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Kiara doko

Schedule doko soon

Art by: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/92764978

Previous thread: >>10003119

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I Love Takanashi Kiara

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Another day without Kiara...

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>people call her cheerful
people like Kiara experience any type of emotions very vividly

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It's kind of annoying how the council collabs will lead to eggs stirring shit with people only aware of Kiara from posts here. But at the same time I guess it exposes them to how inoffensive she really is.

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Oh no, all twelve newfags who come here but don't visit /hlgg/ will get got by egg propaganda!
Seriously, this place is tiny don't worry about her antis going shizo again.

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I'm more curious how it came to be that Mamatori felt the need to address the rrat of her being an actress and not not her real mother.
Kiara stumbling upon the rrat during her regular cullings? Maybe, but she would shoot the rodent in public after the collab.

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Either reading comments or seeing memes.

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Maybe dumb holo facebook page comments.

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Anon believe me, eggs can't convince anyone with a iq above 10 that kiara is actually evil, /vt/ does not have that power and most people outside of here either like her or are at max indifferent from her
Heck the reason why i came to start watching kiara in the first place was because i thought people were being too mean to her for no reason

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Even people that are completely ignorant about her can catch that most of the shit eggs say about her are probably bullshit

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saviorfag spotted

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In Baelz sched she had a collab with Kiara

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*gonna have Sorry ESL

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>bomb game
...ugh, I hate those, since it's kinda stressful and requires too much focus on the game, so there's usually not much organic casual chatting with each other happening. Should've been a comfy minecraft date or something, but oh well, whatever helps break the ice...

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kiara doko

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This meme is already getting old and people should stop using it. You are just annoying Kiara at this point.

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Someone in another split said that Kiara appeals to retards and I really do think that's the case. Just look at the level of "thought" and "discussion" that happens here when she isn't streaming

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New original song confirmed collab with Outkast

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So no guerilla?

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Probably not. She's had a busy few days afterall

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She said she will only be back home this evening and then she will work on her schedule.
So probably not.

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wouldn’t bet on it. her week seems busy as it is.

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I'd rather not, considering her idea of a guerilla stream is just slither.io and I'm already fed up with that game

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>thank you for gosting me
>Im a comedy genius

I get it wasnt her intention to be malicious and self centered but shes a pro at making herself look like that

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Do your reps, she's always been like this

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although I'm a deadbeat I like your oshi she's pretty cool

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Schedule.. Doko.

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I like your oshi too. I just can't catch her live all the time

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>first collab
>/vt/ says it's just a random dude she hired who's good at minecraft, that's why no voice chat
>/vt/ says it's just a random actress she hired because suddenly voice chat

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Why is it hard to find a man in non-h Kiara fanart? I want to self insert as the guy goddammit

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Don't expect one until the end of the day; she's gonna be busy the entire day and get home late.

So how excited do you all think she's going to be once she sees the 3rd Gen concert announcement? Do you think she'll try to attend this one in person?

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Maybe because Kiara won't shut up about how much she hates men and how much she doesn't want to be touched by them and how much she likes pussy instead
We get Kiara, you want that sweet simp money so you do this obnoxious lesbian shtick, but you're going too far

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Are you asking what methods she'll use to smuggle herself into Japan?
At least she already said that she'll be doing a concert watchalong stream.

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Artists are always gonna draw what they want. Be the change you want to see and commission it yourself if you want them so much.

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>November 25
I don't see her going to Japan in 2 months just for a concert.

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Morelikely it spread to reddit and/or twitter and they found it there.
Anything that gets even a bit of traction gets spread to these side by containment breachers selling it as a "joke" they came up with themself.

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adding to this, a watchalong would be just fine.

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How much will /vt/ seethe when Kiara and Baelz do a JP only round in their collab?

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They won't.
However they'll use the opportunity to shit on Kiara's Japanese that's for sure

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When we discuss something or I talk about a past stream I'm watching that's more than 2 weeks old, I usually get yelled at for time looping.

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>Kiara appeals to retards
Isnt that supposed to be Gura though? A majority of her fanbase is literal children and zoomers who doesnt know any other holo member other than her

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You can talk about past streams, just don’t mention stupid ass rrats or whatever.

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Gura doesn't think chicken noises or adding puyo/ara at the end of sentences is the height of comedy.

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way 2 obvious this time

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That puyo thing was just a one time thing though and she was doing it because it was her punishment iirc

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Neither does Kiara. Also go back.

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I don't even blame her for it, she's just a weeb to a fault. I like many things about Japan but their sense of humor is atrocious and the wordplay bits obviously don't translate well

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>I like many things about Japan but their sense of humor

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Fucking hell... can you even finish ToA w/o grinding on standard edition?

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She doesn’t really find it funny. She finds Peko’s tics cute. Also as a punishment, it’s very easy to do and not that embarassing.

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I hope you are ready to see her go completely wild about Pekora singing once again.


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She was chill enough during Bloom. It would be fun to watch though.

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I guess it is as they say. You can't teach an old dog new tricks...

