k usd

>> No.10119981

Curious how much these super chats are going to bleed into Myths.
I added up roughly how much Myth has earned in September.

Ame's only made 40k this month
Ina 23k
Gura 30k
Mori 60k
Kiara 40k

A good month for sure but this is their anniversary month. It might end up being lower than what they made in May.

>> No.10120168

While Youtube CCV isn't reliable, implying that only holoEN channels should have many times their current CCV sounds like a pretty big cope from those people. If you want to use poll numbers as a metric to gauge the "real audience", same thing has happened for actual JP channels like Miko and Kuzuha so it's not an EN thing.

>> No.10120322

I'm not trying to imply anything, just theorizing that we really can't know if or how it's different among channels with such differing factors.

>> No.10120358

> same thing
Did they reach 150% CCV within 7 minutes?

>> No.10120469
File: 59 KB, 347x155, KRONII.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10120480

Hololyzer has 4809 members as its (initial) final count after the stream has ended. I don't know if that number gets adjusted later. Pretty shocking result, I wouldn't have guessed it would be that high.

>> No.10120609

Compare to streams in Sep till now.

Ame - 13 - 29.2hr
Ina - 15 - 40.9hr
Gura - 9 - 24.2hr
Mori - 11 - 42.4hr
Kiara - 17 - 80.2hr

>> No.10120659

This desu. Just accept that "CCV is broken" is actually just the Youtube system working and catching the viewbots that Cover is using

>> No.10120717

Jesus Kiara

>> No.10120749

Wow, is Cover also going to pay $25000 a month to itself so they could fake Kronii's member count? They're really running quite the psyop over there.

>> No.10120795

You might not but clearly there are some people who are extremely defensive about it, like: >>10120358
And the answer to that is yes.

>> No.10120851

I kneel

>> No.10120862

If you have kuzuha timestamped poll numbers showing 150% engagement in under 10 minutes, you'll have to post them for us to be impressed. You do have them, don't you, because you watch his streams?

>> No.10120969

Of course. You gotta pump up the numbers at first because no one would member/send supers unless they see other people do it first

>> No.10120995

Guys the Kuzuhanigger/Nijinigger is here.

>> No.10121078

I find it hilarious that some people are are so scared of Holo succeeding. I mean, their legions of fans range in the millions compared to probably hundreds of haters here.

>> No.10121093

Well chatlog is not showing for Kronii's VOD, did it fuck up the numbers again?

>> No.10121124

VODs take time to process for chat replay

>> No.10121223

Playboard is only showing $3.5k but at least Hololyzer didn't get fucked

>> No.10121284

May stats

Kiara 113
Gura 61
Ame 71
Ina 57
Calli 49

about 2/3rds of September is over
Not sure if you can extrapolate 1/3rd more superchats considering every girl got between 11-30k boost from their anniversary stream which is the largest boost by far.

>> No.10121320

Wonder if playboard will fuck again like last time with Fauna (but also, Fauna's chat was broken and take days to recover, can't blame all to playboard)

>> No.10121417

I thought Gura was lazy; turns out Ina and Calli are lazier.

>> No.10121440

May had new outfits and Ina's birthday, I think Ina was around 90k in SC that month. And both Ina and Kiara have their 1M celebration.

>> No.10121453

Kiara is in the top 5 for hours streamed usually.
Watame being #1 of course.

>> No.10121508

Anon, that's back in May, Mori's schedules are pretty packed these days.


I'm curious how that rap karaoke will do for numbers, actually.

>> No.10121601

Myth's total streams and total stream time in May.

Kiara - 24 - 113.4hr
Gura - 17 - 63.1hr
Ame - 26 - 73.5hr
Ina - 19 - 57.3hr
Calli - 18 - 49.6hr

>> No.10121630

About the same as her last karaoke

>> No.10121710

Was her last karaoke specifically rap? Those have got to draw higher numbers. I'm not much of a Mori watcher so I don't really know, but even I've seen that clip of her rapping Godzilla.

>> No.10121715

You can't time stamp poll numbers from archives and I'm not in the habit of obsessively screenshotting every number during streams just to win arguments against defensive EN fans, so you're trying to ask for the impossible in bad faith.

Miko did hit 200% engagement in 20 minutes though and you can check the thread archives for proof.

>> No.10121733

Her last solo unarchived karaoke got 29k, her last archived karaoke got 16k, her last collab unarchived karaoke with a LITERAL who got 15k.

>> No.10121872

Well I'm not asking in bad faith. You're replying to a people discussing specific, recent events with actual numbers with a bunch of vague insinuations. You seem like the defensive one.
But I'm not actually a Hololive tribalist or any kind of tribalist at all, so I'm gonna leave it at that.

