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>> No.4945277

Good. I'm tired of everyone being all cheery like nothing is wrong. I'm sad, I need some ugly crying.

>> No.4945279

i'm gonna need a soundpost of anya saying "baited! baited!" right there

>> No.4945280

>open game
>title screen
>ears and eyes destroyed by BRIGHT FUCKING LIGHTS and loud as fuck choir
and i let it happen every time. it's a good game.

>> No.4945281

No idea.
t. my Oshi has been harassed for 6 years

>> No.4945282

Soon she'll be doing 'nothing' content just like him

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>> No.4945285

Didn't she build the KFP without supervision?

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>> No.4945287

So does Mori do anything other than shill to make as much money as possible?

>> No.4945288

It's "forgettable seasonal anime" the game and the combat is all style and no substance.

>> No.4945292

Missing friends in general

>> No.4945294

My memory is very foggy because I played it a long time ago but aren't revenants technically aragami?

>> No.4945298

We've all seen the transcript of what she said. That doesn't mean it's 100% the truth. If this was a decision she'd made months ago then thinking it was anything but the constant harassment+frustration over management is retarded.

>> No.4945299

She'd certainly do better than Gura

>> No.4945300

It unironically works and looks much worse than crap like Genshin, a fucking mobile game.

>> No.4945302

Chinks aren't the only reason she is graduating but they definitely influenced her decision

>> No.4945305

Look at her twitter hashtags sometime anonchama.

>> No.4945306

She can say its spammers. The stuff she's not allowed to say is likely related to stuff Cover's specifically prohibited that she say.

>> No.4945309

>Spelling out the whole name
But I wanted to post mogus...

>> No.4945310

the reveal was pure comedy if you played god eater your made to believe these guys were the last defense of humanity

>> No.4945311

The first one was with Subaru, the Pekoland one had Moona there

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>> No.4945315

>That doesn't mean it's 100% the truth
anything beyond that is just making rrats for the sake of it

>> No.4945317

Wasn't that the reason for the red fog? To protect everyone inside from the aragami?

>> No.4945318

As always female streamers can never do anything wrong ever because her brain dead fans will come from the wool work to moan at anyone who say she can or did do something wrong

>> No.4945320

Of course not anon, she also tries to fuck her youtube crushes by bringing them on stream.

>> No.4945321

Thank you gentlemen. It was one of the reasons I bought the game.

>> No.4945324

wanna restate that?

>> No.4945325

Reminder that the mainland chinese are subhuman insectoids.

>> No.4945326

I think Lamy's about half a mission or so away from reaching Joy?

>> No.4945328


>> No.4945330

She makes money with music.

>> No.4945331

using daily/weekly/monthly avg sub gain on social blade gura will reach 3m in 30 days but social blades own future predictions has her getting 3m on the 20th.

>> No.4945332

In this case 99% the fact that Mori is the only one in Japan and therefore the only one they could provide with an Xbox

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>> No.4945336

>There was not even social media spam
They were literally spamming all her hashtags with creepy edits of her roommate's face and things like that

>> No.4945340

Megane mention, drink!

>> No.4945343

I didn't even mention Mori, schizo

>> No.4945344

what did she do wrong, you slant eyed chink? acknowledged a country on stream? OHHH THE HORROR

>> No.4945346

It's Mori. Kiara for some reason prides herself in not missing friends all that much, but cries like a little bitch when it comes to Mori.

>> No.4945352

I wonder if Mori's statement that she won't always read a red superchat's message was more in anticipation of superchats about Coco's graduation than pride month stuff.

>> No.4945354

it was to protect the outside from revenants and the Lost

>> No.4945358

It's just that I refuse to believe she broke down because 10 zhangs said mean words ( in a language she can't even understand). I feel like you pussies here give them way too much power.

>> No.4945360

I will achieve immortality. When mori comes for my soul I'll send her a note that says "please arrive 5 minutes early"

>> No.4945361

this but unironically except kiara should be the one playing it

>> No.4945365

it's like DMC but the attacks aren't satisfying and all the enemies feel like damage sponges

>> No.4945367

Crawl back under your wall, bug.

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>> No.4945374

Anon, when Coco mentioned Taiwan is when the heat started.
Her hashtags on twitter were spammed with roommate photos and gore edits of her roommate.
Inagine the 4chan war against tumblr but is 4chan against one person.

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