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you get powerful artifacts later on that double your xp and sp gain.
Keeping up the battle chain bonuses (5x max.) by using a "Happy Bottle" on top of that makes the progression bareable
(especially fighting the big mobs with max battle chain gives a huge boost to rewards).

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How do you feel about the latest scandal where it was revealed Kiara is very cute?

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Can’t say I’m surprised…. But I’ll support her either way!

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Sounds like typical fake news about the orange woman, I’m going to need to see some proof.

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>especially fighting the big mobs with max battle chain gives a huge boost to rewards
I fucked up big time, already wasted some opportunities like that. I'll need to rush today and pray she wont catch up

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What >>10091623 said.
Either that, or get used to self inserting as a chicken. I'm no artist but drawing generic males interacting with a holomem sounds like it'd hurt the performance of that piece.

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Where the fuck is the schedule

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In the members stream.

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Anon it's a joke that aims at both her own oshi autism and pekora's well known collab autism.
Pekora literally fucking laughed when she said it in japanese a few minutes earlier.

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I'm willing to bet that she'll post it on the 21st and it will cover the time between the 22nd and the 29th so that she can then immediately transition into her break

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if I squint, this is kiara fanart

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This evening though we know basically everything for the next few days.
Tuesday Arise from afternoon until the TTRPG
Wednedsay Arise
Thursday Probably Diablo

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>Kiara doko
hopefully in 9 monhs

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she is pregnant?

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Yeah with my child

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They slept together at least 3 times during that stream anon and you know how rabbits are.

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Sorry anon, i don't like wasting my seed outside the womb

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rrat collab

>> No.10096073

That's Friday

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Man, Tales of Arise is so depressing. Kiara's streams are so much better when she's playing lighthearted things like Yakuza or Skyward Sword.

>> No.10096284

She was always like that anon, this isn't for money.

>> No.10097123

watch streams.

>> No.10097318

I like your oshi. When Kiara doesn't push the kayfabe as hard and yours jokes back, their collabs are pretty cute and fun.

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I miss Kiara...

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I miss kiarass…

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Oh shit. Somebody go apologize for her migraine then.

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Leaked, lesbian sex collab confirmed with secret guest

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Can't believe she was out shoe shopping again

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https://twitter.com/takanashikiara/status/1440009959354294273 Schedule is up

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I hope she feels better about the TTRPG now and isn't as stressed about it anymore.

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Has she said anything about the karaoke? Theme, genre, songs etc?

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>> No.10101200

Only said she won't practice the karaoke, as per usual
You WILL timeloop this now

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>> No.10101620

When did she say that?

>> No.10101629

She didn't

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Fauna has her karaoke on the same day a couple hours after so we can expect 10000 posts comparing them.

>> No.10101849

As a KFling I'm not looking forward to that at all

>> No.10102182

Then Chiara just has to be better than Fauna.
>won't practice
Oh well

>> No.10102259

it's a karaoke not a concert, and it's not a competition

>> No.10102354

>and it's not a competition
like 90% of HoloJP agrees that Hololive is a rivalry

>> No.10102986

Good, i'm a KFPling

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>> No.10103592

>lighthearted things like Yakuza
u wot m8

>> No.10103634

Yakuza has a lot of goofiness counterbalancing the "serious crime drama".

>> No.10105017

Someone got the source for her new twitter profile pic ?

>> No.10105133

KFPling gang. I'm looking forward to that day.
Will Kiara sing Hey Ya?

>> No.10105178

Her birthday merch, specifically the rubber mat.


>> No.10105253

Considering the unarchived part is only going to be 1 hour long, any song choice is precious.
So yes, I hope so.

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You think she will sing some songs for her mom during the karaoke? Mamatori has a good taste in games I wonder what music she would like.

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Listening to Kiara talk about how she had no one to really go with on this vacation and how she doesn't have many close friends makes me a little annoyed. Does she not realize that you really don't have a ton of people who can just drop shit to go on a vacation out of the blue? And the older you get, the truer that it gets. Is this the Christmas Cake effect? Does she not realize how old she and the people around her actually are and how her situation is much different from your normal person?

>> No.10109205

It's true, but I don't fault Kiara for talking about stuff like this. It's not that she doesn't realize it, she just regrets it and uses her chat to vent like usual.

>> No.10109256

It's honestly more that it seems many of her friends are university age the way she talks about them.
In Europe many people in a good employment would be able take off a few days on relatively short notice at least if they have an office job.
Asking for vacation time a few weeks to a month in advance is the norm and most people without school-aged children usually have the vacation days to spare for stuff like that.

>> No.10109465

I know she uses us as a way to vent her personal concerns and frustrations and I love that about her, but it's just kinda funny that she's acting like that in relation to both monetary and time ability for her friends to go on vacations with her. Obviously the easiest way out is to make some Holofriends that live close by or for them to open JP for travel because she would probably drop almost everything to go over there for a month and hang out with the JP's.
Also this mock anger at the fake flirting in the chat is killing me.

>> No.10109533


>> No.10109728

mid twenties is the best age to travel with your friends tho? no real responsibilities to spend your time and cash on, 30 vacation days. I'd agree if she was mid thirties.

