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I'd restrain her, tie her up, and apply as many eggs as needed until she's exhausted from orgasming so much

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Nijisenpai, come back! She's perfect for grooming now.

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Excuses, excuses. More like ryuguards are lazy and just don't care, look at how much effort Pomudachis are putting in.

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Her dad will let me marry her...

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>Finana is lost 500 views
>Gura gained 500 views
>Finana lost 2k views in the span of 24 minutes
>Gura gained 2.1k views in the span of 25 minutes

I thought she was suppose to be the one doing the demographic steal, not the other way around D:

also, are the niji fags cheating on her, or did the holocunts stop by on her channel then yeeted because she was boring as fk?

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>still no Finana marshmallow
I swear I won't ask about your fetishes...

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Why so many hate before the debut???

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