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>it's real

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does she browse this place?

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Hear me out, I think Gura's not streaming much this week because she wants to focus more on her Mumei duties in the meantime. Think about it, Gura's inactivity perfectly coincided with Mumei's most active and busiest stream schedule since debut

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new va?

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lmfao ogey

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I believe, and hope, for this rrat.
The Nijimales are a none threat, and it could late to a potential pomu collab

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[soiler]miko moved to superchat the same time pekora went to end credits

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Who are we kidding?

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Ark Arc is a setup to bring back Kaichou & Artia...

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How odd, I don't remember making these posts...

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Anon... Coco is gone, that the point.
Holomems are going to collab with Kson.
Kson =/= Coco, do you get it?

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>This doesn't seem like Kiki. It might be a different Vtuber.
A random different vtuber who larped as a european dad while living in the same australian region as Kiki, who was constantly asking if Bea had already used the VC with her fans, who never missed the opportunity to shill Kiki and asking why Bea hated her, and who always changed her status to "offline" whenever Kiki started streaming

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This doesn't matter because you know i am right.
Takos watch Ina for "comfy" times so they expect that there is no controversies and Mori is opposite of that.
That is why every time there is MorIna collab they get scared that Mori will "pull" something and make Ina go down with her.

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>Yes but I was fortunate it was senior year.
Jesus anon just fucking walk out of class and go to the bathroom, teachers when you're that age don't care about you getting permission to use the restroom or whatever.

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so migo is actually a sexy nun but japan?

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>Less than 12 hours after injuring herself and having to be taken to the hospital by her parents she is back home and streaming a game
>Champyons for some reason don't find anything weird about this

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>thigh drum

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>Ogey Rrat refers to a short clip of Hololive Vtuber Usada Pekora playing Metal Gear Solid 3, in which she utters the phrase "Okay, rrrat!" after killing a rat and picking up a "R.RAT" (Russian ration). Since late 2020, the catchphrase became popular among Hololive fans accross boards in 4chan, where "rrat" became synonym with narrative, whereas "ogey" was associated with a reaction image of Pekora with eyes wide-open, often used to call out rrats or shitposts. On April 11th, 2020, Hololive Virtual YouTuber Pekora held her first live playthrough of Metal Gear Solid 3. On that same month, YouTube channel Peko Subs uploaded part three of a series of subtitled highlights from her stream, with Pekora saying "Okay~ Rrrrat!" nine minutes in. The video was re-uploaded on May 21st, but the clip had already been shared sporadically on 4chan's /jp/ board since April 27th as a WebM hosted on Catbox. On YouTube, the excerpt was first uploaded by user Ryuko T-72 onn July 23rd. However, on August 26th, 35Prime reposted it with the title "Ogey Rrat," making it the earliest instance to be spelled in such a way. The video reached over 243,000 views in two years. Additionally, the term "rrat" was apparently first associated with narratives on October 11st, after an anonymous user on /jp/ noted "can't spell narrative without rrat." The catchphrase first spread within Hololive threads on 4chan's /jp/ board and then on /vt/ once it was created in early 2021. However, one of its first mentions outside that community happened on September 4th, 2020, when a Reddit user posted a meme on r/Hololive featuring Pekora taking an order at a fast-food and cooking a rat. On November 2nd, YouTuber viedo games uploaded a Potion Seller meme of an "schizoposter" refusing to give his narratives to another user, both represented by warped ogeys. Later, on December 12nd, u/BiggestGuyUUUU made a post on r/okbuddyhololive using the reaction image of the Vtuber, which some recognized from 4chan. On March 24, 2021, user Among Them submitted a definition for "Ogey" to Urban Dictionary quoting a recurrent joke "law" which states that "For every Ogey there must be an equal and opposite Rrat." On April 27th, user 445731 submitted a definition for "rrat." On July 16th, the Facebook page Usada Pekoraposting posted a meme presenting different stages of Pekora gradually becoming a rat. The picture accumulated over 2,700 reactions in less than 4 months. On August 18th, user u/John_The_Autist posted in r/Hololive a Piper Perri meme with Vtuber Hakos Baelz protrayed as a "rrat," surrounded by other nekomimi Hololive members. The post reached over 3,000 points as of October 2021. On October 3rd, u/SomeCoolkidguy posted a GIF of Yagoo, Cover Corp's CEO, holding a levitating Ogey orb, which gained over 8,900 points in a month. An ogey refers to any distorted reaction image based off a cropped edit of Pekora's face, used to express dismissal or ironic disbelief. These are usually shared in threads on /vt/ and used as a reaction to "rrats", shitposts, theories or conspiracies within Vtuber lore or about their real-life personas. The unedited version of the image was first posted on /jp/ back in May 1st, 2020. ogeyrr.at was a short-lived competitive clicker website launched in late 2020 that allowed users to click on two buttons and tracked the amount of "ogeys" and "rrats" pressed. The use of auto clickers inflated the numbers to a point in which both scores marked over 20 million in March 2021, and over 40 million in April. Shortly after, the site went down indefinitely.


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