>> No.10109912

Graduation when?

>> No.10109959

Tomorrow, make sure to show up to the stream

>> No.10109981

she doesn't go to school, silly anon.

>> No.10110535

Would you practise singing for hours before going out to a night of drinks and karaoke with some friends?

>> No.10110661

I would if I streamed it
Doubly so if I wanted people to see me as a singer

>> No.10110712

A little after the talk about her friends not being able to go on vacations with her, she starts jokingly yelling at people in chat for flirting with other chat members or some shit. Just makes me laugh because she just starts yelling 'You can't do it because I can't do it!'.

>> No.10110762

Also apparently there's a couple who kept bringing up their relationship in SCs? That might've been annoying to hear if it was a regular thing

>> No.10110870

Ah ok, I forgot about that for a moment. Well the guy kinda deserved it and needed a wake up call as he took his flirting into the SCs as well.
Stupid idiot making her read about his love life in a red SC.

Yeah, they SCed her about it several times. There are some unsaviory rumors about this couple going around as apparently the girl is still in high school.
I hope Kiara never hears about this, she has enough to worry about without KFP using her fan discord for grooming.
Makes that idiot even more insufferable.

>> No.10111094

14 hours to go - stay strong, KFP!


>> No.10111523

The truth is going to come out sooner or later, but do people even care about it?

>> No.10111863

Hololive used to recruit members while they were still underage. The fact that some random attentionwhoring fan is grooming someone else is a nothingburger

>> No.10113107

>read dumb opinion on Twitter
>check out account
>blatantly retweet’s roommate
>opinion discarded
Why Is the Twitter branch of KFP the Most retarded part of the community?

>> No.10113157

Falk70 learn to write like a normal person already

>> No.10113614

Not just KFP. Followed Kowkarot after he made the video at the end of the anniversary collab. Suddenly see roommate tweets on my timeline on my hololive account.

>> No.10114110

Sadly there's no longer a strong centralized KFP community like in the old days. All the big names were in the KFPCord and they tardwrangled other KFPs decently all things considered.
Now everyone's too spread out. Some people are still in the dying shell of that 'cord, most are on Twitter, and then some are /here/.
There's also the fact that as time passes, people are more likely to find out who Kiara is (either by accident/doxx or curiosity simply gets the better of them one day). Most people now know who she is BTS, but that doesn't mean they should roommate post so freely, especially if they're a content creator or a fan artist that many other KFP follow.

>> No.10114382

I do long for the old days of the KFP discord, it was so much more like a family than it is now

>> No.10114429

An unfortunate side effect of growing popularity.

>> No.10114681

Unfortunately the youtube algorithm is the biggest doxxer of them all. It's impossible to not get reminded of the roommate side because it just gets shoved in your face which probably normalizes it to some people.

>> No.10114694

Also caused by some people in KFP having community power go to their heads. They don't see why they have to follow any rules because they have the approval of Kiara and most of their community. And when that happens, it spreads.

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File: 623 KB, 1079x789, Screenshot_20210920-192618_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They showed up today.
>Your sleeves just hatched

>> No.10114868

By the way, this new clip channel... I wonder who is behind it.

>> No.10114887

What are these?

>> No.10114892

What is that?
Am I a birdbrain?

>> No.10114931

New clip channel? Which one? There's so damn many.

>> No.10114975

Custom mtg sleeves. Now I can really flex my autism!

>> No.10114988

It's doxxshit, have your finger on the report button ready

>> No.10115009
File: 595 KB, 1080x792, Screenshot_20210920-193032_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot pic...

>> No.10115036

Damn, nice.
Make sure to represent us well. Here's hoping they're your lucky charm

>> No.10115091

>Kiara teaches KFP to cook

>> No.10115095

I get what you mean, while the getup and basic structure is mostly like any normal clipper for Hololive…
some of those clip titles are far to…risqué
I had the schizo thought it might be eggs behind it

Also, if this is out of line and if anyone considers it roomatebait just tell me and I’ll delete this post

>> No.10115184
File: 2.25 MB, 2551x1801, stacy vs becky.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10115218

Sounds cool, no idea what sleeves are (I guess to protect the cards) but from other experience I know custom stuff is something you always cherish deeply, and flex with of course

>> No.10115256

It's not eggs, it's Kakun who's behind it.
Personally I'd rather have an actual KFP in charge of such a channel because at least they care about her and he diverts roommate traffic to him instead of actively malicious doxx channels.
But on the other hand, most of his clips are awful clickbait and I noticed at least one of them being spread around in other places.

>> No.10115555

Yeah, card protectors because some of that shit is expensive.
Going to use Kiara to protect $10,000 in cards.

>> No.10115590

That's good to hear

>> No.10115602

>card text is in Japanese
I kneel anon... you made it...

>> No.10115790

Haha, yeah...
Dirty EoP, but certain cards are ubiquitous in the game by art. My deck is all JP other than the few cards that don't have an English printing. Waiting on the single alterist in the community to open up commissions to destroy thousands of dollars in cards to get JP text alters.

