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I forgot the link

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her brain works in mysterious ways.

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No one archived that?

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I love Elira and it's great hearing her yell "You piece of shit!" and "You're despicable!"

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I miss Elira... I hope she has a long stream tomorrow!

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3 1/2 hours until Elira's unending endurance stream until she beats Undyne...

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Why can't i appreciate nijisanji without shitting on holofags? Actually, why can't i just like both?

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I have a time-sensitive question that I hope you anons can help me with. How do you record a live stream that will be premiering soon that will be privated shortly after? I use Youtube-dl for streams that have already happened easily, but I'm not sure how to set it up to record as it starts, or how to record a stream that's ongoing.

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Also, she loves her fans so much to the point that she was depressed when her ISP was giving her shit to the point that she couldn't stream. She's such a genuinely nice, dorky girl and is 100% wife material. Such a great vtuber and I hope (You) give her a try even if you tend to be a tribalist or whatever your beef is. You'll fall in love with her.

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Elira is too powerful that she can make so many people obsess over her every action! Myself included! What a gift from the heavens! I hope she continues streaming forever! I'll always be loyal! :)

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you dont have to falseflag to get me to post cute dragon pictures
i do it anyways

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