>> No.10122042

based and copepilled

>> No.10122075

"EN has its CCV cut because the channel locations are set in JP" isn't proof with numbers, it's a theory.

>> No.10122182

When was her last solo unarchived?

>> No.10122197

As admitted theorizing as part of a larger discussion regarding the bizarre phenomenon of poll engagement outpacing CCV in HololiveEN videos. To which you reply, oh that happens in NijiJP too, but I don't have the numbers to back that.
Ah shit, I'm replying when I said I wouldn't.

>> No.10122243


End of June. It's a shame this stream got a bit Susan'd, might've scraped 30k.

>> No.10122322

It does that in Holo JP too, and for every livestreamer on Youtube. They've had 2 minute song premiers that end up with 40% more VOD views than people in the viewing audience the minute the VOD goes up.

>> No.10122325

I gave two names, Miko and Kuzuha, and you home in on the niji and consistently ignore the other? Are you sure you're not a tribalist?

>> No.10122349

Ah, sorry, I confess that I misread this as "Mito".

>> No.10122563

But anyway, I think this discussion is going places I wasn't even intending. All I asked for was examples of this interesting and notable thing happening in JP streams, I wasn't saying that it doesn't. This is all getting muddled and I feel like this is an argument where I wasn't even trying to take the side you think I am.

>> No.10122589

> Weekend
> Saturday morning for NA
> Saturday night for JP
Top 5 guaranteed.

>> No.10122806
File: 83 KB, 238x230, 21.09.21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Amelia 15k in minecraft

>> No.10122856

The power of having EN primetime completely to yourself. Also, you guys are underestimating the renaissance the EN server is going through right now.

>> No.10123011

Having new members actually boost their minecraft numbers

>> No.10123125
File: 326 KB, 1080x1759, Screenshot_20210921-001934_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10123172

I mean, Ame did lose 1k viewers from her peak because IRyS started

>> No.10123201

It's a shit game and her numbers are slowly going up

>> No.10123254

The game is a slow burn, and Ame AND Bae have already played it. It'll ramp up as she goes on.

>> No.10123614


>Chama/Nene off collab
Could be a hit

>> No.10123794

Does haachama still get good numbers? I thought they were just average now besides when doing english streams.

>> No.10123823

She gets good numbers if she's doing something interesting.

>> No.10123863
File: 43 KB, 1520x406, ensc920.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its possible for everyone in myth except Ame to make less money this month than their average/month despite anniversary buff

Numbers taken from Playboard

>Ame 40k Current, Average 36k
>Ina 23k C, Avg 30k
>Gura 30k C, Avg 62k
>Kiara 40k C, Avg 69k
>Mori 60k C, Avg 79k

Combination of En2 competition and complacency.

>> No.10123925

Wait how does she keep going if Apex servers are dead?

>> No.10124082

It's possible, I don't really mind unless they reached their career low in monthly SC (and we have to put stream time into consider). Curious the monetize stream is one of the reason chewed up the SC potential. I thought EN2 can get their channel monetized in the end of Aug but they chose to do it in early Sep.

>> No.10124106

Had a week off due to travelling back from the US
Very light schedule compared to the usual due to illness

Also, there was supposed to be an outfit reveal at the end of this month that people were likely saving for, but that fell through.

>> No.10124174

Oh the outfit reveal has been delayed? Who mentioned that?
Who knows if they had a choice, their channels could have been flagged by YT and they weren't cleaned for monetizarion until they got that fixed.

>> No.10124257

Ame and Kiara both mentioned it.

>> No.10125138
File: 35 KB, 1528x210, encolorcoded920.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its getting close to their career low.
here's the chart colorcoded vs their median

Fun fact every EN dropped in August with the exception of Finana who got $13181 when her average was $9114

>> No.10125328

but they will overlap with pekomoon..

>> No.10125338

Thx for the chart

>> No.10125508

Mori will be the 2nd most subscribed Holo by the end of the month and probably the 1st in VOD views after dropping her 5 news songs until the end of the year

>> No.10125565

Based Finana

>> No.10125610

well, when Miko did polls during her MK8 stream she also agot a way higher number than her CV, right? so it's gotta be at least a little bit screwed up for jps too

>> No.10125698
File: 2.11 MB, 1228x690, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Last Official Pekomoon got (90k for peko, 33k for moona)

I predict this one will still get high numbers but ofcourse nowhere near their 1st collab. though im sure it'll surpass the last Kiara/Peko collab
Pekora (will peak around 60k)
Moona (will peak around 15k)
*note that it isn't minecraft and its on weekdays

>> No.10125816

Well the interesting comparisons that will be made about this is to the recent PekoKiara collab. We'll probably get a couple of threads on this one whether this one is higher or lower.