>> No.10115893

If this is what I think it is it startled me a bit when I got recommended a video from there. Better than other suggestions, I guess.

>> No.10116155

There's nothing bad in the actual videos, just extremely clickbaity titles. Still fucking annoying though.

>> No.10116362

Is it bad that I'm not watching the Arise streams unless someone says some real good shit about one of them?

>> No.10116482

I'm not watching them either. Too much JRPG kusoge for me.
Aside from Yakuza, the "JRPG slot" on Kiara's schedule has mostly been a free day for me

>> No.10116589

Won't lie, her Ryza streams were filled with great tidbits about her personally because they were during the moving arc so I tuned in to every single one of them, but I feel her personal story tangent game is down and that's what really drew me in to those streams. It's not a bad thing because there's only so much you can say about yourself or your current situations, but I feel like anything big will get talked about here and then I can go catch the stream.

>> No.10116876

I was trying to watch them, but I think I'm going to take a short break from her JRPG streams to decrease my Kiara intake for a bit. Sometimes she streams so much that I feel like I don't have enough free time for other things. And if I ever need something of Kiara's to watch, I can always come back to them.

>> No.10117806

Arise has been my favorite JRPG Kiara strem series, which I think might be helped by the fact I'm playing it too

>> No.10118085

How do you guys deal with your schizophrenia flare-ups? The voices are really loud today and they keep telling me Kiara hates me and is cheating on me.

>> No.10118393

I simply do not have schizophrenia, but try Watch Only Me or Kiara's karaoke version of Fansa

>> No.10118519

Kiara said it might be the most fun she's had streaming a game, if that helps. You should've seen her reaction to seeing Kisara and those theories she had for Dohalim.

>> No.10118969

If you're at the point where you're hallucinating voices then unironically meds
If you're just depressed and paranoid I advise running and lifting

>> No.10119616

I flipped the fuck out and flushed my meds down the toilet a few days ago when Kiara told me to.

>> No.10121689

AmeTori is real...

>> No.10122324
File: 68 KB, 456x664, ametorihug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is true!

>> No.10123131
File: 280 KB, 600x500, E_Vbn0SUYAwLMWu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I believe in Takotori supremacy.

>> No.10123536
File: 78 KB, 581x676, takotorihug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is also good!

>> No.10124546

Did the tales of arise devs put a Kiara easter egg/reference in their game?

>> No.10125662

Idk but I heard she's in the credits, apparently. I'm far from finding out though. If that's true, a shame she can't beat it on stream. I'd love to see her reaction.

>> No.10127355

In the very early start it was kinda saviourfagging, but kiara managed to make me like her enough for me to stay for god knows how long

>> No.10127930

I simply call the voices slurs anon its that simple

>> No.10129501

How would you describe the AmeTori dynamic?

>> No.10130001
File: 580 KB, 3000x2000, E-zorhaXsAQ9B8d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hmmm, I'd describe it as cute.

>> No.10130804

Getting some good stuff lately

>> No.10131783

Kinda wanna play Arise myself, looked nice from what I saw and I am still only on Part 2 of her Stream
But I only got a PS4... Someone know if there are any differences to PS5/PC?

>> No.10131974

I can only tell you, that it runs a solid 60 fps/1080p on my 5 year old PC (Intel 6700K-1060 6GB) on highest settings. When I watch Kiara's gameplay on her PS4, I don't see any difference to my PC Version.

>> No.10132098

I'm playing on PS4 currently. It runs decently enough, but it chugs when you're in a big town. PC also has mods and you can unlock the DLC for free(or so I've been told).

>> No.10132606

PC is Steam only? Kinda not so fond of Steam recently because I lost my account to some Russians (granted because of my own retardation) and their "support" is dog shit and I cant send any Ticket with a invoice for proof or anything.

Gotta deal with PS4 I guess...
I hope there is nothing censored, Sony is known for this shit and I heard some rumours about onsen scenes

>> No.10132898

Honestly, if someone else I like is streaming in the same timeslot, i'll watch them instead. Thing is, this timeslot is really ideal for me, so even if I don't care for the game I'll still put it on in the background while I do other things.

>> No.10133569

A new statement from game company Bandai Namco Entertainment has clarified that upcoming video game Tales of Arise will not have any form of censorship.

German media outlet XboxDynasty was able to reach the game company to clarify a rumor claiming that the PlayStation 4 and PS5 version of Tales of Arise will have censorship compared to the other platform versions, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. They clarified that is not the case at all.

Here is the exact statement given to XboxDynasty via DualShockers (German translation):

"Tales of Arise will be released on September 10, 2021, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. All versions will include the same story and features, without any form of censorship."

>> No.10133832

You could buy it directly from the Bandai Namco Digital Store. They have the disc versions and digital downloads.

>> No.10133939

Oh cool, that is nice to hear

But the disc and code still need Steam right?

>> No.10134019

Ah, you are right! I thought they had their own digital gaming platform. Stick to PS4 then, it's not bad at all.

