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Kiara this Kiara my fucking God just stfu pomu you will never be hololive

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Are we in the era of Pomu posting instead of Kiara now? I can get behind that.

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What are you going on about?

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Take you meds, close 4chan, and rest op

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Shut up I'm Pomu

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Funny that people said she was happier joining Niji because she is such a huge Niji nerd. Yet all she does is talk about Kiara. Quite funny.

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She's forcing herself to try and collab with HoloEN since it will help her company and nothing more. Deep down she despises Hololive and holofags.

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She talks about how Kiara keeps on harassing her in DMs. The fucking chicken won't leave the girl alone. Even when she's in the middle of singing a song.
Holofags, control your talent.

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I like both them a lot. I hope they collab soon.

Oh, while also fangirling together about idols and all this stuff they love so much, to make /vt/tards extra mad

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According to Hololive, yes.
Tell your annoying-ass chicken to shut up.

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Kiara is the only one who matches her on Idol autism that is available, Kanata is just way too beyond reach. Couldn't give a single fuck about the rest of Niji if they even have a major idolfag.

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