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Deeeb? Wing nut? Knucklehead Mcspazatron?

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Another Battle Royale FPS game, Towa? Haven’t the Kenzoku suffered enough?

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ui post

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>Towa collating with a bunch of literally whos
Let me guess, APEX?
Amazing, she traded Cancer for AIDS.

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I'm gonna screencap your posts and ask for the pics a few hours from now, you better post it by then or else

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>Guerrilla APEX stream
Spent all night thinking of that one, didn’t you Towa?

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How are both of these young women so bad at Kirby?

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>Sleeping outside

Really girls? You’re lucky that wasn’t a creeper.

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Stuck to APEX, Towa. Actually, don’t.

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So nice of Botan, Marine and Pekora to pick up a charity case.

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Is Gura doing this on purpose or is she just unable to learn?

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fine, and you?

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>Guerrilla APEX with Towa

Looks like we’re gonna be stuck in dead hours until something worth watching comes along.

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>the two faggots spamming TT shit ok cooldown
go back to your discord, niggers

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this is a bad thread

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testing something, is this post under a new IP?

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looking forward for you and your friend spamming the thread on CD!

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these are some of the most retarded "arguments" I've seen on these threads for quite a while

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>All the soul is gone
>the only change was the removal of five words
it's still hilarious that five words is enough to cause a thread to completely meltdown for hundreds of posts.

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I'm bored, reply with your oshi and I'll post porn of her

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good morning

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too late fag, look at all those delicious (You)s
hate the game not the player

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Yeah I tried to do it earlier and got pretty far but if your joints are rusty or if you haven't stretched before hand you definitely shouldn't try it. It's way more difficult than it looks.

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hello fellow CSTbro

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