>> No.10135442

>ahead of kiara
>meant to spend all weekend widening the gap
>played morrowind instead
I stand by my actions

>> No.10135557

Kiara looks up to Ame, thinks she's cool.
Ame admires Kiara, acts cozy around her.
Kiara will be acting like herself when she's just with us, and then Ame will flirt with her and Kiara will be swept away by it, accepting it and returning it. Am I missing any part of the dynamic?
Ame seems to have a good sense of how not to trigger Kiara's obliviousness when flirting, which means she's generally better at it than most people who try.

>> No.10136522
File: 499 KB, 1093x1200, 8646534235.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where's my damn delivery? I ordered hours ago!

>> No.10136605

Chickens cannot legally drive, please understand

>> No.10137244

On top of that, Kiara is honestly very hungry for positive attention, in-character or not. Moving on from TakaMori is probably the best thing for the 'characters' and for Kiara as well. On top of that, while all of the EN girls stream in different ways, it feels like Kiara and Ame both put forward some extreme effort in comparison to the rest, so it's nice to see the two girls who's live now fully revolve around their streams/fans team up.

>> No.10137857

Not to bring discord drama or twitter drama here since i hate that shit, but mostly of the OG KFP lurks on another discord called Kernel KFP, thank to the absolutely shitty moderation of the KFPcord, it's slowly dying since no discussion is done there and it's discussion, you have to read Yagaru's ones which is always on the "Kiara's shit because she doesn't do what i said"-tier.

Also >>10114429, but some of them are still active and you can see the cohesive core of KFP still on twitter, specially if you know who are the lurkers of this places. But also >>10113614 this is true as fuck, isn't just KFP, but west doesn't have any importance of privacy, i saw lads following every fucking roommmate in existence, so for the new guys, they think "If they can do it, why should i care?" and the rest is well known.

>> No.10137936

You can always go to the report part of Cover page, trust me, it does the work.

>> No.10138028

Why in the fuck he want to promote her? If you did your reps, she clearly already dropout from showbiz and even cosplay, she will have the last one soon, some people deserve the fucking bullet i swear to god.

>> No.10138193

My guess is that he wants to show KFP who weren't around before what her solo streams were like to get an idea of what to expect post-Hololive.

>> No.10138229

>back to ryza numbers
Ah, the return of the comfy streams.

>> No.10138447

Why do they even keep him around?

>> No.10138495

All the others are kids/teens.

>> No.10138508

>cosplay, she will have the last one soon
I hope the last one is Coco, since they talked about cosplaying and sticking that coco tail in your butt on meme review. I know it is unlikely, but it would blow peoples minds and have some impact as the last one.

>> No.10138510

Pekora had the most fun with Kiara than with Moon.
Todays collab shows this. there is much more chemistry between Pekora and Kiara and thats a fact!
Sasuga Tenchou! another victory for kfp!

>> No.10138546

He's a good mod, but a terrible faggot to actually bring discussions to a positive point, but desu KFPcord has been slow as fuck since all the good lads are gone I would say that since they sacked out El Canal Weaboo, they went to shit really quickly

>> No.10138595

That's retarded for multiple reasons, but outside of the obvious (it being a Hololive cosplay), Kiara would attract levels of chink seethe she won't be able to handle.

>> No.10138607

Fuck off, falseflag egg

>> No.10138612

huh? What happened on the PekoMoona collab?

>> No.10138623

I don't really care who Pekora has more fun with but Kiara being fluent in Japanese probably helps Pekora's streaming style a lot.

>> No.10138650

This is true, they still don't leave Fubuki alone

>> No.10138666

Don't bother responding, its and egg trying to start shit >>10137868

>> No.10138698

this, Pekora can't stop mentioning Kiara in the collab!!

>> No.10138773
File: 505 KB, 1078x1009, 1632141828346.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Egg was broken for this post
Imagine trying to gaslight this hard

>> No.10138790

Language barrier will always be a hindrance for Pekomoon relationship. But most importantly this isnt a competition. I will never forgive schizos for torpedoing the rivalry between moona and kiara. Kiara would have been a great addition not just for the banter with pekora but also to help moona with translating.

>> No.10138827

Oh i was thinking if something happened but seems eggs are trying to provoke SEAniggers

>> No.10138881

They have run out of good bait a long time ago
this is just funny how they think KFP types
Although I honestly believe that this is SEA and not eggs when considering the time right now

>> No.10138928


>> No.10138965

>Dramafags going to the splits

>> No.10139034

Is that thread even saged?

>> No.10139055

I don't think the dlc weapons will carry her after the next 2 dungeons. Maybe the lord after this one

>> No.10139589

Genetically incompetent

>> No.10139667


>> No.10139950

Man, every time Kiara takes a break, she turns incredibly ESL for a couple of streams and it's so cute.

>> No.10139986

>mourns chicken death
>kills the rest
Harsh but fair

>> No.10140028

he needs help
its one thing to wanna jack off to your oshi all day, its quite another to be so delusional and obsessive

>> No.10140059

some died to serve their people, the others died for nothing so we mourn them

>> No.10140186

I think the DLC sword is numerical nearly the same as the latest sword given by the story. Now she's mainly benefitting from the DLC extra Gald and early KO prevention passive.

