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hey, thats me!

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Thanks, kind anon. You too.

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>today streaming is over!

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FUCK I Listened to the whole thing. Thank you moomers

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she needed it

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I love her dedication and passion for animals. I love her autistic obsession with rabbits. I love her devotion to her family. I love her faithfulness to all of us husband's. I love her childlike sense of amazement and wonder. I love her unique sense of humor. I love how sincere and open she is about her emotions. I love when she acts possessive of us and get jealous. I love all of her Kiki noises, especially the "prrrrt's" and "awawa's". I love it when she drowns us in affection and kisses. I love it when she teases us and leaves us to play with our own lewd thoughts. I love it when she ticc's and want to hold her really tight. I love it when she zones out while playing games and get embarrassed when she remembers that she is streaming. I love it when she gets sidetracked and goes on a 20 minute tangent about a topic that she's passionate about. Most importantly I love her and only her.

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Need more Korone bullying Kronii fics

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Ame sang a lot last night, it was so fucking good

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>first time chatting
>she reads two of my chat messages
Man, I can understand how people fall down the rabbit hole of trying to grab their oshi's attention.
It is a very nice feeling!

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>Being a pool lifeguard didn't pay much, but well it was better than being a burger flipper.
>You're sitting on your chair, it was a really slow day. In fact other than one other person there was no one else.
>Fine by you, just means you can leave earlier.
>She was a tall and lithe girl wearing a dark blue one piece swimsuit.
>She wasn't exactly an athlete, but she wasn't a helpless beginner either.
>"Try to put more power on that backstroke" you yell out. Well it was just the two of you, might as well offer some advice.
>It appears she takes it, her form improving as you continued your shouting.
>She manages to traverse 5 laps before stopping and getting out of the pool.
>She walks on over towards you, she's removed her swimming cap, revealing long dark blue hair.
>She stands next to you, giving you a polite bow.
>"Thank you for the advice" you smile and nod in acknowledgement.
>She was really slim, and really young.
>She had blue sparkling eyes, dark eyebags and a tan complexion.
>You strike up a conversation.
>She used to be regular, Kronii her name, she had some personal stuff that got in the way. This was the first time in a while that she's swam. You commend her for getting by with her rusty skill.
>Soon it neared closing time, the janitors would be here soon.
>"I'm gonna change in the locker room." she says while fidgeting for a bit.
>You wait, your brow raised.
>"W-Wanna join?" she stutters out nervously.
>The changing rooms were gender segregated. So technically if you were caught in the girl's changing room you'd be fired.
>You decided to accept that risk.
>You're standing behind her. She's staring at her locker.
>"Y-You can help me remove my swimsuit..." she's clearly anxious about this, she probably didn't make it a habit of inviting strangers to sexual offers.
>You complied.
>Your fingers slip under the shoulder straps of her swimsuit, you snap them back and let them drop them.
>Exposing two very pale lines of skin.
>Your hands start massaging her shoulders, they lower down a bit, caressing her shoulder bones.
>They finally reach their destination, her modest bust.
>Kronii had pale red nipples, and small areola. They were hard either because of sexual anticipation or resistance against the swimsuit due to fluid drag.
>Your fingers pinch them, rubbing against the two cute nubs.
>"Ahhn~" she gasps , she leans against you. You can feel her ass grinding against your crotch.
>That was it.
>You push her against the row of lockers, her face pressed against the cold steel.
>You grab the strap between her legs pulling it downwards and stretching it to the right, giving you free access to her hairy cunt.
>"Don't be too loud, people might find us here" you whisper seductively as your dick penetrated her from behind.
>Good lord this was some tight as pussy, you grabbed into her small breasts, dependent on them as your handlebars.
>You slam yourself against her, your pelvis thrusting her from behind.
>She's on her tiptoes, moaning out in pleasure as you pump your cock inside her.
>It was getting easier now, getting as wet as the pool she just swam in.
>You grunt louder as you reach climax, holding it for as long as you can while she's experienced multiple organisms.
>You release, exhaling into the pale flesh that was the nape of her neck.
>Kronii was shivering, experiencing the mother of all orgasms while white semen drips out of her full fanny and begins dripping down into a small puddle.
>You're breathing on the back of her head, the smell of chlorine reaching you nose.
>Kronii herself barely able to stand, her legs had given out. Your hands pressing against her chest now the only thing propping her out. She was far more tired from this than the actual swimming itself.
>"Hope you don't mind the swimming lesson." you whisper into her ear.
>She turns her head slightly, her flushed tomato red face showing you how much she appreciated the lesson.
>"I-I...hope we can do this next time....sensei...."
>Oh fuck yeah you can.

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2021 may have been shit, but I love these girls so much

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Time for more ame!

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I love Ame

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ramirez stream 3 in the morning

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I Gosling'd extra hard.
That one part of Fly me to the Moon just killed me. This karaoke was just fantastic.

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>ame is so bad at getting over it she's gonna play it for years

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Eating the same 2-3 dishes with ame forever!

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>Male gen brings in more females to the audience
>I meet said females
>I get a gf
Thank you Riku-sama

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Super nice to see a fun karaoke and girls just having fun. Makes me super happy.

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