>> No.10126834

Gura's VODs sometimes make me question this. The best example is the streams during Kiara's Mario Kart event. Gura and Ina had very similar CCVs and obviously the streams were pretty much the exact same lenth, yet look at the VOD views.

Gura - 509k
Ina - 290k

Seems crazy to me.

>> No.10127062

One factor of that would possibly people tuning in and out of streams. Gura wasn't particularly winning so people are more enticed to see the other POVs.
Of course it is always happening with Gura's vods, where she gets really high comparative vod views, so if the idea is that her audience all have short attention spans then... I guess?

>> No.10127114

The last official pekomoon collab only has 49k for pekora and 13k for moona. If i remember correctly it was minecraft stream where they go to end.

I don't even know if pekora can get 30k easy in this game.

>> No.10127208

Bots and children clicking in and ouf because of boredom. We've talked about this - Gura's VOD views are meaningless

>> No.10127224

Short attention kids won't watch the whole stream

>> No.10127316

They haven't collabed in months, plus unironically, the language barrier will be a buff in this game, they're gonna get more than their 2nd MC stream

>> No.10127347

>Gura's averge VOD views are the highest of all vtubers so I think it's meaningless
Do copes really?

>> No.10127462

She's not the tourney king who has very slow chat...

>> No.10127501

Do indogs really?

>> No.10127544
File: 3.58 MB, 2160x3055, E-HenAPVkAAov_w 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are the claims in this OP >>10116732 true?

>She has made nearly $100k in ~1.5 weeks of superchats, which is the new all-time record in hololive English.
>She already has 3000 members in 10 minutes of streaming.
>She broke Mori Calliope's record for highest SC earnings in a SC debut stream ($45,000 vs $25000)

>> No.10127603

>highest of all Vtubers
Kuzuha gets equal or even more VOD than her on a regular basis. Stop being a faggot
>I think it's meaningless
Her numbers are high for no discernable reason or pattern. She has less CCV than Ina yet has the highest VOD after stream. She streams for only 1-2 hours at most, yet beats streams that are 10 hours or more. It's better to treat Gura as a statistical anomaly and ignore her numbers because there seems to be no rhyme or reason her numbers

>> No.10127836

The membership and SC debut ones are both true. As for the last one, we can only use Playboard for both Mori and Kronii otherwise it wouldn't be fair (Hololyzer didn't exist when Mori debuted), and Kronii hasn't made it to 100k on Playboard (currently at $74,372). Mori took a little less than 3 weeks to make it to 100k on Playboard, for comparison.

tl;dr 2/3 are true

>> No.10127888
File: 55 KB, 1195x589, 684564654154.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do kuzushit really???

>> No.10127948

One stream FPS for 6 hours and has 9 1 million vod views while the other rarely streams over 3 hours and yet has 15 1 million vod views.
>Nijinigger still says kuzuha gets equal or more vod views.

>> No.10127968

>Stream 10+ hours
>Still losing to a lazy shark

>> No.10128092

Gura has fucking thirty 1M VODs(without music)
How can your king compete?

>> No.10128134

Gura has 244 videos according to playboard and 142 of them are above 500k. Kuzuha has 986 videos and 126 are above 500k.

>> No.10128168

Kuzuha has 12 million VOD streams while Gura has 30.

But yeah, 12 of Kuzuha's 1 million VOD view streams came in the last month. August was a crazy month for him that he is unlikely to replicate anytime soon. Gura generally crushes him in VOD views.

>> No.10128232

Ack, I meant 6 of Kuzuha's 12 1 million VOD streams came in the last month, lol, not all 12.

>> No.10128305

Not againsting you, but playboard have all the videos, even cancelled/privated ones counted, so I think it's better just focus on the public ones on the channel.

>> No.10128444

how in the fuck is nearly 50% of your subs watching a video on average considered low

>> No.10128455

Imagine how much more she would have and how much higher her average would be if she didn't have to private all of her karaoke streams as those are her most popular streams. Smol Shork is quite strong to say the least.

>> No.10128500

Because VOD views is a metric to track traditional youtube uploads and the standards for those videos is more views than you have subscribers. Its a little trickier when you are using youtube mainly as a streaming platform.

>> No.10128565

She can't compete with Mori in regard to money, Mori has other revenue sources from her music that make more money that what she gets from Superchats

>> No.10128663
File: 26 KB, 1194x295, 454564564.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can we save Pewdiepie?

>> No.10128672

You can sort of tell how many memberships smaller channels have using how many emotes they have.


There's a list of number of emote slots and number of members required. Anyone who suddenly grows all at once wont have emotes ready but its pretty accurate for the smaller streamers and Holos who have been around for a while without huge growth.

Someone like Fubuki has 54 slots so she has over 5k+
Matsuri has 34 so she has a minimum of 1800 she could have more if she's too lazy to upload emotes.

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