>> No.10140358

Rinwell yab

>> No.10140515

what clip channel?

>> No.10140550
File: 1.45 MB, 1600x2000, 20210921_161303.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10140744

Tales of Kiara wants everyone to fuck her Arse

>> No.10140785

Kiara having an absolute meltdown over how hot Kisara is the whole time
Can't wait for her to play as Kisara and see the ass when she's walking

>> No.10140811

i cant blieve kiara lusts after dead parents

>> No.10140816

And how ass she is to play

>> No.10140878

There isn't even a difficult fights until lord of 4th area, and even then she still has double EXP and SP artifacts from DLC to brute force anything up to a point where she has to stop streaming it anyway, unless she finishes story privately and streams post game dungeons for whatever reason

>> No.10141222

what new clip channel? im kind of out of the loop

>> No.10141364
File: 183 KB, 616x888, 185.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10141387


>> No.10141408

Fuck me, that’s good

>> No.10141601

MIGHT be kakun... But im just guessing here
He is kinda well known but in a bad way

>> No.10141656

It's obvious it's him, he samefags in the comments.
Plus he's the one who told us about it

>> No.10141701

A few weeks ago he was lamenting in KFPcord over his Kiara clips getting no views, maybe he moved on to roommate clips instead

>> No.10141835

> Implying anyone besides eggs cares about old roommate content at this point

>> No.10142056

Anon, believe it or not, there's a minority of thinks Kiara loves more her roommate persona than KFP right now, that's Kakun, Ceiling Fan (Currently a Hooman) and some other niggers

>> No.10142083

>Plus he's the one who told us about it
Explain further anon

>> No.10142224

just because you become a clipper doesnt mean you instantly get views from the very beginning
Ask those KFP clippers like yuriko, pudding and nexat (though he doesnt clip Kiara anymore) how long it took for them to get where they are now

>> No.10142302

Archive reps. Search for his name

>> No.10142551

I have a question from all guys who goes to other places, Did Kakun DM you?

>> No.10142755
File: 250 KB, 718x1078, Tied up Kiara (male insert).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn KFP. You guys live like this?

>> No.10143029

Bullying 80s Kiara sexually...

>> No.10143127

Kiara that was WW2.

>> No.10143206

>Mamatori was a tomboy and in a gang
How the fuck did she give birth to this hyper-feminine girly girl

>> No.10143236

She took all the badassery for herself so only hyper-feminity was left for Kiara.

>> No.10143306

>was that your dad
People in chat can be really insensitive.

>> No.10143310

Only took over a year for Kiara to finally say the D word...

>> No.10143388

might be a new viewer, not everyone magically knows the situation
she's said it before though....

>> No.10143582
File: 159 KB, 1080x1235, 1601590114938.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think Kiara's ever lusted as hard over a female as she does over Kisara

>> No.10143659

everytime i see that i wonder what it would feel like to have my dick on that warm tongue

and then i take my meds and go back to sleep

>> No.10144906


>> No.10145403

I can't get over how cute Kiara's sneezes are

>> No.10145578

Kiara is becoming a dubchad

>> No.10145643

>already wanting to end after 4 hours
Kiara hates the game...

>> No.10145783

TTRPG later today

>> No.10146071 [SPOILER] 
File: 5 KB, 278x181, 122345595095.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She likes it but she's busy later.

With me

>> No.10146247

Kisaras english voice is actually better and more fitting than the japanese one.

>> No.10146434

Compared to anime, video games have much much better English voice acting. At least these days.
Fire Emblem 3H had a god tier English dub as well.

>> No.10146566

I usually prefer the japanese dub, but sometimes you have individual characters that just work better with another voice.
That being said, yeah I find the english dub is pretty solid overall.
And since Kisara is best girl, I guess I'll play english dub now.

>> No.10146889

>kikkeriki'd at Mamatori's neighbor's rooster and chickens
Cute, Kiara become as Kiara

>> No.10146988

Literally built for Romi Park, and they get Athena Asamiya/Teepo's VA. JP voices are still great but the casting could be better.

>> No.10147089

>Literally built for Romi Park
There are other mature or deeper voice VAs, but Romi Park would have been godly. Probably a lot more expensive though.

>> No.10147318

Any interesting topics in the ToA stream?
Don´t really wanna watch it now since I want to play the game myself.

>> No.10147345

Kiara is extremely horny for Kisara.
Mamatori was a gang leader.
And now it's SC reading anyways, you can tune in.

>> No.10147361

She's reading SC now.

>> No.10147377


Mamatori was a tomboy in a street gang and a rival gang member hit her in the eye with a rock

>> No.10147455

Don't forget one of the boys in her gang swearing loyalty to her

>> No.10147548

Is that where the dad question came from? Do people think anime is real life?

>> No.10147577

Anons, many of the hololive fans are ironic weebs

>> No.10147618

>Ironic weebs.
Makes sense while they would go so crazy for a terribly acted tsundere plot.

>> No.10147660

Look at the Takamori /u/schizos from twitter literally saying she's gay While shes bisexual at best, she's actually straight

>> No.10147714

Takamori was also super popular among the japanese fans, who are certainly not "ironic" about it.

