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I agree with your point but your "drink pepsi, pepsi is a better mountain dew!" example sounds so true... Pepsi is much better..

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I used to think that root beer was actually beer until I watched Rosemi talking about it

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I think I woke up in a bad mood today because people complaining about 4k CCV is making me seethe hard. Maybe I should take a break from you guys.

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You guys really confused me for a second with the ARS talk.
t. threadwatcher

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I really should keep a list of the stuff she talks about, I feel ashamed yet happy

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I have a big ass scar on my wrist because I punched a window when I was a kid. I bet people think I tried to kill myself.

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It's your fault for being smart, your heavy brain is weighing you down. OP didn't use his brain which is why he was faster.

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Wtf is happening in this thread?

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>Wanted to take a short nap before the club house stream
>End up sleeping for 13 hours

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People said pomusuke made weird noises, and I want to hear it.

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Anon, most of us here are menhera.

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Pomu just had a surgery and had to take a 1 month break. Getting a bunch of hate maros would make me mad aswell, but maybe I'm menhera too.

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Are you exercising? Eating properly? I started having tons of dreams again after I stopped being an unhealthy bastard.

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>Implying I don't stay up all night

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You guys are being more depressive than me today

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>Finished my dinner before the stream even started

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Pomu Rainpuff

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My friends like to do stuff literally every day... I like having time for myself and watch some Pomu. Thankfully, Pomu's stream is pretty early so I might be able to do both things.

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The only place that I felt comfortable about sending criticism and suggestion was using Marshmellows, but most of them don't even read it anymore.
I just post it here and hope they read it nowadays.

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Maybe this?


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just think about what you wrote more carefully.
Mysta's fans are rabid teenage fujos.
Pomudachi are just like what Pomu used to be: Old and tired wage slaves with enough disposable income to drop supas on her, but with too low energy to keep up with the young people

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I enjoy her personality but I don't enjoy her streams desu. I still watch her playing Apex from time and keep my sub because of that.

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sounds like settling for someone to me. it's the loneliness that eats your brain, surprisingly literally, when you're over 30. women are even more extreme is this regard because of their biological clock ticking

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