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I don't even see the problem with pandering to unicorn schizos. If a vtuber wants to do that, we should just fucking let them. Although, I guess I'm on the minority for this kind of thing. I'm one of those people who say you shouldn't force another holomem to collab with another holomem for whatever reason they may come up with. Whether it's their shy, they hate men, or they want to keep their bottom line. In fact I find the whole moral faggotry that surround the redditors when talking about stars collab to be very disingenuous. Like, this MalexFemale collab NEEDS to happen. So in order to do this, we must undermine the autonomy and discretion of one of the talents to do this. It feels like one sided, self serving bs. Like, if the holomem wants to make their bed with schizos, just fucking let them. There's a market their looking for, and it's not inherently bad. It can be don't get me wrong, but not inherently evil. Then again, I'm already someone who watches stars. I don't have that shitty saviour complex retards have. Maybe they have so much cognitive dissonance where they actually believe that if they just say something things are supposed to be "better".

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Astella here. I remember Bora playing with Astel and Reid for a Hal custom, but even more than that she was a real supporter of him. Giving nice comments about his anniversary cover, the new one with Ollie, and other things as well, and through the background for his first tournament win. To all who supported her, thank you, she was truly a great person and friend to my oshi. I will miss her.

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>Dry Flower
my heart

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Astel love!

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He's great at the things he's passionate about like singing and Apex and the streams are a great time. When things don't go his way he can get emotional, but continues to put his best foot forward and I really admire that character.

I found him after the first Holostars Among Us collab since it was one of their bigger stream events at the time. Astel still had <35k subs when I started watching him.

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it is straight.

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The first like 5 seasons was insanely good, sucks that everything else sucks 8h0wt

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This looks familiar....

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>I'm not interested in men doing idol stuff
I'm getting a Deja-Vu but i'm not sure from where......oh right :
>I'm not interested in women doing idol stuff, i dont like Kpop shit
Wasnt this what every person was saying when they first discovered Hololive? lol the irony
Dude, just say that you dont know anything about them and leave it at that.

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