>> No.10147940
File: 587 KB, 1000x577, 1613609517291.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's streamed in Hololive for too long
The chicken voice became her real voice
The lesbian act made her a real lesbian

>> No.10148001

Believe me, twitter actually believe that the whole Takamori act is real because 0,00005 seconds of clip

>> No.10148043

No one actually believes it. The only people who take it serious are, ironically, the schizos angry about it because it disrupts their anime girlfriend fantasy. To everyone else its just a fun fantasy.
They think Kiara is gay because she keeps lusting for females on stream.

>> No.10148260

Like with most things its 90% people playing along with the joke and 10% taking it for real.

>> No.10148445

What in the fuck

>> No.10148578

Anyone who does their roommate reps never would deny the possibility of her being bi though.

>> No.10148591


>> No.10148626

Exactly, that's why we call those faggots schizos.

>> No.10148772 [DELETED] 

There are actual videos of her roommate kissing another girl. Her pre-Hololive streams playing gachas she got upset rolling and getting men. There's a video of her drunk with a friend and another man and she shows 0 interest in the guy.

Takamori is hammed up corny shit but it seems mildly reasonable to have some suspicions.

>> No.10149010

Well fuck. I don't know if I can cope with that

>> No.10149113

No more timeloops onegai

>> No.10149236


>> No.10149240

Kiara should bring back Krispy Fry Fry Party as her ending BGM
I miss hearing that stupid bird noise

>> No.10149286

Was it ever the ending BGM? It was the opening BGM for quite a long time.
It's still the gameplay -> SC reading transition music, isn't it?

>> No.10149345

Maybe that's what I was thinking of, I knew it was one of the bumper cards. Still, the retard bird whistling was based as hell

>> No.10149365

Takamori is obviously a bit, now you may think Kiara might have actually crushed on Mori (not infeasible). And certainly Kiara herself is almost undoubtedly bi (if that, she wouldn't be the first teenager to find out she isn't really into guys afterall after having dated once or twice). But it was a act. A fun one for most people so w.e.
But it always amuses me that people here post about /u/schizos when actual /u/ was extremly lukewarm on or outright dismissive of the ship since the start.

>> No.10149383

Bi, leans towards women. Meaning none of us have a shot. A man can still dream though.

>> No.10149467

So who are the fucks that got Kiara to fix her sleep schedule, concernfags, or does she actually "need" to fix it? Obviously she said for special occasions she is willing to do stuff past midnight, but midnight her time was roughly the best timeslot they had for full collabs. With changing her sleep schedule to something more normal, I feel she is making it impossible for her to be included in anything with the rest of her gen, and is pretty much gonna be isolated besides any 1 on 1 collabs.

>> No.10149482

>Meaning none of us have a shot.
Not so fast. FemKFP can still make it.
Just kidding, FemKFP are also losers.

>> No.10149499

Reps and meds, Kiara likes men

>> No.10149521

Which you clearly didn't do if you don't know how often she made out with girls in Japan.
You are welcome to your chicken girlfriend fantasy, but don't conflate it with reality.

>> No.10149550

Anon, I'm sorry but....

>> No.10149589

>he lacks the information

>> No.10149628

Maybe doctors and Mamatori, and that's outside our power

>> No.10149665

I think fixing her sleep schedule is intelligent, but also going to make things a lot more difficult for her in the long run. I think she's gonna drop it.

>> No.10149732

Time to abandon home and country for Kiara.

>> No.10149834

Kiara is a hag anon. No matter who it was that convinced her (or if the desire came from within), this is the best option for her right now, even if it means potentially missing out on some collabs.

>> No.10149840

She has openly stated she feels she's not good enough to deserve a boyfriend

>> No.10149863

The sheer cope

>> No.10149881

We're all living in Phoenixton
KFP, sometimes war

>> No.10149888

>She doesn't deserve me
>I don't deserve her

>> No.10149913

Meds, onegai.

>> No.10149960

Only american schizoids make sure to mention all gender variations when making a general statement. But mutts apparently don't realise this.

>> No.10149967

I don't know anon. Have you seen some of her cosplayers? Especially that /k/cgl/ gal. I have a feeling she'd get Kiara going

>> No.10149988

Did you read my post? Favors women, meaning men are not out of the game, just that it's 10x as hard.
I wonder how it feels to watch people argue over what they think your sexual preference is.

>> No.10150001

She did love that ass a lot, if it made her contemplate retweeting it, damn the consequences.

>> No.10150048
File: 145 KB, 456x368, 1613340638000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is it that every time Kiara lusts over a woman in a video game, everyone conveniently forgets that she's done the same for several men as well?
I'm too tired to provide receipts anymore, I should've been collecting all evidence in a pastebin.

>> No.10150090

No one forgot it, take your meds.

>> No.10150113

There are anons literally claiming she's a lesbian though.

>> No.10150130

I don't remember her showing any attraction to men if anything the way she reacts to this sot of thing she might be asexual even ASMR makes Kiara uncomfortable, she hates showing herself naked even to a doctor or other women etc. Isn't she likely a virgin btw? Doesn't seem like she ever was in a serious relationship or had many male friends (unlike Cali).

>> No.10150142

At last the schizoids have retreated from "noooo she is straight!!" to "b-but she likes boys too".
Anyway, no one forgot anything you obsessive faggots just keep timelooping this retarded shit.

>> No.10150192

Kiara is a fukin romantacising dumdum who's expectations on what her relationship should consist of are completely off-base of the reality of an actual relationship. The way she talks about shit and reacts shows she's got very little experience in the subject which fits with her timeline and stories she's personally told us while vtubing.

>> No.10150207

>someone somewhere said a thing, I swear
Fucking retard. Leaving aside that saying nice things about a anime boys looks doesn't mean shit. Mori talks about some chick being hot all the time, is she suddenly bi?
You goslingfags need to take your fucking meds and stop caring so hard, the chicken wouldn't fuck you anyway even if she were straight as an arrow.

>> No.10150280

It's strange to me that all these anti-gosling posts seem to flair up at the same time. No response to innocuous gosling posts or gushing about your love of Kiara, just all hammering away about roommate shit that is so fucking loose that you couldn't get a definite grasp on the situation.

>> No.10150311

>I don't remember her showing any attraction to men
She has remarked on some guys being "hot" or in other ways good looking occassionally.
>if anything the way she reacts to this sot of thing she might be asexual even ASMR makes Kiara uncomfortable, she hates showing herself naked even to a doctor or other women etc. Isn't she likely a virgin btw?
This is too much roommate shit, but suffice to say she is highly uncomfortable with sexualising herself in a non-joke fashion which has nothing to do with inexperience (not to say anything about how much she actually has in terms of sex, which don't actually know).

>> No.10150348

>It's strange to me that all these anti-gosling posts seem to flair up at the same time.
>goslings forget to take their meds and start timelooping about Kiara being straight
>get told off by sane people
How is this strange? It happens all the time and it never happens when innocent goslingposting happens because thats completly fine.

>> No.10150351

Are you a mindreader to know if I'm a gosling or not? The only thing I'm saying is that she's not a lesbian even if she larps as one.

>> No.10150407

She's just like me...

>> No.10150420

I don't mind goslings as long as they keep in the back of their head that their fantasy is a fantasy and don't attack other people because they remind them of it with something. Easy.
Live and let live.

>> No.10150472

>The only thing I'm saying is that she's not a lesbian
Thats your opinion, in reality we actually have no idea. Lesbians can think some guy looks good too, just like guys can see some other dude and think "he is a good looking dude".
It literally only matters to goslings if she is or not.

>> No.10150510

It also matters to homophobes

>> No.10150533

If I were a kfp I would simply not reply to shitty bait indulging in roommate info. Timeloop something else, sexuality is as boring as can be.

>> No.10150559

They're just homophobes because they are lonely and in desperate need of a fantasy girlfriend. Its always the same types.
Sure you also got some social media normalfags with their hot takes, but they're a slim minority to the poor guys just wishing for a chuuba gf fantasy.

>> No.10150745
File: 16 KB, 389x389, 1611372879470.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You guys done timelooping?

>> No.10150752

I hope Kiara has been increasing her oreo shake intake

>> No.10150817

she can always comfortably collab within JP, ID, and australian primetime, it's just US primetime or early/midday japan that's middle of the night.
sleeping half the day only to work through the night gets old pretty fast, since you can't really do much else, like she mentioned errands or going to the doctor.
full EN gen1 collabs are pretty rare anyway, no reason to completely fuck your daily life for 1-2 collabs a month.

>> No.10150993

Damnit, stop discussing the sexuality of someone you don't even know the real name of. Just enjoy the content and go honor your own life.

>> No.10151048

I still want to marry and start a family with Kiara.

>> No.10151076

I mean, I would agree, but at the same time this split is dead as fuck.
I'm instituting a new policy: when someone whines about timeloops or about the subject, bring up another topic for us to discuss.

>> No.10151581

I really hope she goes through with GTAV. I'm honestly kinda curious what she'll think of the plot, it'll train her shooter skills a bit, and the thought of her driving around Los Santos singing along to songs on the radio just sounds like a fun time

>> No.10151606

Kiara driving safely under the speed limit and following all road laws!

>> No.10151705

Most likely not, DMCA is a bitch.

>> No.10151790

New thread in a few minutes.

>> No.10151823

Kind of amazing that nobody knows her name... She's supposed to be the most doxxed HoloEN but in actuality, for the things that actually matter she's one of the most anonymous ones.

>> No.10151875

I don't think she will like story mode GTA. The Humor in these games doesn't really seem to align with her taste, and the danger of saying inappropriate things is a bit higher for someone like her. I'd rather have her doing some multiplayer activities with members, instead of playing Fall Guys all the time.

>> No.10151987

Preview of what Kiara's GTA stream will look like

>> No.10152003

You need to turn off superchats for Rockstar titles anyway, so no issue.

>> No.10152298

New thread up:

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